What Did We Learn About Jameis?

September 17th, 2015
peter king beer

Peter King searching for the meaning of Jameis.

Joe thinks it is no less than asinine to judge the career of any quarterback after one game. Only avowed haters or rank simpletons would.

Did America’s Quarterback, Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston, have a good day? No, he did not. But. It. Was. One. Game.

Now, others are trying to decipher how Jameis will do in his career based on his first game against the Titans.

Included in that group is none other than urinal picture-takingvideo game-playingTaylor Swift-listeningpickpocket-thwartingBucs-uniform-frowningAllie-LaForce-smittenBig-Ten-Network-hatingpedestrian-bumpingolive oil-lappingpopcorn-munchingcoffee-slurpingfried-chicken-eatingoatmeal-lovingcircle-jerkingbeer-chuggingcricket-watchingscone-loathingcollege football-naïvebaseball-box-score-readingNPR-honkfilthy-hotel-stayingfight-instigatingbarista-training Peter King of theMMQB.com and NBC Sports fame.

In this SI.com video below, King discusses what we learned about Jameis. Hint: It’s not about Jameis.

26 Responses to “What Did We Learn About Jameis?”

  1. Tom Edrington Says:

    I’m sure walking off the field last Sunday was one of those “We’re not in Kansas, Toto,” moments for Jameis, although it’s more accurate to say:

    “We’re not at FSU anymore, Toto”

  2. The Buc Realist Says:

    How many games did Glennon get before Joe dropped his Judgement???

  3. D-Rome Says:

    Mariota will take his lumps. Until he starts going through his progressions in the pocket, something he still hasn’t proven he can do, his performance last week was a flash in the pan against an obviously unmotivated Bucs D.

  4. rayjay1122 Says:

    First impressions are lasting impressions. Especially for the national media and fans of other teams who could care less about the Bucs or WInston. They saw what we saw and have formed initial observations of Mariota kooks awesome, Winston looks like a rookie, and the Bucs defense and coaching is atrocious. That is what we saw as well, only difference being that we care.

  5. destro44 Says:

    I’m not privileged to know the game plan from last week but I kept hearing how they were giving Jameis the whole offense and how quick he was getting it. Then he got punched in the face and it wasn’t pretty. I want to think maybe they gave him to much of the offense last week and maybe they learned to scale it back, give him easier reads and throws and drill them until those handful of plays are perfect.

  6. David Says:

    You know…I’ve been trying to reserve judgement and not comment because I was soo pissed after last game. I am the type of bucs fan that has optimism in every game of every season. But honestly, I’m not feeling dis sh$t anymore! I’ll neva leave my team but, my wife asked me “y do u still cheer for them? They always lose?” And of course I came back with, “They’re my team. U don’t just give up cause they’re losing…alot”. But I deserve better effort. Buying the Sunday ticket every year…going to fanfest every year. I feel effin betrayed. Yeah it’s one game. But it was the most poorly played game the whole week. I don’t care just about wins and losses…I wanna see progress. And again there wasn’t any. F&#$!

  7. Joe Cool Says:

    @RayJay you nailed it bro. Well stated.

  8. rayjay1122 Says:

    Trust me Bro, you are not alone in you sentiments. Most die hard fans feel EXACTLY the way you feel.

  9. Dirk Disco Says:

    Winston played poorly but he didn’t lose the game for us. That’s an important distinction.

  10. rayjay1122 Says:

    Well, in an effort to be positive at least we do not have to worry about Trolls commenting for now since negative commenst are just reality at this point. 🙁

  11. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    I agree with Peter, Tennessee has a much better line to protect Mariota, at this moment.
    Taylor Lewan is a star in the making. I follow Michigan, and remember him in College.
    He has always been known as a shit talker, and I am sure he talked plenty of it against us last Sunday.

    I still think we should have taken Mariota, but I do think Jameis will be good one day, just not as good as Mariota.

    I found us taking the ex Atlanta Center interesting, since he played under Koetter. I hope he can help us, or at least provide some good depth.

  12. Jon Says:

    @rayjay thanks for that, made my morning..*breathing easy again*

    Go bucs

  13. Mo_Downs Says:

    Until I can see video of the “open receivers” downfield that Jameis “overlooked”. ATC, I’m not convinced that Dan Marino could have had a better game.

    As a certified “Football Junkie” I hate broadcast TV coverage. I just can’t see enough to analyze “WHY” a play was successful or failed. Multiple replays of end zone dances rather than a wide angle “coach cam” view of the play makes my skin crawl.

    Let’s be honest, we are depending on our slow giants to get open with brute force when all the defense has to do, as the Titans proved, is stay in front of them and force the QB to look elsewhere. And, throwing a “jump-ball” requires a WR to at least be 1) open and 2) looking for a pass (ASJ touchdown) based on the timing of the route.

    The QB critics have to show me proof that holding the ball too long wasn’t the result of nobody, including a possible check down, being open.

    When Koetter said “the blame is shared by the entire team, including coaches”, a reasonable person might take him at his word.

  14. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Other teams don’t have to respect our speed, because we have none on offense.
    As a result, they stack the line on us, make it hard to run, and then blitz almost at will. With no speed receiver, they have little to worry about.
    That is why Sims held so much promise for us, but he does not appear to be as good a pure runner as Doug Martin, who has not proven to be any real threat to catch a pass.

  15. BrianBucs Says:

    Every QB in the NFL will look bad behind a terrible O-Line. But when your QB is slow, awkward, clumsy and unathletic it makes it look that much worse.
    Way too early to judge how Jameis will turn out, but he and the QB coaches have a LOTof work to do

  16. Joe Cool Says:

    @Brian LOVE’s to keep harping on the same points about Winston. Slow? No, Glennon is slow. Awkward? No, a national championship ring does not look awkward to me. Un athletic? NEGATIVE. He’s a freaking Dual-sport athlete… SHUT UP. WHAT DO YOU KNOW??????

  17. crazy Says:

    We’re learning Lovie’s D and Jameis made each other look good in practice but neither looked good against anybody else.

  18. Fartman Says:

    “Joe thinks it is no less than asinine to judge the career of any quarterback after one game. Only avowed haters or rank simpletons would.” – Joe

    I feel like it wasn’t much longer than this that Joe was trying to run Glennon out of town.

  19. 813bucboi Says:

    @david..my wife is on me all the time about the bucs as well…every sunday she says,”i don’t know why you get so excited when you know they’re going lose” and then walks off laughing…and boy do I hate when she is right…when I returned home EARLY from the game I was almost through with the bucs but she came in and said,” you cant give up on your team, its just the first game” and then walked out of the room laughing again…the bucs jus kill me every week and im getting tired of it…on another note….

    some people say ease off Winston because its his first game and he’s a rookie qb…I say that’s bs…he did a few good things but not enough to excuse him from part of the blame…his footwork his horrible..his throwing motion does remind me of Byron leftwich or maybe even chad pennington, too long and slow with “0” zip on the ball.. he must improve in those areas in order to become an quality nfl qb…

    with that said the organization did him and this city no favors…i’ll be honest im a die hard gator fan and I for one wanted the bucs to trade down..not because I hate fsu or jameis but because the bucs have no oline..as I explained to my uncle who is a die hard fsu fan and who was driving the jameis bandwagon, what the bucs did will ruin this team and maybe even jameis…

    basically the bucs had a used car(team) with a blown head gasket..they went to the hardrock and won $6,000(1st overall pick)…instead of replacing the engine(trade down fix the oline) they bought some shinny new rims(Winston)..the only problem is that the car still doesn’t work..the car(team) still doesn’t crank(run block) turn over(pass block) or anything..so far we’re still stuck in the drive way while everyone is passing us by…hopefully they get it right before Winston loses confidence in himself or lovie…GO BUCS!!!

  20. unbelievable Says:

    @David, agreed 100%.

    That is why I posted the other day about fans not going to the games anymore. The organization does not deserve the fans’ support, or money, when the product they put on the field is that pathetic. I wouldn’t even call them a football team.

    3 obscene blowouts in the last 17 games, and we have a defensive head coach. it’s just inexcusable.

  21. J Says:

    Lol “simpletons” but Joe hates on the career of a player who lit up the Bucs last Sunday

  22. J Says:

    The line between Winston delusional a and Tebow delusional a has blurred

  23. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    I think we all get that!!! It’s far to soon to anoint Mariota or give up on Fameis!
    We all get that!!!

    But JW has a history. And so what were the concerns? He was a turnover machine at FSU! Oh but we expect him to get better in the NFL because you can’t depend on miraculous 2nd half comebacks against even mediocre NFL teams.

    People said he stared down his receivers at FSU…ditto on Sunday. People said his long windup would tip NFL DB’s…I think this is an area he has improved since FSU but he is still far from a quick release..that showed up on Sunday.

    He is incredibly slow..his 40 in the combine was OL range…there are NO defenders except perhaps some fat NT’s who cannot easily run him down.

    Add his horrid ball handling Sunday and it was just a butt ugly game for Fameis. OK maybe that was a first for horrible ball handling…I honestly do not know.

    The point is that there have been PATTERNSin JW’s career to this point that showed up AGAIN…not just one game.

    He has a great attitude. He’s winner. He has no quit. Gotta love the kid.
    But if he can’t correct some glaring physical problems we are in deep dooty.

    I certainly have NOT written him off but I am growing weary of all the apologists who can’t simply admit the truth. Lots of what happened Sunday has happened before and that was at the college level. We are asking him to improve at the NFL level. He may need to sit awhile and work on some fundamentals…like how to hand the ball off…footwork…better judgement.
    That’s not the same as pronouncing him a failure based on ONE game.
    It’s the pattern and physical limitations that are concerning.

  24. David Says:

    @St. Pete….it was not just one game! Stop saying that. We’ve been pistol whipped more than I can remember going back to last year. Just because it’s a new season does not excuse our players getting back alley stomped. U say Jameis has physical problems he needs to correct right? How can u not say the same about us getting our brains beat out? Last year…”Wait til next year we’ll get better players.” Pre-season….”It’s a meaningless game”. Now, “It’s just one game”. I effin love my team through and through….but I’m fudging done wit giving passes on no progression. Every team seems to have a good to surprising year or something they can build on. Not us…none of u see it. Be honest. I wish I could see it.

  25. Johnny Dejay Says:

    I’m curious what the excuse will be after the second game. It’s only two games? Look at Jim Kelly’s second start? Seriously?

    We have 17 games under Lovie that look mostly the same. We have 20+ games of Jameis (including FSU) where he made the same mistakes he made in last Sunday’s game. The bumbling air-fumble in the Rose Bowl looked remarkably like the bumbling sack on Sunday.

    You can’t blame FSU’s offensive line, most of those guys also made the NFL. At some point, the lowest common denominator is the most likely cause of the problem. Bad QB mechanics don’t cut it in the NFL period.

    Even Tebow-maniacs have started to believe that maybe Tim just isn’t that good, even though he won a Heisman and a national championship.

  26. Joe Says:


    Love the username and always glad to have a Howard Stern fan commenting. 🙂