Free Ryan Delaire

August 24th, 2015

Ryan DelaireBack in the early days of the Raheem Morris administration, Tampa Bay had a young defensive end with a superior get-off and a bit of a nasty edge to him.

That guy went on to great stardom.

Of course, Joe’s talking about Michael Bennett, who the Bucs let walk for no good reason.

Bennett showed off his talent in 2010, but he didn’t get to start. Why? Because the regime gifted sackless Kyle Moore a starting job at left defensive end. Former Bucs DE Steve White even documented that and Bennett’s potential on these here pages five years ago.

Tonight against the Bengals, the Bucs are down defensive ends. Jacquies Smith and T.J. Fatinikun are not expected to play because of injuries. George Johnson will play but might not be 100 percent before the game, so he explained to Joe on Saturday.

Joe thinks this is an ideal time to free Ryan Delaire.

The rookie undrafted free agent from Towson Unviersity had a good training camp and his No. 75 continues to show up, but he wasn’t getting first-team action. Delaire is athletic, quick and practices with an edge. Heck, he already looks better than Moore.

Joe would love to see Delaire get a shot tonight.

Frankly, Joe can’t think of a reason not to let the kid loose for a series against the Bengals’ big boys. Does Lovie Smith really need to study more of Larry English off the edge?

19 Responses to “Free Ryan Delaire”

  1. buc4life1979 Says:

    Glad to know I’m not the only person that thought I was seeing the jersey 75 alot.

  2. chocolatecvb Says:

    I think the other kid, Jamal Young (no. 67) , should be set loose too tonight. I don’t see Larry English making the final 53. I’ve seen all I need to see of him.

  3. Scott Says:

    75 And Sidbury please!

  4. Stpetebucsfan Says:


    I’m assuming you would like to see him get some snaps against the Bengals first team to test his true talent.

    I can’t imagine the entire bench not seeing action by the end of the game but that’s the problem with the preseason. When a guy shines in the 2nd half many times it can be due to the decreased level of competition.

    Talent evaluation can be a tricky business and I get that but I’m tired of jobs being “given” to somebody because of their salary, or their relationship with the coaching staff, or their prior reputation.

    Kick the ball off and play the best guys. I’m more optimistic this year because Lovie hasn’t hestitated to name Kwon his starter even though many here have now used that as an excuse to deride the pickup of Carter. Heaven forbid we have depth at LB!!!

  5. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    They could hide him for the practice squad.

  6. Pickgrin Says:

    Delaire will get his opportunities to shine tonight – as will every player that gets in the game. You have to take advantage of every opportunity that is given to you when you are towards the bottom the depth chart. Especially UDFAs. I think we definitely have some talent in the form of UDFAs this year – including the big RB – but will they be able to break through and show enough to earn a (very hard to get) paying spot on an NFL 53 man roster?

    In addition to determining the winners of a few starting position battles and fine tuning the fundamentals and chemistry of your starting players – this is what training camp and pre-season is mainly about. Identifying who the best bottom 20 players on your 53 man roster are – determining what role they can play to help your team win now – and balancing that with the potential you see for future improvement that can’t be utilized yet because it has to be developed.

  7. DoNUTS Says:

    This DL is garbage…..still no edge rush after how many DE did we sign. GMC is the only player playing at his pay check level…the effort in MIN was first pre season game effort level so GMC gets a pass. He has earned that…everyone else on that D line should have something to prove. They better be bringing the hats tonight or I am going go joeNUTS again. lol George Johnson is a bust…I hate to say it but from all reviews…he has shown nothing since he has been here…I think he thinks he will be gifted a spot. Wake up GJ! Lovie gonna keep those who want it bad…he is on the hot seat…dont kid yourself.

    Again, hoping the prove me wrong…

    Keep bringing the good reads JBF….

  8. Bucsfan1979 Says:

    Need help guys. i got tickets from a buddy of mine for tonight game that is a season ticket holder and i have to park in disable parking. does any one know how much it is and where it is? Thank You All and GO BUCS!!!!!

  9. MadMax Says:

    We need a miracle for edge rush this year…..those who are working hard and their talent is showing it, give it to them!! Go Delaire!

  10. MadMax Says:

    Pretty sure we’re going DE 1st pick and OL 2nd pick next year….I just hope we’re not picking first again. Should probably hit DB with our 3rd.

  11. owlykat Says:

    The best sacker we have on this team is the DT we got from Dallas, Melton, who also played some DE for them and I have watched the video and he is cat quick, with plenty of speed to run down the QB, but can also bull rush over the OT with his strength. Puts us in better shape in stopping the run too. It so happens they have been trying Melton this week at DE too, so I expect him to make the most of the time they give him on the first team at DE. I am not opposed to them trying Delaire and Sidberry too but I see them as rotational rushers more than being the starter at the beginning of the game. The problem with Smith and Johnson both is they excelled as rotational rushers coming off the bench last year and there is no guarantee that they can play at that level all game long. Melton can! He just needs the opportunity to show what he can do. We already have plenty of talent at DT. We just need McCoy to put his weight back on, because his slim down try is not working.

  12. Lakeland Buc Says:

    George Johnson was playing good for the Bucs of the bench and Schiano cut him, and this is what Joe had to say. This was back in November- 2012.

  13. SoCoBuc Says:

    With the depth that the team seem to have at DT, maybe the best move would be to move Melton end. I think he would be perfect to split reps with both ends. He could get 30% of the snaps on both sides. Plus play some tackle. the Bucs have potentially six quality tackles on the DL once Spence come back. Bowers did decently at tackle last year and does know the end position so maybe he could also spend time at end for possible running downs. If they take advantage of some of the versatility of their tackles, I think the team can thrive even with a potential lackluster lineup at end. Lovie just needs to get creative with his lineup especially when it comes to game day planning and rotation. He should think outside the box and find the best four rushers for different scenarios.

  14. fritz50 Says:

    [Just a heads up for everyone: If you are posting under a different username, not only does your post get deleted, you are going to be blocked. Posting under multiple usernames tells Joe you are up to no good. This character, for example, has five usernames using the same IP address. What con are you trying to pull? — Joe]

  15. Fritz50 Says:

    “does any one know how much it is and where it is? Thank You All and GO BUCS!!!!!”

    Lot I know of is at the southwest corner of stadium. There are others, don’t know where. I think the cost is 20-25$. I was told it’s 1st come 1st served, so get there as early as possible. Best of luck!

  16. Fritz50 Says:

    Dag nabbit, I meant South EAST corner of stadium. Great Googely Moogely!!

  17. SoCoBuc Says:

    Heck, why not try McCoy at end. He as slimmed down a bit and is heralded for his great get off speed. I know he’s only play tackle his entire career but why not give it a try, never know a line combination of McCoy and Melton at Ends and McDonald and McDaniels at Tackle could be a deadly combo and wreak havoc on the league. I’ll like to see experimentation with the line especially during the preseason. Give the team the best chance at succeeding.

  18. Lakeland Buc Says:

    I don’t believe Da ‘Quan makes this team as the 4th DT, at least I hope he don’t. Two undrafted free agents has been making splashes this offseason for the Bucs. And they both plays on the D-Line, Ryan Delaire and Caushaud Lyons. Delaire should make the squad as a edge rusher. And Cash Lyons should make the squad as the 4th DT. Henry Melton should make the squad as a DE, but who can play both positions. The role Will Gholston played last season, Lyons will be good in this league.

  19. greg06 Says:

    @bucsfan.. The parking is on the southeast of the stadium, you should get there about 6:45pm to make sure you get a spot. Good luck