Ugly Penalities Return

November 29th, 2015
Bad penalty at a terrible time.

Bad penalty at a terrible time.

No, Joe is not going to blame the referees. To Joe, that is beyond immature.

The referees did not drop big-time passes right in their hands (coughmikeevanscough). The referees did not miss kicks. The referees were not letting opposing receivers run wild and free.

No, those bad things were all committed by the Bucs, not the zebras. And it led to an ugly loss — a game in which the Bucs needed a win, badly.

One of those screw-ups came with just under six minutes left in the first half. Doug Martin ran up the middle for two yards and a go-head touchdown. But no! Kevin Pamphile, brought in as an extra blocker, was called for holding.

Instead of six, the Bucs had to settle for only a field goal and a 6-6 score.

Those are the type of penalties that kill a team.

To his credit, Pamphile didn’t try to pass off blame on the zebras after the game.

“I was trying to take over my man [using a technique with hands],” Pamphile said.

When Joe directly asked Pamphile if he thought the call was ticky-tacky, he wouldn’t go there.

Simply put, those kind of mistakes cannot happen at such critical times. It was why the Bucs lost so many games earlier this year. It was partially why the Bucs lost today.

19 Responses to “Ugly Penalities Return”

  1. The Buc Realist Says:

    Thats “Buc” Football!!!!!

  2. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    It was a penalty of effort at least. Unlike GMC who gets a sack and then negates the very next play by jumping offsides. That’s a braindead penalty.

    No doubt though that this team still needs discipline. It’s a young team and hopefully that will begin to dissipate as the guy’s learn to win.

  3. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Realist you have descended into trolldom. You have no crediility here. Your constant rants about Lovie have not only grown weary and boring but specious.

    You throw negative crap up against the wall hoping it will stick. Like that absurd rumor about Lovie losing the locker room from one of your “sources”.


  4. Dcbucsfan Says:

    That’s 4 points, Barth coughed up 4 points, Evans choked away another TD – That’s probably 15 points left on the field! And that my folks, is the difference between a W and an L!

  5. MT Tom Says:

    If “Joe” isnt going togo there, blah, blah,blah, whyd you askPa if it was a ticky tack penalty? Oh, because it was and that was one of the most lopsided called games until the last 4 minutes Ive ever seen. Yeah, the Bucs did that to themselves with 4 years if penalty play, but it was still ridiculos and one sided until it was too late to matter.

  6. Mr. & Mrs. Mitch Kaplan Says:

    That was not holding. The bucs deserved to lose but the nfl can’t be happy with today’s officiating

  7. MT Tom Says:

    Piece of crap website with no edit function.

  8. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    MT Tom

    I do not disagree with your post. Especially the part of us “earning” the bad calls because of our history of stupid penalites. I think the refs just believe it’s a forgone conclusion that we’re going to commit penalties because we always do.

    Gonna take awhile to break that pattern. And ME needs to chill with the whining at the refs. I think they give him NO benefit of the doubt. That offensive interference call was a total joke. But again he’s earned it with his behavior.

  9. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Buc Realist = DUImig?

  10. Patrick in VA Says:

    Losing sucks, and it’s not fun to sit through, but I’m not upset about this one. We were who we know ourselves to be. A team that needs new blood at CB and who has a rookie QB that could use an off season to gel a bit more with his receivers. I’m not too down on this one. It’s much harder when we don’t look like we belong on the same field as our oposition. That wasn’t the case today

  11. Buccfan37 Says:

    The Bucs gameplay can not overcome multiple penalties as regular game events.

  12. bee Says:


    I agree. It was the penalties that did the Bucs in today. I was shocked when a flag went against the Colts. Oh well, this team is on its way but has to maintain focus for 4 quarters consistently. They’re not there yet. This team really needs 2 DEs and 2 DBs very badly. And a safety. This next defensive draft and one more off season in Kotters system and this team can do some damage.

  13. Stranger Says:

    How exactly is it immature to state the truth? The game was poorly officiated against one side and that’s something that needs to be said as much as the league needs to investigate and punish the refs. Turning a blind eye to that does nothing but tarnishes the game.

    I mean I can watch the Panthers defense get away with murder but the Bucs getting called for infractions that didn’t happen is okay? Please. You can’t even coach your guys up from that like you can with the (legit) neutral zone infractions.

  14. skipper Says:

    Joe, Don’t usually complain about the officiating, this was one of the worst I have ever seen. Game changer on the possible turn over and Phantom call on Verner. I could list several blatant missed calls in this game. Many of which kept drives alive for the Colts.
    Review the tape, terrible officiating!

  15. Ufcguy32 Says:

    Its beyond atrocious. These refs need to be fired. The evans offensive pass int call. The constant calls to bail out the Colts in turnovers and tds. I fking hate that its literally every game we get screwed over by officiating on outrageous calls

  16. Brandon Says:

    Five horrible calls that greatly impacted the game. Call blaming the referees immature of you will, most people say that name-calling is immature. Terribly reffed game, plain and simple.

  17. Rob in Land O' Lakes Says:

    Officiating didn’t lose this game, but that is no excuse for letting Walt Coleman’s crew off the hook for a horrendously officiated game. A few of the highlights:

    First qtr. 3rd & 9 Coby Fleener is touched on his arm, he falls down and draws a holding penalty. Same play Jacques Smith is arm-barred across his chest from behind and taken down. No call. Denzel Good did this on most passing downs, one holding call.

    In contrast, Kevin Pamphile on DM22’s TD, holding. It was not a hold, especially compared to the Colts Oline. 4 point swing.

    2nd qtr OPI on MW13. After 5 yards he’s being held. He has a right to get the DB off of him

    First play of the second half, holding on VJax.. it was holding, but please see what their line was doing. The inconsistency is what drives players nuts because they don’t know where they stand.

    Personal foul on Logan Mankins. He pushed a player… technically an unwanted touching.. I know…

    And finally, the compilation of incompetency, Indy’s last TD drive…

    1st, 12:00 in game, Fleener falls down again and draws a holding penalty (it wasn’t), that call negates a turnover.

    Next play, hands to the shoulder pad on Howard Jones, another automatic first down.

    Then the Bucs hold them to a FG, Conte gets the leaping call (it was legal as he did not use or land on another player, though they likely could have flagged him for running into the holder)

    Then next play, Ahmad Bradshaw fumbles……. no whistle…. no definitive stoppage of play, no official running in signalling down by contact. What that tells people with sense is that the ruling should have been fumble recovery and Indy would challenge relying on an inconclusive replay.

    What’s my point? While I agree officials don’t lose games, when you string together a series of bad calls such as we saw today, you have to be brain dead to think that this does not impact the out come of a game. Not one call… numerous calls and non-calls.

    The Bucs are a good year away. They don’t need help from horrible officiating.

  18. godzilla13 Says:

    The officiating was scandalous. Did they have money on the game? Case in point, the Mike Evans pass completion that the referee originally called incomplete. Evans came down with the ball and clearly had control all the way to the ground and the referee, standing right next to the play, calls it incomplete? The call was overturned but how does a person who is payed to see these things call that incomplete? Verner PI? Show me where? Pamphile holding? You could call that on every OL on every play. Useless, bungling, unskilled and amateurish referees. Incompetent.

  19. unbelievable Says:

    The NFL hates the Bucs, always has, and the officiating consistently shows this.

    “Simple as That!”