With The 14th Pick In The 2016 NFL Draft …

December 14th, 2015
Jason Licht talks about the grand slam

Jason Licht talks about the grand slam

Christmas in 11 days, and the other Christmas, the one celebrated by all, is in 137 days.

Joe’s talking about the NFL Draft, when Santa Roger Goodell steps to the podium in Chicago on April 28.

If the season ended today, per NFL.com, the Bucs would own the 14th overall pick. Does it really matter much? The way the Bucs drafted last year, they were swinging the big stick of perfection for three consecutive days.

Bucs general manager Jason Licht was boasting about the 2015 class on the Buccaneers Radio Network yesterday. “Of course, we’re biased. We think we got four first-round picks,” Licht said.

The GM was referring to the grand slam, starters Kwon Alexander, Ali Marpet, Donovan Smith and America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston. Barring injury or Michael Clayton/Mike Evans disease, folks will be talking about that draft haul for ages.

However, draft position definitely is critical, especially when you’re a team with significant holes like the Bucs have.

No, Joe is not trying to slam the door on playoff dreams this morning, the Bucs took care of that by getting dragged around Tampa Bay by the lowly Saints yesterday. Joe simply is taking a moment took look at what always inspires hope when Bruce Allen isn’t in charge: draft day.

28 Responses to “With The 14th Pick In The 2016 NFL Draft …”

  1. Wombat Says:

    Would love to get DE Carl Nassib in the second round as a project

  2. ChanEpic Says:

    Jalen Ramsey?

  3. Tampa Tony Says:

    After the days of bad drafting by Dominik amd Allen this past draft looks amazing, but let’s wait a few years. As Bucs fans we’ve been burned too often by one year wonders

  4. nate_tweetz Says:

    Our biggest holes right now are at DE, DB, and WR. I don’t know if we are going to get a premiere pass rusher in the middle of the 1st round. We would be more likely to find a pretty good Corner at that spot. Who knows. I’m sorry but Mike Evans is not a #1 WR. With Vincent Jackson not getting any younger, our offense needs a reliable explosive game chager at WR. Mike will be a great #2, but he can’t mentally handle being a #1. That needs to be addressed in the offseason in my opinion.

  5. Waterboy Says:

    They have to grab a push rusher maybe even 2. A CB would be next on my list followed by a WR with speed and decent hands to provide depth behind Evans and Jackson and another backup WR in free agency.

  6. Waterboy Says:

    *a pass rusher*

  7. louis Says:

    What is the status of the injury recoveries of our IR players? I have seen nothing that talks about their progress and anticipated returns next year

  8. mike Says:

    could be higher if we blow the next 3. If we do, please send loving packing.

  9. Warrenfb12 Says:

    Agree draft was great looking at the early returns. Smith has been ok IMO though.

  10. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    All of these comments saying “we have to draft this” and “we have to go after that position” is just silly at this point

    Look, I love the draft and draft talk as much, if not more than, anyone else….it’s fun to talk about. But let’s hold off on what we “have” to draft until at least free agency is over.

    What if we sign Cameron Wake or JPP, we sign Idhegibo or trade for Kam Chancellor or resign Moore and grab another gifted CB? Do we still “have” to draft those positions?

    What if Doug Martin signs elsewhere, Demar Dotson takes a walk and Logan Mankins & Cherilus both retire? All are possibilities. It’s fun to talk about and speculate, but the “have to draft position X” talk is pretty silly right now.

    My opinion — you have a franchise QB for the first time in franchise history. Give him weapons and give him protection — plug the D with a Kwon type of pick here and there and go aggressively after big time pass rushers in FA.

  11. LargoBuc Says:

    Banana, your right, and really guys will rise and fall via the combine, senior bowl etc. So to try to predict who will be the bpa where we pick, and even that is subject to change, is kinda like making a christmas list before the fourth of July. But I cant wait for draft talk though. It will be very crucial to determine where this franchise will go. And next year, year three, im afraid anything short of a playoff berth will get Lovie canned.

  12. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Totally agree with you LargoBuc — it’s fun to talk about and like the Joe’s have said it’s basically Christmas morning for football fans. I just want the fan base to keep an open mind here. I really have a lot of faith in Licht to bring in the best talent via the draft that fit the team and what we’re trying to accomplish

  13. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I would not be opposed to trading McCoy for 3 first rounders…so long as 2 were this year.

  14. JonBuc Says:

    I would not be opposed to trading McCoy and his salary for @ a 3rd rounder.

  15. Thibs5599 Says:

    If available Ramsey 100%, I say even trade up for him. We need guys who can play man. This Tampa 2 crap and 4 man rush only doesn’t work anymore. Go get a dominate corner who can do it all in Ramsey and pair him with sterling Moore and a free agent.

  16. Couch Fan Says:

    McCoy for 3 1st rounders? If Licht can sucker that out of someone, he is the man. LoL

  17. Bucsfaninchina Says:

    So Thibs way of thinkijg is to pick the guy who doesnt fit our scheme. That always works. Ramsey would be an excellent pick, he has the skills and the defense is so desperate for someone to start the fire that is truly concerns me to be paying McCoy and David so much. But your reasoning is flawed, the Bucs play a mix of coverages and the Tampa 2 is far from not having a place in the league.

    Nkimdiche is who we should be going after. Can play inside or outside, quick like a cat, and Ive heard he could take a fall due to not having the stats of a typical top 10 pick

  18. grafikdetail Says:

    not sure how bad his injuries are but Nkemdiche took a 1-story drop from his hotel room over the weekend & they found weed in the room… and he hasn’t even declared yet

  19. Johnny "America's Commenter" Dejay Says:

    I’m not sure I’m 100% sold on Licht’s drafts yet. While he’s clearly better than Dominick and Allen, some of the luster has already worn off.

    Mike Evans is clearly struggling to adapt to the NFL game, ASJ can’t stay on the field, Charles Sims is just another back, Donovan Smith is suddenly getting beaten like a rented mule, and Kwon Alexander took an untimely PED suspension.

    There’s still time for these players to get back on track and nobody should give up on them, but things don’t look as rosy as they did earlier in the season.

  20. Roy Schlong Says:

    As long he’s a Florida State SEMINOLE you really can’t go wrong. I’m not even counting Winston.

  21. 813bucboi Says:

    I don’t think its smart to use FA to fill important roles/holes that this team needs…the only way this team is going to be a contender for years to come is to draft players and teach them your system/scheme….if we go into FA and get a de or cb and expect them to start, we’re going to be back in the same position in a year or two…it all depends on who’s available…if v.hargreaves is there then we have to pick him…he’s the best corner in the draft and can play man or zone…if he’s gone then I say grab j.ramsey…if he’s gone then draft an olineman like l.tunsil…you can never have to much protection for jameis and injuries happen all the time along the oline….I would resign moore and draft 2 cb’s along with 2de’s and a wr…I would also dip into FA for those same positions for depth not as starters unless it is a proven players like m. Bennett from the seahawks…s. moore was considered a depth signee but later found out he is the best cb on the team…I say go cb,de,wr,oline,bpa,the rest of the way…GO BUCS!!!!

  22. godzilla13 Says:

    3 first round draft picks for Gerold McCoy? Not a chance. I am serious, they would be lucky to get one second round pick for GMC. Not that the playoffs should even be in the discussion.. something tells me the Vikings will lose to the Bears and the Packers. What are the chances of the Bucs winning the next three? Better chance that they lose all three. If that happens we could possibly move into the top ten in the draft. My top pick is Oklahoma State’s DE Emmanuel Ogbah (6-3, 275). His disruptive presence and non-stop motor make him a player who can have an immediate impact with Tampa. Ogbah has tremendous athleticism combined with speed, length and power. Simply to talented with to much potential for Jason Licht to pass on him.

  23. Lamdog Says:

    Really: Herschal Walker and Dallas only come around once in a lifetime. There are fans, coaches and Gm. This board is proof why duties should never cross. 3 first round draft pick: further proof why marijuana should remain illegal.

    Really 2: Mike Evans is only a 2nd year WR. His drops are minimal compared to his catches.

    Lastly understand the need for corners and pass rushers, if Roberto is available can be set with a kicker for the next 20 plus years. FSU record on kickers is the best bar none. Sebastian Janokowski: Enough said.

  24. Owlykat Says:

    I was unhappy with GMC from the start for dropping his weight and he did not play well even before his injury, and he hasn’t had a good attitude either. Whether he is jealous of the leadership of Winston or just pouting about his poor production this year, I can’t say, but I am not ready to trade him. However, Lovie needs to take him aside and get him straightened out right now so that next year he regains his Pro Bowl production. We need to package some picks and get a great DE in the draft. The Gators have a good one who produced this year both inside and out and plays the run as well as terrorizes QBs. We need a CB and a Safety both, but we should get at least one in free agency. Trade off Glennon to one of these desperate teams right now like Cincinnati for a second round pick and we will be able to get a good CB in the draft. We already have a very fast WR in Bell, and have another tall WR in Shepard, and we will have our Veteran slot receiver back next year in Murphy; so we don’t need to waste a high draft pick for a receiver. Fire Dontae Dye right now and bring up Hall from the practice squad. Dye is a bust and it was foolish to trust him in the first place. He was just like the Wyoming midget that they kept trying to make a WR out of. He had stone hands just like Dye!!!

  25. 76buc Says:

    Edge rusher; cover corner; free (cover) safety.

  26. ChessMaster Says:

    DE, DB, WR

  27. Michael Says:

    Last time a DL fell in draft bc of pot rumors, it worked out pretty well for us. Anyone recall Warren Sapp? I’d be just fine with Nkemdiche

  28. JTULLY42 Says:

    1. GMC has 7 sacks in 12 games at DT. With 3 games left. He’s a leader who still has room to grow, even this deep into his career. When has he had a REAL edge rusher EVER.

    2. Lavonte David is 4th in the league in tackles right now. Has 3 int’s and one to the house. WITH 3 games left. He’s been a big reason behind Kwon Alexander’s success, as far teaching him in game and playing right next to him.

    3. Our rookies at O line are awesome. Sure they have their ups and downs. But still THEY ARE ROOKIES. Plus look at Doug Martin’s stats……ENOUGH SAID.

    4. Mike Evans is a 2nd year player who is still growing. He played with Johnny Football so yeah I’m sure his head game needs work. But to say he’s not a number one receiver is crazy. Let him and Jameis keep getting their timing down…..which takes time. They’re 22 and 21 years old. You don’t think that chemistry is going to do nothing but grow? That’s an awesome combo to look forward to.

    5. From last year to this year look at the change. With 3 games left we have the potential to win 4 times as many games as we did last year. The player growth and additions via draft or FA have been great. But that also comes with coaching. Lovie Smith is our guy, he’s our coach, our leader, and YES has us winning games. When was the last time we had a REAL team with a REAL coach with REAL NFL head coaching experience. Lay off Lovie. As far as drafting next year or FA’s, c’mon now. We all know it’s too early to tell. Tomorrow is a different day.