Buccaneers-Panthers Open Thread

October 4th, 2015

bucs cheerleader 1117Can the Bucs even their record against long odds?

Joe would celebrate mightily if that occurs this afternoon.

Dive into the comments section and chat all through the game.

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Go Bucs!

580 Responses to “Buccaneers-Panthers Open Thread”

  1. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


  2. Bucnut@ Says:

    Score JW 10-bucs 3. He sucks!!

  3. Bucnut@ Says:

    Hard to win when you have to play against 2 QB’s

  4. rayjay1122 Says:

    This team is pathetic. At least the Gators are relevant again!

  5. lurker Says:


  6. bucrightoff Says:

    Basically looks like the exact same team as last year. 2-14 is the floor, 4-12 is the ceiling.

  7. mixxx31 Says:


  8. mixxx31 Says:

    Sims is looking like the real deal.

  9. Soggy Says:

    Bonzi thanks for the update,

  10. BuccaneerBonzai Says:



  11. Bucnut@ Says:

    This team ONLY lacks 2 things. I good coach and a quality NFL qb. Too bad we don’t play in the ACC.

  12. mixxx31 Says:

    Oh oh. Lovie showing a “little” emotion. Got the flag picked up. Let’s go Bucs

  13. bucrightoff Says:

    Carolina’s defense is so much better than ours. But of course the long theory is Rivera was the real defensive brains behind Lovie’s success.

  14. Bucnut@ Says:

    3 TO’s by America’s QB. Can we ship him to Canada?

  15. Buc1987 Says:

    The D’s doing their job men.

    BTW if you peeps are going to lose your minds over every INT Winston throws this season. You’re going to get damn tired of hearing about Manning’s 28 INT’s during his rookie year.

    The haters are gonna hate Jameis anyways no matter how well he plays. Why change anything up?

  16. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Worst team in the NFL

  17. J Says:

    He’s no Marcus

  18. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    They had time to address their defense with draft picks.

  19. bucrightoff Says:

    You could always not take their bait 87. By constantly reciting the Manning stat, you become as annoying as they do. Just ignore it, we all know second year means more than first.

  20. jj Says:

    why is the commentary in spanish?

  21. DB55 Says:

    Ron Rivera showing us how the Tampa 2 is played.

  22. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    ShutTheBucUp Says:
    October 4th, 2015 at 1:52 pm

    “Worst team in the NFL”

    No. The Raiders are. No team has lost more since 2003.

  23. lightningbuc Says:

    Yes, this is a great time to compare Jaboo to Manning. Only a Seminole honk would be foolish and delusional enough to do such a thing.

  24. bucrightoff Says:

    The Jets look significantly better than us, so yeah no it’s coaching Bonzai. Carolina has horrific offensive weapons besides Cam and Olsen. If they had better skill players this would already be a laugher.

  25. Schlomie Says:

    It’s okay, just be patient lol! This is all by design. The paid shills on local radio are told to tell you it will all be okay. Be patient, but in the meantime keep giving your $$$ to help support the billionaires lol!

  26. Bucnut@ Says:

    1987 wake up JW sucks

  27. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Put in the giraffe

  28. Buc1987 Says:

    lightningbuc Says:
    October 4th, 2015 at 1:54 pm

    “Yes, this is a great time to compare Jaboo to Manning.”

    Exactly it is the perfect time because, Manning played like crap his rookie season.

  29. DB55 Says:

    Can the messiah get pulled? Is it time for the MGM to stand up?

  30. bucrightoff Says:

    It just seems like everything goes wrong when the Bucs play right? Ted Ginn never makes that kind of catch, and there he does. Goddamn it.

  31. Soggy Says:

    Barber is a panther?

  32. Lue0615 Says:

    This team is pathetic Glazers should be embarrassed

  33. Steve from oregon Says:

    America’s quarterback…right

  34. ATrain Says:

    87 is writing the book on Winston excuses..

    Chapter 1 – Manning threw 28 INT his first year.

    Chapter 2 – No matter what I will defend this GUY

    By the way Winston is no Manning and never will be..

  35. Bucnut@ Says:

    JW-17, Bucs 3

  36. Schlomie Says:

    It’s okay the defense is doing its job man LOL!

  37. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    They better not pull Winston. That would be a huge mistake.

    Let him take his lumps and get them out of the way. Not like we expected a big season anyway.

  38. BucFan20 Says:


  39. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Oh well, looks like it’s gonna be one of those rookie QB kinda days. There’ll be more.

  40. DB55 Says:

    I might have drunk too many already. Got love that 9am football. Maybe next year we can watch the bucs play 8 games from London. Fire the cannons.

  41. unbelievable Says:

    This team is so soft. It’s pathetic. Do Jenkins and Jennings fall down or stumble on every play?


  42. Bucnut@ Says:

    I predicted 28-14 panthers, looks like I was too optimistic

  43. Tampa Tony Says:

    Can we get the games blacked out again?

  44. Bucnut@ Says:

    With the first pick in the 2016 draft the Tampa Bay Bucs select ____ QB

  45. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Run the ball.

  46. Bucnut@ Says:

    I can only hope

  47. Pruritus Ani Says:

    Mrs. Howell has to go.

  48. Bucnut@ Says:

    Hey a completion to a BUC!! WOW!

  49. road warrior Says:

    Time to go do some yard work.

  50. Drew Says:

    It’s difficult being a fan of a really bad football team.


    17 points on 3 turnovers. You’re right in stating this is America’s QB. The RED flag was the number of turnovers n college.

  51. BuccoDav Says:

    Great catch, Murph!

  52. Soggy Says:

    O may be waking up

  53. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    3 good plays!

  54. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Moving that ball!

  55. DB55 Says:

    I wish we could stop celebrate in after a good play, we haven’t had a lead all season

  56. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Winston should fake ho and run

  57. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


  58. Soggy Says:

    nice drive now score td

  59. J Says:

    Glad I played Jax in ff.

  60. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:


  61. Bucnut@ Says:

    MArtin is really good!!

  62. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Amazing how quiet the bashers got during that drive.

  63. DallasBuc Says:

    That drive was a thing of beauty

  64. Buc1987 Says:

    TD Tampa Bay!

  65. Soggy Says:

    alright now we start

  66. mixxx31 Says:

    Lot of fight left in these dawgs (BUCS)!

  67. BucFan20 Says:

    Finally a good drive!

  68. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    If D holds here we win.

  69. Bucnut@ Says:

    Score update from Tampa. The Bucs close the lead. JW 17 Bucs 10

  70. ElioT Says:

    Beautiful drive there. Martin and VJax are beastly.

    Go Sucs!!!

  71. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I said this week that Kyle was a rookie and how he responded to last week is what mattered.

    So far, so good.

  72. Buc1987 Says:

    Bonzai….isn’t it. It’s silence when Winston does good.

    Bunch of pathetic losers.

  73. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Wow, it was like a completely different team on that drive! Do that every time please!

  74. BuccaneerBonzai Says:



  75. DallasBuc Says:

    Bonzai- when they are playing well there is nothing to bash. When they are missing easy tackles or turning the ball over it deserves criticism. I really don’t understand your point.

  76. Tampa Tony Says:

    Time for the d to nut up

  77. DB55 Says:


  78. Buc1987 Says:

    Dallas…he’s speaking about the Winston bashers.

  79. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    My point is this…if people can make the effort to insult when the team does bad, they should make the effort to compliment when they do good.

    Notice the credit went to Martin and Jackson?

    Heaven forbid Winston, Sims or Murphy get any.

  80. DallasBuc Says:

    Martin looks good. Really liked the balanced and diverse play calling in that drive. Winston was accurate.

  81. Buc1987 Says:

    People calling for Glennon in here???


  82. Buc1987 Says:

    Bonzai…your point is DEAD on!

  83. unbelievable Says:

    Loved that drive! Now let’s sustain a few more.

    Defense has been decent, a few lucky plays as well as tough spots. let’s get a quick stop and JW time for a 2 min drive. Go Bucs!

  84. DB55 Says:



  85. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    SACK!!!! MCCOY!

  86. DB55 Says:

    Who’s dat guy?

  87. DB55 Says:

    Nice play mr McCoy.

  88. Soggy Says:

    GMC alright…. CMON D

  89. ATrain Says:

    One drive does not a game win…

    Winston cant have one good drive and wear the AMERICAS QB label…

    McCoy came in the game yes

  90. mixxx31 Says:


  91. Buc1987 Says:

    DB55 Says:
    October 4th, 2015 at 2:17 pm



    Ha ha ha and you’re one them!

  92. Rob Says:

    If “America’s turnover machine” will stop helping the Panthers, maybe we make a game if it. Go Bucs!

  93. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    For a sec I didn’t think they would call the illegal formation.

  94. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Giant TV and it’s still blurry to me. Glasses broke, now have to watch with one lens, lol. Getting old sucks on Sundays!

  95. DallasBuc Says:

    That was even some good clock management by Lovie! I like mojo going right now. Dare I say that I have a rare good feeling about the way this team is playing. Almost forgot how that feels

  96. Buccfan37 Says:

    The Winston is god thinkers have some thin skin.

  97. JAB83 Says:

    Love the movie timeout before two minute warning!!!

  98. Buc1987 Says:

    Joe…why do people obsess over this “America’s QB” thingy so much? Most of us know you didn’t name him that because of his skills on the field, but all the publicity good or bad that he got though out America over the last 2 years.

    One of these days I’m going to stop explaining this for you Joe.

  99. DB55 Says:

    Io also said I was drunk but ….

  100. JAB83 Says:

    Movie…LOL…. *** Movie timeout!!!

  101. JAB83 Says:

    Geeerrrrrr beer!!!… Lovie

  102. BuccoDav Says:

    It was a very good drive. Personally, I have never said JW doesn’t have talent, it’s his (too often) poor decisions that have me worried.

  103. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Go !

  104. Bucnut@ Says:

    We are at the 15 is JW was an accurate passer

  105. Soggy Says:

    CMON O Score this thing

  106. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    They should play hurry up all game long.

  107. Bucnut@ Says:

    Good throw by JW, drop by VJ

  108. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    We look well coached today in all phases. Yay.

  109. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Gotham sucked last year…but they’ve done a really good job this year. Loving it.

  110. cmurda Says:

    I hate seeing us burn a timeout after the incomplete pass. I’ll rescind this comment if Dirk calls a beauty that gets us a TD.

  111. Stevek Says:

    Jump ball to Evans, please!

    Screen to Sims and kick a FG at least.

  112. bucrightoff Says:

    But I thought we never got calls? Reffing sucks across the league, not just for the Bucs.

  113. Buc1987 Says:

    That was Favre right there!

  114. Stevek Says:

    Lets go Jameis! Time to be famous!

  115. MadMax Says:

    That fked up pass was BALLLLLLSSSSSSSSZZZZ!

  116. cmurda Says:

    Go up top for Evans. Lets see him make a play

  117. Stevek Says:

    Can’t get a sack here, let’s go O-Line!

  118. bucrightoff Says:

    That was pretty weak not even taking a shot. You have two 6’5 receivers….

  119. cmurda Says:

    why not go for the TD. Theres enough time for a quick play.

  120. bucrightoff Says:

    You were saying about Kyle Bonzai? Cut tommorrow.

  121. MadMax Says:

    Brindza is done…..its over

  122. DallasBuc Says:

    Um that’s real bad

  123. cmurda Says:

    Way to go for a FG with a guy that we will be cutting. This weak ass conservatism sucks.

  124. Soggy Says:

    a couple more seconds and we could of had a TD now a miss kick.. CMON

  125. Stevek Says:

    Glad to see Brate get a chance. He looks to be the most athletic TE behind ASJ.

    Damn it Brinzda, you gotta make that kick brother. We traded to bro you here. Please get your sh!t together next half.

  126. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Bye bye Brindza.

  127. Buc1987 Says:

    Screw U all you Brindza supporters….THIS is ON LOVIE!!!!!!!!

  128. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Should have thrown it. Grrrr.

    Well, I guess the kicker needs opportunities too. He won’t get better without practice.

    If he has that bad of a game again, I don’t see Lovie keeping him.

  129. bucrightoff Says:

    Chicken isht playcall gets rewarded with the missed kick. Lovie has to go.

  130. Bucnut@ Says:

    We miss a kick again

  131. mixxx31 Says:

    Not one for hyperthetical, but take away the offense generated by our turnovers. What have the Panthers done….. JACK $HIT!!!

  132. BucFan20 Says:

    And again they wind up counting on the kicker and can’t put it in the end zone.

  133. J Says:

    Well 17 points off jaboo turnovers don’t help

  134. Rob Says:

    Fire the idiot brindzilla at half time. What a waste of an NFL roster spot

  135. rayjay1122 Says:

    Really??? I could kick a 29 Yard FG.

  136. Buc1987 Says:

    Another shyte player picked up Lovie. Brindza the 70% FG kicker in college.

  137. Clodhopper Says:

    The fact that that Sh1t head is even on this team still is reason enough to fire whoever decision it was to keep this knuckledragger. But he can kick a 58 yarder! Get bent!

  138. DallasBuc Says:

    Bonzai- I’ve been in agreement with you on Brindza all week but he can’t keep missing kicks. It’s just not acceptable.

  139. BucFan20 Says:

    Now can we replace Brindza?

  140. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    Don’t be ignorant.

    It was the right call. Only 6 seconds left. No time for anything else. If they had called a passing play and missed, you’d be saying they should have kicked it.

    The player blew it. Not Lovie.

  141. Buccfan37 Says:

    Should have went for the TD. there was 6 seconds, enough time for a quick pass. Then a FG attempt.

  142. tj Says:

    Brindza needs to get cut like yesterday

  143. Clodhopper Says:

    But hey he won the Saints game doing just exactly what every kicker in this league and college can do! Woopty freaking doo!

  144. The Buc Realist Says:

    Kudos to Lovie for actually calling a blitz here and there and not hanging out his defense like he usually does!!!

  145. Tampa Tony Says:

    6 seconds 2 6’5″ receivers and they don’t even try? Loser Lovie coaching not lose AGAIN!!!!!

  146. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Brindza was only a 58% kicker in college. He’s worse in the NFL.

  147. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    DallasBuc Says
    “Bonzai- I’ve been in agreement with you on Brindza all week but he can’t keep missing kicks. It’s just not acceptable.”

    I agree. If he misses any more today, they need to put him on the squad and bring in Barth.

    Lovie will do it if it comes to that. He’s already shown he’ll move on if needed.

  148. Buc1987 Says:

    Yah and peeps in here just said we need to hold onto Brindza and possibly develop him.

    For those people I have a question. How do you develop a kicker to kick a better ball when he’s been doing it most of his life already.

    It’s kicking a ball. There’s not too much to develop in it.

  149. (Formerly Jolly) Bucs Fan Says:

    Fire Brindza now. He doesnt need to finish this game. Send him home and have the mayor banish him from the city of tampa for life

  150. BucFan20 Says:

    Also should be time for Lovie to stop the hurry up offense right? After all it does work and they can at least move the ball!

  151. Buc1987 Says:

    What is there to develop in a kicker? Move his pinky toe slightly to the right and they can correct it maybe.

    WTF are you guys talking about developing a kicker?????

  152. bucrightoff Says:

    Bonzai I know you play off as being a very stupid human being, but even you know I’m talking about with 15 seconds left throwing a 5 yard out, instead of taking a shot to the endzone. But that’s Lovie, he thought he had a guaranteed 3 points and didn’t want to risk getting zero. He gets what he deserves for playing not to win. He’s a loser.

  153. Schlomie Says:

    Whoo hooooooo 3 points! Oh…..wait…..guess not…..it’s okay just be patient! Lol! He will eventually make one! Must be the field! Lol!

  154. lightningbuc Says:

    It’s funny…when Brindza messes up it’s “cut him”.

    When Jaboo messes up….it’s “he’s young”, “he’s a rookie”, “it takes time”.

    Why doesn’t Brindza get all those excuses – he’s a rookie too!

    Jaboo is the #1 pick, not Brindza.

  155. DallasBuc Says:

    Realist- agreed, credit to Lovie for sending heat. Now if they only they knew how to tackle we’d have 6 sacks in the first half. That’s on Lovie for not working fundamentals well enough.

  156. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Brindza should not be on this football team after today. I hope the Bucs come out fighting. The game is within reach!

  157. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    You give him more than one bad game to prove himself. Two? Well, we’ll see. He could still turn things around in this game. Winston has.

    If he had only missed one last week, would we be freaking over this ONE he missed in this game? Probably not.

    So let’s see how he finishes first.

  158. Clodhopper Says:

    Have Him shower and get Ocho Cinco warmed up. Hes a better kicker than this kid!!

  159. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    I’d guess that I make more money with my brain than you do…mainly because those who are ignorant resort to insults to cover it up.

  160. Mike Johnson Says:

    Deyham fellow Buc Fans. Yes, we are showing some heart. But a chip shot field goal miss? come on. That was crucial. And why is it our receivers get cold fever once they hit the red zone? Time to bring in another FG kicker. Its halftime. Don’t think the Panthers are gonna let up and lay down. I’m not confident in this kicker. How many more he gonna miss? Playin from Behind is not good. If Carolina scores 1st in the 2nd half? Its over guys.

  161. J Says:

    Can we take a draft mulligan?

  162. Buc1987 Says:

    lightningbuc Says:
    October 4th, 2015 at 2:40 pm

    “It’s funny…when Brindza messes up it’s “cut him”.

    When Jaboo messes up….it’s “he’s young”, “he’s a rookie”, “it takes time”.

    Why doesn’t Brindza get all those excuses – he’s a rookie too!

    Jaboo is the #1 pick, not Brindza.”

    I’m pretty sure that most fans in here believe it’s a much tougher position to play QB than kicker. You’re not one of those fans….

    And withy your post I give you this… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3JzbWVDzac

  163. Ray Rice Says:

    Can they sign Vince Wilfork to kick? Better than the piece of $hit on the roster now!

  164. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I might add that we didn’t have 15 seconds, so there you go. We had 6 seconds. You may as well say “If we had a minute left…”

  165. Bucnut@ Says:

    Guys, lets be real. the kicker cost us 3 points, JW 17. Should we release JW next week?

  166. bucrightoff Says:

    Bonzai, you always do that, try to apply your own misguided thoughts off as what we’re thinking. I’m just calling you out for what you are

    It’s just playing conservative, let’s not do something bad (but then no chance to do anything good either) They were on the 17 yard line and could have taken a shot. Lovie somehow thinks 5 extra yards for the kick is what matters. He has 3 wins in 19 games. Take some risks for Christ sakes.

  167. Soggy Says:

    Was That a conner barth commercial?

  168. Delson Says:

    DallasBuc Says:
    October 4th, 2015 at 2:40 pm
    Realist- agreed, credit to Lovie for sending heat. Now if they only they knew how to tackle we’d have 6 sacks in the first half. That’s on Lovie for not working fundamentals well enough.

    Ur seriously blaming lovie for our defense’s tackling?

  169. Bucnut@ Says:

    A long drive and a TD here, game over.

  170. J Says:

    We lost 3 by Brindza 17 by JaBoob

  171. Buc1987 Says:

    Bonzai…kickers can be had off the street. There’s many out there. The guy missed 4 kicks in 1 game. Yes that was enough for me at that point. Now we are at this point now. Let’s see how many more he misses. Maybe they developed him during the half.

  172. cmurda Says:

    Remember that timeout we took at the end of first half with only about 29 secs left AFTER an incomplete pass. . That cost us any chance of going for the TD. With 6 secs left I would have still tried to throw for the TD. If its not there right away then throw it away and kick fg.

  173. lightningbuc Says:

    Looks like a lot of people came to the game today disguised as an empty seat.

    I thought all the Seminole honks were gonna pack the stadium once Jaboo was drafted.

  174. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


  175. Soggy Says:

    turnover baby oh ya..

  176. Buc1987 Says:

    Buc Ball Buc Ball.

    Sorry Buttnut you won’t get your wish for the game to be over.

  177. bucrightoff Says:

    There were 11 seconds by the way on that 3rd and 4 where they chose to pick up the yards. You only have 2 plays either way. You can either play safe, or take chance. Going for the TD when you have effing Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson is what any of us would do right? Most good coaches too. It was cowardly, yes you might not get 3, but this team needs a spark, not a kicker with low confidence taking a chance.

  178. cmurda Says:

    There’s a big break for us. Ugly conditions right now. We need to get it in the endzone somehow.

  179. DallasBuc Says:

    Just got that good feeling back again!

  180. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Turnabout is fair play!

  181. mixxx31 Says:

    OUR TURN!!!!!

  182. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    I just think one game should never define a player. Everyone has a bad game once in a while.

    His just came at the worst time possible.

  183. Bucnut@ Says:

    Bad sack by America’s QB. VJ wide open

  184. DallasBuc Says:

    Delson- yes I am. Are you seriously unable to comprehend English?

  185. bucrightoff Says:

    Jesus Christ….

  186. Rob Says:

    F you brindzilla

  187. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Two games? That should define him.

    Cut the man.

  188. jugheadfla Says:

    another miss….

  189. DallasBuc Says:

    Oh dear

  190. Buc1987 Says:

    Are you telling me he doesn’t miss like this in practice?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  191. DB55 Says:

    Can Glennon kick FGs? Lol

  192. cmurda Says:

    Wow. Winston is screwing the pooch and Brindza is officially unemployed. I wouldn’t even send him out there again.

  193. Tampa Tony Says:

    Game over

  194. Clodhopper Says:

    SHOWER NOW!!! Any FlUCKING 12 year old can replace this sh!t smoker!!

  195. rayjay1122 Says:

    He gotsta go!

  196. Soggy Says:

    would not want to be him right now

  197. ATrain Says:

    Stand behind the kicker too he’s a rookie just like Jamies

  198. DallasBuc Says:

    …and that good feeling has slipped away again. Back to reality

  199. cmurda Says:

    Panthers hand it to us on a silver platter and we hand it right back wrapped a little prettier.

  200. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Now we have a pattern. It wasn’t just one bad game. Two is indicative of a problem. I’m all for cutting him now.

  201. Buc1987 Says:

    BuccaneerBonzai ….miss number 6.

  202. Matts17 Says:

    All the self congratulating by L&L with the trade for this clown kicker.

    The total and complete lack to evaluate talent properly by this organization is unbelievable.

  203. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Bye bye Brindza Part Duex!

  204. Tampa Tony Says:

    Lovie won’t cut him

  205. lightningbuc Says:

    Blame Brindza….nevermind the #1, America’s QB missed a wide open TD and instead decided to be sacked.

    I expect more from a #1 pick rookie than an undrafted rookie.

  206. LandoCommando Says:

    bye brindza…

  207. jugheadfla Says:

    is Lawrence Tynes available?

  208. bucrightoff Says:

    Like Barth has no range past 45 but whatever, we can’t make anything inside it anyways.

  209. Couch Fan Says:

    No more FGs Lovie. Clearly you can see now this guy isn’t very good.

  210. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Question…doesn’t our punter have experience kicking field goals?

    He can’t do worse. Get us through this game.

  211. bucrightoff Says:

    BAHAHA. Wow.

  212. DallasBuc Says:

    I actually feel bad for the kid. That’s a lonely young man

  213. ATrain Says:

    Wet ball….Bad Hold. …

  214. jugheadfla Says:


  215. Buc1987 Says:

    Lucky play, game over.

  216. Ray Rice Says:

    Weak MF!

  217. 911bucs Says:

    When it rains it pours

  218. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Tampa is cursed

  219. DallasBuc Says:

    Damn. That just sucks.

  220. ATrain Says:

    Great Block by the Bucs on that one.

  221. Soggy Says:


  222. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    What are the odds…

  223. BucFan20 Says:

    How many ways can 1 team give games away????

  224. cmurda Says:

    Wow that pure gay BS just happened. No luck like that will ever happen for the Bucs. Game over. Bye Brindza and hopefully bye Lovie soon. I’ve had it with this piss poor product on the field.

  225. BuccoDav Says:

    We’re snakebit!

  226. bucrightoff Says:

    I mean ironic today, but when it rains it pours. Bad teams just find ways to lose.

  227. Matts17 Says:

    Garbage like that happens to awful franchises.

  228. Delson Says:

    Im not watchin this sh’t. F’ck u dallasbuc

  229. Wesley Says:

    Can hockey just start already.

  230. BuccaneEric75 Says:


  231. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    He couldn’t see the open WR. You forget…he had someone in his face.

    Brindza has cost us two games so far.

    On the bright side…and I am afraid to mention this…the new center has not botched any more sacks.

  232. rayjay1122 Says:

    I don’t even care anymore. Every facet of this team sucks and even worse, they ate extremely boring to watch. Boring football! Yesterday was fun football.

  233. bucrightoff Says:

    All the karma for Lovie being a puss before the half. Fortune favors the bold, and when you play not to lose, you usually do.

  234. passthebuc Says:


  235. lightningbuc Says:

    Peyton Manning, even as a rookie, would have thrown that ball to Vincent Jackson instead of taking a sack.

  236. Wes Says:

    If he is kicking for us next week L&L need to go because they can’t evaluate talent.

  237. Buc1987 Says:

    My wife wants Brindza to tell Lovie he’s quitting right now and walk off to the locker room.

  238. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    The offense finished the half strong.

  239. Schlomie Says:


  240. Young buc Says:

    Ok Fire lovie now I’m done

  241. Bucnut@ Says:

    Here is the good news. JOES will be deleting all of the blame to the kicker so that the crowd who buys all of the BS will be focused on that instead of our terrible QB

  242. ATrain Says:

    That’s the difference between a disciplined team and undisciplined team

  243. unbelievable Says:

    Only the Bucs.

  244. Clodhopper Says:

    This is a curse!! This sh!t dont just happen to every body. Its probably Glennon for getting sh!t on for playing better than Winston!!

  245. DallasBuc Says:

    Delson- check ya later pal

  246. bucrightoff Says:

    All karma from Lovie choosing to play it safe before half. You have 11 seconds and two huge targets to throw a TD. Picking up 5 yards for your pathetic kicker? Why even let him kick? You go for the TD. Playing not to lose is how you lose.

  247. iamabuc Says:

    What’s wrong with Lovie? What else does he needs to see to realize he have to change the kicker? Wtf?

  248. Tampa Tony Says:

    Keep Brindza as a kickoff specialist

    Sign a new kicker and let’s hope for 3 wins so the Lovie schills can say we made progress

  249. Young buc Says:

    I really need to stop rooting for these clowns

  250. cmurda Says:

    Thats not a late hit on Dougie???

  251. Wes Says:

    Patrick Murray missed only four field goals all last season.
    This clown has missed six in 3.5 games.
    What a joke.

  252. lightningbuc Says:

    Yeah, let’s focus on the kicker…not the fact that if we had a QB worth half a crap, the kicker wouldn’t be so damn important.

    Typical Bucs football – focus on the kicker!

  253. cmurda Says:

    He caught it. Thats all I’ll say.

  254. Buc1987 Says:

    lightningbuc Says:
    October 4th, 2015 at 2:57 pm

    “Peyton Manning, even as a rookie, would have thrown that ball to Vincent Jackson instead of taking a sack.”

    The definition of ignorance.

  255. Tampa Tony Says:

    Go for 2 go for it on 4th down. Just don’t trust the kicker anymore

  256. Clodhopper Says:

    Your wife is wise beyond her hormones!! LOL

  257. Bucnut@ Says:

    Look even if the kicker makes them its still 24-16

  258. Drew Says:


    Americas QB and PK. You undoubtedly know how to evaluate sh!t talent.

  259. BucFan20 Says:

    Oh . Ya I forgot that one. It’s all GLENNONS fault.

  260. jugheadfla Says:

    wow……..just terrible

  261. Bucnut@ Says:

    America’s QB strikes again

  262. cmurda Says:

    So, Brandon Myers is our guy while we trade Wright for Brindza. It’s time to hold Licht and Lovie responsible. We can’t afford to be set back another 5 years. Winston has been absolutely pathetic.

  263. bucrightoff Says:

    Josh Norman is a monster.

  264. Soggy Says:

    NEW kicker here in my house

  265. Delson Says:

    I aint ur f’ckin pal. F’ck u.

  266. ATrain Says:

    How many times do you throw that pass..Crap Pass

  267. lightningbuc Says:

    A rookie making mistakes! Cut Winston!

  268. DallasBuc Says:

    That was ugly. No excuses there

  269. Bucnut@ Says:

    Can we please rewind to april and draft Marietta like I wanted us to

  270. Aristotle Says:

    New Quaterback new kicker?

  271. LongSeason Says:

    We traded Tim Wright for this POS kicker Brindza? Sorry but another asinine move by the Buc front orifice. I see Lovie and Licht being let go mid-season. Monkeys would be better as head coach and GM than L&L.
    This is going to be a team that goes 1-15. Hope you enjoy the show Joe. Keep serving the Kool-Aid.

  272. bucrightoff Says:

    Shout out to Hawaiian too for calling out being afraid of Norman. Although that was a really bad throw.

  273. cmurda Says:

    Winston is impossible to understand. Dude is not getting better. It’s looking like we screwed the pooch leaving Mariota for Winston.

  274. jugheadfla Says:

    time for Stewart to rack up some garbage time pts for me

  275. passthebuc Says:


  276. ATrain Says:

    Brindza and Winston to the locker room please

  277. Tom Mckin Says:

    Thanks for America’s QB Joe!

  278. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Please observe…the bad players have been the ones acquired through trade or free agency. The drafted players have mostly done well.

    Think about it.

  279. bucrightoff Says:

    Lavonte dude….wow he is so off this year.

  280. cmurda Says:

    Now you bring in Glennon. Bite the bullet. Winston is not ready. Lavonte????? Now, you buddy.

  281. Delson Says:

    When did we sign josh freeman? And why is he wearing number 3? That number is for jesus winston. Raymond jameis stadium. Smartest 7th grader to touch a football

  282. Matts17 Says:

    There are zero playmakers. Overrated David lets an INT go thru his hands.

  283. Soggy Says:

    man we do not want to win CMON DAVID>>

  284. Tampa Tony Says:

    David that’s why you play d, you can’t catch!!!

  285. Educated Bucs Fan Says:

    You just can’t make this stuff up. Get this kicker out of the stadium now. What a waste of the season on a rookie kicker who sucked at ND last year. Another loser Lovie move.

  286. unbelievable Says:

    Cmon lavonte!!!!!!!!

  287. DallasBuc Says:

    Delson- oh so you do understand English?

  288. jugheadfla Says:


  289. Bucnut@ Says:

    The only thing JW can win is the press conference

  290. lightningbuc Says:

    Rookie that has played the worst today for the Bucs – Jaboo in a landslide. Brindza has only cost the team 6 points – Jaboo lots more!

  291. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    I made no secret that I wanted Mariota from the start. However…once we had Winston I got behind him.

    That said…I also said his picks in his rookie year would be really bad. So this is nothing less or more than I expected. That doesn’t mean he’s a bust though.

  292. cmurda Says:

    Whatever at this point but that was 2 holdings against Carolina uncalled. The fix is in.

  293. Soggy Says:

    IN our house again??????

  294. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Funny if Glennon were playing like this he’d be getting the brakes beat off him on this site, yet Winston gets a pass.

  295. Buccfan37 Says:

    Way to suck the life out of your fans Yucs.

  296. Buc1987 Says:

    If Brindza needs a ride to the airport, I’ll do it for free.

    I thought like most of us, we’d get blown out in this game anyways with or without his missed kicks.

    My mom just called ….said she’s leaving the game now.

  297. BucFan20 Says:

    Ok you can rest Cam now. Only problem is your backup ? Well never mind.

  298. Bucnut@ Says:

    It;s over. Time for Jw to build some meaningless stats so JOE can save face

  299. Tampa Tony Says:

    If Lovie coached the Panthers he would’ve kicked a FG on 3rd down

  300. Educated Bucs Fan Says:

    At least I have J Stewart on my FF team

  301. Drywaller Buc Says:

    Hey where’s Glennon???? Is lovie smith insane? Attempting the same thing hoping for a different result… Smh

  302. ATrain Says:




  303. BucFan20 Says:


  304. Bucsalltheway Says:

    I drink on purpose while watching this team smh

  305. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Changing the channel.

  306. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    4 turnovers….2 missed FGs and a fluke fumble advancement for a TD…..

    Lovie’s fault for sure….

  307. Buc1987 Says:

    WalkdaPlank…possibly, but fans have been bashing JW in here in case you missed it.

  308. mixxx31 Says:

    Mike Jenkins is the new Leonard Johnson. Fuk tard

  309. Wesley Says:

    FIRE LOVIE! Anyone who thinks he’ll help turn this franchise around are delusional, It’s just more wasted years.

  310. unbelievable Says:

    Completely uncovered! WTF!

    Jenkins is such garbage. What kind of angle is that man? He’s playing in a different zip code.

    Jennings not much better.

  311. Onetrickpony Says:

    Two words ….bottom feeders

  312. mdc1969 Says:

    This organization sucks from the top down! How many years of this are we supposed to put up with? Common denominator…….Glazer Boyz!

  313. ElioT Says:

    Just pathetic, this team is broken.


    Go Sucs!

  314. NYbucsfan Says:

    Blame it on the D this week Joe. JW 3 int what a joke

  315. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    WalkdaPlank Says:
    October 4th, 2015 at 3:06 pm

    Funny if Glennon were playing like this he’d be getting the brakes beat off him on this site, yet Winston gets a pass.”

    Because it isn’t Glennon’s rookie year. He’s had enough time to improve…and hasn’t.

  316. Tampa Tony Says:

    Jags are gonna crush Lovie’s Losers

  317. bucrightoff Says:

    We’re the same as last year. Nothing has changed or improved at all. Offense is still far too inept, defense can’t get the big stops or plays, bad luck everywhere, poor special teams, poor coaching. 3-17 in the first 20 games for Lovie…Lane Kiffin was 5-15 with JaMarcus!!!!

  318. Bucnut@ Says:

    BTW Joe- is this still the preseason? is JW purposely thrown picks???? You guys don’t know SHEET

  319. Buc1987 Says:

    TBBF…Lovie does hold practices right? They do practice during the week right?

  320. passthebuc Says:

    1-2-3 KICK

  321. Bucnut@ Says:

    Update form Tampa JW 24-bucs 10

  322. Drywaller Buc Says:

    Should’ve drafted Mariota omg don’t say that shhhhhh

  323. DB55 Says:

    I have faith in famous. We can do it!

  324. ElioT Says:

    This defense continues to allow record games for other teams.

  325. Clodhopper Says:

    I remember when I hated dudes like Dallas and Realist. That was before I realized they were right most of time and the haters are just emotional drunks.

    Drunk on Kool-Aid!!

  326. DallasBuc Says:

    Looks like the D has folded up their tents when times got tough. Let me guess, not incompetent Lovie Smith’s fault?

  327. lightningbuc Says:


    You said you were gonna rally all the NOLE fans and pack the RayJay if Jaboo was drafted – and now you’re not even there? WTF?

  328. Wesley Says:

    I used to actually enjoy watching football. Not any more.

  329. Bucnut@ Says:

    Where are all of the JW lovers????

  330. cmurda Says:

    @Bonzai. I wanted Winston but JW has happy feet and is still rushing to be reactive instead of letting game come to him. JW has a very long way to go. It’s early in the year but this team isn’t playing any good in any phase of football. I’m done with Lovie and his calm demeanor. He should be verbally abusing this team right now. Show some passion for God sake. There is no way anyone can watch our debacles of games in our first 4 and say this team is headed the right direction. We are the laughing stock of the league. Lovie has to go. Even the Glazers may be forced to let Lovie go before half the season just to save face and show they care. This is embarrassing for the fans and this organization.

  331. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Jameis & Brindza practice right?

  332. BoJim Says:

    It’s Glennon time. Couldn’t hurt. Guess I’ll get back to work.

  333. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Tampabaybucfan Says
    “4 turnovers….2 missed FGs and a fluke fumble advancement for a TD…..

    Lovie’s fault for sure…”

    Yeah, I know! How dare Lovie tell Winston to through those picks! And it was obviously in the game plan to fumble the ball at the start.

    And clearly…Lovie kept Kyle B. because he wanted to miss more field goals.


  334. Buc1987 Says:

    I’ve got news for you all Jameis has plenty more 3 INT games left in him, this season is young. So you better get used to it. He’s not getting yanked for nothing.

  335. ATrain Says:

    Hey I know now why the Bucs are going to start selling Liquor at the Games..


    I can’t wait to hear Lovie and all the sports talk guys defend this crap…

  336. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I can blame many games on Lovie Smith….but not this one…..defense actually playing better than the score shows.

  337. WalkdaPlank Says:

    87 the excuses will roll in from Joe and the rest of the Jameis Mob. The dude is playing like garbage, no sugarcoating it. And I want him to do good. I really do. But I’m calling it like it is.

  338. Destinjohnny Says:

    Jameis. Needs to work on his accuracy

  339. ATrain Says:

    Thank You Doug for playing like a Pro

  340. NYbucsfan Says:

    Who is the top QB we can draft this year?

  341. Bucnut@ Says:

    Someone tell me that JW is better than McCown?

  342. Buc1987 Says:

    Bonzai…so what your saying is Brindza doesn’t miss FG’s in practice?

  343. Educated Bucs Fan Says:

    At least we have Doug. Lovie will probably trade him for another kicker. What a dumbass

  344. Delson Says:

    Raymond jameis stadium. Jesus winston. Americas qb

  345. Buccfan37 Says:

    The Sucs are a comedy of errors, only it ain’t funny.

  346. ElioT Says:

    Ryan Delaire, a guy we had.

  347. WalkdaPlank Says:

    In case you fans forgot, FOOTBALL STARTS IN NOVEMBER.

  348. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    That tackle had to hurt.

  349. Bucnut@ Says:

    WE need a QB. Thankfully we did not trade MG

  350. Destinjohnny Says:

    Glennon did play better then jameis his rookie year

  351. bucsbedabest Says:

    I have supported Lovie for the last time. I am going to the dark side. Fire Lovie/Licht and every coach. Trade Gerold McCoy, Lavonte David (nobody will take him at 10M a year), Mike Glennon and Jameis Winston. Start completely over. Even better the Glazers should sell the team and move to LA.

  352. mdc1969 Says:

    How many illegal shifts and formations are the Bucs averaging a game?

  353. passthebuc Says:


  354. tb Says:

    This team just isn’t good.

  355. jugheadfla Says:

    and the ole from Donovan Smith

  356. cmurda Says:


  357. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Offensive line is blowing it now. First, they fail to protect him before the half, resulting in a deep savk, and now they are completely blowing it.

  358. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Winston has a back injury from that tackle.

  359. Bucnut@ Says:

    WP- yep we amy have 2 wins by then

  360. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Martin passes 100!

  361. DallasBuc Says:

    Martin is going off. Love this

  362. cmurda Says:

    Dougie is the guy that came to play.

  363. NJBucsFam Says:

    And I thought Luke McCown was America’s turnover machine.

  364. jugheadfla Says:

    not one ball thrown into the end zone today

  365. Bucnut@ Says:

    Anyone notice the Bucs are NOW afraid to throw the ball

  366. Delson Says:

    Jesus winston. Raymond jameis stadium. Americas qb

  367. Marlow Says:

    America’s QB…. Ready to stop that nonsense… It’s not gonna catch on and you look foolish trying to coin the phrase.

  368. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


  369. DB55 Says:

    Oh god what have I started? I was jk people. The messiah can not get pulled. Get a grip people.

  370. Bucnut@ Says:

    Yea a touchdown by AMreica’s QB.

  371. Big Marlon B Says:

    well at least Doug Martin came to play….nobody else did.

  372. DallasBuc Says:

    Great recovery by Winston!!!

  373. Soggy Says:

    There is 6

  374. cmurda Says:

    I give Winston credit there. He stayed in pocket and found his 3rd read for a TD

  375. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Good for Doug.

  376. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    And then they throw a TD. Good call, buddy!

    Kyle got it between the uprights!

  377. cmurda Says:

    Bronx cheer for Brindza. I kind of feel bad for the kid

  378. Bucnut@ Says:

    even a blind hog finds an acorn occasionally

  379. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Woooooo garbage time in the 3rd quarter. Oh and look what Atlanta is doing to the Texans right now.

  380. MiamiBuc Says:

    Pitiful performance on defense, Time to fire Leslie out of a cannon, time to start docking pay for every mistake this team commits

  381. DallasBuc Says:

    Still the 3rd quarter. Let’s see if incompetent Lovie Smith can get his defense to play hard for one more quarter.

  382. unbelievable Says:

    2 more to go!

    Maybe D can get another stop?

  383. mixxx31 Says:

    We can still do this.

  384. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    I do love Dougie though. He’s talented and has heart. That means we’ll let him walk next year.

  385. Delson Says:

    First read

  386. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    I like you. We sometimes disagree strongly, but unlike the haters here, you at least give props when they are earned. Good man.

  387. BucFan20 Says:

    Good job by the line and Winston on that score.

  388. Bucnut@ Says:

    Score update JW 24 Bucs 17. BB we are still losing because of JW

  389. Soggy Says:


  390. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    Would it kill you to speak positivity???? Sheesh. You are a prime example of why bucs fans don’t deserve a winning team,

  391. bucrightoff Says:

    Atlanta/Carolina games should be fun. Norman versus Julio will be a great matchup. Atlanta’s offense looks better than ever now too. Obviously not missing Koetter much. We should keep our eye on Kyle Shannahan for head coach next year.

  392. cmurda Says:

    You see that D Line we have. That crapfest that just gave Newton about 12 seconds to throw. That’s on Licht and Lovie. It’s ridiculous.

  393. ElioT Says:

    Can this defense make a freaking play?


  394. Bucnut@ Says:

    nice defense

  395. Big Marlon B Says:

    after showing some preseason potential, hurts a little more to see Delaire killing us. anyone getting multiple sacks sucks to see….but even more when he should still be in Tampa.

  396. ElioT Says:

    Here comes a Newton TD

  397. bucrightoff Says:

    Another full team loss. Defense has basically quit since the Dixon TD. Yeah it sucks but it happens. Mentally weak team.

  398. Bucnut@ Says:

    At least we won’t have to site to the win can win the division talk in November

  399. Delson Says:

    Dallasbuc is a typical r a c i s t he thinks everyone is incompetent n below standard.

  400. MiamiBuc Says:

    I Time to make the defense EARN their pay, sorry but desperate times call for desperate measures, THIS is why the Bucs shouldn’t give out guaranteed contracts

  401. Bucnut@ Says:

    It’s garbage time

  402. Fire Goodell Says:

    Jags over or under 30 points next week?

  403. J Says:

    Glendon time.

  404. MiamiBuc Says:

    Instead of letting Lovie leave, we should take him, Leslie, and Licht, tie them together and fire the Three Stooges of Tampa Bay out of a cannon

  405. J Says:


  406. lightningbuc Says:

    Delson Says:
    October 4th, 2015 at 3:24 pm
    Dallasbuc is a typical r a c i s t he thinks everyone is incompetent n below standard.


    What a moronic statement!

    Dbuc refuses to polish the turd that is Bucs FB – unlike some of you goober smoochers.

    HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE! That’s stupid to insinuate!

  407. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Team full of losers. That’s not “hating” you morons. It’s a simple observation. This team is vomit inducing

  408. Tampa Tony Says:

    Waiting for the excuses for loser Lovie

  409. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    If we get one ore TD, I’m be satisfied. While we won’t win with just that, if a team with a GOOD defense scores 24 points on offense, they’ll have a very good record.

    We are getting better. They have scored 17 points against a very good defense so far.

  410. J Says:

    Obviously you’re racist if you like Mariota and wanted him as QB. Stats are for losers.

  411. Buccfan37 Says:

    The Stinking panthers just moved to the top of the teams I hate. The Bucs made them look better than they really are.

  412. Brent Says:

    I just hate this cover 2 defense. I’m sure it would be better with a stud de but every defense would. If I can get a good coach at end of year I fire Lovie if not I bide time with Lovie. There’s a reason this is a seldom used anachronistic defense in the nfl. The problem this is the only defense Lovie can employ. The offense sucking I get rookie qb and 2 rookie ol guys but this defense no excuse.

  413. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    Yeah…because your history of comments shows no tendency to hate.

  414. Bucnut@ Says:

    BB- you are delusional. How can you call 24 potions a win when our QB gave up 24 points. Wake up!!!

  415. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    Did Danny Lansanah SERIOUSLY just do the superman pose to mock Cam when down by 2 TDS?!?!?!? Un friggin real

  416. ATrain Says:

    DRAFT KINGS fantasy draft HINT

    pick the defense that is playing against the bucs

  417. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    What kind of defense are the Panthers playing?

  418. Danr Says:

    I hate the panthers. Jameis needs to orchestrate another drive or two like the 1st half td drive.

    if he does that i will be happy with the growth.

  419. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Time to air it out deep…..

  420. bucrightoff Says:

    I think it’s a pretty good bet next week is for Lovie’s job. A bad loss to the Jags and I just can’t see the Glazers not axing him. Fans will be gone 5 games after you drafted a QB at #1. That cannot happen and people keep their jobs.

  421. Rob Says:

    “America’s turnover machine ” absolutely killing his team today.

  422. lightningbuc Says:


    Keep polishing the turd! Polish it real nice! But even after all that polishing – it’s still CRAP!

  423. 911bucs Says:

    oline regressing

  424. Delson Says:

    Lol a closet r a c i st then whatever u wanna call it.

  425. bucrightoff Says:

    reamsicleBananaHammock Says:
    October 4th, 2015 at 3:30 pm
    Did Danny Lansanah SERIOUSLY just do the superman pose to mock Cam when down by 2 TDS?!?!?!? Un friggin real

    Team is just mentally soft. No discipline in that building. Lovie is known as a “players coach”, meaning he basically lets them go unaccountable for their play and they keep jobs.

  426. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Bucnut@ Says:
    October 4th, 2015 at 3:30 pm

    “BB- you are delusional. How can you call 24 potions a win when our QB gave up 24 points. ”

    It doesn’t erase the scored points. Winston will improve. The offensive line will improve.

    Really, what else did you expect with 6 starting rookies this year????

  427. Delson Says:

    Own it if thats what u r

  428. lightningbuc Says:

    Jaboo is the worst rookie on this team. God awful. Glennon NEVER looked this bad.

  429. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    bucrightoff Says
    “Team is just mentally soft. No discipline in that building. Lovie is known as a “players coach”, meaning he basically lets them go unaccountable for their play and they keep jobs.”

    The irony in that statement is that when Schiano was here, people complained he was too hard on them. Too much of a disciplinarian. Fans are never satisfied.

  430. Educated Bucs Fan Says:

    White flag coming out. What a sham. Punting the ball when you are down 3 possessions in the 4th quarter. Lovie is damn loser. I am sure GMC is smiling and helping the panthers players get up. We are a joke.

  431. lurker Says:

    a fanbase divided!

    is there anyone who thinks lovie should keep his job if we go 4-12 or worse?

    what about 6-10?

  432. Bucnut@ Says:

    BB- please admit the obvious JW sucks

  433. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    I hate that this team is this pathetic. Any fan should. You can look for a silver lining in a puddle of piss, but at the end of the day this team AND this QB look disgustingly bad. Only bright spot has been Martin

  434. tb Says:

    It’s lovie fault no one else.He put tho team together.

  435. Tampa Tony Says:

    No racism Lovie just sucks!!! Coaching not to lose and just being a bad HC. If he was white, or purple he’d still suck

  436. DallasBuc Says:

    When losers like Delson have no argument they cry racism. It’s cheap, easy and most of all lazy. Sad and unfortunate but it’s becoming amusing

  437. Bucnut@ Says:

    We should fire L &L. Lovie because he is a bad coach. Licht because he drafted JW when MM was there. He set the franchise back 5 years

  438. DB55 Says:

    Whoa. There goes that man again. Nice play mr McCoy.

  439. chris Says:

    James will say this was a close loss….we’re on our way….87 and his followers we’ll say he is just a rookie…blah blah…where was Glennons chances…..good God if he ever threw three bad picks, fumbles a snap…he would have burnt at the stake. At least James can talk a good game….he can with czar of the telistrator, Mike Fratello and draw plays on a chalkboard all day.

  440. DB55 Says:

    I take that back

  441. Danr Says:

    there is gerald mccoy being invisible in the 4th again?

    right that tackle for the loss is invisible?

  442. 911bucs Says:


    Do you still stand by 5 wins? Can’t see that

  443. cmurda Says:

    This team is embarrasing like none other. The defense choking on 5 tackles on Cam. No heart. FIRE LOVIE

  444. Danr Says:

    just more poor effort from the mccoy right?

  445. Bucnut@ Says:

    Joes where do the other 5 wins come from?

  446. bucrightoff Says:

    Lovie is why the Panthers have Olsen. Trading him for a 3rd round pick. Wonderful talent evalutation….

  447. DallasBuc Says:

    Bonzai- you know I am not going to say positive things for positivity sake or because you think I am some kind meanie. I call what I see. When they were making good plays I was plenty positive but I suppose you never saw those posts. Fact is incompetent Lovie Smith’s defense is not prepared to compete for 4 quarters. Kinda simple as that!

  448. Please Says:

    Bonzai makes what should be a well-worn point… “What did we expect starting all these rookies?” Thinking maybe we all had too high of expectations for this crew.

  449. Bucnut@ Says:

    JW has 4 turnovers

  450. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    And here comes JaMarcus Winston…

  451. Bucnut@ Says:

    Please how about that they not commit 4 stupid turnovers. Is that expecting too much?

  452. Tampa Tony Says:

    The Bucs make watching golf seem exciting

  453. lightningbuc Says:

    This team sucks!

    The QB sucks!

    Coach sucks!

    D sucks!

    Simple as that!

  454. DB55 Says:

    A sack on 3&9 > a tfl on 2&6. I just think for 15 mil a yr you should make the 3&9 play.

  455. bucrightoff Says:

    Please Says:
    October 4th, 2015 at 3:42 pm
    Bonzai makes what should be a well-worn point… “What did we expect starting all these rookies?” Thinking maybe we all had too high of expectations for this crew.

    The majority of posters on this site had this team at 6-10 or worse. Only a few optimists thought 8 wins or more. But it’s not even the wins, its the fact this team hasn’t gotten better since Derek Anderson tore them apart in week 1 last year. When we play the Falcons it is going to be very, very ugly.

  456. Bucnut@ Says:

    Another great throw! This guy sucks

  457. passthebuc Says:


  458. BucFan20 Says:

    Calm down. They are just having an off day.

  459. Bucnut@ Says:

    JW is a league leader, in pick 6’s

  460. Danr Says:

    db55 just proving you wrong. thats all

  461. ShutTheBucUp Says:


  462. Bucnut@ Says:

    PTB- sorry its not just lovie, we have no QB.

  463. bucrightoff Says:

    Well now it’s Glennon time. No need to risk injury. Horrific pass.

  464. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    I’ll admit that by his 4th game in the NFL, Andrew Luck had 7 picks and 2 fumbles.

    I’ll admit Peyton Manning had 11 picks and a fumble in his first 4 games.

    They turned out fine. So will Winston.

  465. Onebadbuc Says:

    This team is a joke im so sick of watching em lose! If you are responsible for 4 f-ing turnovers your ass needs to be benched! Jw sux! There is no excuse our offense screws our team every sunday no deception so predictable! Jw has no arm he throws lame ducks! Mike glennon is better! Bench jw make that 5 turnovers! Wtf

  466. Tampa Tony Says:

    This is depressing

  467. cmurda Says:

    There is no choice for Lovie. If he wants any chance to save his job, he is going to be forced to play Glennon. Winston is clueless.

  468. lightningbuc Says:


    Joe (and Bucs1987) know QBs!

  469. Steve from oregon Says:

    America’s quarterback Joe….keep saying it, he’s earned it.

  470. 911bucs Says:

    How many more interceptions to catch Mannings rookie year?

  471. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Its a cruel joke

  472. Buccfan37 Says:

    Another Sunday, another hard to watch loss. It’s beyond getting old. Another pick! Whoopee!

  473. BucFan20 Says:

    Hey look Mike . I am going to throw it to YOU!!

  474. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    Another Lovie interception….or was this one on Koetter?

  475. DallasBuc Says:

    Tough day at the office for young Winston. No excuses. He will get better

  476. Clodhopper Says:

    It’s time to admit I was wrong. Winston is sh!t. Glennon is better by more than a mile!!

  477. ElioT Says:

    Such a weak excuse for a team.

    Nobody on that field (outside of Martin) looks like they want to hurt somebody.
    This “team” just looks broken.

    There’s no “dog” in this team.

    Go Sucs!

  478. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Sit Winston down…let Glennon finish this lost cause of a game. I am solidly back on the FIRE LOVIE!! bandwagon again. This is painful to watch

  479. J Says:

    Get Jameis off the field.

  480. Bucnut@ Says:


  481. Clodhopper Says:

    Matiota has a bye and is still having a better day!!

  482. lurker Says:


    i liked the pick but he is making it hard!

  483. Tom Mckin Says:

    Thanks Joe!

  484. Capt Blighe Says:

    The Bottom line is…

    GMC- The most overated player in the league.

    Rookie LT is a bust could not block me.

    O- Line is horrible major contibutor to JW problems

    L&L Must be fired at end of the season.

    Mike Evans should be behind murphy.

  485. Tampa Tony Says:

    Looks like Rivera was the brains behind Lovie’s one trip to the super bowl

  486. bucrightoff Says:

    It’s a sorry ass team period. Glazers boys have been a debacle since they took over. Yeah Lovie has to go, but until they go or make significant organizational, structural changes, it may not matter who the coach is.

  487. Waly Says:

    Time for Jamarcus Winston to sit.

  488. Drywaller Buc Says:


  489. mixxx31 Says:

    So intentional grounding didn’t happen?

  490. NJBucsFan Says:

    Jamies McCown

  491. Fire Goodell Says:

    How long before we start seeing Rehire Schiano billboards?

  492. Bucnut@ Says:

    The defense played pretty well today given the crap they were dealt.

  493. Drywaller Buc Says:

    How many picks will Mariota throw rookie season? How many picks did Glennon throw rookie season?

  494. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Sometimes I wonder why most of you call yourselves fans. Seriously.

    Go to the top of this thread, hit control-f, type your username and look at the comments you’ve made. Then tell me you deserve a winning team.

  495. DallasBuc Says:

    Rehire Schiano Billboards!!!
    Well done

  496. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    I really don’t want to hear about how this team is “getting better” or “learning”. I want to hear about the coach being fired and personnel changes.

  497. Clodhopper Says:

    It’s gotten to the point where itll be a blessing if Winston throws only as many picks as Peyton did his rookie year!!

  498. Howard Cosell Says:

    Man, the Glazers must be utterly humiliated by their own epic incompetence

  499. MiamiBuc Says:

    This team has been a joke ever since Malcom turned ownership to the team to his idiot sons, Malcom should have kept the team

  500. passthebuc Says:


  501. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    A craptacular outing from Lovie and his merry men

  502. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    This team is getting better and learning.

    Be patient.


  503. jerzbucs Says:

    Seriously, i would love to see Glennon……sure he may not have as high a ceiling, but he never did this poorly in a game, even as a rookie…

  504. BucFan20 Says:

    Remember.” Just wait on it”.

  505. J Says:

    Joe knows Quarterbacks…….. Lol

  506. MiamiBuc Says:

    And then Lovie is going to make excuses, And start spouting moral victory BS. NO I WANT WINS AND IT’S TIME TO THROW LOVIE INTO TAMPA BAY

  507. Bird Says:

    Watch Jameis will have decent game against a terrible jags team next week and may or may not lose but will play good not great. Just like a good not great game against a terrible saints and terrible Texans team and joe will defend his hall of fame player Jameis again and tell haters to shut up. Typical joe. Look what you’ve created. Joe will say he talked to Jameis after the game in the shower and that he is still the man with a nice package. I know he is a rookie but man he really cost them big today. Again. I want him to succeed but again the way you ve handled Americas qb is karma. Can’t wait to see your same 10 articles about him a day

  508. meat Says:

    Can we FIRE THIS MOFO YET?!?

  509. lightningbuc Says:

    I love when the team sucks balls for over 3 seasons, and then people like Buc Bonzai expect all of us to see this shizit through the same rose colored glasses they are wearing.

  510. Tampa Tony Says:

    I have to watch other NFL games so I can see how real teams are suppose to look like

  511. ElioT Says:

    Ryan Delaire

  512. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    JaMarcus is embarrassing himself and every fan of this team

  513. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    Y0ou just named all the points I made against Winston before the draft.

    Everyone said I was an idiot then.

    But hey, he’s here now. So we have to deal with it.

  514. bucrightoff Says:

    BuccaneerBonzai Says:
    October 4th, 2015 at 3:53 pm
    Sometimes I wonder why most of you call yourselves fans. Seriously.

    Go to the top of this thread, hit control-f, type your username and look at the comments you’ve made. Then tell me you deserve a winning team.

    Massholes don’t deserve the Pats. Deserve has nothing to do with it. The Bucs are incompetent from ownership on down. That’s why we don’t have a winning team. We don’t have to subscribe to your myopia of everything is going to be great if we just think this team that is heading to its 3rd straight, and 4th in 5 years season of 4 wins or less is something it isn’t.

  515. J Says:

    Get Jameis out

  516. Buc1987 Says:

    Bonzai…I agree with you actually. Unless you were being sarcastic.

  517. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Soooooo who are we takin #1 next year. So many holes in this team.

  518. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    That’s as close to love you’ll ever get.

    (Oh! Yes I did!)

  519. passthebuc Says:


  520. Buccfan37 Says:

    Oh well, is anyone surprised? Most felt this was a loss before the game, just not this kind of a loss. Truly a team in disarray.

  521. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    I wasn’t being sarcastic, lol.

  522. J Says:

    At least we get to watch Aaron Rodgers so we can see the real “Americas Quarterback” play

  523. Buc1987 Says:

    Bonzai….I acually DO think the team is getting better.

  524. jerzbucs Says:

    I am done even paying attention to this debacle called a football team

  525. passthebuc Says:


  526. Buc1987 Says:

    Oh OK then were on the same page then.

  527. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Actually…isn’t Brandon Weeden America’s QB? He’s starting on “America’s Team”.

    Whom I actually hate.

  528. Tampa Tony Says:

    Up 20 points and throwing a challenge flag? Bad form

  529. J Says:

    So which QB was pro ready again?

  530. DallasBuc Says:

    Bonzai- the product is hot and steamy pile o poo on fire and you are berating fans for their lack of positivity? First of all what makes you the model fan to be telling others what good fans are? Second, you are dead wrong about this fan base deserving a winner. There aren’t a whole lot of teams in this league with a similar miserable product over such a long period of time. You do you but stop with your fan police sht and telling us that we deserve this crap. It’s awful and unacceptable.
    Get over yourself dude

  531. LandoCommando Says:

    good thing they didn’t have luke kuechly.. then even 22 wouldn’t have had a good game..

  532. Matts17 Says:

    @Buc1987…no they’re not. Carbon copy of the ineptitude from last year. What facet of this team’s play has improved? Serious question.

  533. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    To be fair, no one cares what anyone else thinks during the draft. We all think we’re right.

  534. Buc15 Says:

    At least Martin and Marpet were beast today

  535. Clodhopper Says:

    I dont understand why its so hard throw a bomb? A 40 yarder that a receiver gets (get this) YAC yards!!!! Every stinking team does it, but we never do!! I dont understand why we never throw a back corner post into the endzone. Why even have our wideouts if we wont utilize their god given freaking talents

    They keep Pissyfootin around.

  536. tb Says:

    Rooks are going to be rooks,but the defense is just terrible and coaching it just an insult to the sport.

  537. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    Wouldn’t the same be said of you? Who never has anything good to say? What gives you the right? So back at ya.

  538. Bucnut@ Says:

    On the positive side, JW is 4-4 throwing to Panthers

  539. rayjay1122 Says:

    I am officially done. I have been foolish for far too many years. Same crap every year. I am ready to enjoy pro football again, so that means it is time to move on. Sorry for all of you who are choosing to stick with this crap but after 25 years as a fan and tolerating this past decade of losing, I can’t do it anymore.Good luck to all of you staying on the wagon. I hope your suffering ends eventually. If the Glazers sell the team and Lovie is replaced, I may give them another chance.

  540. Buc1987 Says:

    Jameis could throw 5 INT’s next week and I still don’t want him pulled out and it won’t even happen unless injury.

    This is what’s called being thrown into the fire. He stays in the whole season and learns.

  541. J Says:

    87 the defense was looking better. Filter Jr. hurt em

  542. Bucit88 Says:

    This game is on jw!! I don’t understand. We have talent on this team jus imagine if we actually had a qb wit Mike Vincent and doug running the ball it would have looked better than Atlanta offense for sure. I jus don’t get it the rookie is Makin the same mistakes over and over. He stares down receivers all day, holds the ball too long, and sometimes has accuracy and decision Makin issues idk if he’s getting the right coaching at this point!! I JUS WANT US TO WIN GAMES IS THAT A LOT TO ASK FOR!!!

  543. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ BuccaneerBonzai


  544. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    Two reasons…first, our offensive line isn’t good enough to consistently give Winston time to throw it and the WRs to go deep. Second…Winston is a rookie, so they are taking it slow with him.

  545. bucrightoff Says:

    Buc1987 Says:
    October 4th, 2015 at 4:05 pm
    Jameis could throw 5 INT’s next week and I still don’t want him pulled out and it won’t even happen unless injury.

    This is what’s called being thrown into the fire. He stays in the whole season and learns.

    This game is over. If he tears his ACL in garbage time, is that what we want for our franchise QB?

  546. rayjay1122 Says:

    It isn’t so much the losing but how they lose.

  547. J Says:

    Lol Carolina has backups in

  548. Bucnut@ Says:

    Should have been another pick. Bet Joe doesnt mention that drop

  549. DallasBuc Says:

    Bonzai- back at me what??? I am not telling other people how to feel about this crapstick football team and what fans deserve. There is no equivalency between us pal.

  550. bucs55 Says:

    Somewhere schiano is laughing right now we fired him and we are doing worse now. He was actually trying to built a team the right way by the draft. Like the right teams do (ex.)pats ,packers,colts , Bengals ,etc .

  551. Bucnut@ Says:

    Another potential pick, JW is AWESOME. He may just be color blind

  552. Matts17 Says:

    The Bucs painted themselves into a corner by starting the season with JW. Have to stick with him now all season. Realistically, he’s not ready to play but that’s water under the bridge now.

    This joke of a front office, should have brought in a vet qb for him to watch and learn from. Start him year 2 but again this organization is clueless.

  553. bucrightoff Says:

    Well that should just about be that for Kyle.

  554. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Pulling him because the game is pretty much done would be very unwise. It would create controversy and locker room issues. Keep him in.


    That’s the 24 points. They scored more in another game. It’s coming along…slowly.

    Kyle is so toast.

  555. J Says:

    keep Jameis in if he tears an ACL it will speed up our moving on from him.

  556. MiamiBuc Says:

    Time to suck for Hargreaves, Winston is a rookie, Hargreaves will improve our defense instantly

  557. DallasBuc Says:

    Marpet just said goodbye to his buddy Brindza!

  558. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Cut Brindza! Fire Lovie! Start Glennon and let Jameis learn for a few weeks! This is f’ing pathetic!

  559. Buc1987 Says:

    Matts17…quite a few things actually. The offense looks better than last year and so does the D. The bobbled fumble for a TD by the Panthers certainly didn’t help. We were still in it before that.

    Having said that Brindza is just another name added to a long list of players Lovie has brought in that have sucked. Looooooooooong list!

  560. bucrightoff Says:

    BuccaneerBonzai Says:
    October 4th, 2015 at 4:10 pm
    Pulling him because the game is pretty much done would be very unwise. It would create controversy and locker room issues. Keep him in.

    Thanks for proving me right that you aren’t very smart.

  561. J Says:

    @Bonzai the points stop counting when Panthers backups go in

  562. unbelievable Says:

    Is this 3 extra ones and 5 missed FGs in the last 2 games?

  563. bucs55 Says:

    I don’t wanna continue hearing excuses our defense played better our offensive line has played very well for the pass 2 weeks we have good weapons on the offensive Winston has not gotten better since the beggining he’s getting worse he’s not very accurate he holds on to the ball to much and he makes horrible desition making come on stop with the excuses

  564. Matts17 Says:

    Brenda reminds me of another Buc great…Neil O’Donoghue.

  565. Bucnut@ Says:

    nice game. Joe knows QBS

  566. Oahubuc Says:

    Bonzai, don’t be a chump. Anyone who’s given the Glazers their money over the past several years deserves a winning team. We are the customer. We receive an inferior product year after year despite providing these spoiled, incompetent, insufferable goons with the resources to run their organization. Would you sit back and speak glowingly about a company that sold you a computer or a car that was a lemon, and just take it? This is a product which we pay for, and which many of your tax dollars subsidize. It is a lousy, defective product and is a ripoff in every sense of the word.

  567. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    People may recall me saying we should go into this season with Glennon as the starter until the rest of the team gels.

    The Bucs didn’t do that, and you can’t turn back the page or start Glennon now, except for injury reasons.

    Winston took a hard blow in this game. His back was hurting afterward and once he has time to relax, it will stiffen a lot.

    Injury MIGHT give Glennon a shot. But he’s blow it anyway.

  568. Buc1987 Says:

    Hey the Rays are beating the Blujays right now….oh nevermind.

  569. Bucnut@ Says:

    87, give me McCown back. At least we all knew he was washed up. Since we took JW #1 overall, we will be stuck with him for 4 0r 5 years and he is the next #1 bust!

  570. Buc1987 Says:

    People may recall me saying this prior to the season. This team ain’t going to the playoffs this season, so Winston needs to be thrown into the fire.

    Anyone that thought we were going to the playoffs this year was delusional.

    No Glennon was not going to take this team anywhere either…

  571. Bucnut@ Says:

    Lets play Glennon. HE is still young an may be he next Matt Ryan.

  572. Buc1987 Says:

    Bucnut ..whatever dude, the kid IS going have these games in his rookie season. Everyone and their mom was saying that before the season, including me. I expected all of this. None of this bothers me, like you guys that think we were going to be a REAL team this season anyways. I did not. The losses don’t bother me, and the INT’s certainly don’t bother me.

  573. J Says:

    People may recall Lovie saying: I don’t think Jameis is turnover prone.


  574. Buc1987 Says:

    Glennon won’t get you wins either….talk to Lovie about that.

  575. J Says:

    87 you were saying Jameis was more pro ready. Well he’s not.

  576. Buc1987 Says:

    J…actually I was agreeing with scouts and analysts.

  577. Tampa Tony Says:

    waitng on the excuses

  578. CAN'T FIX IT Says:

    I think someone sprayed more roach repellent onto the bandwagon,, Everyone is running for cover, There scattering like flys…….

  579. SchlomieBarMitzvahCircumScissorStein Says:

    It’s okay! They are getting better! They had a good week of practice! LOL! They must really, really, really, PRACTICE hard! LOL! Unfortunately, it’s about having a GOOD GAME! LOL!

  580. SchlomieBarMitzvahCircumScissorStein Says:

    LOL! “pulling jameis would create locker room issue!” LOL! There are BIGGER issues! Losing isn’t creating locker room issues?? LOL!