“We Sucked Today”

September 27th, 2015
Bucs LG Logan Mankins was downright angry with his offense's performance today in Houston.

Bucs LG Logan Mankins was downright angry with his offense’s performance today in Houston.

Leave it to veterans on the team to not pull any punches on the ugly loss in Houston this afternoon.

It was an imminently winnable game, yet seemingly given away, specifically by an offense that could not convert two third downs, which is unbelievable.

With so much firepower how in the world can a team not convert two third down conversions?

Well, Logan Mankins was asking the same questions. He was blunt with Joe after the game about the mess that was the Bucs’ offense today.

“We sucked today,” Mankins said (and Mankins used another word that Joe cannot type because he runs a PG-rated site, but the word rhymes with “spit”). “We didn’t make enough plays. We lost to a team we should have beat. That’s the way I feel about it.

“I don’t care if we are down 50. Our job on offense is to go out there and score. We didn’t get it done today. We were horrible on third down. Too many negative runs. We had good runs and then negative runs. We didn’t do that good and didn’t make enough plays.”

Joe cannot disagree much. It was a poor performance with talent on offense to do much better. It seemed like receivers were trying to outdo themselves in dropping passes. The run game was, in a word, inconsistent.

Now the Bucs are facing the undefeated Stinking Panthers next week.

22 Responses to ““We Sucked Today””

  1. tmaxcon Says:

    Mankins has sucked all year long his best play today was when he was beaten soundly and the bucs got a roughing penalty on Winston… Wasted 7 million a year on has been with bad knees…. never trade with belicheat he knows when someone is done!!!!!

  2. The Buc Realist Says:

    Would that be the Veteran, Team Captain who set the tone of the game with a Penalty!!!

    I still say that Mankins will not be in the NFL next year!!!

    That is all!!!

  3. vegasbuccaner Says:

    Can we trade him back to the Patriots

  4. MadMax Says:

    I want Bosa or next best DE next draft, but then we need to draft another Guard. Move Marpet to LG and draft his replacement at RG with our 2nd pick.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Our Oline pass-protected well enough for us to have converted several first downs….errant & dropped passes were the cause…..simple as that!!!

  6. BucFan20 Says:

    I said the other day the question was when they would try to give the game away. Beginning or end. I really did not think it would be all game long and Not by the kicker!

  7. Joe Says:

    Our Oline pass-protected well enough for us to have converted several first downs


  8. CreamsicleBananaHammock Says:

    I know this is a “blame the offense” post, but….

    …3 times we got caught with 12 men on the field today?!?!?! THREE FREAKING TIMES?!?!?!?

    What does that say other than “unprepared?” There’s pee wee teams that don’t get caught with 12 men on the field once all year


  9. Trubucfan22 Says:

    I was impressed with the pass blocking today. Well done on that. Run blocking was pretty bad. I guess inconsistent is a better word. There would be good push on 1 play, but the next one went for a loss, negating the first run. And back to 3rd and long. It came down to execution. Winston made 1 bad decision all game. Everything else was either a drop or off target throw or penalty.

  10. Rico Says:

    Today was just the same old garbage Bucs fans have been watching since Gruden left–that makes this the seventh consecutive year we’ve been watching sloppy penalties, an inept offense, and close games that we lose 90% of the time (I remember back in the day with Dungy we’d keep games close until the end–but we’d WIN). I love the progress Jameis is showing, but the team as a whole is an absolute mess…as usual. Yawn.

  11. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:


  12. Tom Edrington Says:

    Logan Mankins is suffering from the meat sweats.

  13. T in Orlando Says:


    I took last week off, due to the win, i let him have his moment. But this week’s loss is mostly on him and HIS defense (and HIS kicker).

    First of all, the offense didn’t look good, couldn’t get the run game going (albeit against a good front 7), several dropped passes, and a handful of errant throws by a rookie qb. Most of this is not coaching, rather players not making plays when they are there to be made.

    The defense, while playing ok most of the game, let’s not forget this was against a 2nd string rb, a 2nd string qb (Mallet did not win the job, Hoyer played his way out) and an oline that had a handful of injuries so far this year, and was starting it’s 3rd different lineup in 3 games. The multiple penalties in 3rd downs to keep drives alive and 3 clearly obvious situations with 12 men on the field that resulted in using 2 time outs and a penalty, this is all a reflection of coaching, and since Frazier has essentially been neutered, that coaching blame falls squarely on Lovie’s shoulders.

    We can’t really change players at this point (although I’m sure there a kickers out there in the street that wouldn’t have left the 7 points on the field that Brindza did), we can change coaching.

    Promote Koetter and make Frazier DC (he did ok when that’s all he was doing in Minnesota and he was the last word on the defense (the HC at the time was an offensive guy)), kick Lovie to the curb, and give Licht a chance to run the personnel show (looks like we’ll need some cb depth and a kicker in the coming weeks).

    Lovie’s time as a head coach in this league has come and gone.

  14. Ray Rice Says:

    His garbage a$$ didn’t look to upset after the game. Right before the broadcast went off they showed him shooting the $hit with another Texans player laughing his a$$ off. FUK him. He needs to go. Veteran leader my a$$. I don’t see nothing wrong with being humble in defeat and shaking the opposing teams hand. I do see something wrong with doing what garbage #70 did though.

  15. tickrdr Says:

    Eminently, not imminently!
    Not that it matters.


  16. Cogs Says:

    OL can’t block worth a spit. R kicker stinks. R QB. 2nd best D player isn’t. Stupidest team in memory (persistent penalties). 1st round WR forgot how to catch this year. Coach is WEAK. Need more?

  17. No better way to say it Says:

    Mankins should look in the mirror.. First play of the game for the Bucs? A false start by this oaf.

    The fact is that the run blocking was pitiful which meant more weight on the passing offense. I am honestly surprised Winston didnt throw 4+ INTs when the Texans were just sitting pass all game long.

  18. Rob Says:

    Ray Rice, I noticed that too at the end of the broadcast. While I haven’t wound back through the game, my first impression was that Logan Mankins played like hot garbage starting with the first play.

    I’m a criminal prosecutor. I’ve won my fair share but I’ve lost trials too and guilty people have walked. While I’m professional and cordial in defeat, I can assure you that 30 seconds after the “not guilty” verdict comes in, I’m not laughing and high 5’ing my opponent.

    The point of all this is, shouldn’t Logan Mankins be more pissed off than we are?

  19. DallasBuc Says:

    Mankins is just not good enough. Who is worth a sht on this line. Credit to them and more importantly Koetter for containing Watt/Wilfork/Clowney

  20. Jason McLaurin Says:

    Man I think hes being too hard on himself and the team with comments like that honestly. The only one starting to stink is him and hes got the whole offensive line out of position just because front office man Licht believe in him. I been saying trade Mankins sooner than later because he’s done and Ali Marpet can easily replace him at Left guard today. We wouldn’t be in a bind at right guard either because I think Donovan Smith is made for that position and has the strength to take down the best of them on the interior. Pamphile wouldn’t be bad at left tackle until Dotson comes back healthy then Dotson can start at left tackle but Tampa needs to get rid of those loser free agents they bought into when Lovie and Licht took over last year because those guys are the this team was 2-14 last year. Yeah guys like Mankins, who was a panic for nothing move, Evan Smith, who no longer has the love of the locker room plus they have Hawley now which is more incentive to give him and Mankins away for nothing before the trade deadline. Trade them for low draft picks because we are gonna need more than seven picks to launch this team further into the future###play4WINStonfight4LOViE

  21. Ray Rice Says:



  22. FortMyersDave Says:

    T in Orlando: I agree with you. After the Titan game I said that Lovie needed to win 2 before the bye or perhaps it was time to make a coaching change at the bye week and give Koetter a long audition as HC with Frazier getting promoted to DC…. Well the Bucs did beat the Saints and I do feel that they have to win at least one of the next 2 at RJS to avoid going into the bye week at 1-4. If they are 1-4 and trailing the Panthers and/or Falcons by 3 to4 games, well the season is over and if the Bucs are 1-4 after losing to the Jags where do you see anymore wins: the Saints and Bears at home perhaps and perhaps another win in DC….. Okay that makes Tampa 4-12; should Lovie be retained for that? No! So why not save some time and effort and just pull the trigger during the bye week. If they do manage to make it to the bye at 2-3, well then I can see the Glazers letting him ride out the year and then decide at the end of the season if the 5-11 or 6-10 they put up merits a 3rd season for L&L…. These guys promised improvement and Sunday I just saw more of the ineptitude that lost so many games in 2014… And Mankins; yeah you are correct sir; you and your teammates flat out stunk on Sunday but that seems to be the norm at One Buc nowadays….