Autograph Hound Vincent Jackson

October 9th, 2015


Has Vincent Jackson ever tapped you on the shoulder?

Jackson does that kind of thing around town.

On the Buccaneers Radio Network recently, Jackson was asked what he feels when he sees a fan wearing his No. 83 jersey. Jackson served up a rather unique answer.

He’s one grateful dude.

“It never gets old. I promise you, man,” Jackson said. “If I ever see somebody with my jersey on, sometimes I go and try and stop them. ‘Hey, can I sign that for you if you want me to?’ Because it means a lot, man. It’s humbling. You know what I mean, the fact that people respect your game, respect the work that you’ve put in.

“For me, I’m still having so much fun playing this game. I absolutely love it. I come to work with a smile on my face each and every day.

“When you’re able to go out there on game days, I mean those are the days when you should be able to play for free. I mean, the work is really done. I think your job is Monday through Saturday. But Sundays, man, that’s the fun stuff. That’s a joy and a privilege to be able to go out there in front of those fans and play the game.”

Pretty impressive attitude right there.

Jackson was speaking with a lot of feeling, too.

17 Responses to “Autograph Hound Vincent Jackson”

  1. Pick6 Says:

    vincent jackson is a great guy and a pretty good football player too. hope he retires a buc. as long as the bucs have cap room to spare, there should be no discussion about him being “overpaid”. i think you remedy the overpayment of guys like evan smith, logan mankins, george johnson, or perhaps even an alterraun verner before you go messing with VJax’ money

  2. unbelievable Says:

    Agreed pick6!

    I can’t believe how many people around here wanted to trade him for a low round pick or just dump him bc of his salary! Some fans…

  3. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    We are so lucky to have this guy as part of the organization. Even though he is part of one of our darkest eras, he’s one of our best free agent pickups. It’s just too bad the team around him hasn’t been any good and some of his best years have been wasted.

  4. Lamarcus Says:

    Well that’s great to hear. I ran into Mike Tyson last week at Wal grens and shook hands with him buy no auto graph offer. Hahaha

  5. ATrain Says:

    V-JAX is the MAN… A TRUE BUC

  6. Tampa Tony Says:

    Glad he’s a Buc

  7. Capt.Tim Says:

    Rapidly solidifying his spot ss my all time favorite Buc Reciever!
    A great man, and great player.
    Nevermind- he is my favorite Buc reciever of all time.
    Nothing but respect for this man. A true role model

  8. Buccfan37 Says:

    I agree, Jackson gives Bucs fans someone to be proud of, even though he is not that fast he finds the open spot to continue hauling in receptions for positive yardage.

  9. bculaw Says:

    Model pro and a perfect role model for Mike Evans. His and Mankins’ value extends beyond game day performance. Every young player on this team needs a steady veteran presence to look up to in order to learn how to be a pro. We’ve got some great role models with VJax, GMC, Mankins, LD, etc. Now, we just need someone to come on and bring a bit of an edge with them. I think JW will grow into this role on the offensive side of the ball. Now, if we could just find our next Nickerson-type to come in and instill a little nastiness to the defense . . . .

  10. BFFL Says:

    good player, but too content with loosing

  11. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “good player, but too content with loosing”


    And you know this how? I wasn’t aware you know him. And who died and made you the judge of how someone should act when they lose? I swear, some people really don’t deserve to be allowed to post. There really should be some sort of a stupid filter.

  12. JWall Says:

    I didn’t realize VJax is a rodeo fan BFFL. Luckily he’s not as content with losing.

  13. Buc1987 Says:

    LOL ^^^^

  14. ChessMaster Says:


  15. Espo Says:

    Good commentator…too content with misspelling.

  16. Capt.Tim Says:

    Exactly how would you know anything about what Jackson thinks or feels?
    How about letting him speak for himself?
    If he needs an idiot interpreter, I’m sure he’ll call you

  17. bucsfan26 Says:

    V Jax is an awesome guy. He heard my then 8 year old son asking for donations at a CVS for the heart association. V Jax went to his car, got out 20$ and gave to my son. When he asked what name he should put on the form he said “anonymous. ” My son had no idea who he was until the CVS manager told him. Fan for life.