“It’s Like He’s Doing It In His Sleep”

November 7th, 2015
V-Jax opens up about in-season development of Jameis Winston.

V-Jax opens up about in-season development of Jameis Winston.

Vincent Jackson opens up on the advancement of America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, since the regular season kicked off.

The typically reserved 32-year-old veteran receiver can’t seem to contain himself when talking about Jameis on the Buccaneers Radio Network last night.

He said the growth of Jameis isn’t fluff. It’s pinpointed on film repeatedly.

“We go in here and we evaluate each and every play multiple times, and we’re going very in depth on his performance and on each and every one of our performances in here in this building and on that offense,” Jackson said. “So to see the plays that he’s making here now that maybe he wasn’t making in training camp and in the preseason, it’s night and day. That amount of improvement so quickly, I’m not saying he wasn’t ready and we weren’t excited about him then. But what he’s doing know, I mean, it’s like he’s doing it in his sleep.

“He’s matured and progressed as just a confident and knowledgeable quarterback, you know, in a matter of what, five, six, seven weeks. It’s very impressive. Again, not even close to a finished product. I think the sky’s the limit for this guy for his ability to just ad-lib.

“Those kind of plays where he’s able to just use his athleticism and his IQ of the game and say, ‘You know what? It’s not there. I can make it happen.’ He makes those plays over and over again. And keeping plays alive with his feet is a strength of [his].”

Jackson went on to say there are “10-year veterans”  that can’t make the intelligent decisions Jameis is making weekly.

On Jameis sprinting ahead of Doug Martin to throw a block on a linebacker at the line of scrimmage on Sunday was Jameis sending a message.

“Him wanting everyone to understand, us as a team, more so than the outside world. “Look, I’m going to do everything for you guys to win a game.’ He cares that much about winning,” Jackson said.

18 Responses to ““It’s Like He’s Doing It In His Sleep””

  1. Chris Armstrong Says:

    Man I am excited for our team, and excited for Jameis’ future. To earn the respect of so many veterans so quickly is awesome. Sometimes I think maybe they get a little tired of the media asking them about Jameis instead of their own play, but it doesn’t seem to bother them that much. Let’s get these giants tomorrow! Go Bucs!!

  2. BUCutalkinbout Says:

    Man, let’s go 10-6 baby!

  3. Louis Friend Says:

    Much as I appreciate a tough QB, I’d like it even better if he doesn’t lower his shoulder and go blocking again.

  4. Buccfan37 Says:

    How about some wins over teams the Bucs usually lose to, like the Giants and Cowboys at home. That would be a start.

  5. BucTrooper Says:


    How about just beating teams you have a 3 score lead on?

  6. BucTrooper Says:


    Or… You can beat teams you have a 3 score lead on……?

  7. mike10 Says:

    We need Jackson as much as we need Winston tho. Even as he’s getting older, it’s so important we have that vet leadership as we transition into Jameis’ team. I said it then, it’s what we were missing when Rahiem dumped our stars and completely overhauled the defense… no one to transition the culture to the young guys… and thus why we’ve sucked.

  8. Ray Rice Says:

    Can’t play scared!

  9. Willy D Buc Says:

    EXACTLY Buccfan, BucTrooper and R. Rice!
    NEVER leave the field with times outs remaining and
    NEVER take your foot off the gas –
    play to win! ALWAYS!!!
    If only Lovie would stop playing not to lose, get more creative with his playcalling and acquire some professional game management skills…

  10. mac Says:

    So far Winston has been a nice surprise… I expected most of his games this season would look like the Carolina game… But he has only had one stinker and has played pretty well in the rest… Hope for a brighter tomorrow…

    Let’s not forget how good Josh Freeman looked in 2010… Now he plays for the Brooklyn Bombers or whatever the hell it is… Scary…

  11. Brent Says:

    Jw looking good. I credit him with our win last week. That said, I’m glad dk and ls listened to my comments on this blog following the Carolina game and scaled jw back. In the last 3 games jw has not thrown fewer than 30 attempts per game. Also in the win against the saints he threw about 25 times. You can learn from my wisdom. As he matures his number of pass attempts should and will increase. For now, he’s just a rookie and should be on a leash. Even with the emphasis on running jw could have easily had 2 picks on easy dropped balls by falcon DNS. Also jw is underthrowing the long ball.

  12. LargoSamIM Says:


  13. Bobby Says:

    Josh Freeman NEVER looked even remotely like Jameis. He was never a leader, never. He had the physical tools but mentally, work ethic wise, leadership, etc. he was nowhere in the league Jameis is in.

  14. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Alright I admit against my will that I said I was done with this site and the buccaneers until Lovie was fired, but I can’t help being a bucs fan because that’s where my heart is. I tried giving up the bucs and being a fan of intelligent teams (patriots), but i didn’t feel any great emotion when they won or lost. The win against the falcons was redeeming for me because i finally got to stick it to this annoying falcon fan i know. I still want lovie fired, i still think we will lose to the Giants, and Jameis Winston is the best QB we ever had.

  15. Bobby Says:

    @LargoSamIM……. First of all, this is Cousin’s third year in the league and it’s Winston’s 8th game. Winston is clearly the superior of the two QB’s IMO. Cousins has never grown into a consistent QB and probably never will.

  16. BucfanBF Says:

    Right on Bobby, freeman can’t even carry Winston ‘ s jock strap. Where freeman seemed to be lacking in between the ears Jameis excels with his understanding of the game and offense. Freeman was to reserved and didn’t have that visual emotion that Jameis has either.
    Jameis > Freeman

  17. JAB83 Says:

    “Yeah but no”

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