Lovie “Has To Be A Great Coach”

September 15th, 2015
A Yahoo! Sports columnist has more harsh words for Bucs coach Lovie Smith.

A Yahoo! Sports columnist has more harsh words for Bucs coach Lovie Smith.

Joe knows avowed haters of America’s Quarterback, Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston, erupted with glee Sunday the way Lovie Smith offered a woefully unprepared defense — yes, Joe heard what Lovie said yesterday.

More importantly, Joe saw with his own eyes what made Marcus Mariota, a rookie quarterback making his NFL debut, look like a combination of Joe Montana and John Elway in their prime.

It was as shameful of a defensive performance as Joe has ever seen, given the Bucs had four months to prepare. It didn’t look like they spent four hours devising a scheme to slow down Mariota.

And while the Jameis haters are having a parade, Eric Adelson of Yahoo! Sports believes the questions need to be placed at the feet of not Jameis, but of Lovie himself. In fact, Adelson implies after Sunday, the only way Lovie will have any job security with the Bucs is if he suddenly makes an unforeseen playoff run this season.

Beyond Winston’s readiness for the NFL, which will take weeks or even years to determine, there are more pressing questions about whether Smith is the right head coach for a team with so little offensive spark. The blocking is mediocre at best, and so is the play-calling, and therefore so is the rushing attack. That’s a lot to put on a rookie passer who already has an injury limiting his mobility. Winston has to only be a good quarterback to allay nerves in Tampa, but Smith has to be a great coach. He still has never won a regular-season game in this stadium, and right now he’s making the reviled Greg Schiano look like he knew what he was doing.

It’s going to be a long, long, long while before Bucs fans forget about Sunday. Joe has run out of adjectives to describe how truly unnerving it was the Bucs looked so helplessly clueless on defense.

Joe won’t go so far as to say offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter handcuffed Jameis. But Koetter stated not quite a week ago there were various formations and line-calls that the Bucs could use to buy Jameis more time. Joe didn’t see any of that Sunday.

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  1. The Buc Realist Says:


    I have talked to a lot of fans and they already have “checked out”!!! And we all know that is a death sentence for the head coach! He does have to coach this team to a wild card at this point to change minds. I don’t think that 3 “surprise” wins are going to change minds that this team is heading in the right direction!

  2. tdtb2015 Says:


    We were supposed to be 1-0. It FELLS like 0-15 with Jimmy throwing HIGH SCHOOL Ints!!!!!!

    No I don’t hate Jimmy. But I do hate those kind of INTs!!!

  3. tdtb2015 Says:


  4. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    LUVMYBUCS on the other thread had a great breakdown on the niners and all their dysfunction and team turnover and loss of defensive players and etc….weird that the niners DC, Eric Mangini is able to get his players to work and adapt a system to all those loses and look pretty dominant against a team expected to be in the playoffs LOVIE SUCKS

  5. Casual Observer Says:

    Didn’t Lovie say it’s only one game. And didn’t he say last year, It’s only one season. After next week’s loss to N.O., don’t you think he’ll say, it’s only two games. Is there a trend here?

  6. Stevek Says:

    I didn’t think our team was “ready” to use a top draft pick on a QB. It would’ve been nice to shop the pick and gain a lot of picks to fix our trenches. It’s irresponsible to spend a #1 overall pick on a guy you plan on trotting out there like a piñata.

    Lovie also looks much more helpless than Schiano ever did. Could you imagine if Lovie had to overcome MRSA, your veteran QB melting down, and the loss of a prized FA OL- Carl Nicks. I think it’s impressive to say the least that Schiano won twice as many games as Lovie in his first year.

    I hope Lovie can turn it around, but I have zero hope. I find it laughable that a majority of the fan base and press didn’t like Schiano for being a jerk. That Rutgers jerk was twice the winner Lovie is in his worst year.

    I just don’t understand why our team is so bad. Lovie looking emotionless after a major butt whooping makes me mad. Where is the accountability.

    We have the #1 waiver priority for a reason, start cutting mofos until people want to play.

    Jason Licht and Lovie Smith, time to wake the fcuk up and smell the roses!

  7. destro44 Says:

    Lovie is failing in the most important of the job. Inspiring his players to play hard every week. This team continues to lay duds. I don’t think its to early for team Glazer to send a message and hand Lovie his walking papers. The team won’t suffer from a tactical aspect. Simply insert Frazier as interim Head Coach and DC. He has head coaching experience and wouldn’t overhaul the defensive system so no loss there. It would probably allow Koetter some more freedom with the offense as well. Maybe it would finally light a fire under this team.

  8. DrHoagy Says:

    I think Ken Whisenhunt out prepared and out coached Lovie. The defense was ill prepared for the Spead option quick read short slants that Mariota excelled at in college. It’s like he forgot that Whisenhunt had Rothlesberger and utilized his skill set to help mold him into a Super Bowl Champ. Mariota has a better skill set to start with. Short quick play action passes, just like he did at Oregon and he made the Bucs D look like Oregon State.
    Any adjustments were inadquate or just not noticable. I think Lovie needs to take note of how Whisenhunt utilized the quick passes and let Koetter do the same.
    Oh, and that offensive line was for the most part just that, offensive.
    The bottom line for me is this, I have had no faith in Leslie Frazier as a DC or George Warhop as a Offensive Line coach and the hiring of both falls on Lovie since Licht wasn’t here yet.

  9. Bucco Brice Says:

    LOVIE’s ON LIFE SUPPORT…”simple as that”…

  10. Bucco Brice Says:

    YES, FANS HAVE CHECKED OUT ALREADY…”simple as that”..

  11. Brent Allen Says:

    Part of why this team is so bad is we have a revolving door at the HC and GM positions. Tampa Bay has a culture of losing, and it takes strong, consistent leadership over several seasons to change that. It’s why things went well when Dungy came in. Then after the Super Bowl win, they started dismantling the team, selling off players like a stripped down car. Gruden had several years and the team turned back to a culture of losing. I get why he was fired. Raheem had a team quit on him. He needed to be fired. But I didn’t get why Schiano was fired. It started working, and I honestly thought he deserved another year. Sure the team melted down in the second half of his second season, but look what the guy had to overcome. But they fired him too. Fine. To turn around and fired Lovie so quickly (2 seasons is quick) it could be a mistake. Maybe not. Lets give him some time to either hang himself or redeem himself

  12. destro44 Says:

    So lets discuss the most important thing.


  13. Tampa Tony Says:

    All three first year never been head coaches won this week. All had their teams prepared and installed new systems.

    No excuses Lovie

  14. Bucnjim Says:

    Defense may have sucked, but the end of the game was the pick six on the first pass of the game! Spin things any way you want, but if Winston at least put a small drive together even if we had to punt still only down by 7. Going three and out several times and giving the Titans the ball mid field didn’t help either.

  15. Clodhopper Says:

    Well if Lovie needs to be a great coach, that obviously means we are toast. He’s been nothing more than a soft spoken dunce since he got here. The losing is a pattern. The being out-coached is a pattern. The being out quarterbacked is a pattern. The being out-hustled is a pattern. Remember those 2 games you won, Lovie? Those were two separate “just one game” occasions.

  16. Joehelldeloxley Says:

    As I stated already I’m french. In our football we have the promotion/relegation system which doesn’t allow coach to make some changes before it’s really too late.

    In your football, you don’t have that. So last year after being something like 2-8, 2-9, I would have understand the coach saying, “season is dead, I will make my players or next year players play even if they are rookies or what se over”. I could have understand that, it would have been the perfet opportunity for these players to learn or perfect their learning of a new system.

    With some good additions with the draft or FA, you would have then an improved defense.

    Instead we have this depressive unit, running around like beheaded chicken.

    I understand that we have a DC but for what ? the HC is calling the plays ! So get rid of the DC and save money !

    When Dirk Koetter signed, a lot of people here were very happy, which I understood after seeing the Falcons playing against us or more precisely over us !

    Now he is already branded as a fraud because of one game. I think it’s a bit harsh but ok.

    So what’s now ? Apart a serie of HUGE disappointment an defeats ? I don’t know. CLearly something is not working somewhere or everywhere but where to start ?

  17. Tom Edrington Says:

    I will defer to Tampa Tribune columnist Martin Fennelly who is an eloquent scribe and once again hit the nail square on the head in his Tuesday morning column….read it and all we need do is agree with him whole-heartedly…..

    Lovie is his own worst enemy….

    OBW, Dan Quinn showed us what real coaching looks like last night in Atlanta…

  18. passthebuc Says:

    First rule of investing.
    Cut your losses and move on.
    If one thinks that we will see a different result with the same action, they are delusional.

  19. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    @ Brent Allen

    Let me share my “conspiracy theory” on why Schiano got boned by the Bucs:

    (1) media hatchet job…Glazers don’t like negative headlines
    (2) new uniforms coming…Glazers like making $$$$. Lovie was a great PR hire to re-engage a large segment of the fanbase that is still stuck living in Buccaneers past. It would have worked well (merchandise sales and tix) except there was one problem…2-14!
    (3) Mark Dominick…I think the Glazers had seen enough of the Rockstar and were ready to move on. Unfortunately for Schiano that meant he was gonna get flushed too (usually a new GM likes to come in and select his HC)

  20. flmike Says:

    I’m just hoping Lovie drops the next three in just as an embarrassing fashion so the boys can just fire his ass and get it over with…name Frazier the interim head coach, let Koetter do what he can to make “The Savior” note the sarcasm look at least not like a 3rd year college QB which is what he is and then hope for the best in trying to recruit a head coach who at least realizes it’s 2015 and not 1998.

    I believe if Winston had stayed in school his numbers and draft position would have plummeted this season as they were already in a downward trend last season….all you Winstonites were sold a bill of goods, take away the bad line play and just look at his throws, his mechanics are Leftwich level at best, he winds up like a left fielder trying to gun someone out at homeplate, and his foot work is truly awful, he may have played in a pro style offense but he is nowhere near pro ready, he needs to be carrying a clipboard not calling the plays….

  21. CC Says:

    tdtb2015…. using the word Jimmy instead of Jameis is racist you pos. You think your funny, but you are an offensive ahole. Joe, you need to ban this guy.

  22. Bucco Brice Says:

    @Brent Allen…
    SCHIANO GOT A RAW DEAL…”simple as that”..

  23. RachelWatson'sthong Says:

    I never reviled Schiano. He had a vision. He was in control. His press conferences were always interesting and he intelligently answered the whys, whats, and whatever’s asked of him. He was never mealymouthed or redirected the question with his answer.
    His last year, he dealt with many problems that were beyond his control. I would have liked to see him develop into an NFL coach, which he would have.
    Now Lovie on the other hand is a nice guy. That’s all I can think of to say good about him. Unfortunately, the year started exactly as I expected. I have held from commenting because I couldn’t fake Hopeful Optimism.
    I suspect the season is already over. (again) I hope I’m wrong. I love going to the games. It’s a Tampa Event! The Bucs had a full house and a chance to keep it that way with a decent performance. They totally Shat their pants! Totally! I could smell it from the Club Seats.
    I don’t know when they will pull the trigger but Lovie must go. If Koettner is willing to take it, we have the interim coach in place already. He’s on record saying he doesn’t want to be a head coach. If he doesn’t want it, we have Leslie on board. He’s got head coaching experience. I don’t ever remember the Vikes being embarrassingly curb stomped the way our Beloved Bucs have been under Loveless many many times. I have personally seen enough of The Lovie Dovie show. He’s not fit to wear the colors of our new atrocious new uniforms.

  24. passthebuc Says:

    you hit the nail on the head. Winston is 3 years and a mechanics makeover to be NFL ready, if ever. Why Winston, to begin with you ask, to put seats in the stands. Well, the achieved that goal, at least for the 1st half. The franchise has maybe the worst record in the NFL for evaluating talent. When we do pick a Gem, its 3rd and 4th round luck. I would like to blame Lovie for all this but the blame falls on the shoulders of the Glazer’s and no one else. The need a president of football operations, someone that has the authority to hire and fire. Someone with football knowledge. That guy might be Tony Dungy or ??????????????

  25. DefenseRules Says:

    Lovie’s ‘Stay the course, men, we’re going to right the ship’ doesn’t work if the ship is heading over Niagara Falls. ‘Row harder’ only means you’ll go over the Falls faster.

    The way Lovie implements the Tampa-2 is far too predictable for today’s NFL. Watching the game Sunday (I admittedly left after 3 quarters), the Bucs defense looked soooo predictable. Mariota did an excellent job of picking them apart, but most NFL QBs would’ve had similar results.

    One more observation: we have yet to win a home game in the new uniforms. Obviously we need a uniform change.

  26. destro44 Says:

    @ bucnjim

    I would even say 3 plays ended this game.
    -Major Wright penalty
    -Breakdown on big pass play TD
    -Pick six

    The team packed it in with the exception of maybe a handful of plays. It’s because our team are a bunch of career losers. Losing is “ok” here. Winning teams, proud teams don’t quit after 3 bad plays with 3 and a half quarters to play. It’s about a teams character and that starts with the head coach.

    Side note, does anyone know who’s call it was to shut down Mike Evans. Because if he wanted to go and Lovie said no, that sent a bad message to the team as well. Also this its just one game comment is BS. You can’t inspire the team to play each game like its the most important game if you then say “hey its just one game” tell me then what game is important. Because you don’t play a playoff game without playing the season like every game is a playoff game.

  27. FortMyersDave Says:

    Adelson makes a great point: its hard to pile on Jameis when Lovie supposedly spent 4 months preparing for Mariota and the Titans just to serve up that slop on Sunday. The defense is bad and predictable: how many points will the Saints put up: 42, 45, 49, 56????? Even if Jameis improves and Mike Evans actually plays they’ll probably lose 52-24 with a chance that Lovie pulls Winston and lets MG3 perform mop up duty. Unless the D shows up, this rookie qb does not have a chance and that D is Lovie’s D. What a train wreck…..

  28. The Buc Realist Says:

    I will be amazed if the Bucs have a lead in a game at this point!!! Very hard to play “your” style of football when you fall behind early and often!!!!

    Jameis has no chance with the division’s 4th worst Head Coach!!!!

  29. Ra'Shad Says:

    I normally don’t read or respond to posts but you guys on here suck. You suck worse than the performance on Sunday. You are not fans. The Bucs suck because there is no stability. Every two years we are getting a new coach. The front office is changing, players to fit a scheme, etc.. I know Lovie shows no emotion and he’s determined to play cover 2, but damn you guys complain about everything. Had we drafted Mariota and Winston shreds us then what?? You would still sing the same song, “Mariota is a bust, Lovie sucks, blah, blah, blah”. Hell, I’m tired of losing too, I live in charlotte, and I got to deal with the panthers’ fans all year long. I support the bucs no matter what, but damn to say the season is over after one game, to say Winston is a bust after one game, to say that you checked out after one game is ridiculous. And for you who thinks Mariota is the real deal see RGIII. He didn’t run cause he did not have to against us, but believe me that bull he got away with Sunday will not every Sunday. You complain about we don’t have talent, you know why?? Because of the poor talent we drafted over the years. We can’t get premier pass rushers because nobody wants to come to Tampa. So we have to draft players and hope we get the production. You complained about Jon Gruden until he got ran out of town. The man got fired after two 9-7 season. How many of you wish for a 9-7 season now? I do…. I said all of that to say ride with team and support the team. Lovie is losing my confidence but I’m not going to call Winston a bust after one game.

  30. bucrightoff Says:

    It sucks that we have to bottom out (again) and start over with a new coach (again), but does anyone really have any faith Lovie can turn us into a consistent winner? He never did in Chicago with some pretty damn good defensive talent. Yeah its totally embarrassing for the Glazer boys to piss away $20 million for nothing, but this fan base is dying and Lovie isn’t the man to resurrect it and we all know it.

  31. Bucco Brice Says:

    SUNDAY WAS THE LAST STRAW, I’VE HAD IT…”simple as that”

  32. CAN'T FIX IT Says:

    Where do you get off calling some one racist just by calling him jimmy , Your racist for just thinking that bull crap, You must be black, Because that the first thing comes out of your mouth if something don’t go your way, VERY SMART DUDE !!!

  33. RachelWatson'sthong Says:

    Ra’Shad, you’re the kind of guy that comes home to find somebody giving it to your old lady like you never could. Instead of putting a stop to it you say, “Oh! excuse me Honey. Are you going to be long? I wanted to wash the sheets.”
    A man knows when to say enough is enough. Let me know if you ever get there.
    With the Bucs, enough is already too much. We aren’t the ignorant Browns fans. That Super Bowl trophy “Grace” was worn out about 5 seasons ago.
    We need someone, At least one, that knows what the Hell they are doing. We have not one.

  34. Aaron Says:

    I’m usually a “RELAX” type of person when it comes to football. You are never as Bad as you look or as Good as you look…this perception can help with betting football too, BUT I think the Bucs may be the exception. Just using the eye test – what have we seen from last year to the 3rd “dress” rehearsal preseason game to Sunday?

    If you scan the rest of the NFL (NFL redzone) – it’s amazing how many teams have players with Juice on Offense. We have 1 player like that and he can’t keep his hamstring healthy. Its hard in today’s NFL to win hitting singles and that’s what we have when Evans is on the bench…no D is scared of anything our O brings to the table.

    Saying all of that, I’m not sure how we fix it. Who wants to come here? This franchise has been stood up by how many great coaches? So we fire Lovie – then we hire…? College coach?

    Well, we played the Saints tough both times we played them last year…hopefully we can play and compete. This is starting to get embarrassing – every year I need to pick another team to root for just to keep the season interesting. I’m a born and raised Tampa guy – so this tough for me. I think I’m going to root for Arizona this year…

  35. OklahomaBucFan Says:

    Make Koetter the head coach and get rid of Lovie, Frazier and Warhop! Nickerson can be the Defensive Coordinator.

  36. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Hey Joe, did you see who was the main guy, other than the head coach of course, that had Mariota ready to play? None other than McNulty. The guy we had here a few years ago.

  37. rhenry Says:

    Everyone should relax, football does not start until November. Fire this assclown now.

  38. Ra'Shad Says:


    Two totally different things. My question is how can we get some where if there is no stability. Me personally I liked Schiano. They ran him away. Glennon was/is servicable. If Schiano would have made it to year three we would have been in the playoffs. And about your scenerio, I’m the guy that giving it to someones’ wife.

  39. bucrightoff Says:

    Stability is nice, but Lovie isn’t some NFL newbie who needs time to show us what he can do. It’s why I would have been fine with year 3 for Schiano, maybe he turns the corner and learns something new. Lovie is now in season 11 as a NFL coach and pretty much nothing has changed over the years with him, he is what he is…which is what we’re seeing now that he doesn’t have a couple HOFers in his defenses.

  40. Buccfan37 Says:

    I guess you can throw out the old cliche “time heals all wounds”. This wound is grave and the team came out bewildered, close to DOA.

  41. BlogTalkFootball Says:

    We need emotion from our head coach! When he is mad as hell, I want the players to know it!
    But it seemed like the defense deflated after that drive saving penalty to Wright. At that point, the defense needed someone to wake them the heck up.

    And what the frick was the deal with Cherilus looking like he weighed 10 lbs? The Titans defense kept driving him back…

    We need players and coaches with heart. I am planning on listing my tickets on TicketExchange for the rest of the season.

  42. Mo_Downs Says:

    Man, I’d like to see Lovie pound on the podium and shout about a lack of execution by “paycheck players” players.

    In case you don’t know what a “paycheck player is: 1) goes to practice 2) practices “hard”, 3) goes to meetings, 4) gets dressed for games, 5) plays with “no impact”, 6) speaks to reporters about needing a better TEAM effort, 7) collects his check, repeat.

    Yes, it’s time for Lovie to throw some players and coaches under the bus and change the locker room mentality from “it’s only one game” to “you only get one chance to fail”. From what I can see this team is SOFT, period.

    Which player on the Bucs is feared by the opposition?
    Who do we have on offense/defense that the opposition has to game plan to stop?
    Which QB looked like he was using a “game plan”?
    Which team had receivers that were clearly OPEN, all game.
    Which team looked like they could run, catch, block and tackle?
    Which team looked like they were into the game?
    Which team looked like they were thinking about choosing the color of their “next” new car?

    I’ve seen this before in Chicago. Lovie doesn’t instill a sense of (FEAR) urgency in his team or the coaches. He tried when he called out Leslie Frazier but I think that Frazier just responded by laying back and phoning-in his responsibilities rather than being inspired to hold players accountable for obvious mistakes. Any defensive players who don’t know the coverages by now should be shown the door, period.

    Consider how Mike Martz, OC under Lovie, went from an offensive genius to a paycheck OC. Now, consider how Koetter has regressed and allowed our offense to flounder. Why? Lovie is soft with both players and coaches and they mistake his kindness for weakness. They all take advantage of his personality, collect their checks and don’t fight for him.

    Exactly WHO was MAD and crazy-emotional after the game? Dudes, this is football, not baseball.

    You’ve got to wear your emotions on your sleeve, play angry, and let the opposition know you came to play and plan to beat them down any way you can. The NFL is not the PGA. This is not a gentleman’s game.
    You’ve got to play angry.

    Lastly, why are all the speed guys on the practice squad? Jackson and Evans are slow and can’t get separation without OPI or a soft prevent coverage.

    I find it hard to believe that Winston refused to throw to “open” receivers. The more likely scenario is that the Bucs receivers weren’t getting open because they’re SLOW and easy to cover.

    Perhaps Lovie is destined to only be a DC. A HC needs more fire in his (belly) personality so that his team FEARS him and looks for sympathy from their position coaches.

  43. DallasBuc Says:

    Anyone care to step up now and tell me I’m not a Bucs fan for calling Lovie Smith an incompetent HC?
    Where are all the indignant fan police at now?

  44. ElioT Says:

    Absolute worst start imaginable and everyone on this team and in this city knows it. Five minutes into the season and any confidence or hope was lost.

    There’s no swagger or fight on this team, just a bunch of dude’s getting paid at this point.

    Brees will light this sh*tty defense up and the Texans’ D will completely tear apart the Sucs’ offense.

    The Sucs’ are coming back for the Panthers on October 4th with an 0-3 record and Lovie will have lost the entire team. 0-4 and most likely 0-5 at the hands of the Jags before the bye week.

    Season ticket holders, PLEASE BOYCOTT THIS TEAM!

    Cut your losses now, don’t waste any more money on parking, concessions, etc… don’t risk the DUI driving home, don’t waste your Sunday on this pathetic excuse for a football team.



    Go Sucs!

  45. Bucs53 Says:

    Those calling for Koetter to take over as HC are showing their utter ignorance. He did nothing to help win that game the other day, and has done nothing in the past that shows he would be a successful HC. Beyond that, do you want him focusing entirely on fixing the Offense or do you want his attentions divided by the duties of an HC?

    Truthfully, if they were to fire Lovie, which they won’t (and shouldn’t until after the season) they would probably make Frazier Interim HC, since he knows the job and isn’t adding much to the defense anyway.

    Trust me, I want Lovie GONE, but the reactionaries calling for Winston’s head and Lovie to be fired right now are just that—reactionaries, with zero logic to back them up.

  46. Big Irish Says:

    Everybody is checking out. Sounds like I’m going to be able to move my seats down to the front row of Section 318.

  47. mac Says:

    @ bucs53

    I don’t think I letter should be head coach. However, are you really going to blame Koetter for that mess on Sunday? Our defense allowed two easy TDs and Winston threw a pick six… Boom 21-0 before Koetter could call his fourth play…

    What in the hell can Koetter do about that? Winston sucked the entire first half and our defense is a complete joke!!!

    Come on man!!!!

  48. Charlie V Says:

    Love doing a great job of coaching? Mission Impossible …. Love is the worst Buc’s coach in the teams history. Thats an incredible accomplishment considering the number of lousy coach’s to flame out here. The man is either a total incompetent or a fool who likes to embarrass himself and the organization he represents. Its time to empty the garbage. Kick Lovie to the curb ASAP to keep the rot and stench from spreading more than it already has.

  49. mac Says:


    I don’t think Koetter should be head coach….

  50. Bucit88 Says:

    Yes people this is deflating to say the least but we can’t keep firing head coaches and hiring new ones thinking things are gonna change especially in 2 years. That never works the only time I think that worked was in Kansas City when andy reid came in but that’s cuz he is a REAL coach but let’s just keep Lovie and let this team grow together because once a new coach comes in then comes a new playbook which will set us back to square 1 smh. Yea I lost confidence in Lovie but as a fan I’m relying on some kind of miracle to happen wit these players to get them going and so should you!!

  51. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    R’shad…you are right on the Schiano removal he should have been given another year…people in the media like the big dog helped to get rid of schiano…due to the way he allegedly treated big dogs boy freeman…oh seems schiano was right on that one….big dog was wrong again…schiano had the defense playing tough and in the top 10 and LVD and GMC were all pros….now the defense and the team resemble the DC/HC and it looks terrible

  52. NashvilleBuc Says:

    I’ll say it. I did think you were a bit of a troll and possibly not even a fan.
    I can’t say your constant negativity is pleasant to read, but at the moment it does seem like it’s simply the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts.

  53. bucrightoff Says:

    Bucit88 Says:
    September 15th, 2015 at 11:00 am
    Yes people this is deflating to say the least but we can’t keep firing head coaches and hiring new ones thinking things are gonna change especially in 2 years. That never works the only time I think that worked was in Kansas City when andy reid came in but that’s cuz he is a REAL coach but let’s just keep Lovie and let this team grow together because once a new coach comes in then comes a new playbook which will set us back to square 1 smh. Yea I lost confidence in Lovie but as a fan I’m relying on some kind of miracle to happen wit these players to get them going and so should you!!

    So you basically wanna hope that with enough pushing, the square peg is going to fit into the round hole. Hey maybe it will, but you’re basically praying for a miracle. Again no one wants to start over again, but no one also wants to invest more seasons in Lovie Smith and his 2-15, should be 1-16, might even be 0-17 record so far as coach. He’s at his absolute peak a top 15 NFL coach. We should want better right?

  54. Bucs53 Says:


    Do you read the articles or just come here for the pictures?

    Joe made the point (and correctly) that Keotter talked about schematics (blocking schemes, step drops, short passes) that could help James handle some of the pressure he was going to inevitably face. WHERE WERE THEY??? Or what about about following through on the commitment to the run game?

    Jameis made some awful rookie mistakes, but to lay the fault solely at his feet, and to not see how Koetter let the offense down in this game shows a lack of understanding of the game.

  55. mac Says:


    Did you watch the game? Did you see Winston’s pick six? Was that not a quick short pass?

    Commitment to the run game? The score was 21-0 before we ran our fourth play!!!

    You think we should have just “run the football” being down 21 points?

    Are you paying attention or just spewing idiodic BS?

  56. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    BUCRIGHTOFF…….you sir are 100% on the mark with that….should never have won the Pitt game last year, so lovie is lucky with the one win…and the bucs were embarassed on national tv as looking unprepared….he should have been gone last year

  57. Jeff Says:

    Glazers should fire Lovie just like Light canned Collins and Johnson. It’s painfully clear to everyone that the NFL has passed Lovie by. He wants to run the same defense as Dungy did in 1996. Our vaunted 2002 defense would get punked in today’s NFL. The offensive schemes are so progressive they would destroy our soft zone coverage scheme. I am so HAPPY that Lovie is calling the plays on defense. This is our BEST CHANGE of getting him out of here. Make Dirk the head coach and go get a top noth 3-4 defensive mind to fix this garbage.

  58. Bucs53 Says:

    I think we’re done here. Do yourself a favor, take a spin around the web, check out some articles discussing how the Bucs offense performed, and see what they say about what was Winston’s fault, what wasn’t Winston’s fault, how the Oline performed, whether we should have stuck with the run game, and how Koetter’s play calling effected the game, and you will be surprised to learn that most people who actually know a thing or two about football don’t agree with you.

    In other words, educate yourself, and then come back to the adult’s table.

  59. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    you dont need a 3-4 scheme to fix this team, because the bucs do not have that personnel today with this team, they just need to combine some aspects of the Tampa 2 with what is being done in places like jville, ATL, seattle, univ of alabama, UF, where they have the base 4-3 over but they are all hybrid Tampa 2, where they may play more nickel so basically have a 4-2 and then they bring heat from all over but to your point all these creative DCs do not sit in a zone and let a rookie rip you apart, lovie is lost

  60. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    In conclusion…that 52 yard bomb for the opening TD….the dart through the tight window of three Buc defenders who WERE in the right position..the field awareness, mobility displayed by MM were all LUCK It’s not like the throws an accurate tight spiral…NO it was Lovie’s D making those passes.

    Fameis OTOH was handicapped by Lovies awful coaching, poor OL play, bad calls from the refs, and like MM his game was handicapped by LUCK…BAD LUCK

    And so..MM=Lucky JW= Bad luck That’s pretty much the analysis of QB play Sunday,.

  61. mac Says:

    @ 53

    I agree… No sense arguing with someone who is so clueless to think that the score of a football game doesn’t dictate or influence in any way an offensive coordinator’s play calling…

    We were losing big the entire game… You think dive plays up the middle and two yard passes are the answer?

    Shows what you know… Lol

  62. mac Says:

    Why does Tampa have so many ignorant fans?

  63. Frank Pillow Says:

    It’s a miracle that Lovie managed to eek out a few good seasons in Chicago. He is the worst game-day coach I’ve ever seen and that’s saying something arpound here. What’s terrifying is his blissful ignorance of what’s happening right in front of him. He has a staff loaded with sycophants who aren’t doing their jobs either. I’m looking at you O’Dea and Warhop. Sorry Hardy, but the LB play on Sunday was atrocious.

    What’s so frustrating is how we’re losing. Week after week we look completely inept and disconnected. I think with this beat down part of what you’re seeing on the field (on D) are players not trusting or believing in the system. Especially the back 7. Why? Well, because they’re never in position to be aggressive and create the very turnovers that Lovie believes are the keys to victory. The rules of the game have changed and have limited, in part, the effectiveness of a scheme that allows for catches and calls for big hits/forced turn-overs. The Major Wright penalty proves this.

    Sadly, this team could easily repeat 2-14 or worse. Easily. In fact, I don’t see a win before Halloween. Joe, do you?

    Look at Dan Quinn’s team last night. Flawed but played with passion. We haven’t played like that in YEARS. We don’t know how to win anymore and we’re saddled with a coach that doesn’t see or can’t see beyond putting a square peg in a round hole.

    If Lovie indeed starts 0-4 and the blow-outs continue, there needs to be serious consideration for terminating his contract in-season. The results can’t be any worse than what we saw on Sunday.

  64. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Not only could they not stop Mariota, but they failed to pick him too.

  65. crazy Says:

    Lovie is rapidly working himself out of a job. Winston will eventually be fine in the right scheme on the right team but look at the offensive opportunity Lovie passed over in order to recreate the Tampa Bay Bears. If Lovie were smart he’d go back to being the head coach and put Frazier back to work before the brothers decide they’ve seen enough from the defensive signal caller.

  66. BuccoBill Says:

    The Joe’s should get into politics! Now I’m not saying the defense was good, but it reminds me of the Democrats doing there best job of “Never mind that. Look over here”