“Every Time He Was On The Sideline Crying, I Tried To Wipe His Face With A Towel”

November 3rd, 2015

LavonteDavidJoe really tried to steer clear from the story surrounding the death of Kwon Alexander’s brother late last week.

Writing about it just feels like cashing in on a death.

Unlike most journalists, Joe actually owns and has full control of these pages. So Joe doesn’t answer to attention-hungry editors, or worry about having a job next week.

Joe didn’t even listen in the Bucs’ locker room on Sunday when Alexander was made available to talk to media.

Regardless, the story had some importance to Joe because other Buccaneers said it was important to them.

Speaking last night on the Buccaneers Radio Network, Lavonte David revealed that Alexander was not just playing hard and rallying to win for the team and his late brother, Alexander literally struggled emotionally throughout the game and teammates were aware and reacting.

“Every time he was on the sideline crying, I tried to wipe his face with a towel,” David said of Alexander. “So I just try to be there for him through the good and the bad. That’s the type of guy I want to be for him.”

Powerful stuff.

David added that Alexander verbally leaned on him through the game to get through it and stay focused.

16 Responses to ““Every Time He Was On The Sideline Crying, I Tried To Wipe His Face With A Towel””

  1. D-Rome Says:

    Joe really tried to steer clear from the story surrounding the death of Kwon Alexander’s brother late last week.

    Writing about it just feels like cashing in on a death.

    I respect that, Joe.

  2. Lue0615 Says:

    This is a strong bond I like this young core of players we have

  3. dc_buc Says:

    While I respect the guy for playing through, aren’t we all fetishizing his zeal for playing?

    the guy should have been home with his family. Football is just a game.

    Yes, but football isn’t just a game for everyone. And if your family wants you to play, like Alexander’s did, then what? Not fair to judge in this case.–Joe

  4. unbelievable Says:

    These are the kind of situations that bring these guys together as a team, and you could clearly see it from the various video clips during and after the game. JW rallying the guys in the beginning calling them a band of brothers, great stuff!

    We finally have a vocal leader on offense, and it looked like Clinton McDonald is that guy on defense, even though he didn’t play yesterday.

    LVD still doesn’t look right to me, not sure what it is, even though his play has improved somewhat over the last game.

  5. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    dc_buc, if you’re not in his shoes then you shouldn’t be judging

    Maybe going out and playing out of his mind was his way to honor his brother. I can’t imagine the emotion and feeling of pride from his family on Sunday everytime Kwon came up with a play or just flashed across the screen

    We all grieve in our own way

  6. Joehelldeloxley Says:

    @dc_buc a lot of people in the same situation prefers to be at work than being a room thinking about it again and again. It’s a personnal decision, no judgement on him for that.

    I remembered a case like that in our football (soccer) the forward of the team I’m supporting(Girondins de Bordeaux) lost his grandfather during the week. His grandfather has been very important for him, he always encouraged him and pushed him for becoming a professional player.

    He played the next game because his grandfather told him “the day I died I want to play” and he played, not so brillantly. At the end of the game, the guy scored and all the stadium (38 000 people) started singing his name, knowing about what he was going through.

    It was a very powerful moment.

  7. TAC Says:

    dc_buc, here is what he did for his family. Nobody knows how they would handle something like this, and the only thing I can say is he is a mentally strong young, 21, 21, yes, 21 year old “Man”.

    His parents on watching the game.

    “Amazing,” the elder Broderick said by phone Monday. “I saw my youngest son that died in him. I saw him all the way with [Kwon] the whole while. He made this special. He took the madness out of me.”

    “It was very emotional,” Peaches said. “Just the intensity. He played with so much emotion. And we know that he was doing it for his brother. They loved each other.”

  8. Johnny "America's Commenter" Dejay Says:

    I have the ultimate respect for Kwon playing, and dominating, after a family tragedy. Godspeed.

  9. John Says:

    I don’t think DC buc meant any harm. I assume he thought kwon didn’t have a choice. Kwon did what kwon wanted from what I understand and play lights out or not, it took real strength to go out there and do that. Win or lose, good to hear the team rallied for him. God bless you and your family kwon. It gets better and it gets easier in time.

  10. Buc Fan 1963 Says:

    It’s a personal choice, and no one knows better than those closest to the situation. I remember Brett Favre did the same thing when his father passed away. Other guys would not, and that’s okay too.

  11. BucMania Says:

    I just wish Lavonte would have played better for Kwon. Seeing a teammate give that kind of performance after going thru a loss like that should have inspired everyone. The performance of the rest of the D should be ashamed and embarrassed.

  12. orlbucfan Says:

    Everyone handles grieving in their own way. Kwon chose to play ball. I was doubly touched by LVD mother-hening him on the sideline. This trio of linebackers will be wicked killer when they get used to defending with each other. Looks like they’ll be giving the 2001-2002 LB posse a run for their money. I like it. GO BUCS!!

  13. BucIt941 Says:

    Lavonte and Kwon are on field brothers and it’s really showing. I am stoked to see how LVD took him under his wing early on! I know people are knocking LVD for his play this year but these 2 are going to be a dangerous LB vore for years to come!

  14. k1ngadroc Says:

    Replace McDonald and make Kwon the Captain of the D

  15. Mark Alscott Says:

    I cry every time I see LVD play in this defense. Wasting his talent.

  16. Pick6 Says:

    in the recap video (i know, i know 15 seconds of bench video from a 3 hour game), David looks like the one who is enduring some tragedy. his body language seemed very unhappy as he sat on the bench next to an emotional kwon. not sure if that’s because it was awkward (cameras right over your shoulder as your teammate pours his heart out), he was tired, or he wished he was the guy making plays, but i was surprised to hear him say what he said about helping kwon through the game based on the few shots of he and #58 on the bench in the recap video…seemed like he was just trying to pretend those emotions weren’t flowing