Terrible Pass Defense Made Worse

October 12th, 2015
Jags QB Blake Bortles' former swimsuit model girlfriend Lindsey Duke has a healthier arm than he has the Jags announced today.

Jags QB Blake Bortles’ former swimsuit model girlfriend Lindsey Duke has a healthier arm than he has, the Jags announced today.

It is bad enough the Bucs’ pass defense stinks. And it infuriates Joe to no end that this same team very easily could have had Darrelle Revis in the secondary.

Well, this will get you worked up, and not in a good way.

Yes, Jags quarterback Blake Bortles looked like Tom Brady the way he was slicing up the Bucs’ secondary yesterday, throwing for 303 yards and four touchdowns. You know what makes this worse? He did it with a bum shoulder.

Per Jaguars.com writer John Oehser, by way of Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk, Bortles has a grade 1 AC joint sprain bad enough that Jags coach Gus Bradley doesn’t know if he can practice this week.

So the secondary got lit up by a guy who has such a bum shoulder he can’t practice?

Johnthan Banks can’t come back soon enough.

31 Responses to “Terrible Pass Defense Made Worse”

  1. Howard Cosell Says:

    I know a way the Glazers could make some xtra money.

    Set up an event at a fan-fest where kids and housewives
    can get a chance to torch Jennings and Jenkins.
    Simply send 10-year old Johnny on a go-route then have
    sister or mom hit him in stride while Jennings and Jenkins
    fall down.

    Can you see the smiles on the faces?
    That would be a way to turn a weakness into an asset.

  2. Buc1987 Says:

    Jenkins and Jennings …sigh.

  3. OneLove Says:

    LMAO.. Joseph, let’s not pretend like Jonathan Banks is anywhere near a lock down corner in this league. In your “OPINION” he may be better than Jenkins and Jennings, but let’s be clear about the fact that it’s just your OPINION……


    “It’s as simple as that” – Lovie Smith

  4. Charlie V Says:

    Don’t forget that Jenkins and Jennings are Lovie’s pets and that he now “owns” the defense.

  5. Patrick in VA Says:

    Last year we got beat by how many backup scrub quarterbacks? At least we’re winning these games now. Sure, we could have crushed them if the secondary was better. I’m just pumped that we’re not regularly beaten by nobodies anymore. Save for the Texans game. That just sucked

  6. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Meh his arm looked 100% in the 4th quarter. He was able to make every throw just fine.

    Secondary was bad but this doesn’t really change anything or make their performance look even worse in any way whatsoever.

    Same with performance against Brees . Dude was still launching a bomb at the end of the 4th. It probably hurt but due to adrenaline or whatever his arm actually looked fine throughout the game.

  7. Eric Says:

    Well last season we were brutalized by Flacco and Matt Ryan in first part of the season.

    Improved as season went on.

    Needs to happen again with skins in two weeks.

  8. vegabuc Says:

    Jenkins has a love affair with Mr Lova Lova. Jennings is his old dude from Chicago so I guess he is untouchable. Thank goodness for the way the defensive has been playing otherwise ouch. We need to draft a CB in the first round next year, maybe Hargreaves from the Gators would be nice. Oh Lovie Lovie Lovie.

  9. No better way to say it Says:

    Another problem with these two is not only do they allow catch after catch but they also get called for penalties when there is actually a incomplete pass their way.

    Their technique is just horrible. No different than play defense in basketball. If you have to play defense with your hands then you do not have the proper lower body technique.

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Let’s be honest….it’s not just Jenkins & Jennings……teams have been exploiting our pass defense all along…..we have a hole between the LBs & safeties over the middle.

    It seems the kiss of death is for us to stop our opponents running game…..it’s also why we get burnt on 3rd down so often…(passing down).

    Changing the players may help some….but changiing the defense would be better.

  11. This Guy Right Here Says:

    Jonathan Banks: Our New ‘Savior’

    Dudes gonna have GOD status when he gets back!

  12. Pick6 Says:

    i don’t care what his medical condition was. he was not at all limited in throwing the ball. we were pretty poor but i also think the Jaguars are going to do this to some pretty solid teams too.

    if that’s bortles with a bum arm, the jaguars have alot of competitive seasons to look forward to in the future. young “can make all the throws” QB similar to ours, and with lots of young weapons.

  13. This Guy Right Here Says:


    “LMAO.. Joseph, let’s not pretend like Jonathan Banks is anywhere near a lock down corner in this league. In your “OPINION” he may be better than Jenkins and Jennings, but let’s be clear about the fact that it’s just your OPINION……”

    We all get that you stand by your One Love. But even you cant deny that Jennings has been a liability thus far… Banks may a middle tier CB, but compared to Lovie’s dude from Chicago? Banks will be welcomed back like Jesus.

  14. Phil Says:

    Even if Lovie had Revis on the roster he wouldn’t know how to use him. That’s the kind of coach Lovie is. One of the top three defensive players in the league and Lovie couldn’t figure how to use him. That’s why at the end of this season Lovie must go. Dan Quinn in Atlanta doesn’t seem to have a problem on how to use his guys.

  15. McBuc Says:

    Breeze was fine until the bucs hurt him. Maybe Bortles was injured during one of those six sacks, that is why he is not practicing and the world is just hearing about the injury. He was not help out last week, and he was sacked in the fourth quarter .

  16. Buccfan37 Says:

    I noticed on your postgame topic yesterday “That’s Mr. Jones” in the pic that Bortles had a grimaced look on his face as he was being sacked. Ouch!

  17. Evo Says:

    Ok seriously @Howard cosell. I just spit out my wawa shake because of that comment. I can see it now. Some kid over throws his sister which Jenkins is covering and Jenkins jumps up and down to celebrate the overthrow but the sister had 2 steps on him on the slant

  18. Waterboy Says:

    Was the shoulder bad before the game or a Drew Brees type situation where all those sacks left him with a bad shoulder?

  19. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    When did he sustain the injury? I noticed him getting hit really hard on that last drive and landing right on his right shoulder. If that’s the case, at least he didn’t play the whole game on a bad shoulder. Regardless, he still torched us, but hopefully he was at least healthy most of the game. On a side note, QB’s watch your shoulders when you play against the big bad Bucs!!!

  20. JAB83 Says:

    On the flip side our D is trending in the right direction…. QB killa offspring!!! GMC

  21. Buccfan37 Says:

    I noticed no one mentioned the successful two point conversion the Bucs pulled off to move the lead to seven. I can’t remember when the Bucs last converted a similar attempt. They made it look easy.

  22. Howard Cosell Says:

    @ Evo


    “Mommy! Mommy! I want to torch Jennings too!!”
    “Be patient honey. Your brother is finishing his
    touchdown celebration.”

  23. vegabuc Says:

    Superbowl baby!

  24. Rod Says:

    I was wondering what smarmy comments Joe would have today…

  25. Capt.Tim Says:

    Probably got hurt during the Game, and adrelin kept him loose, until he cooled down after the Game.

    Banks is a good CB. Round 2 of next draft will bring us our other CB.
    And I thought a safety in the 3rd, but honestly, our safeties are playing pretty well!. Althought we had several of our Safties hurt yesterday.

    We’ll have to suffer thru bad CB play, until Banks Returns.
    Bet Verner starts next week!. The draft will cure the rest of our QB ills.

    How about the 6 sacks!! Thats unbelievably good!

    Now, Im gonna put on my Revis Jersey- on run head first into a block wall. Can you imagine our secondary- with the best CB in the league patroling the secondary!
    And he should be here!

  26. Lamarcus Says:


    How about that middle of the defense? It’s worse than our cb play right now. The int by Bortles was a bone head play by him panicking on the blitz cuz the guy in the middle was wide open. That was a missed 40 yard gain. The tds passing by him was just ridiculous cuz of the soft middle. That’s been an issue since Lovie been here and haven’t correct it yet? It’s sickening. Tampa 2 is designed to protect the middle right?

  27. Rod Says:

    I’d rather have Revis and Talib.

  28. Buc1987 Says:

    vegabuc Says:

    “We need to draft a CB in the first round next year, maybe Hargreaves from the Gators would be nice.”

    Oh no, they go Nole. Jalen Ramsey!

  29. BuccDeezNutts! Says:

    Revis & talib would cost us the franchise. Jenkins maybe if we’re n cover 3 or 5 wide empty backfield. Not a starter . Banks is better. But Verner is no better. He gets blazed at least twice a game& that’s being generous. I like wright at saftey & conte. But after that our 2nddary is trash. Cancel that B!C+# & buy another 1.(Neno Brown)

  30. BucFan20 Says:

    2012 anyone?

  31. vegabuc Says:

    Buc1987, you sure are a Nole Homer are you lol. I’m also a Nole fan as well, screw the Gators, but Hargreaves is a true shut down corner and playmaker, and we sure could use one of those. I wouldn’t mind having Ramsey either though.