Verner Marching Orders Unclear

October 15th, 2015
Vague about CB Alterraun Verner.

Vague about CB Alterraun Verner.

With underrated corner Johnthan Banks out with a knee injury and Alterraun Verner benched, Bucs fans were treated to the exploits of cornerbacks Loaf Jennings and, of course, Mike Jenkins.

Despite the win Sunday, the above kept fans reaching for their bottle of TUMS deep into the night, and it had nothing to do with the brats and kraut eaten earlier in the day.

Yesterday, the last practice of this week, Verner was practicing exclusively at nickel corner. So Joe asked Bucs coach Lovie Smith if Verner was entrenched as the nickel? Or if, given the substandard play of Loaf and Jenkins, would Verner find his way back tot he starting lineup.

Lovie danced around the question.

“He was playing nickel for us last game out,” Lovie said of Verner. “I’m kind of a short-term guy. We like what he did his first time out, though. Vern will be playing somewhere for us and we’ll just keep working to get him in the right spot.”

Here is the thing: If Lovie is convinced Verner is not the answer, then this is what you will see for Bucs corners — if Lovie lets his bromance with Jenkins cloud his judgment until Banks gets healthy.

In mid-October, there really isn’t anyone walking to streets who could play better. If there was someone better, then he wouldn’t be walking the streets; he’d be employed somewhere.

It’s like when you are thirsty as can be on a scorching hot day and you dig into that cooler full of ice water fishing for a beer, only to find Natty Light available. It’s either that or go thirsty.

Both you and Joe know which you will choose.

20 Responses to “Verner Marching Orders Unclear”

  1. Bee Says:

    So we’re drafting a DE and 2 CBs next year? I don’t understand, is Tim Jennings worse than Verner in the slot? Geez, Lovie is not good with personel. But I guess he doesn’t have much to work with. Too bad they let Revis go.

  2. Nujerzbuc Says:

    Jenkins is TERRIBLE. I MEAN TERRIBLE HAS BEEN FOR YEARS. It pains me to see him play corner for us more than Jennings and we all know how horrid Jennings has looked. If Lovie so some reason wants to keep Verner in the slot keep him. I don’t know why he obviously won’t make the change but he need to put Sterling Moore and Jude Adjei-Barimah out there until we get Banks back. It hurts my soul to watch Jenkins celebrate when a player drops a ball when he does nothing to stop it.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Put Bobby Rainey in at CB….he seems to do well anywhere we put him.

  4. Bogiedr Says:

    That should be Loaf Jennings and Toast Jenkins. 😂

  5. BucMania Says:

    If Lovie is willing to put his future on the line by having terrible play out of Jennings and Jenkins then maybe Lovie is over his head and looking to get fired. I mean this isn’t the only decision that has left many scratching their heads.

  6. JollyBucsFan Says:

    Lovie is dragging this team down. FIRE HIM.

    We will not go anywhere until he is gone. This Jenkins & Jennings madness may be the worst decision I have witnessed in my adult/professional life. Unacceptable and unbelievable. Fire lovie. keep Licht. turns out Licht might actually be good at drafts and after so many years of failing we got to hold on to him

  7. DefenseRules Says:

    JollyBucsFan … Watching Jenkins & Jennings play is pretty maddening I’ll admit, but I can think of a lot of worse decisions that I’ve witnessed (and made) in my adult/professional life. Luckily none of them got me killed … yet.

    With Banks out, not sure what alternatives Lovie has at this point. I personally think that Verner is better than either one of them, but maybe Lovie and Frasier are seeing things that we’re not. Would also like to know what’s up with Sterling Moore. I thought he had some good potential, but he doesn’t seem to be getting much playing time.

  8. Wombat Says:

    pppfffftttt, I miss Lenard Johnson!!! lol, at least he tackles and chases!

  9. Armybucsfan Says:

    I just find it funny that lovie is spending all this money trying to fix our secondary that he is single handily responsible for destroying. LETTING REVIS GO WAS THE WORST DECISION EVER. I don’t care if he would of cost the team millions but let’s see who did we get out of trading him that is still playing….. The answer NO ONE!!! If we would of had REVIS here this year we would be a different team. Instead we are plagued by the mistakes of the management of this organization. Will we ever catch a break!!!!!!!!!

  10. Tomcin Says:

    Trade Dovie for Payton.

  11. DallasBuc Says:

    This football team is a joke. You’re welcome.
    Incompetent Lovie Smith

  12. tmaxcon Says:

    Every thing with bucs is unclear with laughable Lovie running the show. I take that back, one thing is very clear bucs will NEVER contend consistently with Lovie and his clowns running the show. Lovie has never contended consistently and never will. NEXT Coach up.

  13. Charlie V Says:

    How can anyone believe anything that Lovie the liar says?

  14. Idontwannahearitanymore Says:

    This article and the previous one show just how different Licht and Smith are – one admits his mistakes and moves on and the other won’t admit any mistakes.

  15. Another J Says:

    Who’s Cheerios did Sterling Moore piss in?
    I thought Lovie wanted to use him as our Nickel CB this year, and Now he’s no where to be seen!
    Jenkins makes me miss EJ Biggers, and Jennings is the worst Bucs CB since Corey Ivy!

  16. NoLovieLover Says:

    Lovie takes out an All Pro, Pro-Bowl Corner who he puts in bad positions (the new guys are now in the same positions) … nobody is succeeding and they blame the players???? Isn’t it clear Lovie has lost it? Seems like new schemes are needed … just watch with a defense eye. You can tell somebody is having these guys play bad football. First rule: If it isn’t working DON’T DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. The players are only doing what you tell them to do, Lovie. Stop being stubborn, play to win!

  17. Mo_Downs Says:

    Seems like most of the DB’s end up playing during a game. Lovie is looking for the right mix. As HC he knows what’s best for the TEAM.

    I set the Bucs secondary on Madden 16 using the highest rated players.
    I wonder do fans of (REAL) NFL football realize that the highest PAID or fastest players aren’t always the best “situational” players?

    Judging by stats (PFF?) alone, the Bucs have coverage problems, period. A more detailed analysis of the stats may suggest that coverage and tackling is the problem and isn’t exclusive to just one player, despite the eye test.

    Lovie seems to demand that his DB’s be in the “right place” so they’ll be there at the “right time” to make a play.

    I have no idea who is assigned to which receiver in M2M or Cover-2. It might come as a surprise to some of our “expert” commentators to learn that the “eye test” may be wrong.

    As enthusiastic fans we should realize that blown coverages are more complicated than the “eye test”. The defensive TEAM, the entire DEFENSIVE team, gets positive results on any given play based on the success of ALL the individual players doing their individual assignments correctly.

    Ergo: “The thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone, etc, etc, etc”

    Go Bucs…!!!

  18. BlogTalkFootball Says:

    Right now, Leonard Johnson would be better than Jenkins…

  19. bucsbedabest Says:

    Leonard Johnson is not better than Mike Jenkins. Now or never. Jenkins has not been that bad. He has the lowest completion percentage of any CB on this team.

    This website should be called

  20. GerbilsGoneWild Says:

    Jenkins is garbage. I still don’t get why joe is in love with banks, slow n sloppy