“Frustrated” Koetter Shaken Off His Game

December 2nd, 2015

Koetter9The Bucs’ offensive coordinator was his usual candid self before Joe and the media throng at One Buc Palace this afternoon.

Koetter talked about how the loss to the Colts was “a game of missed opportunities,” But Koetter got past the clichés and explained that the Bucs lost some focus in the second half.

“Me included, we all got a little bit frustrated, maybe got away from what we should have been doing,” Koetter said. “I probably should have ran the ball more after those first two series [of the second half].”

Yes, let that close the book on Doug Martin getting just three carries after his explosive run late with about 19 minutes left in the game and the Bucs leading. Koetter shouldn’t have taken one of his top weapon out of the game; that should have been the Colts’ job.

Koeter went on to say pressure from Colts wasn’t anything unusual, just that the Bucs’ inability to handle it was

“We got out of wack,” Koetter said.

5 Responses to ““Frustrated” Koetter Shaken Off His Game”

  1. The A Train Says:

    Gotta love this guy…straight shooter, never bobs, ducks, or dodges the truth it’s called accountability Mr. Lovie Sir.

  2. Buccfan37 Says:

    Just admit you were beaten by a better team Mr Koetter. No ifs ands or buts, when crunch time came the Bucs faltered. Atlanta will attempt to replicate that success and put the Bucs out of contention for the playoffs. A must win for both teams coming Sunday.

  3. flmike Says:

    BF37, if we would have ran the ball in the second half it would have kept the Colts defense honest and at least given the passing game a chance.

  4. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    While I do not disagree with flmike and all those who wanted to run it more even if we didn’t and had simply taken advantage of what the Colts were giving us we would have won. I think Koetter also regrets not giving #3 more hot reads and plays where #3 got rid of it in a hurry like Hasselback. There’s a time to run..a time to go long…and a time to dink and dunk.

    If Atlanta stacks 8 in the box to stop the run because we have no deep threat it’s time to dink and dunk. A 4-5 yard pass is just as effective as a run if we complete them. I think we must stay on schedule with down and distance no 3rd and tens please.

    Sometimes the effect of a stupid penalty is underestimated. Obviously in the kicking game when a long return is brought back and a ten yard block in the back actually results in 50 yards of lost field position.

    But Sunday everybody recalls the hold that erased Doug’s TD and it WAS huge.

    But I would say the stupid penalty at the start of the 2nd half set the tempo for the Bucs in a very bad way and was just a preview. Starting 1st and 20 from the 10 yard line is not a great situation to do anything. We had far too many 3 and outs for out defense to hold up. I think our defense is good but not great and they’re just not good enough to overcome a poor offensive performance that takes 3 and outs and also field position to the opposing offense.

  5. godzilla13 Says:

    Some people want to down play the bias from the referees in this game. I say watch the replay to fully understand that the Buccaneers had no chance of winning the way this game was called. I just watched Vincent Jacksons ticky tack holding penalty on the first series of the second half. On the first play by Indy where two linemen grab hold and pull on Gholston’s jersey the entire play. No call and it went on all game. The penalties and the sacks made for third and impossible situations.