Cherilus Has Been Generous

October 7th, 2015
Bucs right tackle Gosder Cherilus

Bucs right tackle Gosder Cherilus

The Bucs’ offensive line has been a bright spot. That’s for damn sure.

But there is mystery surrounding two positions on that line.

The first is at center, where disappointing starter Evan (Dietrich) Smith has missed most of the season with a bad ankle. Newcomer Joe Hawley has been solid, and he’s experienced. Will Smith get his job back when healthy?

Next is at right tackle. Demar Dotson wrenched his knee in the preseason opener and is eligible to return in five weeks. Gosder Cherilus, a veteran of 104 starts, was acquired to hold down right tackle and isn’t playing his A-game.

The godfather of NFL personnel, Gil Brandt, noted on Twitter yesterday that Cherilus has allowed the fourth-most quarterback pressures in the league among all offensive linemen.

That bears watching.

Joe hopes the Bucs don’t make changes on the offensive line, assuming everyone is healthy and the unit is playing well. Smith certainly isn’t better than Hawley, and Joe has been skeptical of Dotson’s play for years. And Dotson likely will have an adjustment period after about three months off.

9 Responses to “Cherilus Has Been Generous”

  1. CC Says:

    Joe Hawley is Lovies best free agent pick up this year.

  2. Waterboy Says:

    I was skeptical at first but Conte looks pretty decent also and Melton has shown a few flashes at times.

  3. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Gotta give credit to the FO this year. They are hitting hone runs left and right. It’s amazing this FO was the same as last years. Night and day difference. You got to wonder if the decision making changed to some degree… It seems like we went after more of Lovie’s guys this year. Maybe Lovie isnt so bad…

  4. The Rockstar Says:

    The OL has been better in pass protection because Winston has been “getting the ball out” quicker.
    The result has been fewer third down conversions and interceptions.

    In the run game, yes there has been moderate growth success and reason for optimism. But there isn’t too much to get excited about on the offensive line.

    Until this unit contributes in the win column they remain as offensive as the rest of the team

  5. Jason McLaurin Says:

    I feel that Dotson should start at left tackle once he is healthy and going but in the meantime see what Pamphile can do because I think that D. Smith is better suited for right guard. If Pamphile fails then there will be a fully healthy Dotson waiting to come back but I think Pamphile is decent and has played better than D.Smith so far and is better suited for the position. I can tell D. Smith is outta place out there due to his technique struggles but he has the raw power and strength to play guard but he doesn’t have the feet or the speed for tackle. He is meant to take on interior players like defensive lineman. I dont know why Mankins is still on this team either his heart is clearly not into Tampa football. Marpet has not only become the leader of the offensive line but now he speaks for Tampa football over Winston as well. Trade Mankins now and get something in return now because we aint growing with him and hes becoming as isolated as E. Smith these days.###play4WINStonfight4LOViE

  6. Mo_Downs Says:

    The best players should start, period.

    I agree that Jameis is getting the ball out quicker. But, that also means that he doesn’t have time look past his primary target.

    That may also explain some of the picks as well as the “perceived” improvement of the pass protection ability of our OL.

    I’m more inclined to judge the OL by 3rd and med-long pass pro success. Blocking well on a 5yd slant is just statistical clutter.

    Jus Sayin’

  7. Andy Norton Says:

    I believe Jennings, conte, Joe hawley. I believe Kwon Alexander could get Defensive Rook of the year. Being optimistic, I hope we gel as a defense quick as well as on offense

  8. bucsbedabest Says:

    I like Joe Hawkey and his passion for the game but Evan Smith is a way better run blocker than Hawley and it has shown in his absence. Demar Dotson has been a top 5 RT for the past two years. His skills are missed and he is an excellent pass blocker. I do not understand the lack of respect Dotson always gets? Kevin Pamphile needs to get some snaps to see if he can replace either D Smith or Cherilus. Logan Mankins is going to make 8.25M next year so the sooner we trade him, the better. Gosder Cherilus and Donovan Smith are the problems with the OL. LT Kevin Pamphile, LG Donovan Smith C Joe Hawley (Evan Smith when returns IR) RG Ali Marpet RT Gosder Cherilus (Demar Dotson, when returns IR)

  9. Trubucfan22 Says:

    This jason guy doesnt seem to follow the bucs… Logan mankins has been the leader of that o line. He is all in for the bucs. Not sure where you have been all off season, but dude is a changed man. He’s old and not as good as once was, but he is still a valuable leader on the team. And does a good enough job to keep his position on this team. These are probably the same idiots that wanted to get rid of brooks when he started getting old. You cant put a price tag on valuable leadership. I have no doubt that Mankins is the reason this o line is performing at an NFL level.