Lab Video: Jameis Winston And Vincent Jackson

August 14th, 2015

vincent jackson 0804A rookie quarterback in a new offense is a recipe for more mistakes than expected.

But impressive chemistry brewing is still brewing in Tampa. That’s a key component of the training camp experience.

The Bucs offense grinds together day after day, repetition after repetition. Slowly, Jameis Winston, America’s Quarterback, is getting in rhythm. On Wednesday, it was evident at practice that great things are developing. Jameis got into a little hurry-up action and burned Johnthan Banks on successive plays. The second was a touch throw to the back of the end zone to Mike Evans.

Joe shoots a lot of video at Bucs camp. Much of that is so Joe can watch the film and study the Bucs in detail. Often, the video isn’t good enough to share here (Joe is no videographer), but only good enough for Joe to study.

This time, Joe has a great look of 7-on-7 work. Jameis makes a very early throw to Vincent Jackson, who is right in sync. Fans can also see speedy dropmaster Robert Herron work. The kid runs tight routes and almost always appears open. If only he could squeeze the rock.


15 Responses to “Lab Video: Jameis Winston And Vincent Jackson”

  1. DHoft Says:

    Thing of beauty. Didn’t stare down his receiver. Throwing before VJ breaks. Perfectly thrown.

  2. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Nice throw.

  3. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I get that you are what your record says.

    The 2014 Bucs were 2-14 which means according to their record we sucked!
    And some of that was for the fundamental traditional reason..lack of talent. But you toss in a lack of offensive coaching and then magnify the problem with the WORST player in the league at the most important position…McCown was far worse than any competent rookie mistakes and all…of course we had an OC that couldn’t scheme or plan offensively worth a crap and play calling was the worst.

    So nobody can sugar coat the 2014 Bucs. They sucked big time.

    But the franchise is not that bereft of talent. The 2014 Bucs sucked…the 2015 Bucs are 0-0…it’s what their record says they are. But does anybody here not believe that Fameis will be a HUGE improvement at QB? Seriously?
    And Koetter at OC…how much better than Arroyo….off the charts.

    Our OL seems to be solidifying and our defense continues to improve and while we lack the “name” premiere edge rusher we have become truly stout up the middle. Perhaps the killer rotation of our DT’s along with continued development of players like Jack Smith and Gholston on the outside we could end up with a good pass rush.

    10-6 baby!!! Crappy division…QB of the defending champs is busy punching out his DB’s…Brees is getting older and has lost his best target…the Dixie Chicks are the wild card. They could actually see a major improvement just like the Bucs. Still weak schedule…weak division.. and unlike many top draft picks Fameis is NOT coming to a team that is totally bereft of talent

    Fameis will have plenty of weapons to work with, a talented OC to put him in the right position…and if all the reports about the return of Doug Martin to his rookie form…this team should be EXPLOSIVE!!!

  4. ChessMaster Says:

    I think Doug Martin is the key to the 2015 season.

  5. Walter Says:

    That was textbook man, beautiful pass. Herron could be a hell of a slot receiver with moves like that, Leonard Johnson got killed there. He had some help over the top though I’d imagine, might explain his decision making

  6. FSUCRABLEGS69 Says:

    Can’t stop watching the play, just so fluid. Almost flawless:0

  7. Bucfever40 Says:

    it’s called throwing your receiver OPEN~

  8. Walter Says:

    I think V-Jax is going to have a monster year, especially now that he has Jameis slinging him the ball. The thing about Jackson is he’s lost a step, so it takes a quarterback that can make those anticipatory throws, which McCown couldn’t really do well. Jackson may be a step slower, but he’s a savvy veteran, he knows how to get open.

  9. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I don’t know how anyone can defend that lol. Robert Herron is fast as sh1t haha. I really liked the pick of him in the 6th last year as some mocks had him as a 3rd rounder. Here’s to hoping he can hang on to the ball because he brings another element. Between him / Bell / Klay we have more speed at WR than normal to go with our big trees.

    I wonder how many wow type plays Mariota has made like this? While Winston has thrown his share of picks he seems to have killed it in red zone drills and consistently making big plays in tight coverage.

    I found my new rental place in Denver a weekend ago and they have direct TV capability thank god so I’ll be getting the NFL ticket to watch every game this year

  10. Mo_Downs Says:

    I’m looking forward to to the first game so we can see for ourselves if the offense will be useful this season.

    The first thing I noticed in the above video is that Jameis looked off the coverage and threw to Jackson on the opposite side without staring down his target. That takes a lot of practice and timing. My hope is that he’ll have enough time in the pocket to make those types of timing throws.

    I’ve been watching preseason football with a more critical eye this year (starting on Thursday) and have noticed the obvious…timing is everything.
    While I can’t comment on “grace under pressure” because of the obvious lack of a pass rush, it’s encouraging to see good “timing” between Jameis and some of our WR’s. Physical ability is a fairly common trait among good NFL QB’s.

    Somehow, without a clean pocket, success may still come down to gunning the ball into tight spaces when perfect timing is impossible because of pressure. We’ll see if Jameis, unlike Mariota, is willing to sling it rather than play it safe. Managing risk and situational awareness is what I’ll be looking for on Saturday.

  11. Pickgrin Says:

    Nice play – and very well executed.

  12. ColoradoBuc Says:

    How different things look. Last year at this time we were screaming the our line was lost and there wasn’t any way of recovering (until the late move to get Mankins). Now our biggest worry is how soon will our rookies get up to speed. Big difference.

  13. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Survey says: Correct for 400 points Coloradobuc. And St.Pete good sir you never let me down. You my Lord of the rings Gandolf of this site. D@$! I love the wisdom. Hope to have it like that when I reach your age one-day.

  14. LakelandBuccan Says:

    We can count on VJAX and Mike Evans, ASJ and Doug Martin are the key components. If we have a top 10 defense and a good running game, decent special teams. Then i’m looking at 11-5, we just need everyone to do their job.

  15. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Herron…..please, someone, anyone…tell him to put his hands out front…watch the ball all the way into his hands and then secure. 🙂