Another Boot Forces Massive DE Combo

November 16th, 2015
Sackless George Johnson

Sackless George Johnson

Sackless George Johnson suffered a significant injury yesterday.

The Bucs’ big offseason acquisition at defensive end limped off the field and Joe saw him wearing a massive boot on his right foot in the bowels of the stadium after the game.

From Joe’s experience, “the boot” means missing at least two games, often four.

With Jacquies Smith out (boot-wearing injury), the Bucs are down to Howard Jones, Will Gholston and practice-squad-promoted Josh Shirley at defensive end.

That’s why Tampa Bay moved Henry Melton from defensive tackle over to left defensive end during yesterday’s game. Melton played there in preseason and had a couple of good pass rushes, but also a stupid, stupid, stupid late hit on Matt Cassel in the Dallas end zone, a penalty that extended a Cowboys drive in the second half.

But there is one upside to seeing Melton and Gholston manning the defensive end spots. That creates a four-man front almost impossible to run against.

Both guys weigh over 280 pounds and simply can’t be outmuscled by tight ends and many tackles. Dallas averaged just two yards a carry yesterday, less than half their season-average rush entering the game.

Joe expects to see lots of the jumbo ends in Philadelphia.

17 Responses to “Another Boot Forces Massive DE Combo”

  1. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    Should have kept Ryan Delaire.

  2. OneLove Says:

    I’m curious to see how their stamina plays out against the Eagles next weekend!! I hope we address this position(DE) in the draft!!

  3. destro44 Says:

    Sounds like we need to scour the league’s practice squads. Maybe we can find a gem.

  4. SOEbuc Says:

    When can we expect Jac Smith back?

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We stopped the run and mostly the pass yesterday……

    Stopping the run is vital…..we do that first…..if we can continue to defend the pass….we finally have our defense.
    We can address DE & CB depth in the draft.

  6. cmurda Says:

    The penalty on Melton was indeed a stupid move on his part. I think it’s ridiculous that pushing a QB just after the Qb throws it is a personal foul but we all know the rules and Melton could have easily let up. The best non-penalty call of the game was when Cherilus got into a little shoving match near our own endzone and then flopped after he was pushed. Both refs were laughing and telling him to get up. Good effort Cherilus but it provided me quite a few laughs when I watched the game the 2nd time. (I only watch games a 2nd time when we win. I can’t stomach it when we lose).

  7. NewTampaChris Says:

    The Eagles OL is a mess and Sanchez (or an injured Bradford) will be the QB next week. Stopping the run will be critical.

  8. ATrain Says:

    Loaded up the front four with the Biggest and the Blitz David….

    By the way how many weeks does ASJ have to practice before he gets on the field…

    Trade him next year and get some picks..Use Brate he catches the ball…

  9. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Should be interesting.

    George Johnson has been a complete waste of money. But then, the other option was Greg Hardy (whom I wanted) and look at all the trouble he’s been in since.

    Personally, in hind sight, I think they should have stacked DE depth with rookie talent and hoped for the best. Would have had just as much chance of a pass rush, maybe better.

  10. DraftJameis Says:


    Good point re:stamina. Really interested to see how the Bucs handle the pace on Sunday. Rotating/getting fresh guys in is gonna be important, especially with GMC hurt.

  11. Another J Says:

    He’s the new ghost!

  12. MIke Johnson Says:

    Just because Sanchez is starting for the Eagles next week does not mean easy pickins for the Bucs. WE do have knack for makin 2nd stringers look like…all world. Nothing is easy for us. It will be another..grind it out game. Lovie has been experimenting with a lot of different combo’s. So..may be time to really hit up the other 31 teams practice squads for DE’s. WE seem to be playing harder. That’s good. Next man up.

  13. Pawl Says:

    Seeing every Sunday Michael Bennette dominate hurts as Buc fan. But we need DEs that long tall and quick like Bennette size or Gholston,.

  14. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Seeing Michael Bennett do well does not hurt this Bucs fan. I’ve moved on.

  15. mike10 Says:

    Where’s our boy Da’quan Bowers? Don’t act like you’d be surprised if his name surfaces.

    But who else is a FA? Can’t believe I heard Dwight Freeny’s name last nite in the Card’s game.

  16. scott fitzgerald Says:

    Not good. According to stat geeks GJ had a great game as well

  17. Patrick in VA Says:

    I think this is probably the combo we want anyway. It’s not like we’re getting to the QB anyway with our pass rush. May as well sell out to stop the run