Lovie Is Not Father Dungy

October 4th, 2015
Much better start than Lovie.

Much better start than Lovie.

Yesterday, Joe brought word that yet another former Bucs great is preaching patience with the continued losing of the Bucs under coach Lovie Smith.

That would be 3-16 Lovie (and counting).

On Twitter yesterday, Joe took a pounding for wondering why other first-year coaches without the luxury of picking their own players, like Todd Bowles of the Jets and Dan Quinn of the Dixie Chicks, are able to turn their teams around right away.

Lovie, with years of experience and in his second year with the Bucs, has had a say in player personnel moves since the day he was hired in January 2014. Yet unlike the aforementioned rookie head coaches, Lovie is struggling and folks beg for patience.

The same folks who went after Joe on Twitter claimed Father Dungy needed time, too, when he first came to Tampa Bay. So Joe did a wee bit of research. Let’s just say, Lovie is no Father Dungy (yet).

Through his first 19 games as Bucs coach, Father Dungy was 9-10 (and this was with Trent Dilfer at quarterback). Lovie, of course, is 3-16. And remember, Father Dungy largely used guys selected by Rich McKay and Sam Wyche.

And Father Dungy still didn’t have the services of Ronde Barber or Simeon Rice.

27 Responses to “Lovie Is Not Father Dungy”

  1. Jim Palm Harbor Says:

    Totally agree. Very few teams have success with the head coach ‘shopping for the groceries’. Strong GM’s build teams – not head coaches. If Gruden had a real GM he would mostly would still be the coach and the Bucs would still be winners.

  2. Bucnjim Says:

    I hope Dungy thanked Wyche for the talent he brought in as well as drafted!

  3. The Buc Realist Says:

    The only ones that are screaming for patients are the ones that have worked with or played with Lovie, or have a strong connection with the Tampa2!!! But they were the same ones that told us during Coach Schiano of how quickly things will be better with Lovie “Once he turns this roster loose” ! and How a “real nfl head coach” could have this roster competitive!!

    But its have to have “patients” for this coach when the whole defense runs on pressure from the front 4. and for 18 out of 19 games they get no pressure and the head coach stands on the sidelines like nothing can be done about it. Then after each loss ( and there are many) He tells us that the D-line has to win their 1 on 1’s. Like there is no other way to pressure the QB!!!!

  4. Warrenfb12 Says:

    Foolish. People need to let go of the past. Put up or get out. Lovie’s record thus far is unacceptable. Plenty of 1st or 2nd year coaches have success.

  5. Clodhopper Says:

    Lovie is a boob. Not even a young perky one either. He’s an old saggy one that drags on the floor when not holstered!!

    He hasn’t coached against Cam yet. That most likely means he will be surprised by every move Cam makes today and starts adjusting for them sometime tomorrow morning!

  6. Bucco brice Says:

    Yeah, lovie ain’t dungy…as much as the glazers dreamed so…”simple as that”….

  7. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    He’s not Dungy. The biggest difference?

    Dungy had the key elements in place when he came to the team.

    Lovie had very little. He was preceded by horrible drafts and horrible free agencies.

    He has had to rebuild practically from scratch.

    So far as him having a say in personnel, of course Licht would not sign anyone Lovie is against, but Lovie tells Licht the positions of need and Licht fills them in free agency. Lovie focuses on the draft and the team development.

    And his drafts have been pretty darn good.

    Lovie has had to deal with worse. A lot worse.

  8. The Buc Realist Says:


    And let me stand up and applaud you sir!!! One for asking the questions, and for great journalism!!!! I too have seen the venom for asking questioning about the current head coach. Calling people racists, questioning if they are true fans, and name calling!! These same defenders of Lovie are living in the past!! they still are wearing 40, 55, 99 and the other jerseys, Same haircut from 1997 and listening to the Hit songs of the late 90’s!!!!

    So kudos to you Joe, Stand proud today!! And thank you for asking that radio host to actually commit to an expiration date of this team getting better!! Learn this system and “Gelling” are problems other teams figure out in training camp! there are always new players to rosters every year!!!

  9. BucYeah Says:

    I think we need to give Lovie more time, no I don’t think he will ever get us to a super bowl, but he will get the ship pointed in the right direction. Quinn and Bowles inherited teams run by high quality head coaches for several years, and we know what Lovie got! For those who follow the NBA, you should be familiar with the concept of a “bridge coach”, and I think Lovie is perfect for that. I’m confident he can turn this team into a playoff contender, and then the reigns will be turned over.

  10. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Here’s the big difference: Dungy started 1-8, meaning, he went 8-2 over his next 10 games, i.e. The team showed massive improvement. In fact, the team started 5-0 in his second year, made the playoffs and beat the Lions in the first round -epic game too btw with Lynch flattening Sanders in the open field and Alstott smashing the Lions D into the turf.

  11. NewTampaChris Says:

    Every time we press the reset button on a head coach, we go back to square one. We all have our opinions of Lovie but it’s hard to argue that he’s not at least an “average” head coach. Koetter is widely regarded as a good to very good OC. I’m as impatient as the next fan but continually sweeping out the coaching staff is not the answer.

  12. Stevek Says:

    When is the expiration date for this team to be showing improvement? Great question Realist and Joe?

    Schiano had to deal with many more devastating blows and he still kept it together better than this.

    If we lose the next two home games, will the billboards come out?

    Mike Jenkins over Verner reminds me an awful lot of McCown over Glennon last year. Two “what the eff” moves, moves that should ultimately get you fired if you finish out the year 2-14 again. Incompetence is not an excuse today. We should win this game. We may not because of our passive/no adjustment brand of football.

  13. tickrdr Says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that Schiano with Glennon would have a better record than 3-16 over the last 19 games. They probably would have at least one win at RJS too.


  14. LargoBuc Says:

    We got to stop comparing the Bucs to the Jets and especially the Falcons. Very few head coaches would struggle when they inherit Matt Ryan. And its not like their defense is that good either. For all of their blitzes, they still have three less sacks than us and more passing yards allowed. And this is not some excuse, as those with a differing opinion may call it. These are facts. Now if we get blown out today, yeah there will be some questions but sadly, other than Banks, this secondary is trash. They can tackle. Cant cover. But lets see how the season plays out with our rookie qb first. If we go like 4-12, then yeah Lovie will have to go regardless. But lets let it play out a little.

  15. (Formerly Jolly) Bucs Fan Says:

    I like licht. But fire lovie

  16. jvato24 Says:

    For those saying Lovie inherited a bad team and Dungy had a great team, WTF are you smoking and pass it this way, Lovie only inherited Revis, Mccoy and Lavonte, a HOF player and 2 all pros for his defense and how good has the defensive guru`s defense been??

    How much fire have you seen at any point??!

  17. Buccfan37 Says:

    Lover is the doctor and the players are his patients, it’s the fans that are losing patience.

  18. Buccfan37 Says:

    Make that Lovie is the doctor. If the Bucs win everyone will be happy. If they lose, the Jags could very well be just what the doctor ordered.

  19. Tampa Tony Says:

    Loser Lovie is def not Dungy and the laughable attempt to re create the Dungy era show how bad the glazers are at picking coaches

  20. Joseph Mamma Says:

    If Lovie keeps up with kind of record, they’ll end up putting Schiano in the Buccaneer’s ring of honor. Raheem too.

  21. J Says:

    Lovieboob drafted J-Boob

  22. DefenseRules Says:

    Today’s the Day!

    We’ve lost enough games at home. Bucs need to kick some butt today.

    Defense will rule the day. No more excuses.

  23. DoNUTS Says:

    Next coach up……

    Excuses dont last long in the NFL…not for long league….

    Let me know when GMC puts QBKilla on his license plate…so I can be intrigued again….nice guys finish last in NFL…soft like charmin.

    Panther 28 Bucs 20 <<and it wont be close…bucs get TD late in 4th

  24. Buccfan37 Says:

    Dungy’s coaching tree has about run its course. It’s like hiring the friend of a friend’s friend.

  25. Warren Says:

    First year with no OC doesn’t count for much. New OC, new QB and a year removed from some crappy personnel moves. I would agree that now is where the progress much start which is why the first game was crushing for morale. Lovie’s not going anywhere…unless they completely tank the rest of this season.

  26. Mo_Downs Says:

    Why can’t we win in Tampa Bay?

    Every losing team in the NFL deals with the same “unreality” of fan expectations. That’s because, for the most part, every team charges the same amount for tickets and are working with the same amount of revenue to attract players and coaches. Fans want their share of excitement and home team pride.

    The Bucs have been losing for so long that even though they have the same, if not more revenue to work with, they can’t attract top tier FA talent. This has resulted in trying to build through the draft, and signing lower tier (old, worn out former marquee FA’s) overachieving camp bodies or hoping for a diamond in the rough.

    Hope springs eternal but reality bites.

    This team as had “moments” in the past when they were lucky enough to be so bad for so long that they were able to draft multiple great college players from the same draft class over the course of several years.

    I am reminded of the Bears draft class that included both Gale Sayers and Dick Butkus. The Bears were still a lousy team, even with Sayers and Butkus, because they didn’t have any other outstanding players, including even a mediocre QB. It wasn’t until they were able to get several successful drafts and quality FA signings, for several years in a row, that began to win.

    And, boy did the 84-85 Bears win. They went on to win the 1985 Super Bowl, not unlike the Bucs under Gruden, in dramatic fashion. But, even with all their talent and coaching they couldn’t win the 1986 SB because key talent (coaches and players) were signed by other teams.

    This is the reality of building and sustaining a winning team. A lot of things have to go right and a lot of luck is involved when it comes to injuries and specific positional players you NEED being available in the draft and FA.

    The L&L Bucs are at the very beginning of rebuilding their team to fit the talent to the coaches offensive and defensive scheme. Sadly, we’ve had key players hurt and really don’t have the depth to make a seamless transition. But, we are building a good nucleus of talent and sticking to the plan MAY yield good results, with a lot of luck to go along with reasonable planning.

    The Jets are a VERY poor example of a rookie coach making a successful start. They have a hell of a lot of talent (minus the QB) and their defensive
    scheme (3/4) from the previous HC/GM has be turbo charged by the additions of Revis, Cromarte, Marshall, Decker and Fitzpatrick. And, they drafted a great defensive end to fortify an already talented front 7.

    Let’s be clear, the Bucs are not going to beat any MOR or better teams this year. But, with a little luck they may be more and more competitive if they stick with the current plan.

  27. Rrsrq Says:

    As much as I hate being inconsistency in coaching, you would like to see some improvement and I do believe the team is improving, but I don’t think Lovie is the guy. I would like to see a second chance for the Pats OC, probably would work well with Licht and Jameis, sometimes teams are talented, but the coach can’t get the most out of their players