“He’s A Gunslinger”

September 11th, 2015
Talkin' Jameis.

Talkin’ Jameis.

When the PC crowd and those who daily look for reasons to be offended and outraged learned the Bucs were interested in drafting America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, their reaction was as if Team Glazer ordered cable TV stations to remove Lifetime and MSNBC from their channel options.

So just from the PC-public standpoint alone, Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht stuck his neck out in drafting Jameis. In the BSPN video below, Licht talks about Jameis, as the rookie is hours away from his first NFL game.

Licht has such a smile on his face, it’s the type of reaction Joe guesses many would elicit if a Bucs cheerleader performed a private, sultry dance in the comfort of their home.

12 Responses to ““He’s A Gunslinger””

  1. Joehelldeloxley Says:

    Ok Joe if you are able to make that happen (a bucs cheerleader privat dance) you are allowed to film my face and compare it to our GM 🙂

    More seriously, GM Licht drafted the guy, and as a 1st pick ! What do you want him to say ? “I just want to say to the fans, sorry, I made a mistake I should shave take this one”.

    We will see sunday if Jameis Winston can be as good as he is expected to be, if he can be this leader, the guy who will make all the team improve and win.

  2. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Is “Gunslinger” code for he’s going to throw a lot of picks? I’ll settle for just a smart QB that takes care of the football. Didn’t we have a QB here that would make dazzling plays but also throw head scratching picks in Freeman.

  3. Bucco Brice Says:

    hope “the gunslinger” hands the ball off lots and has 0 turnovers this week. that’s how we’re gonna win games this year…

  4. Tom Edrington Says:

    When I hear “gunslinger” I think most of them get shot……..hell Pilgrim, we need John Wayne

  5. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Gunslinger is code for Brett Favre.

  6. Smitty Says:

    [Sorry, Jameis was never charged for this allegation. Claiming any Bucs player committed a felony when that is not the case can and will get you run from this site. Tread carefully, sir. — Joe.]

  7. RachelWatson'sthong Says:

    Dilfer was a pure interception machine. THAT bar has been set for poor performance.

  8. Buc1987 Says:


  9. Tiny Tim Says:

    Dear buc fans,

    Please note, seasoned hall of fame qb’s ie Manning in the 2013 AFC championship in OT (and many other games before that) threw an int when the play was over to lose to Baltimore. It happens all the time. See Drew Breese, or even Farve who did this numerous times. Please do not over analyze Jameis to the point you take his effectiveness away. Please note buc fans, ints are a part of football. I know we as fans are not use to having a franchise qb and we have only observed franchise qbs from a far so we are under the uneducated impression that great qb’s do not make bone headed plays. We are under the impression that if a QB throws and int and we loose that game then it is the qb’s fault. But please note, the great Manning and Farve and Breese and insert whoever name here all threw/throw ints when they should have thrown the stupid ball away. THe difference is those guys have the talent/confidence within themselves to bounce back from a horrible mistake or as Jameis says “snap and clear.”

    The problem is we have never had a qb with this much talent and we are used to blaming the qb for a lost just because he threw an int during the game. We have lost 7 games in a row to the Saints and I bet you Breese has thrown at least 3 ints in at least four of those games against us. Yes Jameis will throw his share of ints, but he will also make he share of big plays. In order to do that, you have to let him play and not ask him to be some type of robot or game manager. Throwing a boneheaded int is not a death sentence. We have had qbs that didn’t make many mistakes but we still only won 4-5 games. Give me a qb with tremendous talent that can “snap and clear” with a never say die attitude and I can live with the results.



  10. Eric Hughes Says:


    EARNED the scrutiny? You need to get your facts straight. You seem to be one of the many who follow the media blindly. The only bad decisions that he made were the shoplifting and not realizing he needed to change due to the spotlight on him from winning the Heisman and National Championship. I could say one more, but it’s so trivial and only made the news due to the media being the media and trying to make money. The fact about Jameis is that most don’t seem to know the facts about everything surrounding Winston when it’s actually available for all to find if they dig a little.

    I will say this though. A former Supreme Court Chief Justice, who’s reputation is beyond reproach and has no ties to anything FSU, spent several days going over 1000s of pages of documents, testimony of witnesses and investigators, and had the benefit of using less burden of proof than criminal courts to find Winston responsible for a crime against a woman. His finding was Jameis Winston is not responsible. This is in addition to 2 other investigations that could not find the witness credible or proof of a crime. The media never did report both sides fairly based on the facts of this false accusation. Explain that one to me.

    Now tell me what he actually earned that is actually a problem other than the shoplifting incident. Can’t wait to hear this one. Wait…just so we are clear on each one I will help.

    1. BB gun incident 2012 – Damage to windows by football players in BB gun fight- All players came to agreement with police and property manager to pay damages in a set time or be charged with a crime for damages. Paid the $4000 in damages. — ESPN fails to report that Winston made statement to cops and apartment manager that he did not shoot or possess a gun and that nobody witnessed JW carrying or firing a gun. He was presumed to be a part of the incident as it was at his apartment complex and it was football players involved. Media being the media to sell a story instead of telling actual story or the truth.

    2. BK incident 2012 – Supposedly he was caught taking coke with a water cup and was asked to leave premises. — ESPN fails to report that description by the worker in the 911 call is of 3 male 6’ tall and nobody in store mentions Winston by name or says they recognize him during 911 call. Nobody says it’s football players either. Check the 911 call transcript that ESPN failed to show. ESPN also said it was 4 people when 911 call says 3. Media failing to present facts again to tell a story.

    3. BB gun incident 2012 – Jameis was off campus on a trail with Chris Casher and local residents notified police of 2 men carrying a gun. Cops came to scene to investigate. No wrong doing, but asked to vacate the area due to local complaints of 2 men carrying a gun. — ESPN fails to report that Winston is not mentioned as carrying the gun and there is no witness to say as much. There was no wrong doing and it was not on campus as reported. Again…media doing what they do to sell a story and create controversy.

    4. Spoke, not yelled, popular vulgar meme while in student union at FSU. (Suspended 1 game) — ESPN fails to report that JW was never seen on a table and was actually at top of stairs walking with other students during time between classes. I was a student at FSU. There are no tables in the student union. That was lie number 1. Kief Osceola on Twitter was a witness and confirmed all the false reporting by the media. None of the media reported what Kief Osceola published in Tweets and went with the most sensationalized story possible to create controversy again.

    3 of those incidents weren’t even known or reported on before the false allegation against Winston because he was a nobody and in his redshirt freshman year at FSU. The media failed to report correctly. This info is out there for all to find if people would actually do a little research.

    The problem today is that most people are sheep and follow the media blindly. The media knows that nobody will do the necessary fact checking. The media is in business to make money and scandals and controversy sell more than good guy stories. Just a horrible fact that cannot be refuted. If you do the research, you will see that your state is WAY off base. He did not deserve the scrutiny he got due to the media not reporting honestly and with all the facts.

    So let’s drop all the BS about his past. He’s moved on and in a positive direction. Let’s support the BUCS and hope for an improved season. GO BUCS

  11. Pick6 Says:

    thank you Eric Hughes. in the future i will just point people to your comment here instead of expending time and sanity breaking it all down for people who never get past the headlines. clearly and rationally stated, i hope it convinces some more people that they’ve perhaps misjudged the kid

  12. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Well thought out excellent post. And I’m a guy who was very critical during the draft debate. But since then I’ve credited 87 with the correct assessment.

    JW was terribly immature. But he just had his 21st birthday a few months back and he has shown great maturity since he’s been drafted.

    Time to let this go! But if you wish cut and paste it somewhere in your computer so you can simply cut and paste it here if some jackwagon brings it up again.