Unsung Hero

July 22nd, 2015

Who does BSPN think is the unsung hero of the Bucs?

During a recent a panel discussion about the NFC South, former Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik was asked to pick the face of each franchise. The lone non-quarterback Dominik selected was Gerald McCoy.

As part of that discussion, Dominik was asked which player for each NFC South team was the squad’s unsung hero. Once again, Dominik passed on selecting “America’s Quarterback,” Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston. Rather, Dominik hoisted the name of Bucs stud linebacker Lavonte David.

“And the unsung hero? Well, it’s Lavonte David,” Dominik said. “A lot of people know of him and they think of the Jets game. But if you follow him, here is a guy who averages 140 tackles every year. He is on the field all three downs. He does everything for the football team and he is a check-the-box linebacker meaning he has interceptions, he’s got sacks, he’s got forced fumbles. And he is productive. He is a great football player and a guy I think they are going to locked up long term.”

Joe can’t quibble with this.

Joe knows why Bucs fans don’t holler, “Why isn’t Lavonte the face of the franchise?” Joe hates to say it, but the casual NFL fan may recognize GMC for his broad smile, appearances on NFL Network and Pro Bowl appearances.

David is a quiet cat, and has been robbed of Pro Bowl berths simply because he is not asked to get sacks, though he had a stunning seven sacks in 2013.

Outside of your hardcore NFL fans, as Dominik noted, most know David not for his exceptional play, but for the lone boneheaded move he made, which just happened to have taken place in the media capital of the world. It set up the Jets’ game-winning field goal on opening day of 2013.

And that is a shame.

Hat tip to @MattSinn for the photo.

15 Responses to “Unsung Hero”

  1. bee Says:

    Actually it’s a shame ESPN has Dominik and Schiano on TV.

  2. The Buc Realist Says:

    Dominik is such a fool, basically he is saying that people are wrong to think of the mistake at the Jets game, but constantly brings it up on every occasion!!!


    Its time for the ” ask the pros question”. Hypothetically how long does a bad GM get protection and is covered up for gross incompetence just because he would leak info to local media???? 2 to 4 years before they turn and say he was a bad GM!!!! this is a serious question!

  3. buc4life1979 Says:

    Oh please…even the fans that keep up with individual players wouldn’t remember that “one” play against the Jets..R U KIDDING ME?? If ur fan enuff that you follow individual players, you think of what LVD is on the field “A BEAST” not one call that could’ve gone either way if refs weren’t “erroring on the side of caution” aka helping keep the chances for those high score stakes going in Vegas…As for the “average” fan, yeah people now adays would really make a burn onto their permanent hard drive memory to associate one guy with one play, from a game a few years old now that was played by 2 overhyped but honestly mediocre teams…Nice to see Dominik is consistent in his new profession at sucking !@#$ as well.

  4. University of Seffner Says:

    @bee I agree with you. Schiano clearly ain’t qualified for the job. BSPN would have the perfect trifecta if they added Matt Millen.

  5. I know why Says:

    @ realist. Please keep your courtroom lingo at the job and not on JBF. Btw you crack me up trying to be the big bad tough guy. I’d love to see you go to camp and confront Jason licht or if you know of Dominik have a public discussion. Keep hiding behind that keyboard….

  6. Harry Says:

    “he is not asked to get sacks, though he had a stunning seven sacks in 2013”

    More damning evidence against Lovie that he is not creative and is ridged in his coaching schemes. I think he is a good coach, as evident with his track record in CHI. (he is NOT a good personnel man). But a GREAT coach maximizes the talents of the players he has to work with. LDV has proven he could be a sack machine. So why aren’t we using him as such?

  7. Buccfan37 Says:

    I’ll go to my end knowing the call against David in the Jets game was a bogus homer call.

  8. Tampa Tony Says:

    Maybe if Lovie fits his scheme to make David a playmaker he will get recognized. David looked much better under Schiano

  9. Tom S. Says:

    Way to go, Dominik, you picked the only two successful draft picks in your 5 years as GM as the face and unsung hero of the Bucs. Keep patting yourself on the back, since no one else will.

  10. JMN Says:

    Incompetent GM goes on to work at ESPN after he got fired. Makes total sense, ESPN is incompetent as a whole, with the exception of college football.

  11. tmaxcon Says:

    It’s a shame that the lapdog DC and the laughable head coach are to ignorant and rigid to get the best out of their players. That is what coaching is about, getting the most out of your players. Coaching is not about outdated rigid schemes. Lovie is costing his players cash and that is why nothing but has beens that never were and injury prone prove it deals were the only players willing to sign with Lovie this offseaon. Players win championships not mediocre head coaches with passive / rigid schemes

  12. Hawk Says:

    @ buc4life1979 said:
    “… yeah people now adays would really make a burn onto their permanent hard drive memory to associate one guy with one play…”

    You are right. There are those, in here, who believe ONE PLAY (of THEIR choosing) is the “defining moment” in a young players’ career. It’s a shame, isn’t it?

  13. duthsty rhothdes Says:

    tmaxcon you are spot on, im not saying a team should highlight an individual dedpite the overall good of the team but… if you have a situation like the bucs have w no pass rush and terrible secondary and scheme maybe find other ways to pressure the qb and lovie and the dc havent…sad the season starts in a week and looking forward to maybe 5 wins and a fired coach is the highlight


    ALL of the players HAVE to know the scheme ! You can’t start flexing/adjusting the scheme until all the players are in sync in the scheme. I’ve got faith in Lovie and our defense. We are going to be a fast, hard hitting defense and LVD is going to be all over the place.
    I too was a little concerned about Lovie being too stubborn and set in his ways, but he has drafted mostly offence and got us a possible franchise QB. That’s enough for me to at least give Lovie some time to create the TEAM he envisions.
    GO BUCS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. bucsbedabest Says:

    Every single time the names Dominik and Schiano are mentioned on this site people go apeschit. I get it with Dom but it is hard for me to blame a Rutgers coach for his two year tenure when Dominik’s terror was for five. The unsung hero of this team is the second best back-up QB in the NFL. His first year as a back-up to Josh Freeman he was thrust into the starting role were he performed admirably winning four games and throwing for 19 TD. I am sure going into his second season he was thinking he was going to be the starter until Lovie signed Josh McCown. Again after McCown went down, there was MG8 ready to take over. On the road in Pittsburgh after a devastating loss to the Falcons, he leads his team on the game winning drive to beat the Steelers in the game of the season for the Buccaneers. He played four more games only to be benched for a player he knew he was better than. Now he contends with his team picking a QB with the number one pick in the draft. Here he is playing with the first team at the OTA’s and getting ready for pre-season were he should see some quality playing time while trade rumors swirl around him. In an interview he was asked how things were going and he replied with how much he loves playing for this team and being in Tampa. However this season turns out, if it just means being a mentor for Jameis Winston or if he is called on once again, this teams unsung hero is truly Mike Glennon.