Run Defense To Get Tested

November 18th, 2015
demarco murray

Could the Bucs see a steady dose of DeMarco Murray on Sunday?

The Bucs’ rush defense, if you are just a stats guy, isn’t the greatest in the NFL.

But dig deeper and the Bucs have only allowed one running back to break the 100-yard plateau this season, and that was the Jim Brown of the 21st Century, otherwise known as Alfred Blue (“Who?”) in Week Three at Houston.

The Bucs are coming off an impressive game defensively in which they held the Cowpokes to a mere 42 yards rushing. That may get tested this week by DeMarco Murray of the Eagles.

Andrew Astleford of BSPN notes Murray is really having a subpar year.

DeMarco Murray’s production is way down. He has 451 rushing yards and four touchdowns this year, a large drop from his 1,054 yards and seven touchdowns through eight games for Dallas last season. He is averaging just 16 carries per game, down from 25.6 during the first half of 2014.

But might that change this week? Consider brittle Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford went down last week with a shoulder injury and a concussion. He did not participate in Tuesday’s practice.

So either a beat up Bradford plays or, more likely, Mark Sanchize. Might Eagles chieftan Chip Kelly hand the ball off to Murray more as a result of Bradford’s injury/concussion, or using a backup like Sanchize?

Or is Kelly the type of guy who is hellbent on throwing the ball no matter the signal-caller?

12 Responses to “Run Defense To Get Tested”

  1. Johnny "America's Commenter" Dejay Says:

    Chip Kelly would be wise to call up the tape of the Titans vs Bucs opening game this year and implement the exact same gameplan. Chip is too stubborn to change his system, so I don’t expect a heavy emphasis on the running game.

  2. scott Says:

    We should be fine. Just have to stop the up-tempo from working and watch out for Sanchez’s short pass game

  3. OneLove Says:

    It’s going to be fun watching our LB’s fly all over the field. Do we have the fastest LB’s in the league!?!? I think so!!!!!!!

  4. JAB83 Says:

    I think the up tempo style is gonna really help us this week on D… Now that it appears we have some guy playing without thinking to much. This type of game is very good timing in that it will allow them to play at an even faster rate… Meaning they can continue what they have done the last couple weeks… Should we dominate on D like the last couple of weeks…. The momentum could snow ball… I am still feeling a shut out this year!!! A few timely sacks last week and it would of happened!!!! Look for sacks early and often this week and its gonna be a run away victory… 24-0 BUCS !!!!

  5. Idontwannahearitanymore Says:

    “Chip Kelly would be wise to call up the tape of the Titans vs Bucs opening game this year and implement the exact same game plan.”

    I hope he does. Because, then, he will miss the mark. The current Bucs team is nothing like the team that faced the “mighty” Titans at the start of the season. They have morphed into something else, a little better, a little more consistent.

    The key for the Bucs has been to stop the run early, forcing their opponent to go to the air, which most of them have been happy to do, since our defense has been so good at giving up points through the air.

    Thus, if Kelly stays with the running game, he may find it harder to score on the Bucs. It has been backup quarterbacks, passing the ball, that have given the Bucs the most problems, not running against a D-line with four defensive tackles (Gholston, Melton, McCoy, and Spence).

    I say “let him try!”

  6. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    DeMarco Murray’s production is way down.

    And so is this a reflection on Murray? Or perhaps indicative that no matter how talented a back it’s a lot different running behind arguably the best OL in the league and then running behind an average to below average OL?

  7. 813bucboi Says:

    the secondary is playing a lot better than they did in week one…with the corners finally jamming the wrs those quick slants wont work…I hope lovie stays with the same game plan as he did vs. dallas…stop the run, jam the wrs at the line and blitz kwon and lavonte…jameis may have his best game as a pro with the eagles secondary very suspect…Byron Maxwell is at least in the top 5 for defensive holding/pi and they have ej biggers playing the slot…Malcolm Jenkins is not a bad fs so Winston will have to look him off…if we come out with that sense of urgency we should be in good shape…GO BUCS!!!

  8. cover deuce Says:

    Johnny D has apparently no idea what he’s talking about. They haven’t been as effective at it as they’d probably like, but the Eagles are definitely a run-first team and they have been all year long.

  9. Jason McLaurin Says:

    The Bucs defense needs to be on alert for three different running backs out of the eagles. The offense will have to keep the ball on the ground in this one and give Martin and Sims close to 40 carries and use the speedy Sims along with Humphries on some end arounds to open the deep ball up for Winston which is his best throw. I think Evans can make some big plays this week as well against Maxwell and Jenkins if our offense can sustain the run by making creative playcalling.###play4WINStonfight4LOViE

  10. Brandon Says:

    Love our defensive system, always have…but honestly, opening week, Kiffin when he was DC at USC vs. Oregon, the T-2 has never fared well against the spread… it really hasn’t. There are just too many variables. Perhaps having slug Sanchez around to run the offense will allay the Qb run concerns, but it still scares me.

  11. unbelievable Says:

    I wouldn’t underestimate Sanchez. He was very productive in chip Kelly’s offense. So far we have only made 1 backup qb actually look like a back up.

  12. Michael Says:

    Actually the Bucs run D is one of the best in the NFL. Only JAX and DEN allow less yards/carry than TB. We do allow 101 yds/game but just because teams run 28.3 times per game (6th most). I worry more about the short quick passing game out of the slot. Thats where TB struggles