Red Zone Defense Horrors

December 30th, 2015

green lightWhen the Bucs are on defense, the red zone would be more apt to called “green zone” for opposing offenses.

For when offenses enter the red zone against the Bucs defense — Lovie Smith’s defense — it has become a virtual free pass to score.

You don’t have to believe Joe. You can learn from the Custodian of Canton himself, eye-RAH! Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune.

Joe really doesn’t know what to say about this. It speaks for itself.

It is bad enough Bucs coaches have their cornerbacks use some sort of twisted scheme that makes them allergic to coverage. It’s another to allow slant routes to be run wide open game after game after game after game after game, with zero apparent desire for adjustments or any inclination to stop them.

It’s something else that the Bucs defense, once opponents march inside the 20, transforms into a TSA agent at an airport watching the carry-on luggage roll through the security conveyor belt.

13 Responses to “Red Zone Defense Horrors”

  1. Simpleasthat Says:

    Very very very dissapointing .

  2. Warrenfb12 Says:

    Sounds like a lot of bending and breaking.

  3. thunderchunkyPA Says:

    Lovie is a defensive Chip Kelly. He SWEARS his “system” is the end all be all.

  4. The Buc Realist Says:

    Just another reason why its shocking that Joe and the sheep will be popping champagne and celerbrating lovie’s 6 win season!!!!

    But this off season some of the sheep will start to ask “why does the champagne taste so sour”!!!!!

  5. tdtb2015 Says:

    I hate to disturb your alcohol celebration this early in the morning fellows.

    Remember this my fellow Bucs fans:

    1) Koetter will be promoted to Assisntant HC/OC before February.

    2) Licht will go nuts drafting defensive players (no kwon, no wins)

    Although, this might be a good time to:

    1) Fire Lovie

    2) Promote Koetter to HC

    3) Let Koetter find the right DC/ Assistant HC

    4) Now is the right time to draft the “right” players for a new defensive scheme


    I believe Joe will miss Lovie if he is fired. Lovie gave him plenty of good blogs to share.

    Joe are you going to find Lovie to shake his hand and hug him if he is fired?

  6. DallasBuc Says:

    Let me guess these are the kinds of stats that incompetent Lovie Smith considers misleading?

  7. DooshLaRue Says:

    Maybe the great GMC should dye his silly little head patch green……you know, to go with the theme.

  8. Skyline Crew Says:

    Let’s not forget how bad our redzone offense is either.

  9. Pick6 Says:

    And almost all the TDs probably came the same way- slant pass to someone inexplicably not getting jammed at the line

  10. CC Says:

    Lovies defense is:
    Terrible in redzone
    Terrible in 3rd down stops
    Terrible in qb completion %
    Terrible in penalties taken
    Terrible first downs allowed
    Terrible points allowed
    Terrible opponents time of possession

    Other than that the defense is great

  11. godzilla13 Says:

    51 of their 52 ventures into the red zone this season teams have come away with points? Does that mean TD’s or TD’s ans FG’s? The defense has also given up three rushing TD’s in the past three games. Most of the others are short 3 to 5 yard routes.

  12. ColoradoBuc Says:

    Sounds like improvement to me – NOT!

  13. Mike Johnson Says:

    IF..I were Lovie….I’d fire the ever pleasant DC Frazier right after the Carolina game. Along with a couple of the secondary coaches. Lovie will be here next yr and he must realize the Loviefest is quickly coming to an end. He has to win or join Schiano fishing off of the Bay. I’ve watched and counted 4 very easily winnable games had we just had a defense playing at 75% capability. Not 100%..75. Also some pink slips gotta be given on defensive players as well. Lets see what he and Lightbulb do in the draft and free agency. Even Stevie Wonder can see Frazier has got to go. Lovie needs coaching help on Defense IF..he wants to be here past the 2016 season. Batter up Lovie. And Good Luck!!