December 21st, 2015
Bucs dodged the populist bullet.

Bucs dodged the populist bullet.

Man oh man oh man, what could have been.

Joe understands the Bucs, specifically Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht, were under all sorts of outside pressure from the do-gooders and self-appointed moralists — if not outright communists — to avoid drafting America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston.

Instead, the loud rabble wanted the Bucs to draft “the other guy.” And that would have been brittle coach killer, Marcus Mariota.

Well, Mariota, who has guided the Titans into position to draft No. 1 overall in next year’s draft, may be done for the season with his second knee injury this year, per the typing of Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

If Sunday was his finale, Mariota will finish his rookie season with 2,818 passing yards, 19 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He is one touchdown and almost 1,000 yards behind Jameis Winston, but has fewer interceptions. His 62 percent completion rate is better, though Winston finished with more rushing touchdowns.

Not to mention Jameis had his team in playoff contention in December.

Joe cannot tell you how happy he is that Licht and Team Glazer didn’t buckle to such outside pressure and undue influence. It makes Joe so proud to be an American.

52 Responses to “Whew!”

  1. softastissueMcCoy93 Says:

    Dang Joe, tell us how you really feel. Jameis our guy.

    Go draft

  2. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    A Santa’s present bag sized EFF YOU, if you ever called him a thug.

    You know who you are.

  3. Iron Wombat Says:

    and he’s a fumble machine.

  4. The Rockstar Says:

    How about that “Johnny Football”……..”WHEW!!!!”

  5. bucrightoff Says:

    Too bad in a slightly more important decision we got Lovie instead of Bill O’Brien or Mike Zimmer. Oh well, can’t win em all I suppose.

  6. The Buc Realist Says:

    The “Whew” should be lucky the Bucs did not play the Patriots, Or “Whew” thank goodness the schedule was historically weak, so our QB did not get manhandled this year!!!!

  7. Supersam Says:

    Mariota had a great year considering he missed 3 games, if you can miss 3 games and only be one touchdown behind someone, that’s pretty good in my book.

  8. Rrsrq Says:

    The AFC is a real tuff division, yeah, “whew”

  9. Lord Cornelius Says:

    lol “historically weak”

    The Titans play in the worst division in football

    Go F*ck yourself

  10. Supersam Says:

    I would’ve liked to have seen what Mariota would’ve done with a pro bowl receiver a monster in mike Evans and the leagues second leading rusher. I bet his numbers would be off the charts, oh well atleast we got the 2nd best quarterback in the draft.

  11. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Supersam he is like 5-6 TDs behind if you account for rushing scores and has more turnovers if you account for fumbles.

    So less scores AND more turnovers in less games. Oh and way more sacks taken.

  12. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Lol Matiota has a top talent in Dorial Green Beckham who has less drops than Evans and has had a great TE all year while Winstons #2 target has been donate Dye or Adam Humphries.

    This argument about weapons is absurd. Winston has been better at
    -scores to turnover ratio
    -taking sacks
    -converting on 3rd down
    -coverterting in obvious pass situations
    -downfield accuracy
    -rating under pressure

    Oh and winning close games. The Bucs were behind in every win we’ve had this year. Meanwhile Mariota is 2-4 in games he could have easily won and has been injured twice already in his career

  13. BrianBucs Says:

    Joe must need some extra Christmas money because he sure is fishing for “clicks” this morning
    Joe, do you mean the same Marcus Mariota that came to Ray Jay and easily beat Winston and his Bucs, and the Mariota that was named “AFC Offensive Player Of The Week” TWICE while playing for possibly the worst team in the NFL with the worst O-Line, and the same Mariota that is 2-0 against Winston in head-to-head match-ups? Or the same Mariota who shows total maturity while Winston has his immature moments? Or the same Mariota who’s jersey was the #1 seller in the league while Winston’s wasn’t close?
    Joe must be mixed up about a few things and may want to pull his Christmas head out of his Christmas arse and lay off of the kool-aid

  14. The Buc Realist Says:

    LOL, that “worst division” in football mahandled the Bucs!!! The bucs squeaked out a lucky victory against the Jags at home other than that, the Worst division had their way with lovie and the bucs!!!!

    No cherry picking out some of those games to prove your point!!!! If the Bucs played in the AFC South, they would be in last place!!!!

  15. Erik with Clean Athletics Says:

    In hindsight, I would’ve absolutely been all for Winston. He, and a few others, actually played well enough to lead us on a playoff run this season. But we couldn’t overcome the lousy play of the rest of the team :/

  16. Luther Says:

    If Winston was throwing slants and screens all the time, his stats would be off the charts too. Mariota throws a terrible long ball, even Tenn fans admit that.

  17. Waterboy Says:

    Don’t forget he’s tied with Josh McCown for the most lost fumbles in the league (6).

  18. FlumundaCheese Says:

    Brittle is the right word, Joe. Mariota is a delicate little buttercup who hides on the bench everytime he gets a booboo on his knee. I’ll take Winston everyday and twice on Sundays, he’s a warrior and a champion…two things Mariota will never be. Mariota showed the nation who he was in when he wilted against Ohio State in the national championship game…but, but, but he ran faster at the combine. Let’s see how fast he can wheel himself around on a Lark personal mobility device after somebody shatters his knee next year when he’s too dense and lacking in pocket presence to feel the rush coming.

  19. BrianBucs Says:

    Lets all just remember that if Joe would have had his way the Buc’s starting QB would be Johnny Football.
    Ahhhh, Joe and his many man-crushes……..

  20. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “Supersam Says:
    December 21st, 2015 at 12:31 pm

    I would’ve liked to have seen what Mariota would’ve done with a pro bowl receiver a monster in mike Evans and the leagues second leading rusher. I bet his numbers would be off the charts, oh well atleast we got the 2nd best quarterback in the draft.”

    Still can’t admit you were wrong, I see….

    It’s ok, we won’t let you forget.

  21. Tiny Tim Says:

    Marcus has a better completion percentage, QB rating, less interceptions and way more rushing yards. All while having no line, running game or receivers. If Marcus had the leading rusher in the NFL(9yards) and/or 1,000 receivers to throw to it might look different. Jameis needs to become more accurate and boost his QB percentage and stop throwing more picks than Marcus to catch up.

  22. Bill Byrne Says:

    At this point in time, it is clear to me that Jameis Winston was the right choice for the BUCS and Joe was correct to lobby for him, from the beginning. Nice job Joe. My concern for 2016 has nothing to do with the draft but the future of Dirk Koetter!!! As always, the new year will begin with the firing of head coaches in the NFL and Koetter’s name will surface as a legitimate head coach candidate. How will the BUCS handle this situation? Does Lovie Smith deserve a third year or is Koetter a better replacement? He and Jameis have a great relationship and he knows the personnel very well. A new defense and coordinator would be a good start for a new head coach….I’m just saying!!!

  23. bucrightoff Says:

    Lord Cornelius Says:
    December 21st, 2015 at 12:30 pm
    lol “historically weak”

    The Titans play in the worst division in football

    Go F*ck yourself

    And we lost to Mariota (rookie), Mallet (cokehead), and Hasselbeck (geriatric). That worst division ever pretty much humiliated the Bucs, all multiple score losses too, not close games either. I don’t know if it’s historically weak or not, but the Bucs played a total cupcake schedule. Anyone who chooses to deny this is simply lying to themselves. You don’t get to face 6-8 backups/rookies every single year. Very similar to 2010 in that regard.

  24. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Yeah we went 1-3 against that division and it’s still the worst. Should have been 3-1 with competent kicker or defensive game plan.

    Point remains that the Titans schedule was soft like ours.

    Go f*ck yourself.

    Also whoever is acting like Titans o line worst in league – that line has 2 recent 1st round picks on it and some vets that have been pretty adequate most their careers

  25. cover deuce Says:

    Got the right QB, now if only we could find the right coach….

  26. bucrightoff Says:

    Lord Cornelius Says:
    December 21st, 2015 at 1:28 pm
    Point remains that the Titans schedule was soft like ours.

    Go f*ck yourself.

    Titans total win% of opponents: .491
    Bucs total win% of opponents: .451

    Neither schedule was tough, but the Bucs was actually still easier by a solid margin. And remember the Bucs number is inflated by playing an undefeated team twice. Titans only get one bump from that.

  27. Buc4Lyfe Says:

    Durability is very important and so underrated. BTW, stats are for people who can’t admit when they are wrong!

  28. I'm tired and 87 is right Says:

    Look Supersam, Brianbuc and tiny Tim if you think we got the wrong QB and just want to talk anything negative about the Bucs just because that’s the life you choose to live than us Bucs fans demand you to go root on your boy Mariota somewhere else! If not we will force you to walk the plank! I’m see alot of promise in this team, and excited where we are heading! Go BUCS!

  29. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Superman has been a Marriota propagandist since the draft. The argument is silly, Marriotas ceiling translates to Alex Smith while Jameis has Big Ben potential.

  30. KenBuc2 Says:

    If you want to root for Mariota, go be a Titans fans. Winston is a leading candidate for OROY. If you think we got the wrong guy, go cry in your milk and cookies.

  31. The Buc Realist Says:


    Great points!!! but you are wasting time with that guy!! your trying to talk sense to the senseless!!!!

    He is the same one who will pick out a couple of games and tell you how they are a top 10 defense or team!!

    while it looks good on paper their are a lot of “ifs” in his rebuttals!! just like never let that guy do your taxes or you will be arrested for tax evasion!!!!

  32. Tampa Tony Says:

    The fantasy football stat losers love Mariota. But if he had the leagues second leading rusher he’d throw less, if he had Evans his completion percentage would be down, but he’d still fumble a lot and be hurt

  33. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Oh. My. F*cking. God.



    I predicted a middle of the pack defense and 7-9 wins and was optimistically hoping for 9.

    Realist predicted a bottom of the league D and 4 wins tops.

    I got mad in this thread because; like he ALWAYS does; this little troll is trying to spin a positive piece about our QB into some dumb negative bullsh1t that doesn’t even make f*cking sense when u consider the Titans scheduled was weak just like ours.

    I have no problem with bucrightoff but would love to never read Realists bs ever again. ITs stupid I even care but I like this site for updates. Maybe I can just stop following comments all together because this isn’t worth it

  34. WalkdaPlank Says:

    I’m all for Winston, and wouldn’t trade him for Marcus any day.

    But anyone who thinks Mariota had a bad year with the POS team he has is an absolute moron.

  35. AceofAerospace Says:

    Good thing that didn’t cave to that Johnny Football pressure from this site either. Whew!

  36. ndog Says:

    Supersam did you ever consider the reason why tenn cannot run the ball is because they have to run a dink and dunk offense because of their qb. This is what some of us were trying to tell you people that this crap will not work in the NFL. When you are adverse to throwing down the field teams stack the box and don’t let you run. But I will give you this you stick with your guy even though you are clearly wrong just like you were before the pick. Enjoy his injury prone, dink and dunk career while he whispers his plays in the huddle each week.

  37. SCBucsFan Says:

    I still think Mariota will be good, but if we had taken him our Oline would have gotten him killed.

  38. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Wow what a surprise Realist no response just like every. single. time. I’ve called you out on your bullsh1t

  39. Tiny Tim Says:

    @ Joe,

    I thought you fixed this mess. Why do you continuously allow someone to post under my username. Unlike many of your posters, I have had the same handle since the first day I signed up years ago. You must be able to control your site better than this. How many times do I have to ask about this? Every one knows the REAL Tiny Tim is one of the bigger Winston fan on this site. It’s a shame we have grown men who can’t post under their own names because they are scared little school girls. Grow the hell up fake Tiny Tim. Your act is old you F#$king Pu$$y B!Tc&!!!

    @ I’m tired and 87 is right

    Don’t be fooled by the imposter Tiny Tim. This is not the first time he went all Kaitlyn Jenner. Ask your site hero if we have an imposter on this site.

  40. ndog Says:

    Dont worry fellas tiny tims brain hurts cause he can only read numbers and has no idea what actually watching football and evaluating teams means. Stats can be twisted in many ways like saying the Bucs had a top 15 defense going into the Rams Game. The stats said that but did you belive it? No, but the Tiny Tim’s of the world’s did, because the stats said so.

  41. ndog Says:

    Tiny Tim if this was not you ignore, this was meant for the poster on this thread only.

  42. bucrightoff Says:

    There’s like 6 “The Kevin” ‘s too. This site is kinda funny for that, either multiple posters with the same name, or posters with multiple personality disorder

  43. Tiny Tim Says:


    I am not mad at you, but I thought Joe took care of this mid season when a this fake Tiny Tim popped up spewing nonsense as a Mariota Fan and everything I have posted all the way back to when Winston was not even eligible for the draft was pro – Winston. It’s B!tc&es like that we know do not get laid whatsoever. He can’t even stand in his own shows as a anonymous poster on a website. Imagine how he must get punked in real life. That’s if he comes out his mom’s basement.

  44. Tiny Tim Says:

    Stand in his own shoes!!

  45. David Says:

    Are we really putting down our own team in this forum and actually call ourselves Buc fans? This is ludicrous guys. I’m not getting into this debate for one simple reason….Winston is our qb!! Who gives a flying f@$k about Mariota? The guy will be good but he’ll probably never be in an Buccaneers uniform so screw him. If u wanna stick up for him then go to joetitan.com or sumthin. This is suppose to be a brotherhood..when I see some of u guys at games or fanfest/night practice during training camp I look at u as extended family of sorts. Or at least fellow soldiers supporting our country (BUCS) in battle but u guys have the nerve ro get on here and put ur team down? Really? Wow. Yes. They can do better. Yes. I demand a better product of the field than I’ve seen. But I’ll be damned if I ever take another team’s side against my team. Learn how to be fans dammit. If ur not loyal to a team..only individuals…than u are just as screwed up as the primadonna playrs u bash.

  46. chipbuc Says:

    Way to tell it like it is David. You are right some people on this site would rather Mariota have a good game, than the bucs guided by Winston have a good day. Its really sad!!!!

  47. NYCBUC Says:

    Love the passion of all Bucs fan, but it’s getting kind of redundant isn’t it? Both of these qb’s have talent and I believe they will both be successful in this league. Stats can be thrown out (including wins) as both teams are not good yet.

    However, the bucs made the right choice with Winston. The Bucs not only needed a QB, but a true infield CEO of the franchise. Not only from an ability perspective, but the small PR areas that are so important for the Bucs to make money. Mariota is a tremendous talent, and he wouldn’t surprise me if he becomes an all pro. The Bucs needed more than just a talented qb, and Winston is showing promise

  48. lurker Says:

    imposters happen.

    my name was hijacked last year with some nonsense being spouted, too.

  49. Ocala Says:

    I’m very thankful we have Jameis.
    He’s on his way to being elite and will be there very soon.
    Don’t forget the kid is only 21.

  50. Mike Says:

    C’mon Man. Your completion ratio argument is completely bogus. Look at how many passes Mike Evans dropped that hit him right in the hands or right in the bread basket. Not to mention the number of passes dropped by Dye and other WRs and RBs. Had Evans caught every pass that hit him right on target he would have at least 500 more yards a few more TDs and Winston would be running away with this ROY competition. Take a second look at Winston’s accuracy versus the dropped balls. Yes, he has been off target on some, who isn’t but look at how many were on target and dropped. He is a far better QB than most of you are giving him credit for.

  51. SOOFIERCE Says:

    Winston made our team better in many areas, while bringing a future promise.

    Mariota held his own, but really didn’t change anything for the Tenn, while bringing more doubt as to how much more can he take.

    I’m a happy fan with what we got!

  52. grafikdetail Says:

    this article got me banned at MusicCityMiracle.com… LOL guess they don’t like when people provide facts that contradict the view from their rose colored glasses