Third Quarter Blues

October 25th, 2015
Outscored in the third quarter by a terrible third quarter team.

Outscored in the third quarter — by a terrible third-quarter team.

Entering today’s debacle, where the defense of the Bucs shat the bed, throwing away a 24-0 lead to Kirk Freaking Cousins, it was so embarrassing on so many levels.

Yes, they made Kirk Freaking Cousins look like Johnny Unitas today. They made the rotten Redskins look like Bill Walsh’s 49ers. The Bucs’ defense was no better than a Pasco County private school’s defense in a summer 7-on-7 league.

It was so shameful it should arouse Bucs fans to demand action.

But here is icing on the cake:

Entering the game, the rotten Redskins were a horrid third quarter team. How bad? In six previous games this season, the team coached by Brother of Chucky had scored just three points. Three!

Today? Ha! The Redskins scored quicker in the third quarter than a sailor with a fistful of Benjamins in Tijuana. One of the most terrible third quarter offenses in the NFL outscored the Bucs 14-0 in the third quarter.

Lest one forget, that came against Lovie Smith’s vaunted defense.

14 Responses to “Third Quarter Blues”

  1. T in Orlando Says:

    [Sorry man, you already wrote that letter elsewhere. Joe feels your pain but no need to spam this site. — Joe]

  2. MadMax Says:


    We were up 24-0?!?!???? And I awake to this???

    What a freaking mess!!

    Welcome to my misery Ndog!

  3. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    To lose this way…to see such a weak defense…no real rush…it’s just too much.

    I turned to my wife and said..”Thank God the Lightning are good again this year because the Bucs season just ended.”

  4. Case Walk Says:

    Please Glazers fire this non coach bum. He sucks, this defense and it’s personnel also suck. Let Dirk take over for Petes sake!!!

  5. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Their on side kick is what won them this game. Great call on their part. Not much you can do about it as a buc coach. No one saw that coming. Marching down the field for 2 scores without our offense touching the ball just deflated the defense. They got wore out and it all went down hill.

  6. FortMyersDave Says:

    If the Glazers’ had a pair between them they’d strip Lovie of his play calling on the defense…. The team absolutely came apart and that is on Lovie. Its almost too bad the Bucs did not do this in the Jag game because then we might be looking at Koetter or Frazier running the team instead of Lovie and right now i believe that can only be a good thing. can the Bucs win another game this year? I seriously doubt it! They probably will since Lovie will not be allowed to tank for the #1 again but even if they win one or 2; can you bring this guy back for season 3 iif he has a record of anywhere between 4-28 to 6-26 for 2 seasons???? Its pathetic and it is embarrassing; the only reason the Glazers would keep Lovie in that case is financial (doubtful), they could eat his contract) or if they really want attendance to get so bad at RJS that they could lobby to move games to London which I can see the greedy little ****ers trying to do….. This game today was a back breaker; Lovie has to go…. If the Glazers have any respect for their fans they should start putting the process of vetting a new HC into motion…..

  7. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Inwas impressed with the bucs offense to get the ball rolling after that third quarter. With all of your wrs hurt jameis, martin and sims were able to move the ball pretty well. Obviously settling for fgs cost us dearly. But i loved the way they didnt roll over and go three and out.

  8. FortMyersDave Says:

    Lovie’s D allowed the Jags to score 31 and the Skins to score 31…… If I hear him talk about “progress” this week I think I may throw up…. This team has the worst defense in the NFL, I do not care what the numbers say; if Cousins and Bortles can light it up; what is Matty ice going to do? I just hope the Bucs don’t get another 56-0 beat down but with Lovie i am afraid I expect it…. And whomever in the thread said that the onside kick was a surprise; well when a team is down and out like the skins were you have to expect the unexpected and Coach o’dea got caught with his pants down again and as his is an L&L hire we have to simply lay that one on Lovie as well.

    Look at how the Fins are turning their season around after their owner decided that Philbin was an utter fail; why can’t the Glazers do the same??????

  9. DefenseRules Says:

    I still don’t get it. The offense has improved a LOT this year already. Special teams has improved quite a bit too (except for today’s idiotic onside kick debacle).

    Our defense though continues to get worse. We’ve got an excellent interior DLine, supposedly 3 excellent LBs, and we thought (at the start of the season) that the secondary would be a strength. Instead, it’s the biggest weakness on the team. The LBs have been terrible at pass coverage and at tackling in space. The DLine has quite a few sacks, and is doing fairly good at stopping the run, but they’re getting zero pressure on the QB for at least 75% of the plays. Cousins had all day to throw for the most part.

    It has to be more than just the quality of the players. When Cousins kept hitting the exact same pass in the middle of the field (behind Alexander) time and time again, something’s wrong. That’s been happening all season, and no adjustments are being made. Something’s wrong with what these guys are being asked to do. And that’s on the coaches.

  10. BucFan20 Says:

    What? This defense give up 31 points? Where have we seen this before?

  11. sho-nuff Says:

    gutless…being coach one seriously dumb clown….erase dungey’s overrated challenged tree…NOW!

  12. sho-nuff Says:

    Yo Calta run your billboard ad now yo…Schiano was twice the coach this dumb freaking idiot will EVER be

  13. ARGH_M8E Says:

    WE FIRED LOVIE!!!! YESSSSS!!! Finally.


    Grab ur sacks and get out the ax GLAZER boys, yes boys. Your father would have never stood for this.

  14. FortMyersDave Says:

    LHTG: Lovie Has To Go. LLL: Let Lovie Loose! Man the guy simply has to go! Serious question for Buc fans: how many more wins will this team get this season with Lovie manning the helm???? I say one or 2….. I actually started the season thinking 7-9 and back that to 6-10 or 5-11 after the titan game. now after 2 losses to bad teams that WILL lose 10 games this season Skins and Texans I think that 4-12 is about the best we can expect if Lovie coaches out the season…. Anyone care to say that they think I am wrong???