The Next Calvin Johnson?

July 23rd, 2015
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A national publication puts Evans in rare air

Both you and Joe know Mike Evans, “Godzilla,” is a lethal talent. In what appears to be a lukewarm Bucs draft last year, Evans makes it a home run.

But the best wide receiver in the NFL? That’s what the Sporting News thinks in a confusing message about Evans. In ranking the top receivers, the publication has Evans listed as No. 11. But then adds the following:

Looking for a young receiver in line to take the mantle of Megatron 2.0? This would be him. Let’s start with tthat scary, similar frame of 6-5, 231 pounds. Hopefully, having a big-armed, fearless Jameis Winston at quarterback will allow him to show off more of his home-run skills in Year 2. Watch out for Evans to go TAG (touchdown a game) after a dozen rookie scores.

Well, if the Sporting News thinks Evans is the next Calvin Johnson, how can it rank him No. 11? That’s a pretty mixed message.

At any rate, Joe likes the angle. If Evans, as a rookie, could put up the numbers he did with hot garbage at quarterback like turnover-prone Josh McClown, imaging what could happen if “America’s Quarterback,” Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston, develops into just a top-12 quarterback?

34 Responses to “The Next Calvin Johnson?”

  1. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Hmmm,I’m more inclined to call him the next version of the Great Randy Moss his idol just with a greater level of physicality. This young man gets off on banging at the line scrimmage. Calvin Johnson is good but not at the top of my list of NFL receivers. I like the physical dudes,bad a$$s wit attitude types. Mike Evans fits my preference perfectly.

  2. Another J Says:

    I’ve been saying that about Evans since he got here, Now it’s time for the rest of the NFL to see it too!
    That dude is a beast!

  3. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    We’ve been overlooked for quite some time now J. That changes now with WINSton under center and Mike Evans lined up on his right side. What comes to my mind is the one season McNabb had T.O. one word unstoppable.

  4. Another J Says:

    Unstoppable indeed!

  5. OB Says:

    He is going to be great and Winston can be, but don’t forget Captain Kirk and VJAX and ASJ being in the mix.

    This will be a form of “Ghostbusters” in that who are you going to cover? Maybe we should call them the Ghostbusters and add in the slot and RB.

    Nine days and counting.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:


  7. pick6 Says:

    like CJ, he is a scary size\speed combo with crazy hands. like CJ, he can probably dominate most CB match ups down the field, especially for high throws. like CJ, he will probably never be praised as the best route runner in the game. however, there are probably 4 or 5 guys around right now who you could say the same thing about. the scary big + scary explosive WR is a pretty established “type” in the NFL since CJ burst onto the scene.

  8. Zapp Brannigan Says:

    “Godzilla?” I call him the “Mulatto Mauler!” Word up!

  9. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Agree with your take. Measured and reasonable. Yes ME is great but it’s the NFL and there are at least four or five guys who are great.

    Do we think Dirk Koetter is excited? If ASJ blossoms and Sims becomes a genuine threat out of the backfield this team will be a major nightmare for DC’s around the league.

    IF of course we can develop at least a mediocre offensive line.

  10. P'cola Buc Says:

    You know, we kind a owe Mike Williams some thanks. If he didn’t mess up last off season we probably would not have drafted a WR in the first round resulting in the Mike Evans pick. Thank you Mike Williams!

  11. The Buc Realist Says:

    Let’s just see how he handles this year being the #1 . Other defenses will try to take Evans away. In his last 6 games he was averaging 42.7 yards a game!!! he did have 5 touchdown though.

    I hope that he has been working on beating double teams this offseason, and can stay patient when he is used to draw a lot of attention away to open up others!!!

  12. Buc1987 Says:

    This just in : The Realist has hope.

  13. R.O. Says:

    10 more days and maybe there will be more than just the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again……

  14. ak427er Says:

    Lets not get carried away before we’re sure he’s not the next Michael Clayton.

  15. Buc-A-New Says:

    Alright, who stole The Realist’s name?

  16. Nick2 Says:

    Its obvious this guy is something special. I think Winston is going to lock onto him like he did Kelvin Benjamin.

  17. Pickgrin Says:

    Winston to Evans long is going to be something we will all enjoy watching for years to come. Opposing Defenses? Not so much…

  18. Ray Rice Says:


  19. WyldKat Says:

    As long as the O-Line blocks long enough…

  20. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Wow…I cannot believe how quickly this kids is being hyped.

    Some reality is needed. Michael Clayton. Great rookie year. Was a dud after that.

    We’ve seen it time after time here in Tampa, yet fans never seem to learn.


    When he proves he isn’t a one year wonder, then give him props. For now, all he did is have a promising rookie year. Give him props for that.

    But don’t go calling him the next Megatron or anything like that. First off, there will never be another Megatron. Just as there will never be another Sapp, Alstott or Brooks. Each player makes a name for himself. He doesn’t ride the wave of another player’s wave.

    GMC isn’t another Sapp. He’s GMC.

    Evans isn’t another Megatron. He’s Mike Evans.

    And he has to prove that is good, great, elite or a bust. Just. Like. Anyone. Else. Including Jameis Winston.

    IF Evans has another great year, then he has proven he isn’t a one year wonder. That’s his next step in development.

    Mind you, I’m not saying he is a bust. I’m not saying he won’t be elite. I’m saying the only way to reach that potential is by earning it. Giving props too soon only brings disappointment and breeds a diva who wants to hold out.

  21. Mo_Downs Says:

    Stats aside, Mike Evans will be the next Mike Evans. As a Bucs fan I hope everyone on the team is named to the Pro Bowl because that would mean the team is not only winning but, most importantly, entertaining.

    My only fear is that the Bucs won’t be able to find a quality RG/LT with their
    “losers first” pick from the league camp casualty list.

  22. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Buc and 87 too funny. Realist!!! coming around slowly but he coming around.

  23. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I love seeing the human nature on this blog and how folks react.

    Here is the only FACT you’ll read all day. NOBODY can say with certainty how this season will turn out. We all make predictions based on various “facts” we bring up but nobody can really know.

    And so given that FACT…people have a choice. They can either expect the worst or the best or they can be moderate and think 6 or 8 wins.

    Since it CAN go either way, why do we wish to already absorb the pain of sucking. If we should win the Debbie Downers will have wasted an entire Spring and Summer suffering because they believe we and Lovie suck.

    If we lose so what…these Downers will just continue their depression.

    OTOH….IF we win I get to simply being as happy as I already am. If we lose I of course will be disappointed.

    And so….the choice is….downer…good season..wasted depression and negativity…bad season and just more depression no change.

    Optimist and a good season and it’s just more continued happiness. Bad season and then there will be plenty of time to be disappointed. It won’t be like we got cheated because we could have been disappointed before the season ever started.

    AGAIN…..I do not believe the little train made it to the top of the hill chugging I think I can’t I think I can’t. Norman Vincent Peale didn’t write “The Power of Negative Thinking”. What the mind conceives the body achieves.

    There’s another famous saying…”Argue for your limitations and they are yours”. I never argue with anybody anymore when they want to catalogue their limitations. If they believe it then it’s true!

    At 67 I cannot tell you how often these principles have been true in my life. I’ve never had success thinking failure and all my successes have been the result of believing in myself.

    10-6 baby!!!

  24. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    Like always word well spoken St.Pete. Words well spoken.

  25. Kevin Says:

    Savage Mike!!!

  26. Pickgrin Says:

    StPeteBucsFan Says:
    July 23rd, 2015 at 11:48 am

    ”Argue for your limitations and they are yours”.

    Richard Bach is one of my favorite authors – and “Illusions” is my favorite book of all time. Another quote from that book has always stayed with me.

    “There is no “problem” without a gift for you in its hands. We seek problems because we need their gifts”.

  27. Yungry Says:

    Evans made Johnny “Football” Manziel at A&M! I wouldn’t trade #13 for Odell Beckham Jr. Mike will have the better career now that Josh McCown is out of state…

  28. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Agree about Bach. Great writer with great perspective. Let’s hope our “problem” OL offers us a gift…perhaps Smth and Marpet are the real deals…maybe Pamphile and Edwards will continue to grow. Stranger things have happened.

  29. Classyfreddyblassy Says:

    The next Blocking Icon.

  30. LakelandBuc Says:

    He will be the next Mike Evans, for a guy who didn’t play football until his Senior year of high school and only 2 years of college football. He has a huge upside at the tender age of 21, the sky is the limit for him. He runs routes like a 10 year seasoned pro, him and Jameis should tear this league up.

  31. Buc1987 Says:

    StPeteBucsFan …or you could just take my approach to every Bucs season.

    “Futility makes winning that much sweeter”

    Do you know who said that? Me.

    When the losses pile up I gobble them up like Pac-Man and hold onto to each and every single one of them. I take them personal. I treasure them as much as a win.
    When the team does start clicking it is then that I reflect on all those losses and it makes those wins so much more exciting and rewarding to me.

    I don’t know. It’s what keeps me going anyways…

  32. bucslifeforme Says:

    Evans is a great receiver. However It’s Megatron’s 4.3 speed that makes him a freak of nature. Anointing him Magatron 2.0 is a stretch at this point.

  33. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    As John Lennon sang…”Whatever Gets You Through the Night”.

    You have mastered the art of being a great Bucs fan. Better days are ahead.

    I should say that while I may be the cockeyed optimist I respect the Debbie Downers as well. 2-14 will justifiably pisss off a lot of fans.

  34. Danati74 Says:

    Either way, so far we got a steal. Not too many ppl can say they knew we were going M. Evans with our 1st pick last year, but what a great pick it was. With Asj healthy and barring injury, we might really get to see the Dunkaneers!! Imagine that,….if we really got to see that this year. Please