Greatness Seen In Ali Marpet

October 13th, 2015
Ali Marpet has an ex-Buccaneer fan with a big microphone

Ali Marpet has an ex-Buccaneer fan with a big microphone

Former Bucs guard Ian Beckles is no fan of Gerald McCoy. And he believes Joe Hawley and Evan Smith are backup quality centers, as Beckles said today.

But damn, Beckles loves him some Ali Marpet, the standout rookie right guard and the pride of Division-III Hobart College.

Beckles was trumpeting Marpet on the radio airwaves of WDAE-AM 620 this afternoon. Those who listen to Beckles regularly know he scrutinizes offensive lineman and holds them to a high standard. He also thinks rookies are garbage except for rare exceptions.

Marpet is one of those.

“Strong. He’s a great anchor,” Beckles said of Marpet. “Holds the point of attack real well. So down the way, I think Ali Marpet has the potential to be a great player. Not even a good player, a great player. He’s ahead of the curve right now.”

Beckles is even calling for Logan Mankins to sit down and clear the way for Kevin Pamphile, the rapidly emerging fifth-round score of Bucs general manager Jason Licht in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Mankins wasn’t being hammered by Beckles. He simply was calling for developing a young player who better fits the current system.

“The way we’re running our offense right now. It’s really athletic. We’re running the ball. We’re getting the ball outside. The guards are pulling a lot,” Beckles said. “Pamphile being a younger more athletic guy, I think really fits in better than Logan Mankins does at this moment. And I think we actually play better without Austin Seferian-Jenkins. I really do. When you put Austin Seferian-Jenkins in there, ok, you’re going to have a little bit more speed to stretch the defense, which he doesn’t do a whole lot. But as a blocker, he’s a liability. We won the game on Sunday because we had the ability to run the football. And Doug Martin’s the best player out there. And [Charles] Sims might have been the second best player out there. We have to find a way to build on how the offensive line’s been playing.”

If the gelling and massive overhaul of the Bucs’ underdog offensive line holds, and Jameis Winston, America’s Quarterback, continues to blossom, then Licht really needs to be in the discussion for general manager of the year. Or someone needs to make sure he’s not a warlock.

38 Responses to “Greatness Seen In Ali Marpet”

  1. Buc Neckid Says:

    Who spiked his punch?

  2. Buc1987 Says:

    I’m getting a Marpet jersey for Christmas….that’s all there is to it!

  3. Idontwannahearitanymore Says:

    Ali Marpet: America’s Rookie! Wait. Let’s put him up for Rookie of the Year. Next year, Pro Bowl. After that, Hall of Fame.

    Seriously, we might be better served keeping this our little secret so that teams don’t game plan specifically for him. Let’s be happy for his success and hope he continues to progress throughout the season. It would be great to actually have a “star” on the offensive line.

  4. John McKillop Says:

    I think it’s quite obvious that Jason Licht was hired by lovie to run the draft, while he controls free agency. Licht and his staff headed by Jon Robinson seem to have a good handle on the draft. And for those saying Charles Sims was a bust after 5 games played last year, ridiculous, can’t judge a draft pick after one year. I agree with Ian Beckles on this one, which isn’t always the case. Go Bucs!

  5. louis Says:

    I was thinking that next year when we get our IR roster back we will have speed of Bell back, Gilkey who is an effective guard (but he does suck as a center), eventually healthy returnees in Dotson and Spence. Just like it took time to heal for Simms, and also Martin, our healthy young players can be special! Its gonna be fun to be a BUCS fan again!

  6. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    High praise. Very cool.

  7. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    Way early, but, it’s exciting to consider the possibility that a large number of Licht draft picks might stick around and start/contribute.

  8. bucsbedabest Says:

    That is interesting he feels that Kevin Pamphile should replace Logan Mankins? I still believe Marpet would be best at Center? Then we could release Evan Smith. Then pick up a mauler Guard either in the draft or FA? That would free up 12.5M from Mankins and Evans next year? How about a shut down CB or a speedy WR?

  9. DB55 Says:

    Other than sims I completely agree. D smith playing great too!

  10. Buccfan37 Says:

    Marpet brings out the smiles all around. What a unique first name! Ali, never heard of a guy with that first name, except maybe Ali Baba and the forty thieves. All indications suggest the Bucs made quite a steal drafting Ali.

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I totally disagree about us being better without ASJ…..I think it depends on the game situation…..if we are able to continue to run the ball with an extra lineman & no tight end…..sure….but teams will figure that out.

    Having ASJ in the game frees up Vjax & ME13… Jameis options in the passing game….

    I guess the debate should put an end to all those whining about Tim Wright….

    If ASJ doesn’t make us better….how would Wright?

    The proof will be in the pudding…..

  12. OneLove Says:

    What a GREAT pick by LOVIE SMITH and JASON LICHT!

    L&L for life baby!!

    “It’s as simple as that” – Lovie Smith aka “building through the draft baby”

    “Lovie is a GREAT Coach!” – Kwon Alexander

  13. Capt.Tim Says:

    Think we have to plan of moving on with Sefarian Jenkins
    He is ” injured Waaaay to much, to be an NFL player
    We , unforunately, are still in the market for a good TE

  14. MadMax Says:

    I know talent too.

    Well, if we’re not going to be in the running for Bosa (probably going 1st or 2nd overall, then we might still be able to grab Taylor Decker for LT and move Smith to RT or RG, and eventually Marpet will be our star LG. Imagine that O line and depth! Get the trenches in place now for our rookie QB and our running game. Then DB/DE afterwards.

  15. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Capt Tim

    Wow….not even a year & a half and we’re moving on from ASJ?……..hardly think so…..many felt that about GMC….

    Stocker was injured constantly and still is but is still a productive Buc…..ASJ will be just fine….starting in about 2 weeks….

  16. Tiny Tim Says:

    Listen for those who still think Marpet was a steal for the bucs, please get that out of your head. He was not a steal. He had a 2nd round draft grade on him coming into the draft. Well what do you know? He was drafted in the second round which means he went as expected. The bucs are fortunate that he was still around and we are fortunate that he actually is living up to his draft status because the draft is a crap shoot. Give the bucs credit for evaluating a player properly for a change and making the necessary trade in order to move back into the second round to draft him. Calling him a steal is suggesting that he was some type of unknown or someone we drafted in the sixth or seventh round that turned out to be a day one starter which led to pro bowls etc. He is who the bucs and the rest of the league thought he was. Its a shame many on this board dogged the bucs for drafting this kid because you thought you could have drafted him later or there were better options. The bucs picked their guy in the expected round. Its as simple as that!!!

  17. BuccsFanatical Says:

    Anyone who thinks this Team is Better off w/o ASJ is Both Blind and Retarded, the kid is a Huge playmaker and a Huge Target over the Middle for Jameis. and will become Gronk like, Maybe not as Dangerous but Damn close. Remember 1st cpl yeaRs for Gronk was Marred by injury but once He Started getting Healthy He Became unstoppable . ASJ in many ways will be a lot like Him nd with Jameis as QB will be a Deadly Combo with our outside Receivers and our Running Backs mixing it up and confusing Defenses they way they did this week. All I have to say is Look forward to us Having a Team that Regularly puts up points…

  18. Dreambig Says:

    Wow, what a difference one week makes. Last week we were firing both Lovie and Licht. Now were talking GM of the year? Thats way too early. This is still the same team that sucked so bad aginst the pathers last week.

  19. lion Says:

    He’s crazy if he thinks we are worse off with ASJ in the line up. Even crazier that he thinks McCoy is no good. How is this guy still on the radio?

  20. The Rockstar Says:

    The Todd traded for Kyle Brindza, sorry GM of next month maybe, but not last month. We’ll see about GM of the year come playoff time.

  21. OneLove Says:


    It’s the Ups and Downs of an NFL Season son…. The only difference is that after a loss, this site has about 70+ comments for each article on this site. After a win??? Stuck in the teens…

    Joseph is probably praying that the Bucs get blown out every week to get some TRAFFIC on this site!!

    “It’s as simple as that” – Lovie Smith aka “Texas born and bred”
    “Lovie is a Great Coach!” – Kwon Alexander aka “Avengers: The Wrath of Kwon!”

  22. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    This is NOTHING like what Beckles said when Ali was drafted…or during training camp…of through game one.

    He’s such a hypocrite.

  23. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Licht deserves no credit on the Ali Marpet pick…or any of the picks. I heard him state during a radio interview in the off season, that although he and Lovie discus things, the head coach gets his way in all drafts. The GM is responsible for using free agency and trades to fill roles they are not able to address in drafts.

    So, it might not suit the hate agenda, but LOVIE gets the credit for the draft picks.

  24. Jason McLaurin Says:

    This is some interesting opinion all of a sudden by the Mic and pen club in Tampa. I’ve said all along that Pamphile should be starting over D. Smith at Left tackle but they moved Pamphile instead. I still feel that D. Smith should be moved to guard as well but to right guard when Dotson becomes ends healthy so Dotson can be moved to left tackle and Cherilus can continue to play right tackle. Marpet can be the center piece of the offensive line at center. Mankins and Evan Smith should be done and I dont know what Licht is waiting on either its so apparent the football nation sees it. Trade em or make them inactive the rest of the season and let em coach aka bully somewhere else.
    Also ASJ isn’t a liability hes just not physical and shouldn’t be put into them situation either. I like what they did against the Jags using Reid Fragel as a swing tackle from the tight end position to run the ball. They also can use ASJ and Evans speed in those physical formations like 3 tight ends and double tight I formation sets to have big plays in the passing game for big plays as well as Sims ouut the backfield. Martin and Vjax will always be able to keep things steady but we need to stay thinking physical and innovative out the basic formations with our rookie qb to succeed and also make a serious run this season. Sims, ASJ, and Evans have to be used in go to situations and we need the correct personnel on the field to create those big plays like using Fragel as a third tight end just to maximize blocking for the big play success on the run and pass plays as well.###play4WINStonfight4LOViE

  25. JAB83 Says:

    Wow being better without ASJ is true only if the person making the comment admits his opinion is worthless other than to stir up crap for a crap radio program that I was so thank full to not be forced to listen to in the mornings anymore… Perfect time slot for those guys right in the middle of the day when real working class people are busy and don’t give two spits about some we taught it radio flops opinion!!! If not for Joe none of would know about nor care about such a worthless opinion…. Just saying…

  26. BucscsQcCity Says:

    I agree about benching Mankins. Timew to see if Pamphile can fill in for good. It’s not like Mankins dominates anymore.

  27. James Walker Says:

    Watching the tape it is hard to disagree with Beckles who is usually a Debbie-Downer, even though he is just calling it as he sees it and not pulling punches.

  28. Tom Says:

    Trade for Graham from Seahawks….

  29. Buc1987 Says:

    TE’s always get hurt quite a bit in the NFL if you haven’t noticed. Gronk, Graham and even Tony Gonzalez.

  30. Buc1987 Says:

    I laugh at any poster that talks about shifting and moving playesr around the O-line. This guy moves to LT and then that guy will move to center etc etc.

    This isn’t a video game where you can just shift guys up and done the o-line. It’s just not that simple as you guys make it sound.

    Damn I never even payed any high school ball and I know that…

  31. Tom Says:

    At least he can catch the ball.

  32. Buc1987 Says:

    Okay…sommmeday I will get my eyes examined.

  33. cmurda Says:

    Marpet is a beast. I felt good about this pick from Day 1. Licht gets some solid kudos and honestly, Licht seems to have done a pretty good job in all with the draft. I’m with 87. I’m all in on a Marpet jersey also.

  34. Ed Says:

    “This isn’t a video game where you can just shift guys up and done the o-line. It’s just not that simple as you guys make it sound.”

    Of course unless you are the best team in the league.

  35. MadMax Says:

    ^ This.

    And yes 87, I like imagining replacing Mankins and our Center Evans, both positions I think Marpet would be great at, especially LG since he was a LT in college. Eventually they will be replaced, probably within the next few years, And if Smith ends up not hacking it as our LT and we draft someone else like Taylor Decker, then I think he would be great as a RG….maybe even at RT.

    Btw, the Ravens made an adjustment to their O line and made their Superbowl run. But for us, Im referring to the next few years when we’re replacing the aged players on our O line.

  36. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    Pamphile should be rotated in a little more to give him more ingame experience. You bench Mankins and it turns out Pamphile just had a good game but still needs time, you run the risk of ticking off one of your main leaders and chasing him off.

    Just get Pamphile more experience in games and increase his rotation a little more each week. By the end of the season, if he continues doing well, we can get rid of Mankins.

    As of now, Pamphile hasn’t earned a starting role on a regular basis. You people always do this…a player has one great game and you assume he’s a great player. A player has one bad game, and you assume he should be benched or cut.

    Have some freaking patience, people.

  37. Tiny Tim Says:


    Teams do not rotate offensive linemen unless there is an injury. You want your offensive line to form a cohesion and you can not do that by rotating. If you think it is best to keep Mankins in due to his experience then do so but if Mankins is still having trouble with the groin and Pamphile proves himself over the next two to three games, then you may have to stay with Pamphile. That means you may have found your starting left guard for the next 7 years or so. That’s why most players hate missing games because someone may take your job. The ball is in Pamphile’s court now.

  38. ShameisTheFarmer Says:

    @ Tiny Tim – believe the phrase “a steal” insinuates that a player is playing at a higher level then where they were drafted. When its all said and done, some people might believe that Marpet should’ve been drafted late 1st or early 2nd. I think then we would consider him a true “steal”!?!