Koetter Talks “Pitch Count” For Jameis, Mankins

August 14th, 2015
Mankins training camp

Former Pro Bowl guard Logan Mankins weighs in

Over and over and over Joe is asked how much Buccaneers starters will play tomorrow night in Minnesota.

Fans don’t like that there is no set answer. It’s a game. Every game is a mystery.

Who knew Josh Freeman would lead the Dolphins in attempts and yards last night? Nobody.

But there are some firm statements out there. First, Lovie Smith was direct and clear last week, when he told Steve Duemig, on WDAE-AM, that Jameis Winston, America’s Quarterback, would play into the second quarter Saturday.

Offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter was direct in a different way when he sat down with Duemig on Wednesday.

Koetter explained that each player will have his own “pitch count.” And Koetter distinctly said Logan Mankins will have a different pitch count than Jameis. The example was meant to illustrate that some first-teamers will play less (Mankins) and some will play more (Jameis).

This is scary, the mere thought of Jameis playing behind a second-team lineman.

Joe asked Mankins about this yesterday, and the 33-year-old left guard seemed clueless.

“I don’t know,” Mankins said. “I haven’t been told [how many snaps]. I was just told to be prepared to play. At some point I will come out. I don’t know when, though.”

Mankins was among the handful of starters this training camp to earn a “Vet Day,” which means relegated to mental reps and an excused absence from physically participating in practice. Mankins believes he needs the work Saturday night, though selfishly said he wouldn’t mind a very short night.

“It is important to get better and get your timing down,” Mankins said.

Mankins also is just now coming off flu-like symptons that kept him sidelined for two days this week. He fully participated yesterday.

Based on what Joe’s seen, look for second-year man Kadeem Edwards, to be first in for Mankins at left guard. Edwards has been rather invisible at training camp, which usually is a damn good trait for an offensive lineman.

21 Responses to “Koetter Talks “Pitch Count” For Jameis, Mankins”

  1. celly Says:

    This is scary, the mere thought of Jameis playing behind a second-team lineman.

    I’m willing to be that if Jameis starts getting beat up behind second-team O-line, they’ll pull him and put in Glennon.

  2. Capt.Tim Says:

    Of course, havent heard anyone say that McCoy is becoming a better player- because of playing against Edwards . . .

  3. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Injuries are a part of football and so I understand the concern for Fameis health.

    But because he’s slow people quickly write off Fameis running ability. No he’s not going to break contain and sprint to the house like Mariota may do occassionally.

    But he’s not a statue like Glennon, he’s actually a very shifty runner, and I simply do not believe he would have taken the pounding McCown took last year even if it had been Fameis behind that OL.

    Yes the OL sucked but the QB was even worse. McCown just choked like a dog last year. There were many plays where he clearly panicked. I simply do not see that panic in Fameis. He’ll get the ball out far more quickly if the OL turns into a sieve. Koetter will scheme much better than Arroyo.

    Fameis will be fine. He’s not going to panic and choke back there and stand around like a McClown and simply get his clock cleaned.

    Fameis is NOT McCown. Koetter is not Arroyo. And our OL is better than last year. Everybody get a grip. it’s all good enjoy it!!!

  4. Dick2111 Says:

    @Joe … “Edwards has been rather invisible at training camp, which usually is a damn good trait for an offensive lineman.”

    Yes Edwards has been invisible. Which is why he won’t make the final 53.

  5. milenko Says:

    I hear ya, pretty sure mankind comes out it is because Minn. is putting second stringers in. Our 2nd going against their 2nd’s with Jamieis

  6. Walter Says:

    A lot of things have to go right, we’re very young on offense. I don’t think they’ll hit their peak this year, they could be mid to low tier, next year I expect a top 12 offense.

  7. Buc1987 Says:

    Is it Saturday yet?

  8. Buccfan37 Says:

    Good to hear Jameis is playing the entire 1st quarter at least. It will be exciting to watch, though not like the season opener that counts.

  9. The Buc Realist Says:

    I think that we will see 60% run and 40% pass game plan. Lots of screens, slants and wheel routes. I think there will only be 1 pass over 12 yards. I think that the Lovie game plan is going to limit Jameis exposure to any pass rush and INT. I mean this is Lovie Smith that we are talking about, The Tea Party calls this guy too conservative!!!

  10. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    We rarely agree but I still enjoy your posts. This is the rare time I agree. I think Lovie….with Koetter and Lichts and the Glazer’s watching their investment’s approval…will do everything possible to protect Fameis physically and psychologically so they can start building some confidence.

    And hey if you get off a good one I’m the first to give you props. Even though we disagree about Lovie’s abilities I gotta give it up to you for this…a funny line..

    I mean this is Lovie Smith that we are talking about, The Tea Party calls this guy too conservative!!!

  11. ElioT Says:

    Look, this franchise can’t get any worse, so throw Jameis to the wolves and let the kid develop. Get him as many reps as possible. If he get’s hurt, that would suck but this team can’t afford to hold anything back.

    Go Sucs!

  12. Idontwannahearitanaymore Says:

    “I mean this is Lovie Smith that we are talking about, The Tea Party calls this guy too conservative!!!”

    That’s funny!

  13. Buc1987 Says:

    lol Realist!

  14. Pickgrin Says:

    I hope that Warhop and Koetter are able to identify and designate the starting 5 Olinemen very soon and say – “this is our group and over the next 2 games they will get extensive time together – as a full unit”.

    Yes this is the time of year where talent must be fully evaluated and tough (in some cases) decisions made about the bottom 20 players on your roster. But I would like to see a concerted effort made this pre-season to get the top 22 players in sync and ready to hit the ground running come Sept 13th. With Winston at QB – this team can win games from day 1 – and I want the coaches and team to believe that and prepare accordingly.

  15. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I also agree that we will see some running along with dinks & dunks…..hopefully some work for ASJ, Sims & Bell…..we will probably get to see if the “new” Doug Martin exists…..

  16. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    It’s wild because celly I was just about to shout you out. Whus good my dude.

  17. Imnotsoldyet Says:

    Where’s the dummy that was accusing Mariotas lack of INTs on Dink’s and dunks. Everyone here seems OK on Winston throwing Dink’s and dunks. The hypocracy is ridiculous.

  18. LakelandBuccan Says:

    The 1st team O-Line need to get as much work as possible, we will have 2 new starters on the line. And they need to blend together as a unit, sitting them will be a mistake. Jameis should play into the 2nd quarter, as well as the starting O-Line. I still think it’s a good idea to go with 2 backs in the backfield this season. In 2012 as a rookie Doug Martin had more success, when Erik Lorig was in the backfied at fullback. We know teams are going to blitz Jameis this season, so we should keep a fullback or a blocking back in the backfield to pickup the blitz. I hope George Warhop realize what he have in Edawn Coughman, he’s a tackle, who can play right or left tackle. He can also play some guard, and can learn to play center. No way Patrick Omameh should beat him out for a roster spot.

  19. Buffanole Says:

    Someone above commented that the game plan will be limited to build confidence in Jameis… LOL.

    Jameis doesn’t need help building confidence and holding him back from doing what he does naturally will be a detriment to Tampa.

  20. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Saying Mariota isn’t throwing INTs because of short passes and Being happy with Winston throwing short passes are two different things.

  21. Mo_Downs Says:

    Either too many 3 and outs or too few possessions will lengthen how many quarters our starting offense will play. That’s why the term “snap counts” is a very useful description for how much time the starters will need to be on the field for the coaches to have a useful data set to evaluate players and plays.