Open Thread For Michael Bennett Healing

October 23rd, 2015

Michael Bennett

Joe saw it. You saw it. The whole damn country saw it last night

And you thought Michael Johnson was the top ghost haunting the Bucs.

Seattle defensive end Michael Bennett, who sadly tip-toed away from Tampa Bay in free agency after his nearly superstar 2012 season here, racked up 3 1/2 sacks against the 49ers on Thursday Night Football to siege the NFL lead in sacks. And Bennett is well on his way to leading the Seahawks in sacks for the third consecutive season.

On Twitter last night, Bucs fans renewed their outrage for one of the worst personnel moves in team history. The Bucs didn’t even offer Bennett a contract.

Just the other night on the Buccaneers Radio Network, Gerald McCoy spoke about how Bennett is one of his closest friends and one of McCoy’s bye-week goals was to watch Bennett play. Joe wonders what McCoy is thinking today.

If Bennett has a monster season and somehow Seattle wins the Super Bowl again, folks will start talking about Bennett being on track for the Hall of Fame, as the standout cog in a dominant, historic defense.

But don’t worry, Bucs fans can weather that, too. They’re used to that after Tampa Bay cut Darrelle Revis.

30 Responses to “Open Thread For Michael Bennett Healing”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    How long must this go on?………Someone who laments over another for this period of time needs some serious counseling….perhaps some medication or simply be put down. Where is Dr. Kevorkian when you need him?

  2. RustyRhinos Says:

    When his last game was over for us didn’t Mr.Bennett have some type of shoulder injury? One that was severe, or am I mistaken. It sucks that we let him walk for sure. But it is water under the bridge now. He is no longer a buccanner so for me congratulations on your super bowl and all the sacks and tackles you have gotten as a Seattle Seahawk. Time to move on….

  3. Espo Says:

    He’s like a 95 in Madden. I’d be far better online if he were still on the team. As for real life, we keep those with eroding knee injuries but don’t gamble with shoulder injuries. Such is life…

  4. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I could care less. Bennett is gone, end of story. What? Are we supposed to hope players careers take dumps after they leave Tampa?

    What kind of human beings would that make us?

    And I could care even less for the most overpaid, overhyped player in the league Revis…who is already gearing up for another contract battle to get $20+ million per year..

    I’m happy for Bennett. Our time will come.

  5. DooshLaRue Says:

    Talent aside, Bennett is a crybaby bitch and Revis was only here for the money.
    There is a lot to be said for team chemistry and prima donnas don’t always fit in.
    Joe needs to get over this sh!t and focus on over-hyping our rookie QB and our great chances to beat a “terrible” Redskins team on Sunday.
    Go Bucs!

  6. D-Rome Says:

    Colin Kaepernick is a terrible QB. That entire team is terrible. I don’t want to hear about his bad O-Line play either. It’s him. He never developed and he was missing open receivers all night because he was too busy running. For as bad as things may seem in Buccaneers land I’d say the organization is in much better shape than nearly half the teams in the NFL right now.

  7. JMN Says:

    One of the main reasons the pop star Dominick lost his job, among many other atrocious personnel moves that destroyed the franchise. I guess ESPN will hire anybody.

  8. Tom Edrington Says:

    Joe(s): You gotta quit living in the past and just let this Michael Bennett stuff go….might have to check you into “Michael Bennett Mistake Rehab”

  9. chris Says:

    Typical B.S on here.

  10. Tampa Tony Says:

    Who was the GM that let him go? Oh that’s right the GM who neglected drafting offensive linemen and is protected by the local media cus he’s a nice guy.

    When so many former players are good for their new teams it just shows how bad this organization has been run

  11. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    @Tom Edrington

    I got the impression that Joe was posting this article for the people that have not moved past it on twitter…not for himself.

  12. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Tampa Tony Says:
    “When so many former players are good for their new teams it just shows how bad this organization has been run.”

    “Had” been run. The book is still out on the Lovie Smith regime.

  13. Tom Edrington Says:


    The “get past Michael Bennett” rehab center called and they have two slots reserved for the Joe(s) because, after all, they are the original fanners of this Michael Bennett remorse flame.

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    As a Buc fan from the beginning, the only loss that hurt me for any period of time was the Bo Jackson draft pick… that was some real pain.

  15. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Isn’t that what the Bucs do? Let good players leave and become real football players elsewhere? People should be used to this by now. Its like a “starter” team for good players. Then when guys are past their prime and ready to coast into retirement, they head down to Tampa.

  16. rhenry Says:


    How about trading our #1 draft pick for Jack “the throwing” Samoan or Chris Chandler. I would throw in the pick for Wally Chambers but believe he was instrumental in our success in 1979.

  17. Buccfan37 Says:

    I’m sick of Seattle, no more Super Bowl’s for them. They’ve had their run at or near the top. Then I look at the rest of the NFC and think who is going to beat them in the end. Green Bay looks like the only one with what it will take.

  18. @Hands2theFace Says:

    One of those was a half sack…he came it after A. Lynch already had him (Kap) locked up. I would be willing to play money that someone (GMC, JAC Smith) would be able to achieve the same amount of sacks against the 9ers.

    That being said, I’d still like to have Bennett here instead of with the Seagulls…oh well, spilt milk.

  19. Simpleasthat Says:

    I can’t remember who the jackass who let him go was it Shiano or Lovie?

  20. OAR Says:

    Better call the WAH-balance……somebody’s hurting!

  21. Tampa Tony Says:

    @simpleasthat- Schiano didn’t have full roster control like Loser Lovie does. Bennett leaving falls on the GM to me

  22. Yungry Says:

    With Talib and Revis as lockdown corners and Benett rushing with McCoy, #1 defense. Already top 5 without.

  23. WyldKat Says:

    It’s just another name on the list of folks who leave the Bucs and are successful contributors elsewhere. Yay.

  24. Tom Edrington Says:


    Almost fell out of my chair when I read your post……the “throw-up” Samoan was the successor to Doug Williams……was in the stands for some of his games and he would have had to be better just to make it to “horrible”

    Wally Chambers was a big help on that team, he had one good year in him and we got it from him….

  25. godzilla13 Says:

    Can anyone say Ryan Delaire.

  26. Buc1987 Says:

    People act like this stuff ONLY happens to the Bucs. I’m sure it happens to other teams as well. Let’s talk coaches for just a second. Cleveland let Bill Bilichick go. Shyte happens, move on.

  27. PRBucFan Says:

    No it happens elsewhere BUT

    No one has shuffled through the position quite like us needing it so badly in this defense since Rice…

    Ironically only to find the answer under our very noses and then allow him to walk for peanuts.

  28. BuccoDav Says:

    Get over it. Let the dream go… every team eventually loses players that they regret.
    Stop living in the past, Joe. It’s rather pathetic.

  29. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Any accolades achieved by playing against the 49ers are null and void. They are possibly the worst team in the league. Not to say Bennett isn’t a good player, he obviously is. But 3 years is a long time. It’s time to get over this. He is good. But he is not a superstar. Has he had 10 sacks in a season yet?

  30. Capt. Tim Says:

    Just more evidence of Mark Donimicks incompetence
    How do you let your sack leader walk away- only to give his job to yet another one of your horibly failed draft picks!!!!

    How do sign the greatest CB of our generation, for only one season??
    One year at $20 million? You could have had him for 5 years @ 15 million!
    And hes worth it!! And the Pats have one less super bowl ring!!!

    Get over it??
    Never!! Furious that someone as Clueless and talentless as Dominick was allowed to rape the team for 6 years.
    He may have been a nice guy- but that wasnt what he was hired to be.
    He was hired to be a GM- and he was the worst in NFL history