Browns’ Pass Rush Jams Jameis

August 30th, 2015
jameis 0829

America’s Quarterback reacts to a question about the Cleveland pass rush.

While he professed otherwise after the game, America’s Quarterback, Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston, sure seemed rattled by the pressure of the Browns’ pass rush last night.

Defensive lineman Desmond Bryant (1.5 sacks) and linebacker Chris Kirksey especially got to Jameis, and either he was unable to unload the ball or was pressured into bad throws and outright sacks.

All told, Jameis was sacked five times in just a hair over two quarters, which is really inexcusable. You can blame the offensive line, or Jameis for not getting rid of the ball. The seven sacks Jameis absorbed this preseason leads the NFL, per BSPN.

“I felt like the offensive line did [well],” Jameis said. “I’ve got to get the ball out faster. They brought a lot of pressure. Sometimes we got different types of looks and we didn’t want to show a lot of our ‘get it outs’ and stuff like that. …

“When they bring more than you can block, you’ve got to get it out. And they did a couple things where they picked our offensive guards where they couldn’t slide to get to the guys that were coming late. Like I said, it’s a learning experience and there’s a lot of teams that we’re going to be playing in the future that got those same type of blitzes. So when you make a mistake, especially on my part as the quarterback, I’ve got to put us in the right protection. Like, when I make a mistake like that, it’s always a learning experience. I’m like, I know I’m not going to make that mistake again because I can’t get hit like that.”

Jameis was adamant that pressure from the Cleveland defense did not rattle him.

“Not at all,” Jameis said. “Obviously, they came with a different game plan than what we were expecting. We had to end up changing it to another formation, go into 11-personnel during the game, so that was different. But other than that it was good. It’s just a learning experience.”

Joe doesn’t know what to think. Joe keeps telling himself this was a preseason game and the Bucs had only five days to prepare for the Brownies. Simply put, it was a(nother) ghastly performance by the offensive line. But this is what will happen when you start two rookies up front. There will be good days and bad.

Let’s just hope Jameis can survive the bad days.

45 Responses to “Browns’ Pass Rush Jams Jameis”

  1. Bucnut2 Says:

    JW was terrible last night. Even Barber was saying he has to pick things up quicker and let’s remember was the Browns not Seahawks. His long windup is killing him. The O-line was bad but under an all out blitz last week MG threw a touchdown pass. Was this part of the plan Joe, similar to the preseason picks in practice? Im thinking not so much. Many of us who were skeptical about drafting him were called haters and not real Bucs fans. Most of us were concerned this his game would not transfer to the NFL. Soon we’ll be calling him “Canadas QB” because that is where he will be playing.
    4 wins sounds about right for this team. MG would give us a shot at 6-8, but let’s play JW see if he can become an ok NFL QB.

    However there is always hope” with the first pick in the 2018 NFL draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select________________ QB,

  2. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    The Browns exposed our O Line. By the looks of this game, we are in trouble. Both Marpet and Smith were beaten quite a lot. But at this point, I have to ask, are Smith and Marpet really Busts, and were all the players that have come and gone through Tampa really that bad, or is it our coaching ?
    Is WARHOP the freaking problem ?

  3. Dreambig Says:

    I am not sure what to think either. It is just preseason, but it was another outing where all three phases of our game did not look good. The oline couldn’t block, special teams were really bad, run D wasn’t good, Banks couldn’t cover, LVD missing several tackles. Seemed like as a whole the team was just at practice and didn’t really care. One beautiful exception though was Kwon Alexander! That dude was everywhere! That hit on McCown was awsome! He is looking like a future probowler if he keeps playing like he has been.

  4. Warrenfb12 Says:

    Jameis is going to get killed this year….smdh

  5. Dreambig Says:

    Hey Bucnut, how many scoring drives did Glennon lead us to last night against the Browns back up players. Oh, that would be zero! I am not Glennon bashing because I think he has played well this preseason but with out a reasonable level of blocking from the Oline, no QB is going to stand a chance. Even crybaby McCown demonstrated that point last night.

  6. Bucnut2 Says:

    Dreambig, even Jamie said the Browns were blitzing the A gap and he was not picking it up. Barber said it as well. The o-line played a big part but really JW could have had 3 if not 4 picks last night. Go watch the replay. He was terrible, simple as that.

  7. jmoneyisback Says:

    It is not a coincidence that the offensive line performed considerably worse and EDS started the game. EDS does not like his quarterback and his not good at his job to begin with. What you saw last night is the result.

  8. jmoneyisback Says:

    We also got to see what happens without Mike Evans. Nobody could get open and if they were the o-line gave them straight lanes to attack him. It wasn’t just one guy getting through on defense, it was 2 sometimes 3.

  9. Dreambig Says:

    Bucnut – Agreed Jameis did not play well, other than the one touchdown drive he lead the team to. How many points did Glennon lead us to?

  10. Waterboy Says:

    Not a good game at all but this was the first time they’ve ever faced a 3-4 defense while playing in Koetter’s system so I’ll chalk it up as a learning experience and something to build on.

  11. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Poll – How would grade the following coaches (2014 – Present)

    Offensive Line Coach | George Warhop

    Special Teams Coordinator | Kevin O’Dea

  12. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    *Poll – How would U grade the following coaches (2014 – Present)

  13. Waterboy Says:

    Glennon plays against the other teams backups. We’ve already had a chance to see where he lead the team in his 16 or 17 games as a starter.

  14. Dreambig Says:

    Just watched Jameis’s press conference, it is going to go a long way that he does not point fingers and blame his teammates. Also the more negitive questions he got, the more positive his answers got. The Bucs are going to need that resiliency.

  15. Buccfan37 Says:

    Not much to write home about, mostly ugly display of a team who had an elevated opinion of themselves based on the effort against the Bengals, a bit of downplaying the Browns as mediocre. If nothing else the win vindicated Lovie’s like of McCown. I’m not too depressed for the same reasons others have stated. The Browns looked good, I like their coach. I think they’ll boot the Steelers to the bottom this year.

  16. Buccfan37 Says:

    So McCown and Glennon weren’t the Bucs glaring problems last year.

  17. Dreambig Says:

    Warhop: D
    O’Day: F I was going to give him an D because they did ok on kick off coverage but the punt return for the TD was inexcusable.

  18. Kevin Says:

    I thought that high football IQ I bought into over the offseason would have identified those blitzes and got the ball out quickly.

    And why the hell don’t we mix any blitzes in on defense? Josh McCown torched us last night. Eating up 8 minutes on long drive possessions. This team blows big ones. I really hope there is something good to cheer about before I die. At least if we drafted MAriota he’d be able to run away from the pressure and extend the plays without tripping over his own feet.

    I wanted Mariota originally and then bought into the James hype. Changed my stance. Now I’m starting to see my gut may have been right all along. This guy will NEVER get anything done without a good line. I hate being a bucs fan…

  19. Buccfan37 Says:

    Funny, the Browns fan tailgating before the game on camera calling for them to finish 4-12. It look like another fifty thousand could have fit in the stands. Bucs fans are reeling in disgust.

  20. Buccfan37 Says:

    Not to sound negative, but that pic up top looks like Jameis could get a part in a zombie horror film.

  21. Cannon Says:

    I think the OL got really confused by that the 3-4 front. I’m glad they were able to experience it in the preseason.

  22. Bucnut2 Says:

    Dream big- I like JW and think he’s a good kid. I would have drafted MM, but now that JW is here, I’m REALLY hoping he turns it around. Frankly he really hasn’t looked NFL ready yet. I hope he will. My point with MG is that he has moe experience and IMO we would win more games in the SHORT term because he has seen more than Jamies has.

    Kevin- what you said!

  23. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I think everyone is over reacting. Jameis said it. “We didn’t want to show our get outs”. As in “get out” of those situations.

    Keep in mind it was preseason. There are many contributing factors.

    First, they really cannot show how they plan to handle situations like that. Look at it this way…teams we face will now use that formula to come at us, so if the Bucs are prepared for it, they will beat it.

    Second, by facing it, the Bucs will be able to better prepare for it next time.

    Thirdly, it was the first time the rookies (Jameis, Smith and Marpet) faced a 3-4 defense. Of course they ran into issues. The 3-4 is best at the line.

    And finally, forthly, stop acting like these are veterans. Rookies are a completely different animal. They still have to experience things for the first time, second time, etc.

    You people were warned.


    Every one of you saying we were heading for a 10 win season or better sounded ignorant. It’s NOT POSSIBLE this year. It never was possible. The teams that have done it in the past had more pieces in place.

    I pointed out over and over in the previous months…those who expect better are only setting themselves up for huge disappointment and stress during the season.

    MUCH BETTER…to expect the growing pains and be pleasantly surprised if you get more than that.

    The main thing to be happy about… is that the team is finally heading in the right direction. The two rookie oline guys WILL get better. Winston WILL get better.

    We as fans just need to be more than patient. We have to be understanding.

  24. Jim Palm Harbor Says:

    Could McCown’s problems last been due to the play calling?
    Kind of wish the Bucs could have drafted a mobile QB to survive behind their questionable OL. Guess there were no other choices other than Winston.

  25. Bucnut2 Says:

    BB- must respectfully disagree. You may have warned the rest of us,but were drowned out by the local media and the Bucs PR machine telling us JW is “pro ready”. We were told we can’t draft MM because he was not. Turns out this looks like a ticket play. The line is bad but JW is worse. Sorry but IMO, this guy is NOT ready.

  26. Mo_Downs Says:

    This game was over before the end of the 1st quarter. The offense was shaken by the blitzing and the defense was lethargic. By the time the team woke-up at the start of the 2nd quarter, a few miscues (missed FG???, stopped on 3rd and 1) broke their spirit.

    I’m not too disappointed by this loss. But, I’m not going to make excuses because execution was the issue, not injuries.

    Several times Jameis was hurried because of the initial play selection or after an audible, VJ (Money) was triple-covered. This was NOT our #1/RS play selection. Even at that I noticed a lot of sloppy play on offense. You know you have a problem when the RB almost tackles the QB while trying to block.

    I didn’t even watch the 2nd half.

    Maybe Koetter will open up the playbook, slightly, against Miami. All this sausage making is getting boring. Let’s start cooking, even if it’s just bacon and eggs. And, 4-vertical should not be on the menu, yet.

    Go Bucs..!!

  27. Lou. Says:

    When we want to get down, Buc fans read @Dallas and @Realist.

    When we want to get smart, we look to @Bonzai and @Tckrdr.

    Simple as that.

  28. 911bucs Says:

    Bspn tore up the bucs o-line today as well as the struggles of Winston. 87 nailed it with 4 wins this year

  29. THETRUTH Says:

    A QB can pick up and identify blitzes but if the line doesn’t block the blitzed it doesn’t matter football 101…. O-line was killed and thats what happens when we don’t go pick up solid veterns and depend on projects as high draft picks, when drafting projects it takes years not 3 preseason games.

    “BUCNUT2–His long windup is killing him ” what are you watching look at most QB’s same release.. you reading to much clipping and not watching as if he is byron leftwich.

    special teams has been horrible since last year.. how many block punts or kicks? how many returns? and the coach is still here.
    has anyone notice how we are still searching for a kick return man, investing draft picks when hester would have solved the need.


  30. DONUTS Says:

    Where is 1978 and Nole BUc? Hiding in their JW Jammies….

    Like I have been preaching…we will be lucky to win 5 games this year. and This team has a long way to go.

  31. tickrdr Says:

    Thank you and a hat tip!

    I went to the game last night with my son-in-law. He asked some questions about the game, and I tried to explain to him, that nearly all of the QBs in the NFL can throw the ball quite well. But IMHO, none of them can do it reliably in under three seconds. And nearly all of them can do it if given five seconds to scan the field. Only the great ones can thrive in that 3 to 4 second range.

    It seemed to me that JW3 was totally back to the “one read” Jameis that Gruden kept pointing out on His QB Camp show. Covered or not Jameis locked onto that receiver with his eyes, and let it rip. The results are often not pretty.


  32. Destinjohnny Says:

    Hey Kwon looked good. Guys it all starts with personnel moves. We simply don’t have the players to win more then 5 games. Number 3 will be okay. Will he be better then teddy ever I dunno. What sucks his the line will get him destroyed this year. Funny Mariota is more pro ready and that was Winstons supposed advantage coming out. Love is way too much of a players coach and it shows

  33. LargoBuc Says:

    You all knew Jameis would come with peaks and valleys all season, as would any rookie qb. Dirk Koetter is a good coach, and im glad this occurred in August so our offense can work on things.
    I am a lil concerned about this defense though. I was hoping they would come out ready to play at home against Josh Mccown. But they didnt. They kept things simple and showed no interest and really, just played not to get injured.
    Remember, The Browns have a good defense, with one of the best corners who, on a good day, can take your best wideout out of the equation.
    And as for the oline, they are okay at best but a rookie qb will, at times, make the entire unit look worse than it is. Of course, no denying poor Ali got steamrolled out there. Again, all part of learning. Lets just be glad it s August and nothing counts…yet.

  34. JabooBuc Says:

    If I am ever missing my wife, I always know I can come to JBF to get my share of bitching. Anyone that thought drafting Jameis meant playoffs this year is smoking an enormous amount of crack and should seek help. The drafting of Jameis is part of a long term fix. You need a franchise type talent to build around. He is that type of talent and if you can’t see it then you are devoid of football acumen.

    I expect you will see major improvement over the course of this year assuming Dirk does not have a heart attack and we can keep Jameis off of IR. its a marathon people, not a preseason 40 yard dash.

  35. BrianBucs Says:

    Welcome to the NFL Mr. Winston. You are not in that pansy ACC anymore

  36. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    3-4 DEFENSE!

    It was a learning experience for ALL the rookies on offense especially Fameis and the OL. They’re all smart…Koetter has been successful…it’ll get worked out but not before we have some more real stinkers.

    let’s remember was the Browns not Seahawks.

    Yes by all means let’s remember that. Let’s remember it’s the preseason!!!
    You guys can’t have it BOTH ways. If you’re going to judge a team on the preseason then we are as good as both the Browns AND the Seahawks at 1-2.
    And so which is it. The preseason records mean something or not?

    @BucBonzai and Truth and the others who are not tossing in the towel..

    Thanks for some rational perspective.

  37. SchlomieBarMitzvahCircumScissorStein Says:

    It’s okay everyone…..The sky isn’t falling. Just be patient for 5 more years. At that point we should have our first playoff win in 18 years.

  38. Fsuking Says:

    1 good game and our problems are solved. 1 bad game and Jameis is a bust and our team sucks. Jesus people can you wait until the season starts. Your uneducated guesses and lack of football knowledge mean nothing to anyone.

  39. Fsuking Says:

    Hey BrianBuc, are you referring to the pansy ACC that crushed the SEC in bowl games and sent more players to the NFL than any other conference last year?

  40. Fsuking Says:

    Or the ACC with the only team to beat the national champions and 3 of the top ranked defenses in the country?

  41. Ernest T. Bass Says:

    The Mountain West is a tougher conference than the ACC. The Clemson QB will look good this year beating ACC cupcakes. Shameis got accepted into Stamford, not Stanford!

    He’s an idiot who thinks everyone gets an MRI and thinks he will play Brady in the next Super Bowl. Draft an idiot and you will be fired on Black Monday!

  42. poor glennon Says:

    Anyone with the gift of sight should see that Glennon is the better QB. He has experience of play behind a horrible O-line. This season is a total writeoff. So hand the kid a clipboard. Revamp the o-line. Give Lovie his walking papers. Then give #3 the reins next season. Oh ya and if anyone would take this guy over Mariota still. They need their head examined. Drafting this guy was Lovies kiss of death. That last game of the regular season. Showed a lack of intelligence by the Buc’s brass. Win and they get the 2nd overall pick. Therefore absolving any responsibility. Simply pick “the other guy”. Instead they totally throw the game in the second half. Then proceed to select the QB most local Buc fans want. If Mariota played for FSU and Winston played for the Ducks. We would of drafted Mariota. With next years 1st overall pick we will trade it for multiple picks and hopefully find 2 or 3 real o-linemen.

  43. Destinjohnny Says:

    Check the stats the acc has never sent more players to nfl over sec including last year.

  44. Jason McLaurin Says:

    I think Winston will be just fine. Just another preseason game of getting the timing and feels on routes as it seemed to me from him but he does need to improve significantly in disguise the play from the blitz and making the right protections as well. I like how hes attacked preseason as far as passing though. A lot of incompletions but hes also doing a lot of experimenting on his end with what throws he can get away with against the blitz. The offensive line seems like they need a new philosophy behind them like a fullback. Lane being on the field more in the I formation should be just what Winston needs against those blitzes instead of the spread right off into the rookie season. They need to be patient and just rely on that running game in Martin and Sims in rotation behind the fullback and on the field at the same time in shotgun with two backs often because they both can block consistently and run routes with Sims being the better receiver out the two. They also need to make a whole hearted shakeup on the offensive line. I think Evan Smith and Mankins should be cut dont even worry about getting anything in return because they’re salaries and play on the field is too much to have going into the season. Gilkey looks great at right guardand mMarpet is going to be great so let him have left guard because its apparent that Jeremiah Warren should be starting center. They need to start this line over now for our QB and simplify this offense too and provide more blocking beyond the offensive line too. These are expected moves I think they are in the process of making the only true question in all of this is: HOW MUCH DOES THIS ORGANIZATION BELIEVE IN “ROCK STAR” GARRETT GILKEY?

  45. bucslifeforme Says:

    Just a thought, but wasn’t there only a couple of days rest between games last year, when we were dismantled by Atlanta on national TV. just saying