Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow

October 26th, 2015
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The Washington Redskins have been playing some 83 years, beginning as the Boston Braves before moving to our nation’s capital in 1937.

Their rich history includes some of the game’s greatest.

Sammy Baugh was the first NFL quarterback hero. Vince Lombardi coached his final season in Washington. George Allen lorded over the franchise for a handful of storied years. And, of course, Joe Gibbs won three Super Bowl titles.

None of them – not Baugh, not Otto Graham who was a coach in the 1960s, not Lombardi nor Gibbs, not Billy Kilmer or Sonny Jurgensen nor Joe Theismann, ever led a team back from a 24-point deficit to win a game.

No one in 83 years — until yesterday.

Brother of Chucky and Kirk Freaking Cousins pulled off a feat that some of the game’s greatest never could: winning after being down 24 points. That came against the Bucs. Against Lovie Smith’s Bucs. Against the Bucs’ defense. Lovie’s defense!

Joe said earlier this season that if the Bucs lost to the Jags at home, then Lovie might not be able to climb out of that hole. Yesterday’s loss was a crater in the same league.

How in the world can you be a defensive specialist and have such a worthless, rotten, no-account defense? It defies description if not logic.

Lovie (4-18) is not getting the job done, for whatever reason. His sycophants defending him in the local media are starting to shame themselves with the excuses. Where were these same folks when Greg Schiano was in trouble, when Raheem Morris was on thin ice? Those guys did more with less.

But, no! Lovie needs patience. Baloney! Why is he more special than any other coach who would be in deep s(p)it with his same record?

After yesterday, there are no more excuses. So it takes a coach three years just to be able to flirt with a .500 record when he has some of the game’s better players on the roster? Seriously? Stop!

Joe is not calling for Lovie’s head. But Lovie is making his own bed. He’s not helping himself in any way with these embarrassing outings. Can Lovie turn things around? Sure, but he’s quickly running out of time.

After what we have witnessed the past 22 games, why would any Bucs fan have faith Lovie can fix this defense? Just like Chucky lived off of his resumé with Rich Gannon, Lovie seems to be stretching his resumé of making a Super Bowl run in 2006 and the NFC title game in 2010.

Let’s be real: If Lovie Smith’s name was, say, Sam Akers, and he never had a connection with Father Dungy, would he be getting the same free pass in Tampa?

Joe knows better.

Tom Flores and George Seifert won Super Bowls, Flores twice. But their second stints as head coaches with new teams were forgettable and terrible. Just because a coach was in a Super Bowl with one team doesn’t guarantee any success with another.

At this point, no one can say Lovie is doing a better job than the two coaches who preceded him. And they were run out of town for performances better than Lovie’s.

Fans are fed up. Time and excuses have run out. Time to start winning some games against trash teams.

And for a change, Lovie, can you quit letting your defense allow s(p)it opponents like Kirk Freaking Cousins to set franchise records, huh?

Lurid Numbers

Let’s look at how Lovie’s defense has done against dubious opponents, shall we?

In the season opener, a gimmick offense of a rookie put up 209 yards passing and four touchdowns against Lovie’s wholly unprepared defense. Despite no other team scouting Marcus Mariota as much as the Bucs (aside from the Titans), it was as if Lovie saw the guy for the first time. Meanwhile, Titans coach Ken Whisenhunt publicly stated on a national sports radio show how he was going to incorporate Oregon’s offense to help Mariota.

That’s not just a fail, but a calamity. Since, Mariota has done squat.

Against Ryan Mallett, who is so slow mentally he cannot work an alarm clock, the Bucs defense gave up 228 yards passing to a guy who lost starting job with Houston two weeks later.

Second-year quarterback Blake Bortles had a career day against Lovie’s defense despite having a bum shoulder, throwing for 303 yards and four touchdowns, nearly pulling off a comeback.

Then came yesterday and Kirk Freaking Cousins wearing Sammy Baugh throwbacks; Lovie’s defense made Cousins look like Baugh.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

If Lovie doesn’t change things up, and change quickly, then somebody over his head at One Buc Palace is going to make a change for him he may not like.


When Doug Martin, late in the fourth quarter, broke loose for a 49-yard run to the Redskins-5, he was caught from behind by Bashaud Breeland. Joe had a flashback to three years ago.

Josh Freeman connected with Vincent Jackson for a 95-yard pass, the longest in Bucs history. Jackson got past the defense and seemingly was on his way to an easy score when the piano on his back got too heavy and he was tackled at the Saints-1.

The Bucs never scored and lost by a touchdown. And sure enough, had Martin scored, the Bucs would have won.

Not hurt

Speaking of Martin, Joe got flooded with Twitter messages about Martin’s health when he sat for chunks at a time yesterday. At halftime, Joe was told by someone who would know such things that Martin was on the bench to rest up, nothing more.

In the locker room after the game, Joe asked around and no Bucs player hinted that Martin was hurt.

Schedule Only Gets Tougher

So if Marcus Mariota, Ryan Mallet, one-armed Drew Brees, one-armed Blake Bortles and Kirk Freaking Cousins can have success slicing up the Bucs defense, does anyone think the Bucs can slow down Matty Ice and Julio Jones this Sunday? Ha!

But if Lovie covets his job, he will find a way to mold a defense to at least keep Matty Ice under 300 yards. May not sound like much, but as horrible as the defense is, baby steps fellas, baby steps.

NFL Thoughts

Seahawks: Call Joe what you will – and many do – but Joe isn’t ready to kick sand in the Seahawks’ faces quite yet. The NFC West is up for grabs and Seattle could still win it.

Jags: A big win for Jacksonville. The Bills melted down and Jacksonville took advantage. E.J. Manuel simply imploded down the stretch. It is starting to look like the Bills made a big mistake hiring Capt. Lou Albano.

Vikings: With Adrian Peterson sick (he still had a 75-yard run), Teddy Bridgewater blew up to put down the toothless Lions. Bridgewater had 316 yards and two touchdowns.

Saints: Don’t look now but Drew Brees is healthy. The Saints wasted little time rolling up to a 27-0 lead and put away the Colts.

Chiefs: Bad, bad loss by the Steelers. Alex Smith threw for 251 yards and the Chiefs kicked three field goals early to stun Pittsburgh.

Dolphins: Interim Dolphins coach Dan Campbell has done more in two games than Lovie Smith has done with the Bucs all season. He has awakened the team, as the Dolphins won consecutive games. Ryan Tannehill had four touchdown passes as Miami hammered Houston. The Dolphins led 41-0 at halftime.

Patriots: Tom Brady… yada, yada, yada…

Rams: The Jekyll and Hyde Rams won this time over the sorry Browns in which Josh McClown was Josh McClown which is turnover-prone, losery ways.

Dixie Chicks: Julio Jones and Matty Ice link up for a touchdown pass late in the third that proved to be the difference. Only 10 points beat Tennessee.

Raiders: So the Chargers damn near beat the Packers last week and this week they gag at home to the Raiders? Derek Carr threw three touchdowns.

Giants: You rarely see a decent kickoff return any more, but that is just what won the game for the Giants. Dwayne Harris’ 100-yard kickoff return with 13 seconds left in the game put the Giants over the top.

Stinking Panthers: Good teams find a way to win. Cam Newton was way off but somehow the Stinking Panthers squeaked out enough offense and its tough defense late saved the day.

Non-NFL Thoughts:

* College football rarely disappoints. On a weekend that was supposed to be ho-hum, it was anything but. First, the Utes go down from the list of the unbeaten, as well as Florida State. Falling to the Yellow Jackets (which always give the Noles a fight) winning on a blocked field goal return on the final play of the game was too much like Michigan State beating Michigan on a blocked punt return.

* Does Alabama play down to its opponents? Seems like sometimes this year they do. How else to explain why they were in a dogfight with Tennessee?

* Ohio State is starting to look like the championship contender they were purported to be.

* The inevitable happened yesterday. Al Golden got fired. After getting woodshedded by Clemson, there was no way he and the ‘Canes were going to recover. May as well cut ties now and stop the bleeding and start your search for a successor. That’s what Miami did.

* So both George O’Leary at Georgia Tech and Golden bit the dust yesterday. O’Leary retired (or pulled a Steve Spurrier and quit). Joe isn’t trolling here at all: Which is the better job, Central Florida or Miami? Seriously.

* Washington, D.C. is such a fascinating city, and so is its surrounding area. This is the second time Joe has been to our nation’s capital and, outside of someone living there part-time, there is simply not enough time to see everything. Not that Joe is a world traveler (never been outside our nation’s borders), but there isn’t any area Joe has been to that is so rich in history that it almost comes alive. Just walking the streets near all the federal buildings and monuments and halls of the Capitol and White House (yes, Joe was once a guest at the White House), you can actually feel the power. Meandering through the museums, one can almost hear the voices of the past. For a history geek like Joe, Washington is a never-ending quest to absorb and learn.

* One place Joe visited Saturday is not a place anyone wants to go to but a place everyone should go. That is the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. It was a powerful experience. Again, being a history geek, especially World War II stuff, Joe has read and watched countless books, documentaries and films of the events leading up to and including World War II. A bunch of stuff in the museum, of course, Joe already read about/watched. But the first-hand accounts of folks that lived perhaps the most grotesque crime of mankind and the amount of detail involved in the museum was almost overwhelming. And yes, Joe learned a lot from the experience. It should be a mandate that anyone visiting Washington visit the Holocaust Museum. A civic duty for all.

* Of all the museums and monuments in Washington – seemingly endless – Joe can’t find one for Donald Segretti. Why?

* For only the second time ever, Joe took a subway to a football game. The first time was to a Georgia Tech game years ago. How refreshing to not fight traffic and get to a stadium quickly. Memo to the politicos of Tampa Bay: we will never be a first class region until or unless there is a rapid transit system (buses don’t count). Captains of Industry generally relocate their businesses to areas where getting to work is not a worsening daily chore, and workers can consistently arrive to their jobs on time.

* While walking to the Capitol to tour the place late Friday, Joe came across a scene of Americana that doesn’t get any better. Right across the street from the Capitol in a leafy park, quite literally in the shadow of the Capitol, were four boys that looked to be roughly 8-10 years old, playing football on a perfect Mid-Atlantic fall afternoon. A Norman Rockwell moment, indeed.

* Forgive Joe for sounding like a jingoist, but Joe is glad there are two American teams battling in the Fall Classic for the title of America’s Pastime. Sorry, Canada.

18 Responses to “Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow”

  1. FortMyersDave Says:

    Joe, I am glad you brought up UCF: as a USF alum the fact that the bus is running under the guidance of manatee grad Willie Taggert at least gives me hope of watching a few wins at RJS in the next couple of years…. Under Lovie it is probably wise to bet against the Bucs! Taggert has his team moving in the right direction while Lovie’s D has been the WORST in the NFL if you look at points allowed and its red zone performance! Yeah, USF beating UCF may not sound like much but it is much more likely than the bucs winning at home again while Lovie is coach!

  2. Phil Says:

    When the Bucs beat the Eagles in the NFC championship game Jon Gruden out coached Andy Reid. We never have to worry about that with Lovie. He will never out coach anyone. The team was sloppy. How many penalties did they have 15, 16? That is a sign of bad coaching. I just hope we have to endure another season of Lovie. He is the worst coach in the in the Bucs history.

  3. FortMyersDave Says:

    Can’t argue with Phil. 15 penalties including multiple personal fouls! Idiotic and just handed the skins a W…. Lovie Has To Go! LHTG! He simply is not a good coach and I dare anyone to claim that he is during his tenure as the Bucs’ skipper! Let Lovie Loose and his buddy Licht too! LLLL: Let Lovie/Licht Loose!

  4. thunderchunkyPA Says:

    Joe(s) you guys coming to Philly Nov 22? if so, I can show you some good sport for eat and drink. So after another Lovie debacle, we can at least have a good day of eat and drink.

  5. Buccfan37 Says:

    Alabama playing down to Tennesse. I think the Vols are good and a up and coming team in the SEC. Washington D.C., which people do these cronies represent?

  6. Joe Cool Says:

    Football can be a bitch.

  7. P'cola Buc Says:

    Like most Buc fans, I woke up feeling ashamed and embarrassed regarding this team (especially the defense). Like most Buc fans, I woke up less than enamoured with Lovie Smith to say the least. As some fans would say Lovie must go……however…..Then I suddenly felt some compassion for Lovie. The Buccaneers drafted only one player on defense in the last 2 drafts. 1 player. This has resulted in an improved offense (and what I believe will be an excellent QB for the future). These offensive minded drafts certainly must have gone against Lovie’s grain. Does Lovie deserve to have one “defensive draft” before he gets the ol “heave ho”?

  8. Joe Says:


    No. Just going to three more road games. Frankly ought to cut back.

    Thanks for the offer, though.

  9. DallasBuc Says:

    87 & NosBos- is the tank still on from last year? Because incompetent Lovie Smith isn’t really that bad, right? It’s hilarious. Let me guess…I should “wait on it”!!! But don’t wait too long because you might blow a 24 point lead!!!
    Wondering if the strategic tank job is aimed at scoring a high value player or just convenient excuse to cover for the worst HC in all of football and quite possibly the worst HC in Buccaneers franchise history. It’s a high bar but incompetent Lovie Smith is well on his way. Don’t look now but we head up to Atlanta next week. Can someone please help me remember what kind of team incompetent Lovie Smith fielded up there last year???

  10. DB55 Says:

    How about the messiah? I’m like a proud papa. Ali Marpet might be the best player on the roster. Mike Evans said “who you calling Clayton?”. Dougie Fresh said “pay me!”.

    Great game!

    As for Lovie, some of us have been saying the same thing for 22 weeks now. How about them Dolphins, they need time!

  11. Clodhopper Says:

    I’m sick of going to MMQB and seeing praise thrown at the QB that played against us. NFL network. Sirius radio, ESPN. You name it. It’s impossible to enjoy football related programming because they’re always praising the other team.

    I actually beveled that with the possibility of going 500 the team would have some nuts and hair on their chest to actually put in effort to try and win a freaking game. But they didn’t. They are gutless losers. This team is filled with cowards with the leader of the cowards being happy as a lark at the end of the game. GMC=COWARD. I’m tired of seeing other teams players have some actual passion towards the end of the game. Where is the passion? Cant be found. There is none. There never is. Ever. Literally never. Come on GMC act like a leader for once in your miserable career. Lead this defense with some EFFING passion.

  12. Bucs_Sam Says:

    Pretty simple, out-coached.

    The great Lovie Smith, had it handed to him by an Arena league coach and backup QB.

  13. tmaxcon Says:

    Nice piece Joe, I look forward to this each work. thank you… I hope the younger generation never stops learning about great men from the greatest generation and the sacrifices they made for all of us.

  14. Owlykat Says:

    The Buc’s could not run it in because Lovie foolishly cut their power back who was 235 pounds and could have gotten that one yard that would have won the game.

  15. Buccfan37 Says:

    Like has been mentioned Lovie applied the brakes before halftime instead of using that momentum built up to at least try to add a FG. Play it safe Lovie reared his passive something could go wrong demeanor. That and receiving the 2nd half kick and going nowhere was the tide turning. From there the game became hard to stomach watching. The final dagger being the failed FG flop after Martin’s big run. Did anybody then have much confidence the Bucs would win? I did not.

  16. ATrain Says:

    Joe please tell me how you think Lovie can turn this around.

    He is 4- 18… The Defense is awful, no sacks, no INT on Cousins… The top fantasy QB yesterday was Cousins. This team has made a Rookie 1st game QB look like Montana, made Mallet “I cant make my flight” look like Marino.. No name QBs on the top of the list every week.

    No progress on penalties, No progress on Defense, Most of the Stars are playing worse, ie.. McCoy and David.


    This is simple LOVIE CANT DO IT>. HE is not a good coach..

    Nice guy yes… COACH NO>

  17. FortMyersDave Says:

    If the Glazers do not fire Lovie it is a clear indication that they intend to move 2 games to London; why else did they request to have 2 home games away from RJS in that new stadium deal along with the fact that they simply do not seem to care that Lovie Smith is alienating the local fan base at an alarming rate…. Bad ownership and a moronic tanden known as L&L will lad us to a Leeman Bennett like 4-28 and this time Lovie does not have to tank away wins like last season; his heartless, talentless defense is taking care of that all by itself. Cousins and Bortles both score 30+ and Mariota goes for 40+; cmon man: the chain is only as strong as its weakest link and that is currently Lovie S!

  18. LargoBuc Says:

    Im just…beyond disgusted. I didnt even watch any more football yesterday. I couldnt do it. That was easily the most painful loss of this regime