Smith (Finally) Recognizes “Jameis”

August 4th, 2015
Bucs C Evan Smith has finally given up his silent treatment of "America's Quarterback."

Bucs C Evan Smith has finally given up his silent treatment of “America’s Quarterback.”

Progress is being made at One Buc Palace.

And it has to do with the two guys who touch the ball on every offensive play: veteran center Evan Smith and “America’s Quarterback,” Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston.

Since Jameis was drafted, Smith, for some odd reason, decided to be Mr. Tough Guy and would barely acknowledge the one player who might be able to extend Smith’s career with the Bucs. Let’s face it, if Jameis and the offense thrive, that would enhance Smith’s job security.

But Smith took this veteran vs. rookie schtick a little too far, for months refusing to even call Jameis by name when stud veterans on the team like Vincent Jackson and Gerald McCoy often referred to Jameis by name, or even his nickname, “Jaboo.”

Smith would only refer to Jameis with the pronoun, “He.”

That changed yesterday after the first padded practice for the Bucs this training camp. Smith was discussing the offense and began to praise his rookie quarterback and how the offensive line needs to help Jameis ease his way into the NFL.

“We have a great, great group of backs,” Smith said. “I will put them up with against any group in the league. Definitely have some special guys back there that can make things happen when we give them the opportunity. It comes down to [the offensive line] to give them all the opportunities we can when we get called upon so that we can get Jameis comfortable and get the receivers going. Once we get that game going down here in this heat, it’s going to be trouble for teams.”

Hallelujah! Good for Smith to finally stop the juvenile rookie hazing treatment. Again, if Smith is to last a few more years with the Bucs, the offense will need to click. And clearly, the engine that drives that offense is the quarterback. Always is.

Smith wasn’t done there, however. He then launched into a nice breakdown of how he has been won over by Jameis’ demeanor.

“I’m actually really impressed with his knowledge,” Smith said. “He’s obviously done a lot of hard work since the break. He’s really on top of his game. He still turns to me for stuff. I always talk to him, I’m always talking to him making sure he’s seeing the defense the way I see the defense, we’re getting the protections the way we want it. But what he’s doing right now, he has a real firm grasp on what we want to do and I’m not correcting him very much – let’s put it that way.”

That is also impressive, not so much Smith being a fan of Jameis, but Smith describing how the rookie is quickly learning the offense. Joe is liking what he is hearing.

And speaking of hearing, to hear the full interview with Smith, click on the arrow below. Audio courtesy of Joe’s good friends at WDAE-AM 620.

14 Responses to “Smith (Finally) Recognizes “Jameis””

  1. BlogTalkFootball Says:

    Early practice today. Hope the weather holds for you. I am waiting til Friday to go.

  2. Kikdatass Says:

    Its about time.

  3. Tom Edrington Says:

    Smith lucky he still has a job after last season.

  4. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    When receiving a compliment consider the source. Since this is coming from a former skeptic it’s a pretty solid endorsement. 10-6 baby !!!

  5. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    St.Pete with all due respect you remind me of Gandolf from Lord of the Ring. Endless amount of wise words.

  6. JabooBuc Says:

    Me thinks someone got a talking to that went something like this “Listen up you sub par, lucky to have a job, easily replaced Center. You better start showing some respect to our # 1 pick and future star QB or you’ll be showing high school kids how to roll the ball between your legs to QB’s later this year. BTW, what’s your name?”

  7. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Joe, will we ever see the mobile app you mentioned a long while back? Or at least a mobile version of the website?

  8. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    “Again, if Smith is to last a few more years with the Bucs…” – Joe

    Not gonna happen…unless he can play guard.

  9. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    This is good to hear. The whole thing was probably a little overblown, though.

  10. Buccfan37 Says:

    Smith still feels like he is the one to be looked up to, now if he can direct that obvious cocky attitude to improving himself and the O line he may be getting somewhere. I’m still not buying by mentioning his QB’s name once that he has changed his overall opinion and elevated ego.

  11. Matt Says:

    I’m w jaboo buc, I think smith received a talking to from coaching staff. Especially after hearing licht (koetter?) say he wished Jamies would tell smith to “shut up” sometimes.

  12. Pickgrin Says:

    Center is an extremely important position up front – We need Evan Smith to play well this year. I was not at all impressed with what he showed last year – but that can also be said definitively about Mankins and Dotson as well – and I already know that they are both solid Linemen.

    Hopefully we see vast improvement from all 3 veteran Olinemen this year and they can make a big turnaround from last years debacle which was literally some of the worst OLine play I have ever seen.

    The rookies talent infusion + Koetter running the offense gives hope that the Bucs can have a competent OLine this year. They better be competent. Nothing will shake a talented young QBs confidence more than literally having to run for his life on a regular basis. Ask David Carr- he’ll tell ya. Steve Young would certainly 2nd that motion.

  13. Mo_Downs Says:

    OL rarely get the spotlight and rarely get TV offers after heir retirement. I think EDS craves both and didn’t mind throwing shade on “The Rookie” to gain more attention. Hey, it happens.

    Moving right along..

    Between the Koetter’s “tell’em to shut up” and McCoy beating EDS into submission in practice yesterday, along with gifting “Mr. Spotlight” a twisted ankle, I can understand the…uh…attitude adjustment by EDS.

    Walk the Walk before you Talk the Talk is a very firm form of leadership being passed along by Mr. McCoy.

  14. bucsbedabest Says:

    Evan Smith is a stud and the Buccaneers are lucky to have him on their team. For all you haters.. who in the hell on this team would you recommend as his replacement if he were not on this team? I will take any OL who plays in 15 games and only gives up 2 sacks. Evan Smith plays with a mean streak and an attitude. Just because he is the only player on the team not spending his day kissing Jameis’s backside, so be it.