McCoy: “Hey, G, You’re Not Getting It Done.”

November 12th, 2015

gerald mccoy 0916Does Joe head to strip clubs and/or poker rooms when finished wrestling with the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, Steve Duemig, every Wednesday?

No. Joe listens to Gerald McCoy open windows to his soul on the Buccaneers Radio Network.

Last night was no exception.

McCoy wanted to make it clear that cries about his play from all sources aren’t louder than the voices in his head. McCoy said it’s key for all players, especially great players, to realize they’re not playing up to par before someone else tells them.

“You need to say, hey, G, you’re not getting it done. It needs to get done,” McCoy said of his private dialogue with himself.

“I’m a realist. There’s not a fan or a media member or a coach that can tell me more than me that I need to pick it up,” he said. “Because I’m my biggest critic. Whether it may be a coach or head coach or the GM, whoever it is, may think they can tell me more than me what needs to happen, I’m not saying technique-wise or game-plan-wise, I mean as far as my play or my effort, whatever it may be, it has to be better. It needs to be better. And it will be better.

“Because with me being the quote-unquote leader, or one of, in order for a team to make the next step, your best players have to be your best players. And it’s not like our team is full of just guys, but when you have a group of guys who are titled the best players on the team, they have to be on top of their games at all times. There is no room for error. Yes, we’re human. Yes, we’re going to make mistakes. We’re not always going to be on point.

“But in order to be improve, you have to be real with yourself and understand there are flaws and mistakes that are made. And they need to be fixed.”

McCoy went on and on talking about how he will stop at nothing to right his personal ship. And he said fans should be confident that it will be straightened out quickly.

So where will McCoy’s start in order to fix himself? Joe will serve that up in a separate post this morning.

17 Responses to “McCoy: “Hey, G, You’re Not Getting It Done.””

  1. cmurda Says:

    It’s true that McCoy isn’t playing his best football but there are factors that also play into it. The coaches would tell you GMC has been a beast if he takes on the double teams and DEs are getting sacks. The problem is less McCoy and more the DEs. I feel that our edge rushers are the biggest weakness on this team. Not the secondary which would be at a minimum serviceable if we had reliable pressure from the D Line. The antiquated scheme doesn’t help but all things improve with pressure and that is the one constant that has been missing the last 2 years. Winston and the offense are proving very formidable especially along what has become a very deep and talented O Line.

  2. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Hey good for GMC. At least he “gets it”. Wonder if watching #3 step up to the podium repeatedly taking ALL the responsibility for the Bucs offensive woes.

    The press conference after the Giants game by #3 was just awesome. Taking full responsibility when clearly #3 left it all out on the field and did his part only to have his teammates drop passes and fumble away opportunities.

    Start thinking of the QB’s like bratty Jay Cutler who would have throw Evans or the turnovers out as an excuse.

    With every passing week I grow more and more certain we made the very best selection at number one! And now perhaps we see he’s even beginning to influence the entire team including the leader of the defense.


  3. NewTampaChris Says:

    Whatever. Actions speak louder than words.

  4. StevieJanowski Says:

    Kudos to GMC for speaking to his play and being accountable for his on-the-field performance. It would be VERY easy for GMC to take the low road and throw the scheme, circumstances (e.g., three step drops), or the DEs under the bus. I’m not close to giving up on this guy. He has the will to win and wants to make everybody else around him better.

    We’re a young team so the losses are inevitable. However, I think the future is pretty bright when we have leaders that are willing to talk the talk and walk the walk. KEEP GRINDING, GMC

  5. Tiny Tim Says:

    Double teams? Ask Watt about double teams and tell me what he thinks of them. Tell me who is Watt’s edge rushers. And no Clowney does not count because he can’t stay healthy and he has done nothing when he was healthy. Stop with the excuses for McCoy. The problem is he “thinks” he is great and he is not which is not his fault. Its the fault of the fans who heap this praise on this guy and he can not simply live up to that. He is good and not great. We probably will never see great from him because he is already in his sixth year. He is good, but not great. Its as simple as that.

  6. TAC Says:

    He is a good player, and difficult to block. It would be worse without him, as it has been worse with whatever injury he is dealing with right now. He hasn’t been that guy who raises his game, and those around him when the time comes that a stop is needed.

    The other teams got this guy figured out, and all his grippin and grinnin with them is part of the game within the game, and he is their bitch. Yea, they will vote for his top 100 in the off season, because they are winning during the season.

    The game is sixty minutes McCoy, even between plays. While you’re more worried about the camera catching you helping to opposing players up off the field, you should be worried about what happened the last play and who blew the mission. He is no leader. All talk.

    Maybe he will change this week, but doubtful.

  7. waterboy Says:

    In comparing DT’s in a 4-3 system, is McCoy better than Geno Atkins or even Aaron Donald? His salary is at the top of the scale for that position but I don’t think the difference between his play and an average DT is enough to justify his contract and my opinion isn’t just based on this season.

  8. FanOfBucs Says:

    McCoy is one of our better players, a guy that cares.

    We have many bigger issues!

  9. cmurda Says:


    JJ Watt is a defensive end on a far better defense and defensive line than what we have. Watt gets double teamed occasionally. McCoy is double teamed every game. This should free up DE’s with definite one on one matchups which they are not winning. I am not satisfied with McCoy’s play and neither is he but comparing Watt to McCoy is apples and oranges. MCCoy has 4.5 sacks this year which has him on pace for 9 sacks. That would be a pretty impressive number. He’s not on a Warren Sapp level yet but he’s right on pace for GMC’s last 2 years. He’s currently 3rd in sacks for DT’s. While he isn’t playing at an All Star level, he has still been very solid. It’s just too easy for so many of you to have GMC be your goat.

  10. softastussieMcCoy93 Says:

    I have been a McCoy supporter and as long as he is on our team, I will support him and David. It’s my fault that my expectations for him were so high. I met the guy in Walmart two days before his first preseason game as a rookie.

    With that being said, John Randle could smoke a double-team in known passing downs. Sapp would dip and rip a double team. Since McCoy has been here he’s never developed a counter move and he not good at bull-rushing. He tries to split the gap with speed; offensive linemen will use your momentum to “wall” you off or push you into a double-team. He has to set up his speed rush with counters and bull-rushes. I’ve never seen a great linemen on the turf as much as McCoy is.

  11. Tampa Tony Says:

    Yak yak yak yak

  12. Tnew Says:

    I remember when the Bucs drafted him JP Petersen was highly critical of his production while at Oklahoma.

    I believe he has all of the tools to be elite, except for the fact that I often wonder how much he enjoys the game of football. His body language (I know many people don’t put anything into this) but look at any great player and tell me they weren’t having fun during the course of play. Sapp, I think was miserable everywhere, except on the field. GMC doesn’t even sound like he enjoys the game. Anyone doubt that (fill the playmaker in here) was having fun.

  13. Tiny Tim Says:

    @ Cmurda

    You sir are too funny. First of all, Watt plays all over the defensive line. He does not only play end. I am sorry you missed that. And Watt is double teamed all the time. I don’t know how you missed that. Most of his 20+ sacks he gets in a season starts with him beating a double team first. It is not apples to oranges. You want to blame the ends for not getting sacks. Do you know that there is only one player on Houston with 5 sacks? The rest are 2 sacks or less (if they even have a sack). That has not stop Watt from getting his 40 tackles and 8.5 sacks thus far. Why? Because Watt is great and McCoy is not. Here is a lesson for you. Greatness does not need any body else to be great. Barry Sanders was never known to have a great offensive line or even an average QB, but he was great without both. The same with Adrian Peterson. Saying McCoy can’t succeed at a great level without a defensive end is ridiculous. But I will let you live in that fantasy world of believing McCoy is great. That can be your little secret. Oh and your point that the DPOY is only double teamed occasionally, but the averageness of McCoy is double teamed more is freaking hilarious!!!!

  14. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Shortly thereafter, McCoy blocked himself on twitter

  15. NashvilleBuc Says:

    Anyone who refers to themselves as a “quote unquote” leader is not wired to be a leader. Really disappointed to see that kind of language. Good player, but he just doesn’t exude enough passion, drive, accountability and intensity to be a leader. He also has shown a complete lack of killer instinct.

  16. Red86 Says:

    Bravo Tiny Tim!

  17. FortMyersDave Says:

    McCoy is an above average player (can not rate him higher as he is working in a cesspool AKA Lovie’s broken cover 2…) but look at his other 10 teammates on D; that is the prob gentleman! Lovie assembled this D; how does he account for this, errrrr; make more excuses????? Is McCoy softer than most would like in the fact that he seems to care about the opposition???? Is McCoy a worse DL when he offers a hand to an opponent? Is McCoy the guy who gets endless personal fouls (One game another D man for the Bucs got 3 – 15 yarders yet Lovie did not bat an eyelash…). The problem with the D is not McCoy Buc fans; it is the guy who is calling below average dated plays; LOVIE!