The Veteran Rookie

October 31st, 2015
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Vincent Jackson explains Jameis Winston has transitioned to veteran performance and presence

The way Vincent Jackson was talking yesterday, it seems like Jameis Winston, America’s Quarterback, already has transitioned from rookie quarterback to something more.

Jackson has a bum knee but managed to do his radio show last night on the Buccaneers Radio Network.

In addition to saying Jameis could be a Hall of Fame star in the making, Jackson said the growth of the young quarterback is astounding. Jackson painted a picture of Jameis seeing the game like a seasoned veteran.

“He’s continued to just get more and more confidence with his calls,” Jackson said. “We’re getting in rhythms where, you know, he knows his checks before we even — as soon as we leave the huddle he’s looking at the defense and he’s ready to make a check. He knows exactly what he wants. And that kind of experience and that kind of vision in a young quarterback is a great positive for us. It gives us a lot of room, flexibility to make changes and be more efficient the rest of the season.”

On Jameis’ extreme confidence, Jackson said it’s a healthy approach, focused on success within the game, and that of a veteran. “He doesn’t look at himself as a rookie,” Jackson said. “It’s the right type of confidence.”

Among other things, Jackson said Jameis’ football IQ is off the charts for a young quarterback.

19 Responses to “The Veteran Rookie”

  1. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    If Jameis growing into a franchise QB is the only positive we get from this season, it will be worth it. Can’t wait to see this kid develop and become something we’ve never had.

  2. Bucnut2 Says:

    HB- totally agree. I was one who preferred MM, but JW is proving me wrong. I have never felt better about making the wrong call

  3. Erik with Clean Athletics Says:

    Same here, BucNut2.

    I’m loving Jameis more and more as he progresses…

  4. tsbucsfan Says:

    Hawaiian Buc – Well said. I’m as angry as anyone about the defense but the development of Winston has been fun to watch. I hope this is just the beginning of something special.

  5. Defense Rules Says:

    Even though we’re 2-4, there’s a lot of good stuff coming out of this season already. Jameis for starters … hopefully the Bucs have finally found a true franchise QB. I especially like the way that Dirk Koetter is tailoring the gameplans to play to his strengths and bring him along at a good pace.

    But a lot of other things are helping too. Doug Martin is running very strong, just like in his rookie year. The running game is not only keeping the ball moving forward but also keeping opposing DLines honest so they can’t just unload on Jameis. Charles Sims is also doing great, and is complementing Martin nicely. Bucs OLine is playing much better than anyone thought they would, and that’s also a huge positive. Our WRs as a group have contributed a lot of yards, and helped keep the ball moving with a lot of critical 1st downs.

    Special teams is actually pretty solid now that Connor Barth is back. Bobby Rainey is a definite keeper, not only as a return man but also as a 3rd, change-of-pace RB.

    Then there’s the defense …

  6. JAB83 Says:

    Yeah I am sold. The guy is gonna gives it a 100% or more on and off the field… Excellent chance he can redeem himself from his past with all (most) sports fans if “stays the course mate. Arrrrrrr…… Arrrrr, caption just needs to rebuild a good crew to sail the mighty Bucanners Battle Ship to VICORY…. So far he has impacted the D ZERO PERCENT…. know why???? He plays offence who he has effect in super hero like fashion…. Now this is surprise devlope meant most people….

    THIS JUST IN….. Lovie was.not scheming Defence in the basement…. Your perception has ruined.your judgement once again folks….

    Everything Lovie has done has been to develop the offence first not the D… But I don’t want to blow the whisel on anyone but we have a lot of ignorant fans running around….

    If Lovie was toughted as an Offensive coach half of y’all would have nothing to say and the other have would be devided between Give it more time or fire him now…. The remainder would see we are on track…

    So Fan of Depression is only a qauter of all fans. While Troll guy eqyluals a quarter as do Fans of Inspiration…. The rest simplely go with the flow…. Bandwagoners….

    anyway I’m hoping this perspective helps Fan of Depression snap out his funk before the game tomorrow…. We really need you guys to be Fans of Inspiration… Even if for just a day… Make a vow… Sunday wake up and pray….

    Lord today I would like it if you let no evil little troll thoughts come into my mind…. Please heal me of my Fan of Depression mindset today…. And Lord if you would make me more like Fan of Depression… I don’t want to be a Bandwagoners but this Lovie s Dog Poo shizzzz in turning me into a Troll… Everyone has become a Fan of Depression or a troll…

    To becontinued…

  7. Buccfan37 Says:

    What you have become there are not many words to describe. The first one I can think of is annoying, but that’s just my thinking. In your mind you can rate the fans all you want, to repeat it over and over is annoying to me. Oh well, free speech is just that, so annoy on.

  8. tsbucsfan Says:

    Yikes. That’s quite a rant.

  9. BrianBucs Says:

    Hopefully Jameis will continue to progress as the Bucs get into the meat of their schedule and start playing better teams. Bucs have only played one good team so far this year and Jameis threw four picks and fumbled.
    Biggest thing that worries me about Jameis is him having Lovie for a head coach

  10. Brion Says:

    Count me in on the “I was wrong” crowd. Best crow I ever tasted. Happy to Have Jameiss As my quarterback for years to come.

  11. Couch Fan Says:

    And he’s been held back. Unleash him and lets see what he can do. We really have no other option at this point since we know the D can’t stop anybody.

  12. M It Smyth Says:

    JAB83…. English dude, English.

  13. JAB83 Says:

    If you think I am annoying repeating myself all the time you Fans of Depression should really hear yourselves… When you and the Trolls get going TALK ABOUT ANNOYING!!!!

    However I can use the same stupid immature logic you Fans of Inspiration spew to do the same to champion Inspiration… In fact I can be much more original in how I choose to support my team!!! Its fun you should try it…. More people to bash for their stupidity on this side of the fence… Kinda like zombie slaying!!!

    Anyhow, thanks for respecting my rights to free speach… At least all is not lost for Fans of Depression!!!

  14. JAB83 Says:

    Excuse me typing such amazing stuff confuses my phone even… Seeing how it is smarter then most of you i understand why y’all are so dumb…

    I meant to sày, *However I can use the same stupid immature logic you “Fans of Depression” spew….

  15. pete Says:

    I was a “trade down” guy.
    I’m looking forward to cheering for Jameis during a long successful, enjoyable career!

  16. K1ngadroc Says:

    We had to pick a qb and I figured either choice had their pros and cons. I was definitely concerned about jameis maturity but he has proved to take the job and the position seriously, be humble and a student of the game, hard working and dedicated to the coaching and has exceeding all of my expectations on and off the field. Really seems to be a nice kid who is living his dream of being a pro qb and working hard at his craft.
    Life long gator happy to be lead by a Seminole! Keep it up Jameis and thanks for puttin in work

  17. 1BucFanNsaintCountry Says:

    Being a Cane fan I was about, do anything(trade down or mm) but draft that idiot Winston but I also hate to admit this hut this kid has been slowly winning me over ever since rookie mini camp when he was the 1st there to greet them coming off the bus and also ota’s with the vets. 1st to get there last to leav . You know who else also prepared like that? Gruden that’s who. The kid makes sure he’s well prepared and his enthusiasm for the love of the game is genuine. He’s Brady like when it comes to that so I have the upmost confidence that not only will he be successful but he will also become one of the next great ones. Now as for Jab I 1/2 agree with your rant. Yes you’re right Movie did invest all or most kof or pciks to address and develop the offense an not the D but that’s what free agency was for the last 2 years. Remember our defense was suppose to be only a fee pieces away from being elite again and it has regreressed our Stars on defense under Lovie has regressed. None of the free agent acquisitions have panned out. Our defense is consistently unprepared and fail to make in game adjustments. That is all on coaching and head coaching. That’s why he needs to,at the very least hand the D back to Frazier.

  18. Evan Says:

    Quite calling him Americas quarterback please. So w the exception of entire state of Florida, most ppl I know think of him as a punk that has played a bunch of subpar teams in college and can hardly speak real English during his Interviews. . He’s played horrible teams this yr w some success and ppl act like h ll be Dan marino. I suppose ya need something to falsy look forward to but please- Americas quarterback? That’s the third time in a month or so I’ve heard you write that about him and it just rubs me the wrong way bc of what everyone thinks ofnhim.

  19. Evan Says:

    The bucs prolly pay someone lots of money just to follow him around and make sure he doesn’t do anything ignorant during the time away from team facilities.