Still Tinkering At Cornerback

December 16th, 2015
Mike Jenkins is starting to remind Joe of Josh McCown

Mike Jenkins is starting to remind Joe of Josh McCown

It looks like Mike Jenkins might have a new job.

The bromance continues.

Defensive coordinator, but not defensive playcaller, Leslie Frazier stood before media yesterday and acknowledged the more change has been coming to the Buccaneers cornerbacks.

For some reason, the defensive masterminds at One Buc Palace haven’t figured out who is best suited for what position. It’s Week 15!

Yesterday, former starting cornerback turned benched cornerback turned penalty-riddled nickel back Alterraun Verner was back practicing at corner. Jenkins, who has accomplished nothing other than collecting Team Glazer loot in two years, was getting reps at nickel.

“We’re just trying to look at different combinations and just trying to see what group works best together, “Frazier said. “Even at this point in the year against a team we need to be able to defend the pass against, although they are very good at running the football, But everybody in our league throws the ball and throws it well. [It’s] another chance to look at some guys at this stage of the year.”

Joe gets that practice is the time for experimentation, but it sure sounds like Jenkins will be playing his share of nickel on Thursday night in St. Louis.

If that’s the case, then Joe figures it means Verner is doubtful to return in 2016. And it means Jenkins will get yet another chance to prove he can play NFL football. With all these chances since his Pro Bowl season in 2009, Jenkins reminds Joe of Josh McCown.

27 Responses to “Still Tinkering At Cornerback”

  1. The Buc Realist Says:

    The worst part Joe, that means lovie will be tinkering during next year as well!!! We all know that lovie cannot tell what talent looks like in training camp and will go with his handpick guys! then when that fails he will switch stuff around. then By week 8-9 it will look a little better and sheep will say it just needed time to “gel”. Meanwhile the real fans know we are just wasting time!!!!

  2. Jeff Says:

    Average corners with no pass rush equals burnt toast. Yes, I think the group is average. Banks and Verner have legit talent but their skills are wasted in the cover 2 that tampa runs. All Bucs fans need to understand that unless Lovie has top talent his defense will never be successful. Slots, Trips and Bunch formations shred Lovie’s Cover 2 defense each week. These are scheme break downs, not coverage issues due to lack of talent. This team will have a shit-ton of cap dollars to spend. We’re stuck with Lovie and the only way to make his played out defense work is with tremendous pressue on the QB. So let’s spend some money this year and get some pieces that will actually help Lovie’s inept pass rush.

  3. Trubucfan22 Says:

    The bucs will be adding CBs in the off season. So yes it will take time for those new players to “gel” and learn the system. Do you expect the bucs to just keep going with the motley crew of CBs we currently have?

    I expect our team to be pretty good right out of the gate next season. New players will have to learn and produce on the fly. But don’t be naive, it will take a little time for those new players to be comfortable to a new defense.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We have some glaring problems to fix and one of them is CB…..I suspect we will keep Moore & Banks…..perhaps Jude….and we will replace Verner & Jenkins……1 through the draft and 1 FA….

  5. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Does he realize that the guy with the most INT’s last year has been firmly planted on the bench for most of the season? You know, the only CB that actually has playmaking ability!!!! Moral of the story is don’t piss in Lovie’s Corn Flakes.

  6. softastussieMcCoy93 Says:

    @ Hawaiian,

    Banks probably overslept and missed a couple of meetings last year. Maybe that’s why Lovie is so peed with him. But he has been getting some snaps lately, hopefully he starts on Thursday over Jude.

  7. Supersam Says:

    He’s a better tackler and Better in run support than Verner. Verner is dead meat at this point.

  8. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Outside of Resigning
    • Sterling Moore

    Restructuring or Releasing
    • Alterraun Verner

    There’s plenty of Serviceable of Boundary & Slot Corners -Available in Free Agency (2016)

    • Trumaine Johnson CB (Age 25) STL
    • Casey Hayward CB (Age 26) GB
    • Janoris Jenkins CB (Age 27) STL
    • Sean Smith CB (Age 28) KC
    • Josh Norman CB (Age 28) CAR

    • Brandon Boykin CB (Age 25) PIT

    I’m sure it will be damn near impossible to sign either Janoris Jenkins or Josh Norman. But Trumaine Johnson & Casey Hayward are decent young prospects – that can help improve our backend.

  9. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Also remember over the last two years Joe Hadenname has been mentioned as trade rumors. Now with Cleveland’s expected fire sale this offseason. It wouldn’t hurt calling, to find out what the asking price is- to acquire his services.

  10. Steve from oregon Says:

    Somehow this is Obama’s fault:)

  11. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    *Joe Haden’s name has been mentioned in trade rumors

  12. OneLove Says:

    softastussieMcCoy93 Says:
    December 16th, 2015 at 10:35 am
    @ Hawaiian,

    Banks probably overslept and missed a couple of meetings last year. Maybe that’s why Lovie is so peed with him. But he has been getting some snaps lately, hopefully he starts on Thursday over Jude.


    He has been getting some snaps and GETTING BEAT like he stole something!! Banks has and ALWAYS WILL BE OVERRATED!! Let’s get off that WANG and jump on the next WANG that we draft!! I promise it will be bigger! 🙂

    “It’s as simple as that” – Lovie Smith

  13. Ed Says:

    Oh ok so that’s what those screams of hell yeah were, the fantasy guys who have tavon austin on their rosters.

  14. pelbuc Says:

    End of year 2 and L&L still have no clue on defense. But of course they’re much better off without Reavis and Barron.

  15. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Banks got a couple snaps because #38 tapped out. He came in for his first snap on third down, and he was put on an island with soft coverage. That’s a really tough position to put him in. Other than that, I didn’t see him play much. He’s been a starter throughout his career. It’s not easy to come off the bench cold like that.

    As for him getting beat, not anywhere near as much as our other CB’s. Hard to get beat when you haven’t been playing, don’t you think? I can list specific plays of each CB on our roster getting beat for a TD (multiple plays in fact). I can’t name one on Banks. Granted he hasn’t played much, but that is the very problem.

    Sometimes the problem is scheme and/or coaching over the lack of talent. We all saw Talib getting beat time and time again in Tampa. Then he moves on and is a top 5 CB in the league. Even Revis got beat his fair share in Tampa. I have zero doubt in my mind if (when) we let Banks go, he is going to be very successful elsewhere. He is without a doubt the best CB on our roster. If you disagree, either you haven’t seen him play over the last few years or you are a huge fan of #38. If his talent doesn’t fit the scheme, change the scheme to fit the player. That’s what good coaches do.

  16. grafikdetail Says:

    can’t have it both ways… can’t preach benching players when they mess up or underperform then get mad when the coaches do bench a player for under performing… jude hasn’t been doing as well lately it was time for a change i just would’ve preferred for it to be banks

  17. Tbbucs3 Says:

    The best way to fix our weak secondary is to get a shut down corner to lock down one side and then fix the pecies from there, will help our D and pass rush by shortening the field. It worked fine with Revis but the QB would just throw to the wide open guy Leonard Johnson was chasing.

  18. The Buc Realist Says:


    But then, Lovie will run the Cover2 and put your “shutdown corner” in zone. And will say his scheme works its the players fault for not executing!!!!!

  19. unbelievable Says:

    Doesn’t matter who you put out there when they are playing 10 yards back on a 3rd and 9, or 15 yards back and a 3rd and 14.

    The defense played extremely well on 1st and 2nd downs but can’t get a stop on 3rd down ever! We know they are going to pass, it’s the most predictable down, and we are simply incapable of stopping them. No pass rush. Gaping holes in zone coverage. It’s maddening and predictable.

    I can’t tell you how many games this year I’ve watched a RB, TE, or a WR motion before the snap, and I sit there screaming at my tv that the ball is going to said player, but somehow no one on our defense picks him up and he always is open to convert the play. Happened at least 5 times last Sunday alone.

  20. SOEbuc Says:

    I understand we have troubles with CB, but we also need to do something about safety in the offseason because CONTE IS HOT GARBAGE and mcdougald is hit and miss(mostly miss). My 2016 draft goes cb,s,de,oline…And would like to make some freakin moves in FA

  21. SOEbuc Says:

    Making moves in FA does NOT mean 35 year old players that were once decent in Chicago lovie

  22. unbelievable Says:

    I don’t think conte is the biggest liability in our backfield by any means. Go rewatch the tape of the last 8 or 10 games. Is he an all-pro? Certainly not, but better than the others right now.

  23. ElioT Says:

    This is a joke.

    How in the hell can you not know who the top three guys are after 14 freaking weeks?

    This is not talent evaluation, it’s a complete lack of the ability to put the talent where it can be maximized.

    The Rams are going to destroy this team, lead by the immortal Case Keenam.

    Siege my ****!

    Go Sucs!

  24. DoNUTS Says:


    The only joke is you posting your weak analysis of Buc CB issues on JBF. Do not quit your day job.

  25. Fsuking Says:

    Dirk Koetter could tell you right now who are 3 best cornerbacks are. I know he would agree with me. Moore, Verner, Banks in that order. How hard is that to figure out? I knew it in camp.

  26. Buccfan37 Says:

    Can Lovie coach up the scrubs and the cover nobody defense to a competitive game vs the Rams? Seeing will be believing good or bad.

  27. godzilla13 Says:

    It sounds like our two best CB’s Sterling Moore and Alterraun Verner will be starting and our worst CB, Mike “burnt toast” Jenkins is back playing nickle. Which means Jude Ali-Baba now joins our third best CB, Johnthan Banks on the bench. Today is game day. Striking fear in the Hearts and Souls of defenses everywhere, please welcome the return of Da’Quan Bowers. Since we know up front, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we will not have any pressure on their QB tonight, how about calling for a blitz on every other play? Can’t do that because there is this rookie named Todd Gurley who is going up against the vaunted Bucs run defense. We are on the road, in a dome. Underdog. Remember the Dallas game? Bucs pull out a win 13-10.