Brandon Myers’ Taste In Music

November 15th, 2015
Hopefully Brandon Myers has had time to shake it off.

Hopefully, Brandon Myers has had time to shake it off.

While tight end Brandon Myers never made a dent in the box score last week against his former team, the Giants, two weeks prior he had one of his best games this season despite playing under mental duress.

Stuck in the team hotel in Atlanta the night before the Dixie Chicks game, Myers’ head was elsewhere. He missed Tampa, as one of his favorite recording artists was busy performing before a sellout crowd at the Den of Depression, Myers’ home office.

That would be Taylor Swift.

Recently on the Buccaneers Radio Network, Vincent Jackson, one of Myers’ closest friends on the team, noted Myers was distraught that of all nights Swift played in Tampa, the Bucs were on the road.

Joe sort of understood. When Van Halen played in Tampa this fall, the imbeciles decided to performed the night of the Bucs’ season-opener. Joe just wanted to throw a chair through a window.

Hearing Jackson discuss Myers and Swift, Joe confronted Myers to see if this was just a ruse started by Jackson. It wasn’t. Myers is actually into the princess of pop.

“I’ve been known to listen to Taylor Swift now and then,” Myers said.

It wasn’t all bad for Myers. His wife, who went to the concert with Jackson’s wife, kept texting Myers video and photos of the concert, perhaps to tease Myers.

Joe hopes Myers doesn’t have any emotional baggage from this and has a good game today. Myers just needs to, well, you know, shake it off.

8 Responses to “Brandon Myers’ Taste In Music”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Brandon Myers’ taste in women is very good….check out his wife…former Raiderette….Ashlee Marks….Wow!!!

  2. Buc1987 Says:

    Buc1987 is a HUGE Swifty as well and never ashamed to admit it. I had a friend of mine get a concert T for me for at RayJay, because it tore me up that she was only 40 miles from my house and I couldn’t go. Tickets to her concerts are nearly impossible to get. Do I wear the shirt outside of the house? You’re damn right I do and with pride.

    I’ve been to Van Halen concerts, Def Leppard and various other ones over the years. Even the 2 Live Crew. Hell I’m a former Dead Head. Yes I get made fun of by relatives and I don’t give a crap. Followed her career since she was 16 yrs old. By the 2nd song I ever heard of hers I knew she was going to be very big some day. I bought all her CD’s even though I DL’ed all of her songs for free.

    How big of a Swifty am I? Well for 2 straight years that’s all I listened to 80% of the time. I have a TS poster in my office. My wife only likes 2-3 of her songs and I like every single one of them outside of some of her new stuff, which I think is generic and beneath her. The chick has broken records by the Beatles, and even Elvis Presley in a world when someone can just click a mouse and get her music for free. I know everyone single word to her 40 or so hits and could probably sing them backwards.

    Brandon Myers…I feel your pain!

  3. 911bucs Says:

    87 I know your joking, right?

  4. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I never have time for listening to music anymore, lol. When I’m driving, its sports talk. At home I work all the time, and love doing it. But I need quiet when I work.

  5. Buc1987 Says:

    911bucs..LOL sadly no I’m not. Then again I’m not the only 40 something year old man that loves her stuff. I’ve seen interviews with grizzly looking dudes in there 50’s at her concerts. I can pretty much listen to any kind of music if it’s actually good. I’m a HUGE fan of music and rarely watch TV. My music folder on my hard drive is over 160 GB. I can rival any teeny bopper out there when it comes to TS.
    My tastes in music are all over the map. Blues, Jazz, 50’s and 60’s rock, The Rat Pack, 80’s early rap, 90’s alternative, lots of country music, heavy metal, I could go on forever. Taylor on the other hand is a whole different animal. Never been hooked on a certain group or singer for that long of a time since the Grateful Dead.
    It’s why I get a kick out of telling people I’m such a HUGE fan. My demeanor and personality gives off no clue that I would ever be a Swifty. I like most of her older stuff than the new anyways. Her older stuff is like poetry. Some people only listen to one kind of genre and that’s it. I feel sorry for those people.

  6. Buc1987 Says:

    Hat tip VH1’s Alexa Tietjen


    The Guinness World Records honors Taylor with the “Most Simultaneous U.S. Hot 100 Hits by a Female Artist” title after 11 of her tracks stayed in the Hot 100 in the same week. Fun fact: only the Beatles have topped this number, with 14 tracks in the Hot 100 at the same time.
    Speak Now breaks a Guinness World Record as the “Fastest Selling Digital Album for a Female Artist.”
    She became Entertainment Weekly’s youngest “Entertainer of the Year.”
    Taylor is the youngest artist to win “Album of the Year” — for Fearless — at the Grammy Awards that year.


    Taylor is named the “First Solo Female with Two Million-Selling Weeks on the U.S. Albums Chart” by Guinness World Records. Try reciting that title three times fast.
    The Staples Center honors Taylor for having sold out the most concerts at their venue out of any solo artist. She had sold out 11 shows at that point, and was tied with Maná, Latin rock’s equivalent of U2.
    “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” becomes the fastest selling digital single. Like, ever. It went to number one on iTunes within the first 50 minutes of its release!


    Taylor becomes the first artist to sell a million records this year. The feat came after the release of 1989 in October.
    She becomes the only artist in history to put out three albums — 1989 (2014), Red (2012), and Speak Now (2010) — that have each sold over a million copies in one week.
    Nielsen SoundScan says 1989 sold the most copies in its first week of any album since Eminem’s The Eminem Show in 2002. Lucky for Eminem, 1989 still didn’t outsell his 2002 album.
    Taylor wins the first ever — and continuously mystifying — Dick Clark Award of Excellence at the AMAs.
    She is named “Woman of the Year” by Billboard and becomes the only artist to have received the honor twice. Yas, Taylor!


    We know what you’re thinking: Isn’t this one a little premature? Well, maybe it is, but after announcing a 2015 Australia tour with opener and former YOK artist Vance Joy, Taylor is set to break a new record down under. When she tours Australia next year, she will become the first female solo artist to consistently play major stadiums in the country.

    Impressive, right? When it comes to musical achievements, there’s still plenty of “Blank Space” to be filled. We have no doubt that Taylor will continue to write in her name time and time again.

  7. godzilla13 Says:

    Who cares. I would not want people knowing my favorite singer is Taylor Swift if I were a professional football player. I can already hear the trash talking Cowgirls. Soft.

  8. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    We probably think most alike musically. I too have very eclectic taste and enjoy almost all genres of music.

    Although I must split in one area. I like Swift and admire how she has handled all the instant fame and fortune at such a young age….but I’m not really a “Swiftie”.

    My MP3 player for my workouts is loaded with ALL kinds of music from oldies like Clapton to new tunes from Pit Bull and Bruono Mars. I even have Bobby Brown’s “My Perogative”…great workout song.