Frazier Talks Practice Fighting And A Bad “Mark”

August 12th, 2015
Leslie Frazier talked about yesterdays' fight at One Buc Palace

Leslie Frazier talked about yesterdays’ fight at One Buc Palace

The Buccaneers had their first skirmish of training camp yesterday, with George Johnson and Demar Dotson at the bottom of the pile and teammates darting into the scrum.

Lovie Smith completely shrugged it off after practice, but Leslie Frazier had a lot to say.

The Bucs’ defensive coordinator joined Steve Duemig, the dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, after practice on WDAE-AM 620.

Frazier said modern NFL rules don’t allow coaches to just shrug off a practice fight.

“But you have to be able to maintain your composure. In today’s NFL, you get in a fight in a ballgame, you run the risk of not just a personal foul, you’re going to end up getting thrown out and if you come off the bench, you’re going to get fined and potentially thrown out of the game, as well,” Frazier said. “So you gotta find a way in this environment, even in practice, to maintain composure. These are still your teammates. It gets a little frustrating at times, but you gotta be able to have some poise.

“Everything that we’re doing is geared toward the season. So if we see a guy who’s getting into situations where he can’t control his temper, well that’s a mark against him.”

It was a very wise take by Frazier. And Joe suspects Lovie privately told his team the same thing.

Bucs icon Derrick Brooks, who works for the NFL hearing appeals from players, has spoken about how officials will be emphasizing cracking down on fights — large and tiny — this season. Punishment will be swift, especially for those not involved initially.

15 Responses to “Frazier Talks Practice Fighting And A Bad “Mark””

  1. The Buc Realist Says:

    I am sure they gave them a stern talking to!!! how can you be a “passive” defense if you are starting fights!!! smdh!!!

  2. TombsEN Says:

    Man I rarely comment on here but you are damn annoying. Realist

  3. The Buc Realist Says:


    Welcome my friend!! only 3 more days and then we will get to analyze and discuss some real football on the field! I will try and put last year in the rearview mirror as the new season starts for the fans! I will have my microscope out as we begin the “Lovie no Excuses Tour”!!!!!!

  4. Walter Says:

    Lol this is classic realist, but you know what, after all the horrible seasons we’ve had to endure, I’d say that he’s got reason to be skeptical. I usually get caught up in the offseason hype, but this year I won’t believe it til I see it. I’m tired of getting excited and then disappointed.

  5. OneLove Says:

    “I’m tired of getting excited and then disappointed”

    Sounds like something Realists “Wife/GF/Downlow hookup” would say!

    “It’s as simple as that” -Coach Smith aka “I’m a head coach in the NFL and YOUR NOT!”

  6. 1nebuc Says:

    Did anyone see the youth football league (NORTH TAMPA BUCCANEERS )that came out to practice yesterday? They were so awesome! It must of 100 kids and how about those jerseys they had , they were better than the original buc jerseys. Respond back if you did … You can also @joebuc

  7. LakelandBuc Says:

    That’s the worst thing in the world, teammates fighting. It’s bad for the team, it’s bad for the locker room. the Bucs should be installing discipline. But i’m not sure if Lovie has a problem with players fighting. If you think back to our 2012 training camp, when Brian Price pounded the face of Mark Barron at a team meeting. It was said that Price was upset over Mark Barron sitting in ‘his’ chair and refused to get up. But Price later admitted that he was still grieving over his sister death, who had died in a car accident a few months earlier. Then Greg Schiano and Mark Dominik traded Price to the Bears for a 2013 7th round pick. And Lovie was the Head Coach of the Bears when the trade was made, Rod Marinelli even said that Price was the missing piece on defense. But Price was cut during preseason to make room for Amobi Okoye, who was cut by Schiano. But Lovie was all in for the Brian Price trade, even though Price had a history for being an undiscipline player.

  8. Buccfan37 Says:

    I thought Brian Price was going to be great for the Bucs, man that sure didn’t work out well. It figured.

  9. unbelievable Says:

    This happens with every team, every year in training camp. Bo big deal– No one was hurt or injured. Get over it fellas.

  10. unbelievable Says:

    This happens with every team, every year in training camp. No big deal– No one was hurt or injured. Get over it fellas.

  11. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Price was a Rah/Dom draft pick…no surprise that those two together picked a guy who’d get a freak injury. I liked both Rah and Dom as personalities, but the two of them couldn’t draft a roster to save their lives (outside of McCoy who actually got better after getting some better technique coaching under Schiano’s staff and now more under Lovie’s staff)

  12. Buc Neckid Says:

    Good Thing that Jameis wasn’t involved
    Imagine if America’s QB could not control his emotions and had to be somehow restrained by his Offensive Coordinator from taking action.
    What a mark that would have left on HIS reputation

  13. Garett Says:

    They’re teammates. They’re brothers. Brothers are going to fight. And then, as Chris Farley said, “Brothers gotta hug!”
    A scuffle is no big deal. No punches were thrown, and no starting quarterbacks got their jaw broken.

  14. jb Says:

    Hey Joe,
    Why am I banned from commenting on the message board but not banned from posting here?

  15. Strider Says:

    This is so exciting can’t wait for Saturday