Was Jeff Tedford A Wizard?

September 11th, 2015
Former Bucs OC Jeff Tedford's offense in the CFL is struggling.

Former Bucs OC Jeff Tedford’s offense in the CFL is struggling.

When Lovie Smith brought Jeff Tedford to be his offensive coordinator, it was thought by some to be a bold strike by Lovie.

Tedford, who ran pretty good offenses in college, was a supposed to be a new breed of play caller.

Joe remembers at the time asking Lovie Smith if it gave him any pause that Tedford never coached a down in the NFL. Lovie didn’t like that question and snapped, “No!” at Joe.

As it turned out, Tedford never did coach a snap in the NFL.

After leaving the Bucs mid-season after August heart surgery, it didn’t take Tedford long to find a new gig, this time for the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League. And through 13 games, the Lions’ offense under Tedford isn’t exactly setting any sorts of records, south or north of the border.

Currently, Tedford’s offense is second-worst in the CFL, averaging 318.9 yards a game. His passing attack is also the second-lowest in the CFL with 220.1 yards a game.

As the stat geeks like to say, this is a small sample size, but Joe is just going to go out on a limb and suggest Tedford wouldn’t have been able to turn a turd of a quarterback (Josh McClown) into a gold nugget (Pro Bowler).

18 Responses to “Was Jeff Tedford A Wizard?”

  1. tdtb2015 Says:

    Yes, he was a damn good wizard. We got Koetter because Tedford made himself disappear right out of the league!

  2. JUNY Says:

    well well well, I could probably disagree. WE never know what could’ve happened because it never happened. Additionally, don’t just go off what the CFL stats are because they are a hell lot more offensive than the NFL. if the bucs averaged 318 yards a game, no one would be bitching. So, lets just drop it, we have a good, proven offensive coordinator that hopefully doesn’t get a heart attacks now and leaves us like tedford did last year. Man that was a long season!

  3. JUNY Says:

    TDTB2015 – good one

  4. JUNY Says:

    tdtb, good one!

  5. Bucs Fan #7423 Says:

    Offensive line please

  6. Tampa Tony Says:

    Lovie goes thru fall guys (offensive coordinators) quicker than Bucs fans go thru a 12 pack

  7. DallasBuc Says:

    Speed in space!
    Hand picked by incompetent Lovie Smith. The only thing this guy has done right is lose all those football games to get Jameis. Sad comment on a head football coach.

  8. Buc Neckid Says:

    Tedford’s CFL offense looks very similar to the one we Arroyo actually “ran” last year and because we now see (in the CFL) what Lovie saw behind the scenes (preseason & OTA’s) Tedford would have been fired after last year’s season end regardless of health issues.
    Arroyo may have been calling the plays, but he was working with Tedford’s playbook.
    But, Thank you Tedford for the Franchise Quarterback (J.Winston)

  9. JUNY Says:

    So maybe tedford is calling NFL plays in the CFL – obviously is not going to work. still averaging 318 yards a game would put us in ok company, maybe top 15 in the league, better than what we were last year.

  10. DB55 Says:

    Should have hired norv turner instead he hired a washed up never was who not only got fired but had shown huge declines in offense performances in recent years.

    It takes time, NO it’s takes vision and common sense both are in short supply.

    “Tedford wouldn’t have been able to turn a turd of a quarterback (Josh McClown) into a gold nugget (Pro Bowler).”

    With what weapons? Matt a Forte 2.0? Bahhhhh Ooooooo Hehehehe stop it you’re killing me ova here.

  11. Bucs53 Says:

    My favorite was when players were saying that “we are running plays and formations in practice that have never been seen before.” Yeah..there was a reason for that. They. Don’t. Work.

  12. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Should have hired norv turner

    Do we know if he tried? Do we believe Turner would have even considered an offer from Lovie?

    For that I disagree about with Dallas, Tmax and the boys I do think they make a valid point when they talk about the OC turnover Lovie has had throughout his career and the fact that top OC’s are not rushing to work for Lovie.

    I agree with them and attribute this to his Dungy/Gruden/Lovieball style of play. I was as down on Lovie last year as those guys are this year. I hate that kind of football yet ironically I feel that’s what we’re stuck with untll JW and the rookies mature.

    But Lovie DID change. He brought in a guy coming off an offensive pass fest.
    The Koetter hiring was the first positive thing I saw from Lovie. Drafting all offensive players including two OL in the 2nd round and placing his career and his legacy in the hands of JW impressed me. This is why I think he deserves a chance to show us what he can do this year. He should win at least six or I’ll join the call for his scalp unless there are strong extenuating circumstances.

  13. DB55 Says:

    Do we know if he tried? Do we believe Turner would have even considered an offer from Lovie?
    Go with a first time HC with no weapons or a HOF coach (lol) with young talent?

  14. The Buc Realist Says:


    Lovie has had all kinds of pass fest OC’s!!!!! But he always limits them to protect his Defense. Look for Keotter’s offense to look like his time with the Jags more than the pass fest that was Atlanta. Field position and time of position is what Lovie is telling Keotter Instead of giving him full carte blanche to run the offense he wants!!!!

    Lovie has not changed!!!!

  15. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Lovie regime is a worse duplicate of the raheem regime right down to the replacing of the OC and DCs, only difference is rah won games with less talent than lovie and was run out of town, so lets start searching for the next bucs HC and I am all in with josh mcdaniels and licht has relationship with him, josh mcdaniels will be here if mcdaniels feels this is a “stable” organization from top to bottom…lovie aint winning 7 games to save the ship

  16. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    I’m not going to be able to argue that point for quite awhile. I think perhaps you, maybe someone else, criticized Lovie for not adapting to his talent.

    Until these rookie OL develop, until JW learns when a play is finished and it’s time to toss it out of bounds, I’m afraid we are doomed to see Lovie/Dungy/Gruden ball because of the talent and their lack of experiece.

    And I do agree that we’re going to see the Jags/Koetter not the Falcons/Koetter for quite awhile until the collection of rookies can develop into an actual unit.

    In addition we have two all pros on the D side of the ball, and a rookie at MLB who could be the real deal.

    At the end of the season we’ll see how it all develops. And again..if Lovie doesn’t win at least six with what I believe to be 8-8 talent I’ll jump on your bandwagon.

  17. Joe Says:

    Lovie goes thru fall guys (offensive coordinators) quicker than Bucs fans go thru a 12 pack

    Nice! 🙂

  18. drdneast Says:

    A huge turnover at the OC position in the NFL is not unique. To claim it is is purposely misleading.
    All I know about Tedford is that he is a quitter. After he gets fired in Canada he might as well retire.