Mobile Jameis

December 31st, 2015
Jameis is no pocket passer,  says Dirk Koetter.

Jameis is no pocket passer, says Dirk Koetter.

Joe remembers last winter at the NFL Scouting Combine how all the Jameis haters went through the ceiling of Lucas Oil Stadium, jumping up and down with glee that America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, was clocked at 4.97 seconds in the 40-yard dash.

Joe wasn’t aware the greatest attribute of a quarterback was running, but OK. Joe found it rather amusing people marveled at leaky, sleepy Josh Freeman’s mobility, and he ran the same 40-time as Jameis.

Joe is guessing Taylor Swift was right after all?

Well, for those who still think that Jameis is a lumbering lummox, Bucs offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter has words for you. In short, Koetter loves Jameis’ talents to move around and create plays. Koetter said Jameis is no pocket passer.

“Jameis’ ability to scramble has – I don’t know if improved is the right word – I’ve been impressed by the way Jameis has scrambled this year,” Koetter said. “He’s made some pretty good decisions, he’s made some nice throws, he’s missed a couple throws, he’s made a couple nice runs.

“I think we got more than maybe we initially bargained for. When everybody is doing the research on Jameis – pocket passer, pocket passer, pocket passer, but for a guy that isn’t a noted athletic-type quarterback, I think he has shown up this year bigger than most would’ve expected, including myself.”

Joe cannot put into words Joe’s excitement for the future of Jameis and the Bucs. This dude has so many things going for him and he is still 21. He’s even surprised his coaches, too.

How refreshing it is for the first time in how many years, to not even think if the Bucs should get a quarterback in the offseason?

And if you still have to hate Jameis, you might want to shake it off.

7 Responses to “Mobile Jameis”

  1. T in Orlando Says:

    I would say the first time in 5 years, I think most fans were satisfied with Freeman as the QB after his 25 TD/ 6 INT sophomore season. Turned out most of us were wrong, but that was the last time we went in to the off season feeling OK with what we had under center.

  2. ToesOnTheLine!! Says:

    Say what Joe!? So you’re saying Glennon, the guy often ridiculed for being a slow, actually ran a faster time than both Winston AND Freeman? Don’t get me wrong I totally agree that phenominal 40 yard times are by all that important for NFL QB’s, but that’s ironic that Glennon is one of the fleetest recent era starting QB’s on the team.

  3. Jim Palm Harbor Says:

    Time for this Buc fan to eat crow. I had three concerns when they picked Jameis. 1 Number of picks. 2 Lack of mobility. 3 Can he stay out of trouble?

    He has surpassed expectations in the first two areas. If he can make it 3 out of 3, the Bucs have the complete package!

  4. LargoBuc Says:

    Jameis isnt blazing fast, but he has great pocket pressence, which imo is more vital than just pure speed.

  5. Kelvin Says:

    Hey joe I wrote u last Monday concerning Winston inaccuracy throwing the long ball, You rightly pointed out Dave Moore said Evans doesn’t finish his routes buttttt dirk kuetter pretty much confirmed Winston needs a lot of work on his deep balls becuz he doesn’t give his wr enuff chances when the wr has his defender beat by five yards n he over throws him or he throws it 2 yards out of bounds so while I agree his mobility has been a pleasant suprise n the wr especially Evans have to finish routes better n catch the damn ball,we have to be fair n be honest let’s call Winston out as well for missing a lot of would be long completions or either touchdowns with over/underthrow or out of bounds when the wr clearly has the corner beat I would like to hear ur rebuttal, great site by the way it’s my fav👍🏿👌🏾

  6. unbelievable Says:


    Have you ever seen Glennon run in an actual game? He goes sideways / backwards, and then either trips over himself or runs out of bounds, losing yardage instead of just throwing the ball away while there was still time.

    You’re reinforcing Joe’s point, 40 times for a QB are meaningless, unless you’re planning on running an option scheme.

  7. Tiny Tim Says:

    @ toes

    I said it before the draft, 40 times does not tell the whole story. I provided videos of jameis making plays while scrambling in college and stated that even though glennon’s 40 time was faster, he is and was not as mobile as jameis. I tried to explain the difference between football speed and 40 times. I even gave the example of jerry rice who ran a 4.7 – 4.8 at the combine. Many jameis haters did not understand then, but now i have the feeling they truly understand now. Oh yea….this is the real tiny tim.