Lansanah Still Flying

August 2nd, 2015
OLB Danny Lansanah continues to look strong in underwear football.

OLB Danny Lansanah continues to look strong in underwear football.

Danny Lansanah is one of the coolest stories on the Bucs. From UFL refugee to being signed by former Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik, Lansanah has found himself as an NFL starting linebacker.

Lansanah is a good dude, and Joe likes when good things happen to good people. But let’s not mistake Lansanah for Derrick Brooks or even Lavonte David. In fact, part of the reason the Bucs drafted rookie linebacker Kwon Alenxander was to push Lansanah.

It sure seems like Lansanah had his fire lit. All during underwear football this spring and summer, Lansanah was a man possessed, getting his mitts on all sorts of passes if not outright picks.

That continued Saturday night on the campus of University of South Florida. Lansanah, again playing underwear football, was able to tip a pass intended for Mike James and later pick off Mike Glennon.

Joe caught up with Lansanah briefly after practice and it sured seemed like he was having a blast, like a little kid playing football.

“It’s great to get out here and run around,” Lansanah said. “It’s good to be out here with the guys.”

Through one practice, it seemed Lansanah carried over his strong underwear football from May and June — to August.

“Yeah, I just try to build off of every day,” Lansanah. “I am out here to be better and to better my team and be a better player for my teammates. I am just out here trying to do my job and make my team better.”

7 Responses to “Lansanah Still Flying”

  1. BUCutalkinbout Says:

    This defense will be a scary bunch soon enough. Excitement is in the air!
    YO JOE!
    GO BUCS!!

  2. Buccfan37 Says:

    Lansanah feels the heat and he plans to stay in the kitchen. The NFL preseason kicks off a week from today in the Hall of Fame game matching Pittsburgh and Minnesota in Canton, Ohio. So the Vikings will have already played before they meet the Bucs. Pittsburgh also opens the regular season on a Thursday night at New England. No Brady?

  3. bucsbedabest Says:

    Danny Lansanah ia a shoe in to start. I want to hear about the battle for MLB between Kwon Alexander and Bruce Carter? Actually both Carter and Alexander should be starting. How about Alexander at safety? Safety is the defenses weakest link.

  4. LakelandBuc Says:

    Danny Lansanah will be playing lights out this season, Kwon Alexander is better in the Middle and Bruce Carter is better at the Sam. But with Kwon size and speed, he could also be a force in the box at SS.

  5. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Kwon at MLB doesn’t feel right. He is lightening fast. He is supposed to be a OLB.

    Lansanah might be my third favorite player to watch on this bucs defense. He really does a good job on the front side of plays, he has a great knifing ability (like LVD) and can penetrate into back fields. Unlike the linebackers we’ve had for the past decade, these guys aren’t just taking blocks and letting others make the play, they are able to shed or avoid blocks and make the play themselves. It’s fun to watch. Hopefully our d ends will put up a good fight on run downs, giving our linebackers even more room to work. Honestly I think LVD will become a better player than brooks, and I think lansanah has a chance to be a pro bowler (if the pro bowl would consider 4-3 linebackers and not let 3-4 PASS RUSHERS take all the spots) I really like our outside linebackers, they are the best position on the field for us IMO.

  6. Buc Neckid Says:

    We have to get it out of our heads that our draft picks (especially mid rounders like Kwon) are better than the pro veterans that we have. Even a 2-14 pro is better than most college draftees. The longer Kwon and others are on the bench the better they will be for it and it signals that the BUCS are building depth

  7. DallasBuc Says:

    Joe- well done giving a nod to Dominik for bringing Lansanah in.

    For as much as he gets beat on by Bucs fans he had managed to make a few good calls. I have a ton of respect for Dominik because he had the discipline to wait until late in the second round to pick up my now favorite Buc Lavonte David. I bet that if he had his way we would have grabbed Kuechely too instead of Barron.
    Lansanah is one of the only few guys that seemed to make plays last year. Not the least bit concerned that he would legitimately lose his job to Alexander. That being said we know how Sims was foisted onto the lineup last year for no damn reason.