When Your Starting LBs Have 7 Solo Tackles

October 4th, 2015

LavonteDavidLavonte David has 12 solo tackles through four games. Last year, David had 31 through four games. That’s no coincidence.

Whatever is wrong with David is a mystery. And something is wrong. Today he had two solo tackles and a dropped interception at the 1 yard line with the game potentially still up for grabs.

In all, the Buccaneers’ starting LBs and seven solo tackles combined. That’s dreadful in a 4-3 defense like the Bucs play.

Safeties Chris Conte and Bradley McDougald combined for 12 solo tackles, which lets you know it was a bad day for the Bucs defense. You don’t want safties making a lot of plays.

That helmet-driving fumble forced by Conte? The one that was picked up by Carolina and run to the end zone for a flukey touchdown? Sure, it’s a freak play, but it’s a byproduct of a long day for the Bucs’ linebackers and run defense that didn’t get it done when the game was in reach.

Hats off to Danny Lansanah for his sack of Cam Newton.

18 Responses to “When Your Starting LBs Have 7 Solo Tackles”

  1. mdc1969 Says:

    Can’t say it enough, ownership sucks. They hire the front office who hires the coach, who asses talent.

  2. bucrightoff Says:

    He ranks high on the list of most disappointing players on this team. Hope those first two years weren’t anomaly’s

  3. Srqnycbucsfan Says:

    I seen in the 2nd or 3rd quarter a shot of David(54) and Alexander (58) sitting on the bench and Lavonte David has his right hand wrapped in a bandage under his glove problem solved

  4. Bucnut2 Says:

    Nice try joe. Let’s break down jw

  5. The original "Kevin" Says:

    Im done…..Im over it.goodbye. I have been the poster child for a bucs fan since I started wathcing football. Im done. You guys have a good time watching this garbage. This is a complete waste of my time. DONE!!!!!!!




    I owe this team NOTHING#!!!

    I pay my taxes and work my ass off too hard to look forward to this crap every weekend. Im done. Maybe I will be back when this team has a couple home wins in one season and owners and coaching that have a clue. DONE!!!!!


  6. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Funny how players fall off when they get that big contract sometimes…

  7. RCH Says:

    He hasn’t been the same since being in Lovie’s defense. I blame coaching seems like Lovie is trying to make a circle fit into a square.

  8. Ray Rice Says:

    Was #54 on the field today? I didn’t see him.

  9. Bucamania Says:

    Lavonte has been invisible this year. Can’t even catch a ball that hits him in the hands. Missing tackles in the open field.

  10. Supersam Says:

    Lavonte Overrated David, Gearaldine McCoy, Jameis McCown, and your coaches Lovely and Leslie. What crew we have in Tampa.

  11. Supersam Says:

    Hey Glazers pay my 50 million, I’ll catch that interception at the goal line that landed in his lap. If it was an easier it would’ve hit him in the face. Pathetic.

  12. Supersam Says:

    Lovie at the podium and he’s looks dazed and confused. Out of answers. Same old speech.

  13. Lavonte David has twelve solo tackles through four games | The Scoopp Says:

    […] is wrong with Lavonte David? As JoeBucsFan points out, the Bucs outside linebacker has just twelve solo tackles through four games, put up two today and […]

  14. Supersam Says:

    Lavonte Overrated David must been up all night counting that money, his hands were tired. I bet if the ball was painted green and had Ben franklins face on it, he would’ve snatched that sucka right outta the sky!

  15. LargoBuc Says:

    Just alarming to see him miss tackles and drop passes. Lavonte isnt just not showing up, but he is playing bad. If all he can do is blitz, then maybe use himas a situation pass rush but he makes too much money

  16. DB55 Says:


    Conte has lead the team in tackles every game this year.

  17. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    Does Anyone believe that we would have only won 3 of our last 20 games had we kept Greg Schiano?

  18. Capt.Tim Says:

    David signed the big contract, and goes into vacation mode.
    Doug Martin Sucks for 3 years.
    Now, its his contract year- he wakes up!!!
    Take a guess how he’ll play next year- once he gets a new contract.

    Why am I wasting Time on Money on this??