Alone In Study

August 19th, 2015


A stroll inside the walls of One Buc Palace showed Gerald McCoy just about all he needed to see from one of his newer teammates.

Mike Evans, still 21 years old, has accomplished quite a bit as a young football player. But McCoy says Evans is just getting started.

McCoy shared that he believes, with a mentoring assist from “99,” aka Warren Sapp, that the greatest players are constant students of the game. They study their film, opponents’ film, the tape of NFL peers and, as Sapp told McCoy, they “chase the ghost of the game.”

McCoy sees that desire in Evans, so he referenced yesterday. And it wasn’t just the following words describing an aspect of Evans’ work ethic, it was the way McCoy said them with feeling, admiration and a pay-close-attention attitude.

“That’s where it all starts, a confidence in yourself. His God-given ability is going to take him a long way, but one thing I will say about him is he’s trying to learn the game,” McCoy said. “I watch a lot a film, so I’m up here at random times during the day or when we’re on break, I’m in the film room. I was walking through the receivers room one day and Mike was in there by himself, watching Dez Bryant. One thing I told him is, what I did is I looked around the best players in history and the best players in the NFL (currently) and tried to take a little bit from each person. I think if he does that, he’ll easily take over this league.”

How bout that show of dedication by Evans. It’s just a great sign from such a young player.

Josh McCown, when asked about Evans’ future, used to talk a lot about how Evans’ career likely would be defined a great deal by how he approached his craft between his rookie year and Year 2. McCown explained he’s been around a lot of great young receivers in his travels, and that’s the common thread.

Hopefully, McCown predicts receiver success better than he throws a football. Joe’s got a good feeling.

15 Responses to “Alone In Study”

  1. Just Saying Says:

    More positive stuff. Keep up the good work Joes!

  2. knucknbuc Says:

    Damn Joe u sure dig on mccown a lot. U should be thanking him if not for his predictable horrrid play last year jameis wouldn’t be here.I will give him credit dude took hisa ass whoopings like a man that Detroit game whey olineman should have given their checks to josh.

    Good to hear about Mike I’ve been saying this since last year he’s cj 2.0

  3. Ray Rice Says:

    McCown is the last MF I would take into consideration when trying to gauge a WR’s success. He’s just stating the obvious. SAVAGE MIKE IS THE MAN!

  4. Lakeland Buc Says:

    Mike Evans is a good receiver, and he will only get better with time. But I wanna see him fight off these Cornerbacks more,they hold him a lot. He gotta get that Andre Johnson attitude, I believe we see a more fierce Mike Evans this season.Him and Jameis are 21 years old, they will be a great combination in the future.

  5. Ra'Shad Says:


    Mike has to get the Dez attitude. He looks to demolish anything or anyone once he gets the ball. He plays like he is angry at everything. If Mike can play like that we will win a lot of games.

  6. buc4life1979 Says:

    “Savage Mike” looked pretty dam lame against that Vikes secondary.

  7. Bucwild007 Says:

    This team needs some more “dogs” on it. By that I mean Sapp like, Dez like, someone who is going to be scrappy and aggressive during the play! If Evans gets that he will be a top 3 WR

  8. Pickgrin Says:

    Bring it Mike. With Winston and Koetter’s love for airing it out – we could see some amazing plays involving ME this year. Winston to Evan’s long is going to a be a thing of beauty to watch for many years to come.

  9. Destinjohnny Says:

    Love 13

  10. Buccfan37 Says:

    Evans will draw more defensive cover this go round, teams know his impact and presence and will devise more schemes to limit his effectiveness. How he handles that will determine his growth from last season. Other Bucs receivers will get plenty of chances to show their stuff.

  11. NJ BucFan Says:

    I’m a big Evans fan but the way things look and sound so far he is still learning the route tree and is limited a bit in what he’s been running.

    On the flip side, you hear VJax is getting moved all over the place and is running every route in the book from any spot on the field.

    It may just be TC hype but from the sound of it, VJax might have a career year and Evans may be more of a red-zone/deep threat like VJax was earlier in his career. I’m predicting Evans has 900-1100 yards and 10-14 TDs, VJax breaks 1300 but only 4-6 TDs

  12. Bobby Says:

    Evans is not going to get hurt in preseason. He’s saving his best effort for when it really counts.

  13. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Bucwild I believe he has it but it comes out more so when defenders talk trash to him. It’s then he becomes angry and plays with a savage rage. At which time he becomes scary.

  14. Caleb Says:

    Well NJ, then that wouldn’t be a career year for Vjax with those number predictions. To be honest I don’t think the Bucs will come together tell half way through the season offensively, so in short the D will have to carry the team, if not its gonna be anothwe long unsuccessful year.

  15. 813bucboi Says:

    he worked a lot with randy moss this offseason…lets see how it translates!!!GO BUCS!!!