Versatility Pays Off This Time

October 11th, 2015
Unexpected good game today filling the void of Logan Mankins at left guard.

Unexpected good game today filling the void of Logan Mankins at left guard.

Last year, Lovie Smith was roundly raked over the coals — and for good reason — for starting virgin center Garrett Gilkey.

The results were predictable. Gilkey, who never played center in his life, was expected to do well on football’s highest level. Naturally, it was a trainwreck. Gilkey playing center looked more like a Moe Howard skit that anything resembling football.

So Lovie was at it again this week, trying half the Milk Cartons, Kevin Pamphile, at left guard in place of injured Logan Mankins. Pamphile told Joe after the game it was the first time he had played guard since he was a sophomore at Purdue.

Shockingly, Pamphile held his own. Oh, he made mistakes, no question. Once, as he pulled to his right, Pamphile whiffed on a block like Karlos Peña on a slider. Joe is pretty sure America’s Quarterback, Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston, will feel the effects of that missed block tomorrow morning.

But overall, Pamphile showed not only can he handle guard, but he gives the Bucs much needed depth. Right now, that is the story of the season, a unit that looked porous now appears to be the team’s strength.

Left tackle Donovan Smith told Joe last week that he leans on Mankins a lot for the correct assignments. With that comfort blanket gone, Joe worried the left side of the line would collapse. Not so.

“It was a give and take,” Pamphile said of communication today with Smith. “By far, I am not Logan Makings. But as long as we communicate and are on the same page, [the line will play well].”

Pamphile noted he was nervous and a bit of doubt was in the back of his mind when coaches told him on Thursday to be prepared to play for Mankins. Pamphile knew if he got part of his game down, all would be well.

“Assignments, I knew the assignments,” Pamphile said. “I feel pretty good. about that. But it was technique I had to worry about.”

5 Responses to “Versatility Pays Off This Time”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe…..can we officially take Pamphile off the “milk carton”?…..I think he’s earned it.

  2. Buccfan37 Says:

    Happy to see the cohesion of the offensive line stoking the run game and protecting Winston. This is unexpected good news.

  3. bucsbedabest Says:

    Give credit to the man who has worked with Kevin Pamphile, Ali Marpet, Donovan Smith and the rest of the OL…George Warhop. Job well done!

  4. Jason McLaurin Says:

    That was a curveball there. I expected Pamphile to go to left tackle not left guard and he fits perfect at guard as well. I thought D. Smith was struggling but Mankins was being an ass to him which I expected all along as well as Evan Smith. Mankins and Evan Smith have to go immediately and should be traded by the deadline if they were smart with the new found depth. I knew Pamphile would be a gamer and would be one more player to pay off after that first draft from Lovie and Licht. They have just abiut turned the roster in their favor too. Good to see Pamphile out there and hope to see Moe of him and less of Mankins. Fragel did an awesome job too so we might as well say goodbye to Cherilus and Dotson for that matter after the season. Like I said we should draft either offensive line with the first two picks or finally an all defense draft will be in store.###goBUCSplay4WINStonfight4LOViE

  5. BlogTalkFootball Says:

    The cool part is the oline loves the running game, so their success helps them get better. These guys love putting a beatdown on defensive linemen!