Dirk Koetter: “Bottom Line: We Stunk.”

August 31st, 2015

Koetter 2The stink of the Bucs offensive versus the Browns led to a breath of fresh air this afternoon at One Buc Palace.

The sweet smell of reality came from offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter.

Asked about the latest performance of his offense, Koetter said, “Bottom line: We stunk.” In fact, Koetter used the various forms of the word stink multiple times.

It was a fun departure from a lot of the coachspeak Bucs fans have heard since the demise of the Raheem Morris years.

Koetter also put plenty of blame on himself, especially when saying two of the sacks absorbed by the Bucs offense “were on me.”

22 Responses to “Dirk Koetter: “Bottom Line: We Stunk.””

  1. Dean Says:

    It is refreshing to hear someone come out and speak the unvarnished truth………………….We stunk.

    Now, Mister Koetter……………. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

    That would be the biggest change we have seen in years.

  2. Tom Edrington Says:

    Finally someone on the staff who can handle the truth…..

  3. Tampa Tony Says:

    So much for the thought process that a seasoned OC would improve the o line…

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Speaking for Pablo

    “olor a mierda”……Pablo’s Bucs did stink….and this disturbed Pablo….Pablo was enjoying a few cervezas…..some chimichangas….watched his Bucs stink. But Pablo should have known…..The Buc Realist already told us the Bucs would stink. Pablo is a very nice man and loves alll JBF posters….including the Buc Realist.”

  5. tmaxcon Says:

    If wish laughable Lovie had the same sense of urgency with protecting our franchise qb as he does with bringing kickers in.

  6. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Is a trade for Mike Glennon in the works?

    The Bucs have stated that they want him this year…he’s a great backup. But was that simply a means to raise offers? They’ve gotten calls.

    The Bills are going with their 3rd stringer.

    The Skins are going with an ancient backup.

    There is a market out there. My concern is that Jason Licht won’t get enough. I think Mark Dominick could pull off a trade that lands us a 2nd rounder at least. Licht? We’ll be lucky to get a 4th rounder.

  7. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    OMG!!! Accepting responsibility. I LOVE this!!!

    Americans have become such a nation of deniers. Nothing is our fault anywhere in the world. We know everything and it’s always somebody else’s fault.

    Largely true at home as well. The FIRST step in fixing a problem is admitting the problem!!!

    We truly have NO idea of what’s going to happen this year from the PS. I’m with Joe that the Titans game is YYYUGGE. Not because of Mariota versus Fameis…I could care less…but because of our fragile confidence…IF we have any at all after last year. If we lay an egg that first game it could be another long season. If we at least play well…as well as expected then I remain optimistic.

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Seeing the pounding that Jameis gets on most plays….I think we’re keeping Glennon for a while.
    I have always agreed that he is worthy of a 3rd round pick…….there aren’t many young QBs out there that you could get for less…..Glennon still has two year’s left on his rookie contract…..experience and could play better for another team.

  9. DefenseRules Says:

    Given the state of our OLine, Mike Glennon will get to see quite a bit of action this year. I’d keep him if I was Lovie or Licht.

  10. The Buc Realist Says:

    Now that we are all just about on the same page with how the Bucs will do this year, I think it is time that we focus on the important things. For example, I think that the Pirate ship and the Stadium should sink when we lose!!!

    Disney is right down the street and I am sure that they can easily make this happen!!!

    #The Pirate Ship Sinks!!!!

  11. The Buc Realist Says:

    the Pirate ship “at” the Stadium

    sinking a stadium would be ridiculous!!! ” stupid auto type!!!

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Dirk Koetter…….”Evan Smith played well”……Only Olineman singled out by the OC……did you miss that, Joe?

  13. mjc Says:

    As the next head coach of the Bucs, he is covering for his players. Not his job to call out the OL, its Lovie’s.

    But at least he speaks english

  14. buddhaboy Says:

    Lovie has never put the offensive line together. It is an afterthought to him.

    Chickens coming home to roost. Gonna be a long season folks.

  15. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    It really is time for someone, either a coach or front office person, to come out publicly and call these guys out. I don’t mean some sissy “we’ve got to coach better, play better nonsense crap we’ve been hearing for years. I think we need a coach to have a melt down at the podium or something, maybe even calling out guys specifically. This team needs to play pissed off for a change. Maybe calling people out will do just that. If it doesn’t, we probably don’t need them anyway. I love the Bucs, always have and always will, but something has got to change. We’ve changed coaches, players, GM’s, etc., but we continue to get the same results. It’s time to light a fire under these guys and it needs to be done like yesterday. I usually fall for the coach speak, but enough is enough.

  16. mjc Says:

    Evan’s job was the work on snapping the ball Saturday night. Blocking will be worked on over the next 1-2 weeks.

    So yes he was successful with snaps.

  17. mjc Says:

    Dirk is changing playbook to keep all passes as 3 step drops and or rollouts so Jameis can move the pocket.

    If we fall behind by more than 10 pts in a game and have to pass to catch up we may lose Jameis and Glennon in the same game.

    Sad a HC and GM can’t see this OL is that bad.

  18. Buccfan37 Says:

    Stink, stank, stunk, dead skunk in the middle of the road, stinking to high heaven.

  19. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I don’t know if it’s too late now, but if I were the coach or GM, I would fire Warhop. Maybe it is his fault, maybe it isn’t, but something has to change. You can’t change the entire offensive line, so I’d get rid of the common denominator. Our line has been beyond pathetic, and they just don’t seem to get any better. You would think a good coach could at least bring out some improvement, but it’s not happening. The holdings, false starts, hands to the face, etc. just keep on coming. Oh yeah, and aside from not blocking well, they even decided to let rushers run free against Cleveland. If it can’t be done now (which I don’t see why it can’t, he’s just a position coach that has coached for half the teams in the league), then it needs to be done at the end of the season. Problem is, if we don’t win some damn games (which is going to be hard with our line), they’ll be changing out a lot more than just the offensive line coach.

  20. tmaxcon Says:


    i read somewhere before that Warhop was canned mid-season by 49ers… It’s never too late to make your team better. It takes an open minded leader to make that call. Not a stubborn loyal to a fault past his time head coach.

    the biggest concern should be these players coming out flat and unprepared more often than not. this team plays with very little heart. not all the time but more often than not.

  21. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Hard to argue with a word of your post. I wish I could, but I can’t.

  22. tmaxcon Says:


    i drank the lovie kool aid when he was hired but it was clear to me after only a few weeks and several bad personnel movies that he learned nothing from his year in the basement. I maybe over the top with my dislike of his coaching style or philosophies that being said, I just want my team to compete before I am worm dirt..

    i enjoy your posts and appreciate your positive outlook I just can’t buy into lovie changing or learning from his mistakes at this point.