Preparing For The “Signature Win” Morons

December 7th, 2015

LoviesadLegions of idiots across the Tampa Bay area, if they haven’t gotten to you yet, will soon be trumpeting that of all the teams the Bucs have beaten this season, not one owns a winning record.

These haters disguised as realists were the same blowhards moaning in 2010. Back then the phrase was “signature win,” as in the Bucs didn’t have one.

Raheem Morris and Josh Freeman rode a 9-6 record into Week 17, and alleged Bucs fans were pounding their chests because the Tampa Bay hadn’t accomplished anything in their minds.

Even a win against then-mighty New Orleans in Week 17 wasn’t enough, because the Saints trailed late and yanked Drew Brees because they already locked up home field advantage in the playoffs.

Joe considers this a bit of a public service announcement to help you prepare for a barrage of inevitable negativity.

With the Saints, Rams and Bears as the Bucs’ next three opponents, there’s a good chance the Bucs will be 9-6 (again) without a 2015 victory against a winner. Of course, the Falcons could emerge from their 6-6 mark, but they still have two games remaining against Carolina.

And speaking of Carolina, there’s that final Bucs game of the season at the stout Panthers. Will Carolina rest starters? Or will they go all out to finish undefeated?

Regardless, there will be too many Bucs fans and NFL fans at the office this morning — and on local radio — discounting the Bucs’ accomplishments this season.

It was moronic talk in 2010, and it is now. You play the schedule that’s in front of you, and wins are never easy and should not be shortchanged.

50 Responses to “Preparing For The “Signature Win” Morons”

  1. Tampa Tony Says:

    After 2-14, and a year of loser Lovie’s ineptitude I’ll take wins anyway I can.

    Btw the Vikings have yet to beat a team with a winning record either and you don’t hear their fans complaining…

  2. The Buc Realist Says:

    Look, all i said was that I would like to see the Panthers earlier on the schedule!! yes, the Bucs have taken a step from their year long debacle last year. But they do only have 3 squeak by wins at home against 3 bad teams in the mist of losing streaks!!!!

    point is, they have taken a step and some want to see how they measure up to the next step!!!!

  3. DavidbigBucsFan Says:

    Haha Joe I like that dig at so called Buc realists!

  4. Clodhopper Says:

    We could have just lost those games, like we would have the last two years. If you dont like the improvement this team has made, you most likely also bitch that your ice cream is too cold

  5. slowbuc$813 Says:


  6. Waterboy Says:

    The same can also be said about several teams this year. Where is GB’s signature win?

  7. Clodhopper Says:

    I agree about the panthers though. I want them at full strength. I want Jameis to have an opportunity for redemption after the last panther game!!

  8. Tampa Tony Says:


    Packers beat Seattle as their signature win

  9. bucrightoff Says:

    I’m still not sure what to think of this team. I think they’d badly lose to any of the current playoff teams except Minnesota. I’m not really sure they’re all that much better than last season except for one crucial difference…and it’s not Jameis. Not that it isn’t nice to have him, but even more than that it’s something else that deserves the vast majority of the credit.

    I mean we all thought he was going to die this year and throw tons of picks because the OLine was going to be a sieve, it was going to give him 2 seconds or fewer to throw, it was going to run block ok but be a liability in pass coverage. Yet here we are, watching Jameis perform because he does have time, more than enough time even. The play of the OLine has so far exceeded expectations it’s pretty shocking.

    So here’s to the real MVP of the Bucs 2015 season: the offensive line. Job well done to them for making the last 4 games meaningful for the first time in 3 years.

  10. JAB83 Says:


    We can get that revenge in the playoffs. I am pulling for ATL to beat them once. I DONT CARE HOW GOOD OR BAD A TEAM IS… Beating them twice in a couple of weeks will be a challenging!!!!!!!!!!


    If they do get to us undefeated and it is for our playoff lives that will be an awesome game assuming we still get all their starters…

    Another thing that would be sweet or kinda bitter sweet is…. If the Bucs are eliminated by that point I hope they are still undefeated and play everyone and than we thump them hard for like a 50-0 win…

    Then they lose the first game in the playoffs!!!!!

  11. Dave Says:

    Those moronic Realist basically do not have a clue. The fact is the NFL consist of a couple good teams this year and everyone else hovering around 500. Anybody can win or lose to anyone, look at the eagles and patriots. Look how the Packers have fallen. Look at the Giants losing to the Redskins last week. The point is, each and every win matters and is hard to come by.
    This team is on the verge of being very very good. This year was a massive step in the right direction. Anybody with two eyes and even just a little bit of knowledge of the NFL can see that

  12. Couch Fan Says:

    Its not about who they played, its about how they played against those teams. Only an idiot would try to spin it. If you weren’t wearing pewter colored glasses you should of been able to clearly see that in 2010 Freeman played like @$$ along with the rest of the team for a majority of the games, needing to pull out multiple come from behind victories which was only managed against the bad teams on the schedule… Funny how he could never figure out how to do that again. Must just be a coincidence he never had a schedule as soft as that one again either….

    Jameis however is just a different animal. We’ve never had someone like him with that refuse to lose attitude.

  13. BucFanInArkansas Says:

    How about the fact that Atlanta would be 4 games over .500 if we hadn’t beaten them twice? Does that count or nah?

  14. @FcukTheRefsBroy Says:

    I hope people have realized 87 was far from the only FSU fan who loves Jameis. Been here since 09 and wanted Winston more than luck. He’s showing why

  15. dreambig Says:

    Were not Carolina good yet, but we are improving. Doesn’t matter if we are just beating below average teams. You have to start somewhere, and we are consistently beating the teams we should beat. Can Lovie compete at the next level? Thats a topic for next year. This year he is doing what he needs to do. As Lovie said, this quarter the Bucs are 3-1. If we finish 8-8, thats a heck of a year for last years worst team in the league!

  16. The Buc Realist Says:


    True, But Buc1987 was here everyday spreading the truth to everyone!!!

    Buc1987 one of the few commenters that knows what it is like to tell the truth, even when the majority is against that person!!!!

  17. tnew Says:

    Umm well you could argue Philadelphia is better than the Bucs right. They have more quality wins by that logic.

  18. Patrick in VA Says:

    I’m not interested in whatever takes those people have. They clearly have sad lives and I’d rather not get caught up in it with them. The mere fact that we are now winning the games that we should win against bad to middling teams marks a huge improvement over last season. Heading in to this offseason, regardless of the outcome of this season, is going to be filled with so much promise. We’ll be able to give this awesome draft class an offseason to develop, we’ll have another Licht draft to look forward to and hopefully get another influx of great young talent. Things are trending way up. I’m pumped.

  19. Sick of Lovie Says:

    Who cares? Last year everybody, good or bad, had their way with us. This year, we are learning how to fight for wins. Huge improvement in my book. And if some Bucs fans can’t see that, then screw um.

    Hello!!!! Buc ball is fun again. We got wins, we got home wins, we got guys at the top of the stats boards, we have a hell of a bright future with Winston at the helm. Just enjoy.

  20. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “The Buc Realist Says:
    December 7th, 2015 at 9:14 am

    True, But Buc1987 was here everyday spreading the truth to everyone!!!”

    You’re right, I was silent as a field mouse.

  21. D-Rome Says:

    Joe, I really appreciate this article of yours especially for callings these types of people exactly what they are. Morons!

  22. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Thanks for calling realist out for not being a realist lol

  23. NewTampaChris Says:

    I’m just happy that the season wasn’t over in September – as it has been for a few years. And that my three hours on Sunday isn’t extremely painful.

    C’mon now — if in August any of you had been offered 6-6 after 12 games, would you turned it down? “Signs of progress” was the consensus measuring stick. We still have holes – but fewer than we thought we’d have.

    Need to fix the pass defense and load Jameis up with some weapons and OL.

  24. Sick of Lovie Says:


    Ever think that maybe the offensive line saw what Jameis was made of in training camp and some how found a way to dig deep and perform better for this kid and this team? Maybe they like having a guy back there that will do what ever it takes to win, instead of check-down Glennon. You can never underestimate the power of motivation and inspiration.

  25. Cat Says:

    What about Philly?

  26. Defense Rules Says:

    I personally hope that both the Bucs AND Panthers win out until their final game against each other Jan 3rd. I can’t imagine anything sweeter than the Bucs making the playoffs by beating the Panthers in their house … and spoiling their undefeated season in the process.

    Three tough games to get to that point, but hope is alive.

  27. Macabee Says:

    This is the NFL – on any given Sunday – remember? We put a pretty good beating on the Eagles and the Eagles just put a pretty good beating on the Patriots. Could we beat the Pats?

    The Saints, but for a bunch of Brandon Browner penalties, put a scare into the undefeated Panthers. Does this mean they are going to put up big numbers and shellack us Sunday?

    The answer to all of those questions are you won’t know until the games are played. We can beat the best teams in the NFL and we can lose to the worst teams in the NFL. Like I said – on any given Sunday!

  28. ATrain Says:

    Im I wrong I thought the Falcons were 6-5? This is a winning record.. its above 500…

    Go Bucs….

  29. Picaroon45 Says:

    Looking at the standings, the Panthers are the only team with a winning record on the Bucs schedule. Falcons, Colts & Texans are next at 6-6.

  30. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    U hit the Nail in the coffin brotha. Sure some of us were bullish on guys like Donovan Smith & Ali Marpet. But I can’t think of anyone on this board that would’ve anointed George “Mankins” Warhop the Second Coming to Hudson Houck or Joe Bugel.

    Leaning on a much maligned unit from the previous season – would’ve been a death tramp for any QB, let alone a Rookie. So for a unit, that has showcased two Rookie 2nd round picks -A veteran with two bad knees – and two vets off the scrap heap. You can help but fallover when you see – that we’ve got, two running backs average over 4.7 yards a carry. A projected rushing total of 1800 yards, by season end. And Rookie QB that has only been sacked 23* times. Wow!

    Yes so we gotta give the early season hardware to the OLINE – Big Ups!

  31. rayjay1122 Says:

    Here is something that I noticed about the incredible, game saving run by Winston. Everyone of the commentators on TV and the radio broadcasts thought Winston had fumbled the ball and if you watch the replays, it looks like the official closest to the play as well as most of the players also were fooled. The significant part of that is that it caused the official not to blow the play dead due to believing forward momentum had stopped which would have been a travesty. That whole sequence of events was exhausting as I went from anger to defeat to elation and hope to celebration. What a finish! Go Bucs and thank God for Jameis!

  32. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    You *can’t help

  33. ATrain Says:

    By the way Marpet is the man… Doug runs better when Marpet is in the game..

  34. jmoneyisback Says:

    8 wins is the floor this team now. If that’s not good enough for some people after win 2 games last season, then fudge ’em.

  35. Waterboy Says:

    Tampa Tony Says:
    December 7th, 2015 at 8:53 am


    Packers beat Seattle as their signature win
    Week 2 without Cam Chancellor. Seattle got off to a very rocky start and only recently started to turn things around. If that classifies as a signature win then so was the Bucs win over Atlanta yesterday.

  36. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    There are no freaking signature wins except in the PLAYOFFS!
    First let’s get that straight!!! Did Philly get a “signature” win over N.E. yesterday?

    Second…the whiner who posted that we squeaked for a couple of wins like the two against Altanta. Again it’s the freaking NFL…how long have you guys been watching. NFL games are squeakers not blowouts…we also lost several games by a narrow margin that we could have and will win in the future. Again Lovie’s job was more than just getting the right talent, coaches and formulating game plans. He had to turn over a culture of losing that suffered under the Glazer money to Man U…Rah and a mediocre college coach in Greg Schiano. It was a LOT to turn around whether Love haters wish to admit it or not!

    Third…I’m not saying Lovie is the next coming Don Shula or Bill Parcells. I am saying that people who are calling him dog poo and incompetent are actually the ones who smell or are the actual incompetent ones..they can’t formulate a post. They make stuff up and don’t even realize what they’re watching.

    Prime example from yesterday…first half the NNN’s…nattering nabobs of negativity (h/t to Spiro Agnew) were whining about Julio Jones getting open for so much yardage…it had to mean Lovie was incompetent letting JJ do that.
    I pointed out then there are a lot of freaking incompetent DC’s in the league since Jones is the leading WR in the NFL and averages over 112 yards a game.
    Wait and see if we can at least hold him to his average..he got 93 yesterday…20 yards BELOW his average. Where are the troll turds from yesterday whining about Lovie today? Why arent’ they giving at least a little credit for holding the league’s LEADING RECEIVER to 20 yards below his average?

    Then there’s the constant whining about Lovie’s inabiity to adjust. Just be fair about NNN’s…you troll turds can’t give credit even when it’s due!!! We played yesterday without FOUR of our original starting DL including the 2 best…GMC and Clinton McDonald. Consequently we got very little push up the middle on our rush and the Falcon T’s were simply able to reroute our DE’s wide and let Matty Ice step up into the pocket.

    Clearly Lovie saw this and came out with some excellent blitz packages including the one where LVD and Kwon criss crossed right up the middle confusing the Falcon blockers and Kwon was able to bat down a pass headed for a wide open JJ.

    I just don’t get some of you. Lovie is an incredibly decent human being. He is also a COMPETENT coach. I’m not saying he is to coaching what Fameis is to QB’s…but he’s clearly a successful coach in this league!!!

    Oh and btw for those of you NNN’s who are so loathe to give this man any credit and who have now staked your entire losing futures on the argument…well it’s ALL #3…DUH..DOUBLE DUH DUMMIES…have you paid attention to the NFL at all. ALL successful NFL coaches have a franchise QB…not freaking Rex Grossman!!! And great NFL coaches generally have GREAT QBs
    Bill Belicheat the loser…41-55 record with the Browns and Pats UNTIL..Brady.

  37. Espo Says:

    Sweeping our division rivals is “signature”. Hopefully we can sweep the Saints also. I really would’ve liked to beat NYG at home to send all their fans home crying. Reclaiming our home would’ve been “signature” as well.

  38. Espo Says:

    @ St Pete

    Your posts… make sense. Don’t spread too much of that around here.

  39. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Thanks Espo. I don’t mind genuine criticism. 2-14 was a disaster. In honesty I think Lovie had to knock off some rust of being out of the game.

    The opening game was horrid…not his best day at the office. But he had sooo much to accomplish I was certainly willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and he’s now beginning to earn some trust.

  40. orlbucfan Says:

    Had Bucs Radio on streaming….WWJB outta Brooksville/Spring Hill (figured I’d give ’em a plug). Anywho, Brother GeneD and DMoore weren’t exactly sure if Famous Jameis was down. They were adamant that he didn’t fumble. DMoore had already mentioned earlier that the refs were at it again with “bad calls.” They suddenly spot FJ running sideways and then forward. His knee was never down. You should have heard ’em when he crossed the 1st down marker. They were ecstatic. And these 2 are Bucs Radio veterans. We knew then Bucs would win. I was cheering and screeching. I just can’t get over how Lovie, Licht & Koetter are building this offense. I’ve never seen/heard anything like it in 36 years of following Tampa Bay. Incredible!!

    I hoped the Aints would beat the Stinkcats. Dixie Chicks are better than the Aints. So what if the Stinkcats are undefeated when we play ’em. Won’t be the first time Bucs have whipped a 15-0 team in the last game of the regular season. 8-8 at least…..GO MIGHTY BUCS!!!!!

  41. Trubucfan22 Says:

    I think the bucs have a few wins this season that are defining of this team. The first win against the falcons. Getting over the hump to beat the falcons after the way they beat us last year and the way they started 0-5. It was an exciting win. It also showed how mich we have imrpoved from last season to this season.

    The next one was dominating the Eagles 2 weeks ago. It has been a long while since the Bucs won a game in that fashion.

    And lastly was beating the Falcons for the second time this season. You knew they wanted to redeem themselves and right the ship against the bucs. But we came out swinging and we swept our closest division rival.

    Those were huge wins for this franchise and imo any of those can be signature wins. We didnt play many “elite” teams. And the 1 we did play we could have won if we didnt beat ourselves. We aren’t an upper echelon team yet. But we are making strides and should be a contender for the next decade.

  42. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I look at it like this…every win adds to their confidence to prepare them to face the Panthers in the last game and to enter next season. The idea this year isn’t to earn awards, it is to change the culture.

    And that is exactly what we are seeing.

    If, by some off chance, we win awards in the process, then cool. If not, that’s okay by me THIS year.

  43. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    The next hump is winning two in a row…which will happen this week.

  44. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “BuccaneerBonzai Says:
    December 7th, 2015 at 11:06 am

    The idea this year isn’t to earn awards, it is to change the culture.”

    Agree. Kinda feels like when the Dungy led Bucs were starting to turn it around, except, this time, it’s the offense leading the way, instead of the defense.

  45. DavidbigBucsFan Says:

    No you all want them to fall on their faces so you can continue to say see I told you so! You dudes are a bunch of losers. Yeah but the Bucs beat teams who have beat better teams but certain individuals constantly call Lovie names and cry and whine and whine and cry. You harp and harp on his mistakes to no end and if anyone makes any valid points for him you call us sheep and find some other thing he has done to nitpick on. You guys are seriously the worst broken record in the world. Even if the Bucs go 10-6 this year you will not care and will say they did it in spite of Lovie which will truly make you guys THE INSANE KKKLOWN POSSE! Ha ha ha lol

  46. Buc1987 Says:

    The Buc Realist Says:
    December 7th, 2015 at 9:14 am


    True, But Buc1987 was here everyday spreading the truth to everyone!!!

    Buc1987 one of the few commenters that knows what it is like to tell the truth, even when the majority is against that person!!!!”

    LOL@Broy. It’s not a competition of who’s the biggest Winston fan. Fans that come here had to endure me for 4 months straight on here over Jameis. That’s why my name gets called out so much when it comes to Jameis. I mean I’m talking a good 5-6 hours a day for 4 months straight. I was THEE most vocal fan when it came to Jameis. Even before last season was 1/2 over I was clamoring for Jameis I was going to walk around the tailgate parties and have fans sign a petition for the Bucs to draft Jameis.

    Yes it was over the top. BTW the JW I envision is 5 times better than the Jameis we’re seeing today. In 2 years he’s going to own this league.

  47. Buc1987 Says:

    So my main point I made in that last sentence was basically Koetter and Lovie are handcuffing (bad choice of words?)this kid right now. They lean on the running game, because it’s working and it makes JW’s job easier.

    Just wait until they take Winston’s leash off of him someday.

  48. The Buc Realist Says:


    Thats what I would like to see next year!! Koetter is running his jaguar run heavy offense, which is fine this year. But I would really like to see Koetter start to add more of his 4 vert offense that he ran in Atlanta. And maybe that will be why we won’t see an all defensive draft this year!!!

  49. 813bucboi Says:

    @stpete..well said..i agree with everything you said….I think anything over 2 wins for this team after last year is a signature win…@87…in regards to jameis you remind me of my uncle(die hard fsu fan)…he actually suggest the bucs tank to get jameis after we got blown out vs atl last year…maybe lovie and licht heard him(he lives about 1 miles or less from the stadium)…he was all in my ear telling me this kid is special and he’s never seen a qb that has the desire and will to win that jameis displays week in and week out…he also said if the bucs pass on him it would set us back 10years it would be hard to remain a bucs fan…well I tell and my uncle have been spot on regarding jameis and im happy the both of you were right for so long…GO BUCS!!!!

  50. LongSeasons Says:

    I’ll take wins against anybody. You learn to play against the weak teams and get better. Then you start playing a tougher schedule. If you build properly, then that tougher schedule can be overcome. If not, then a tougher schedule can eat a young team alive. I will have faith that we can compete against a 2nd place schedule next year because we have a Franchise Quarterback and some other great pieces on Offense. If our D can catch up, then we should move forward as a franchise and become relevant once again.

    On another note, Jameis has improved his footwork. I still expect this off season he will work on that more. If he does, then we have a Quarterback who can easily eclipse 4,000 yards. Especially while on pace for 3,800+ yards as a rookie.