Tim Wright Traded For Backup Kicker

August 31st, 2015

tim wrightTim Wright’s second tenure with the Buccaneers didn’t last long.

The Bucs shipped him and his Super Bowl off to a playoff team this morning.

In exchange for Wright, the Detroit Lions sent the Bucs backup kicker Kyle Brindza, per NFL Network.

The rookie Brindza has a hell of a story that included multiple childhood surgeries on his kicking foot, per the Detroit Free Press.

The Notre Dame grad is a kickoff specialist, in addition to booting field goals and extra points. In a preseason game against the Jets this year, Brindza had four kickoffs and none were returned.

Connor Barth and Patrick Murray both missed sub-50-yard field goals against the Browns on Saturday. And the Bucs appear to be scrambling for a consistent foot.

The moral of Tim Wright’s latest story seems to be, “Don’t drop a perfectly thrown 3rd-and-long throw from Jameis Winston,” which is what happened against the Bengals on Monday night.

Joe wishes Wright well. He’s a tough guy to ditch after 80 catches and 11 touchdowns in his first two NFL seasons.

53 Responses to “Tim Wright Traded For Backup Kicker”

  1. Tampa Tony Says:

    Dude goes from losers to Super Bowl champions back to losers then back to a playoff team.

  2. DB55 Says:

    Hey at least lion fans are happy, oddly so are some BUC fans.

    “but don’t you worry Mr Burke..our new addition has put up nearly1000 yrds receiving and 11 touchdowns over the last 2 years..so it’s a brilliant move by mayhew …to get a productive te in exchange for a kicker that we would’ve cut anyway!! ” – lions fan

  3. mac Says:

    Correction Joe…

    Tim Wright traded for a starting kicker…

    This guy is better then our current kickers… Plus as a bonus he can also handle kickoffs – one one out of six has been returned this preseason – which will allow us to dump Koenen and his crappy salary cap number…

  4. theodore Says:

    We talk as if the Bucs will be kicking off a lot.

  5. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    I would’ve preferred RB Zach Zenner, but O’ well.

  6. 77bassguitarist Says:

    @ theodore..LOL

  7. Tom S. Says:

    The streak remains intact #stillnevercutbytheBucs

  8. bucstop.com Says:

    Brindza Punts too. By Barth, Koenen and Murray

  9. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Zenner would be perfect for our single back/ I- formations. He would keep Doug on his grind too.

    Zach Zenner Highlights | HD‬

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Brindza can also punt which may come in handy..

    He set a Michigan high school state final record with a 70-yard punt in 2010 and also punted at Notre Dame, averaging 41.3 yards per kick in his final two seasons.

    I guess we wanted him in camp and kicking Thursday night or we could have simply waited for the waiver wire for him. Also, I think Tim Wright wasn’t going to be kept anyway….he can only catch it when Glennon throws to him.

    Lovie is starting to show a short fuse…..miss a kick….gone…..miss a pass…..gone….I think I like it……I guess…

  11. Bucit88 Says:

    So when ASJ doesn’t pan out who do we turn to?? Smh we could’ve wait till the waiver wire because the Lions were goin to cut him

  12. BucFan20 Says:

    So now we need to find a WR that does not constantly have hamstring problems and can catch balls from the savior in games. After all Evans has not caught one yet!

  13. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Koenen is history…..finally. We just paid for the Gosder…..

  14. Ernest T. Bass Says:

    The Lions rob the bank again from the Bucs! Getting a draft pick from our Dumb and Dumber GM when he didn’t have to, and now giving away talent for a backup kicker they could’ve signed when he was cut!

    Nice Geniuses at work at One Buc! Look at all the good players this regime has sent packing! Revis, Penn, Zuttah, Larsen, Barron, Wright!

  15. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Traded for a kicker. Sure why not…it’s not like we have any more pressing holes to fill, do we?

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I wonder if we might go with just one kicker….this guy averaged 50 yards on a couple of punts in preseason…….
    It would be a bit risky but would save a roster spot.

  17. D-Rome Says:

    The Bucs shipped him and his Super Bowl off to a playoff team this morning.

    Did you mean to add “ring” or “experience” in that sentence? I feel the Bucs could have made use of him.

    Nice Geniuses at work at One Buc! Look at all the good players this regime has sent packing! Revis, Penn, Zuttah, Larsen, Barron, Wright!

    Did you really mean to add Barron to that list? He wasn’t very good. In fact, he was a bust.

  18. mac Says:

    @ earnest

    I disagree… He just saved a few million in salary cap by trading away a TE that was getting cut…

    There is plenty to complain about but this isn’t one of them…

    And getting rid of Barron, Revis and Larson were not errors either…

  19. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Quit whining about every deal until it plays out…..we got Tim Wright back for nothing…..and they obviously weren’t going to keep him.

    I can only suppose that the only reasons we didn’t wait for the waiver wire for Brindza is that we either wanted to play him Thursday…..or it’s possible there were other trade offers for him.

    Have at least some patience with these deals…..Brindza may be a find.

  20. ElioT Says:

    So at the end of the day, they still p*ssed away a high 4th Rd pick AND Timmy for Mankins…

    If ASJ goes down again (or just can’t get it together), they’re stuck with Myers and Stocker… Nice!

    Go Sucs!

  21. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    The moral of Tim Wright’s latest story seems to be, “Don’t drop a perfectly thrown 3rd-and-long throw from Jameis Winston,”

    BINGO!!! Ian Beckles was right! A play like that will get you cut.

    THAT pass was the first time I really got to see the Fameis that had the FSU faithful drooling for us to select him. That was through such a tight window of converging players that it was truly amazing. It was THAT pass that showed me Fameis true potential!

    Now will he try and force it through “closed windows” and get picked. Absolutely. I have patience to accept that after seeing that pass to Wright. That was not just NFL quality tight window throwing…it was an exceptional toss even by NFL standards.

    And YES. Make a freaking play! That killed us all last year and cost us at least four W’s…It’s the NFL and the margin of error and competive balance are razor thin…we MUST make a play when it’s there.

    Last year we sucked at that. Can we make the play this year. Johnson certainly didn’t make one on that McCown scramble when we had him dead to rights. We whiffed on several tackles. MAKE THE EFFIN PLAY!

  22. Buc1987 Says:

    TBBF..patience? This is JBF. C’mon man.

  23. Ernest T. Bass Says:

    mac and drome,

    Barron starts for the Rams and is better, Larsen starts in AZ and is looking good, Revis was a huge part in NE. Are you actually saying we are better off without them? I think we are at least 4 wins better with them! The oline sucks, the safeties suck and the corners suck as well!

  24. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I think the Bucs are panicking over the kicking situation. And I don’t think there is a need to. In the past, for example, Connor Barth did so-so in the preseason, and then was top notch in the regular season.

    Some players just don’t do well in preseason. There are examples of this every year throughout the league at every position.

    Ironically, I believe the panic should be more at the punter position.

  25. Tampa Tony Says:

    Remember Lovie is the same guy who made Dom look smart by giving a 2nd rounder for Gaines Adams

  26. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    @Ernest T. Bass

    We are better off without Revis because his salary would have prevented resigning both McCoy and David.

  27. Buccfan37 Says:

    Oh boy we traded for a kicker. Lovie has steam coming out of his ears looking for someone to make an example out of. Wright will play well in Detroit.

  28. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Bonzai….how do you know we aren’t considering him as our punter/kickoff like Koenen? This guy can punt.

  29. rayjay1122 Says:

    I was not familiar with Brindza but if he can punt and kick, I would think it is worth the risk to allow him to handle all kicking duties and free up a roster spot. It is not like in the event he were to get injured that we could not sign a replacement punter and a replacement kicker and usually NFL teams have someone on the roster who can under emergency situations, come in and finish a game kicking and punting. Might not be pretty but it can be done. The extra roster spot could be a big pus for this team.

  30. DB55 Says:


    What plays has ASJ made? All I remember is him dropping a pass at the two yard line. Holding calls is all I remember of ASJ.

  31. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Tim Wright is gone because he was a long shot anyway. The Bucs are pretty much set at TE.

    HOWEVER…it is yet another example of Jason Licht’s inability to pull off a good trade deal.

    We really did not need another kicker. We could have used a pick, even a 7th rounder, more. At least that could be used in a trade.

    Jason Licht is a horrible GM. I don’t understand why people are not seeing this. He admitted on the radio (months ago) that he was at fault for the free agency signings last year…just as he is responsible for the ones this year.

    It is his job to evaluate OFF TEAM talent, it is Lovies to evaluate ON TEAM talent.

    Licht has not pulled off a great trade once in his entire career. In fact, he has NEVER gotten more than a 3rd rounder in a trade at all…unless you count moving back into the second this year during the draft.

  32. Bucit88 Says:

    This just in the Jets has released Javier Arenas Bucs Need To pick him up as a return guy

  33. Bucboy Says:

    I agree….Lovie has a short fuse…miss a kick..gone..drop a pass…gone.

    What about coach a 2-14 nightmare and intentionally throw the last game to just to not pick Mariotta….should have been gone!

    Monday is a real preview as the Bungals are such a tough football team!

  34. ChanEpic Says:

    Say goodbye to Rainey and go pick up Fred Jackson.

  35. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    I’m with you on ASJ. He definitely “looks” like a TE but is he? I’m beginning to worry a bit. I had to wait until replay to watch the Brownies game and I was relieved to see that he caught at least one pass.

    I’m also with TBBF’s idea of play calling. But I suspect Koetter is not showing his offense at all yet. That he’s using the PS to groom Fameis and the rookie OL.
    What use PS for teaching and learning instead of winning…what a concept.

    But I’m with you. ASJ better show up in 16 days.

  36. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Javier Arenas couldnt do any worse than the bucs corners either…..they havent learned the lovie system either

  37. ElioT Says:

    Not sure if this has been mentioned but Donovan Smith was in a boot at today’s practice.

    Great news!

    Go Sucs!

  38. Delson Says:

    Lol @theodore. . Everybody afraid of this trade should back away from the fire Lovie button. Brindza has experience as a punter it’s possible he could be replacing koenon on punt and ko duties. Reflect on the fact we had a punt returned on us for a td. Lovie was pissed about that, moreso than our kickers performances. If we can keep the ball out of the opposing ST’s hands it’s possible our defense can put their foot in the ground. I didn’t see the hang time count for the Browns compared to our punts but I can tell by watching the game the Browns PR had plenty of time to get underneah the ball and find an angle. Whereas our PR had guys in his face before he could get underneath the ball. That’s hang time and distance aka leg strength.

  39. Tampa Tony Says:

    Dang Ian on 620 is killing it today!!! Saying everything I feel about these losers

  40. DefenseRules Says:

    After watching our OLine in action, any TE on the Bucs who can’t block well is toast. I’m surprised the Bucs ever brought Tim Wright back in the first place … they knew he wasn’t a good blocker.

  41. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There are several possibilities with Brindza:

    He will punt and kick.
    He will punt and kickoff, like Koenen
    He will replace either Barth or Murray

    I am thinking the Bucs may think he could be our only kicker with his combination of skills….If I am right….look for him to punt Thursday night along with kickoffs & field goals….I suspect they will give him a real workout….they know what they have with the other kickers.

  42. OneLove Says:

    @Tampa Tony

    The only loser around here is you. Anyone on this Bucs team would B!TCHSLAP the SH!T out of you!! AND THAT INCLUDES THE CHEERLEADERS!!!

  43. mac Says:

    @ earnest

    Having Revis on a 2-14 team and paying him $16 million dollars is the equivalent of putting a pretty pearl necklace on a big ol smelly pig… Ridiculous…

    Larson was ok but is undersized, injury prone and was highly penalized here…

    Mark Barron just didn’t pan out… Liability in pass coverage…

    Lol… 4 extra wins… Oy vey

  44. Tampa Tony Says:

    One love- you know I like it rough! Team is 2-14 they are definitely the biggest losers in the bay area. This will be my last season as a season pass member unless they show great improvement

  45. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Brindza could just be camp bait, like Wright was.

  46. THETRUTH Says:

    We didn’t need to cut revis we are till under cap every year, it was a bonehead move..

    we cut him for what we were told 3- plAYERS WHO ALL SUCKED!!!! Those players took the money and stopped trying at least revis played hard and got paid..

    who cares if team is 2-14 I guess you trade all your talent cause your 2-14 to stay that way the next yr. ???? c’mon please tel lme we have smarter logic smarter than that

  47. The Buc Realist Says:


    Revis would have been worth twice that, just to listen to Revis trash this defensive system week after week.

  48. Delson Says:

    Revis didn’t play hard. I was all for bringin him here but he was a waste of space and salary.

  49. Jason McLaurin Says:

    I think if he makes a fg and punts in the final game we should let him do both this season. We need a set 11 on all special teams units this season and I think we’re close just need the last game to further evaluate. Good trade too for a guy who wasn’t making the team anyway and this move could open up Koenen and his salary getting cut and the two extra roster spots it opens up at.

  50. mike Says:

    timmy isn’t great but still better than myers. I don’t get it, for a kicker who would get cut?

  51. Tom S. Says:

    To all the babies crying about us trading away our 4th string TE. Grow up. If Wright had performed well in camp or preseason through 3 games he would still be here. He didn’t. Did you want us to reserve him a spot because he played well for Schiano two years ago when there was no one outside of VJax to throw to?

    Heck, lets bring back Tiquan Underwood, he caught some passes as couple of years ago too! Armchair GM’s…smh.

  52. mac Says:

    @ realist

    Lol…. True… The sound bites of frustration would have been with the $16 mil alone…

    @ truth

    Revis did not want to be here another year… $16 mil was a ridiculous amount of money to pay him he left and made $12 mil in New England… What a joke… I would rather have the extra money to sign LVD and McCoy to long term deals…

  53. Fsuking Says:

    Revis has never played in Lovie Smith Defense
    @everyone else
    You bash people that have had great success in the NFL for preseason performance and great football moves. A bunch of bad fans with bad opinions who don’t support the team. Good going guys.