A Freeman Eulogy?

July 27th, 2015

josh freeman 1224aA big national voice slapped Josh Freeman for dedication issues and believes his release from the Dolphins last week is the end of the line.

Joe’s not so sure it is the end for Freeman. And while Freeman was leaky and sleepy as a Bucs starter in 2013, there was no indication he was anything but a committed QB in Miami.

Taylor Swift-listening, pickpocket-thwartingBucs-uniform-frowningAllie-LaForce-smittenBig-Ten-Network-hatingpedestrian-bumpingolive oil-lappingpopcorn-munchingcoffee-slurpingfried-chicken-eatingoatmeal-lovingcircle-jerkingbeer-chuggingcricket-watchingscone-loathingcollege football-naïvebaseball-box-score-readingNPR-honkfilthy-hotel-stayingfight-instigatingbarista-training Peter King, of Sports Illustrated and NBC Sports fame, is the one burying Freeman, via his Monday Morning Quarterback column today.

9. I think Josh Freeman—cut by the Dolphins on Friday, probably ending any shot of a further NFL career—will look back on his career one day and say, “I should have worked harder.” Especially in Tampa Bay. But when you sign with the Vikings in 2013, and it last one game; and when you sign with the Giants in 2014, and it lasts five off-season weeks; and you sign with the Dolphins in 2015, and it lasts 10 off-season weeks, and you’re cut on the eve of training camp, at age 27, with Matt Moore the backup who has beaten you out … the message is pretty clear. Freeman was talented enough. But beginning with the Greg Schiano Bucs, he just didn’t dedicate himself to football the way a starting quarterback should.

Frankly, Joe has no confidence that Freeman is getting good advice. It’s even possible Freeman asked for his release, if his agent was sure he’d get a better opportunity elsewhere.

Obviously, the Dolphins are quite happy with Ryan Tannehill and backup Matt Moore, who were in the system last year.


45 Responses to “A Freeman Eulogy?”

  1. Another J Says:

    Stick a fork in him.

  2. Tampa Tony Says:

    Can’t wait to hear Duemig’s defense of Freeman…

  3. DontBucAround Says:

    So so so so sad for Joshy Freebie

    He got paid millions of dollars to be lazy, party, and do drugs (rumors has it)

    I am saddened by his release……I really am


    He got the opportunity of a lifetime….got paid millions and I hope he has a positive attitude going forward in life.

  4. The Buc Realist Says:

    Peter King is wrong, It began during the Dom/Rah reign of sadness regime! I guess rolling out the red carpet and handling him like a king was not the correct way!!!

    There are some local media that owe Coach Schiano a huge apology!!!

  5. Buc-A-New Says:

    I can’t stand people who waste their God Given talents.
    The Christian in me wishes you luck Josh. The rest of me says you get what you deserve.

  6. rayjay1122 Says:

    I remember being pretty disappointed when we drafted him in the 1st round. Another wasted past draft pick. I hope for him that he can find some success outside of football. Sad part is that there were a few players selected in that 2009 draft after Freeman who we could still be getting some value out of if we would have selected one of them. Also, it hurt that we had no 2nd round pick and our 3rd round pick was DT Roy Miller who was nothing spectacular. That was for sure a bust of a draft class.

    17 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Josh Freeman QB Kansas State
    18 Denver Broncos Robert Ayers LB Tennessee
    19 Philadelphia Eagles Jeremy Maclin WR Missouri
    20 Detroit Lions Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma State
    21 Cleveland Browns Alex Mack C California
    22 Minnesota Vikings Percy Harvin WR Florida
    23 Baltimore Ravens Michael Oher T Mississippi
    24 Atlanta Falcons Peria Jerry DT Mississippi
    25 Miami Dolphins Vontae Davis DB Illinois
    26 Green Bay Packers Clay Matthews LB USC
    27 Indianapolis Colts Donald Brown RB Connecticut
    28 Buffalo Bills Eric Wood C Louisville
    29 New York Giants Hakeem Nicks WR North Carolina
    30 Tennessee Titans Kenny Britt WR Rutgers
    31 Arizona Cardinals Beanie Wells RB Ohio State
    32 Pittsburgh Steelers Ziggy Hood DT Missouri

  7. The Buc Realist Says:

    To me, you can be a bust, Even get lazy after a big contract, or sometimes things just do not match and work out. But it is totally different to try and drag everyone down with you on the way out, Its the Lies and slander of this man that makes me wish that J-Fro 6 pak will hit rock bottom and nothing but failure in his life!

    The Hawk had class and thanked the fans after he was traded. I have never hear Freeman ever thank anyone for all the chance and cover ups of his epic failure of a career!!!

    There were a lot of fines and cover ups of Jfro drunk and late to practice in 2011!!! we want the Truth!!!

  8. DayOnePaul Says:

    …and then there’s the elephant in the room.

  9. tmaxcon Says:

    RIP Freeman… You can walk away knowing that you could still hang 21 on a lovie smith defense…

  10. Buccfan37 Says:

    Hanging 21 on Lovie is down the point totals given up list.

  11. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Maybe the Dolphins realized their WR’s weren’t 14 ft tall to grab one of “post-meltdown” Josh’s errant high passes?

  12. The Buc Realist Says:

    The question should be who can’t hang 21 on Lovie’s defense. Last year’s average was 25.6points!!! 25th out of 32 teams and we saw a record number of second and third sting QB’s!!!

    Not only does J-fro suck at football, But he sucks at life too!!!

  13. D-Rome Says:

    I recall Ira Kaufman in an interview on the radio early last year say that he knows what really happened but for whatever reason he cannot disclose at this time but that one day he will. I highly doubt the collapse of Freeman solely has to do with dedication issues.

    I wish him the best but he’ll never be relevant in the NFL again. I’d love to know what really happened to him just to have my curiosity appeased but apart from that I’ve moved on. I think JBF should move on from Freeman news as well.

  14. Vincente Says:

    I don’t believe anything the media says about Freeman. Something happen to that guy that we might never know about. That 2010 season was not a fluke. He pulled some plays that were great. I’ll always have your back Freeman and I’m hurting that you couldn’t accomplish everything you wanted to. Stay up though Free. Life still happening don’t walk away from it.

  15. tdtb2015 Says:

    Freeman should head north to Canada and wait until the next CFL season starts. Try to do a Warren Moon and come back firing on all cylinders. Its obvious the Schiano experience left him in shaky grounds.

    I wish him the best!

  16. Dooley Says:

    Time to got Canada Josh

  17. Tom S. Says:

    If Freeman asked for his release as Joe pontificated he would be dumber than we all thought.

    Fringe QB’s who have been on four teams in two years and released from three of them need to stick on an NFL roster more than anything to show they are still viable.

    Freeman’s alleged off the field problems are the likely culprit to his career nosedive. It’s a shame because he actually had a lot of talent to work with and seemed dedicated prior to. Unfortunately the Todd Marinovich method of being an NFL QB doesn’t leave itself to a long career.

  18. Buc1987 Says:

    I don’t believe this people are STILL blaming Schiano for Freeman’s lack of success elsewhere.

    I don’t blame Schiano. It has to be George Bush’s fault.

  19. The Buc Realist Says:


    Your wrong, everyone knows that George Bush was a puppet for Dick Cheney!!!

  20. Couch Fan Says:

    Some of you were and still are completely fooled by that 2010 season where he wasnt very good except he did have some 4th quarter magic against some bad teams which he could never duplicate. Stop letting the stats fool you.

    Take a seat Josh and Watch Jameis smash every one of your records while the whole world forgets you ever exhisted. GO BUCS!!!!

  21. LakelandBuc Says:

    Regardless of what people say about Josh Freeman, he had a decent career in the NFL, maybe short lived but decent. Players dream are to play in the NFL, he was a 1st round draft pick and he had some early success. He did enjoy the limelight for a minute, then again he may resurface.

  22. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Vincente Says
    “I don’t believe anything the media says about Freeman. Something happen to that guy that we might never know about. That 2010 season was not a fluke.”

    I have to agree, but I don’t think it is the Media’s fault.

    I believe Freeman suffered some sort of chemical imbalance with his meds, and I’m not certain it has been fixed since. Maybe his old meds stopped working, and the meds that do work are banned, so he can’t take them (the NFL needs to address that issue).

    Up until his last year, he showed a lot of promise.

    One thing I give him credit for. He hasn’t stopped trying. I think he should go to Arena or Canada, just to keep his career going.

    Freeman in his prime was ten times better than Glennon, in my opinion.

  23. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Couch Fan Says
    “Some of you were and still are completely fooled by that 2010 season…”

    …not me. While he did “okay” in 2010, I was more impressed with 2012, when he threw for 4,065 yards.

    There was a time when a quarterback was considered very good if he reached the 4,000 yard mark (these days, 5,000 yards is the measuring stick).

    I never thought he was elite, but I thought he was becoming solid at that point.

    The following off season is when he went off the rails with his meds. Schiano just happened to be hired then, but I don’t blame him for it.

    The fall of Josh Freeman was purely medical. It’s a shame.

    But it’s a new day, and we have a new QB to support, which I fully intend to do. I’ll be critical of Winston, but I’ll give props when he earns them. IF he earns them.

  24. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    On the 4,000 yard mark, here’s an example:

    Doug Williams has been called a great quarterback. He only threw for over 3,000 yards 2 times, and the most was 3,563.

    He never even sniffed 4,000 yards.

    Brad Johnson broke the mark once, in 1999. He only broke 3,000 yards 3 times in the following 9 years…all three with the Bucs.

    So 4,000 yards is no small thing.

  25. RachelWatson'sthong Says:

    He would have never been a first round pick without Raheem. Probably not a second round either. When your team mates don’t select you as a Captain and you’re the starting QB, nothing else needs to be said. F You Josh. You screwed our team over big time, in many more ways than one,

  26. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Andrew Luck, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers, Aaron Rogers, Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan, Matt Stafford and Ryan Tannehill.

    They are the only QBs in 2014 to break the 4,000 yard barrier. Each is considered a great quarterback, with maybe the possible exception of Ryan Tannehill (and I think Dolphins fans are screwed in the head for not thinking so).

  27. Curse of Gruden Says:

    I heard the Eagles were interested in Freeman and his meds.

  28. Tom S. Says:

    @RachelWatson’sthong, so weird typing that btw.

    Dumbinik and Co believed Denver had the hots for Freeman at pick 18 which is why they traded up two spots to take him. I can’t say for certain that was true, but I can say with some certainty he was considered a late first early second round player. He was invited to the green room after all, so if he magically fell out of Rd 2 like you think then that would’ve been quite the gaffe by the league.

    Freeman actually showed a lot of talent and some very good pocket presence as a young player. He was streaky as a passer due to some less than perfect mechanics in the beginning but it totally devolved into erratic passing the past few years and his mechanics were shot.

    There is no questioning his size and strength though. Had a great arm and was a bear to take down in his ‘prime.’ You don’t set team records and hold career passing records as a 25 year old if you were never any good.

  29. tickrdr Says:

    BuccaneerBonzai Says:
    July 27th, 2015 at 12:46 pm

    Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Andrew Luck, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers, Aaron Rogers, Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan, Matt Stafford and Ryan Tannehill.

    They are the only QBs in 2014 to break the 4,000 yard barrier. Each is considered a great quarterback, with maybe the possible exception of Ryan Tannehill (and I think Dolphins fans are screwed in the head for not thinking so).
    Posted previously a few times:
    No one on this board knows that Mike Glennon in 2014 threw for 1296 yards in the five games he started. 1296 divided by 5 is 259.2 yards per game. If you take that average per game and multiply by a full 16 game season you get:

    Four thousand, one hundred forty seven yards = 4147 yds.

    Similar reasoning and extrapolation shows:

    9 TDs / 5 games = 1.8 TDs per game x 16 games = 28.8 TDs
    6 INTs/ 5 games = 1.2 INTs per game x 16 games = 19.2 INTs

    Those look like reasonable expectations for young Jameis, don’tcha think?


  30. Maze Says:

    Oh my, can’t believe how much this website loves Josh Freeman. Wow man get over this drunk bum

  31. Maze Says:

    Stay the hell away from the CFL too

  32. Buc1987 Says:

    “Those look like reasonable expectations for young Jameis, don’tcha think?”

    I can see Jameis having similar numbers to those, probably even better numbers.

  33. Pickgrin Says:

    It’s sad to see talent go to waste – but Josh Freeman didn’t do himself or those who supported him any favors by burning all bridges on his way out of Tampa Bay.

    Thank God we didn’t sign him to a big long term contract prior to the “meltdown”. Dom made tons of mistakes and was a terrible GM IMO – but at least he didn’t go down that path to sure hell.

    Winston’s talent as a QB outshines “Freeman in his prime” (LOL at multiple uses of that phrase) by a wide margin.

    It’s time to turn the page and focus on the excitement of finally having a REAL franchise QB.

  34. PRBucFan Says:

    Poor whittle Free Free…

    Karma is a BIATCH!

    Lol And just cause I love the sound of it, for all those closet Freemanites.



  35. drdneast Says:

    I understand your anger about Free BucRealist but unlike you I don’t wish a pox on him or his family.
    fact is he had nothing to do of when he was drafted, that was the Morris/Dummynick brain trust.
    problem for Free is he looked like he might be the man till he crashed and burned in the last 6 games in 2012.
    Stop with the nonsence about Schiano, too. I’m no big fan of his but to blame Free’s downfall on him is enabling Josh and just stupid.
    The Dummynick said himself on his NFL Sirrus show the reason the Bucs drafted Glennon in 13 was because Free was not spending near enough time in the classroom, something he vowed to do when he got here.
    I mean really, if you can’t call a play in a huddle because your headset is bad and you get two delay of game penalties on you on back to back plays, somethings horribly wrong with you.

  36. drdneast Says:

    If it wasn’t so sad and pathetic,, the same old trolls going after Lovie time after time at every opportunity and every post would be laughable.
    instead it is just boring, tedious and extremely unoriginal and plain.
    Much like Joe continuing to refer to Logan Mankins barbeque remark.
    Yawn. Zzzzzzzzxzxzzzzzzzxx.

  37. drdneast Says:

    PRBUCFAn, it’s really sad to se someone celebrate a human beings failure in such a public manner unless the individual is such a dirt bag like Adolph Hitler or Donald Trump.
    Speaks volumes about your character, sir.

  38. PRBucFan Says:

    Oh cry me a damn river lol.

    The kid destroyed himself with his own lack of discipline and his own selfishness.

    He’s not making millions and he has to go to work like a normal individual.

    Boo freakin hoo

  39. PRBucFan Says:

    And no where did I mention anything about his personal problems or situations.

    So try someone else with your self-righteous crap.

  40. PRBucFan Says:

    I am simply referring to the fact that myself and Couch always called it like it was, Free Free was never our future and he was never going to cut in on the field.

    We were right.
    Off the field things came to light as well, but that’s got nothing to do what I’m saying when I say I told the Freemanites so. So you can save the tune for someone else.

    Had he handled himself like a true professional on his way out maybe things would have turned out differently.

    That is all.

    What I celebrate is that we are no longer tied to the Jekyl/Hyde that is Free Free and all the constant excuses for his inconsistent ON FIELD play.

    Actions carry consequences, I’m sorry, I’m not shedding a tear over that fact.

  41. drdneast Says:

    I’m not shedding any tears either but neither am I celebrating or gloating in his demise.
    From your words, you strike me as a person who would rather be right about a players talent than wrong and see both the player and the Bucs succeed..
    That’s a very sad and strange way for a fan to think. Of course I see a lot of that behavior exhibited on this site.
    Because of that, now more than ever, I stand on my earlier remark.

  42. Randy stroker Says:

    Can we please all stop pretending dude didn’t have a drug problem? It was like the worst kept secret. And what about that leak investigation against schiano? Please. He wasted his talent something us working stiffs would kill to be able to do for even a day. Shame on you Josh Freeman.

  43. PRBucFan Says:

    Gloating in his demise? The melodrama is comical.

    The self-righteous troll is always my favorite kind.

    Thanks for the laugh but I’ve already stated what I had to say clearly. You can choose to address the bits and pieces you want and avoid the rest. I digress, it’s not worth the effort to continue cause I’d just be repeating myself.

    Lolz too funny, done with this thread.

  44. cmurda Says:


    Man, when you look at the rest of that first round, virtually any one of those guys from 18-32 would be starting on our team and contributing. I hate to crap pile on Dominik because I’ve always liked hi but he set this franchise back an additional 3 plus years on horrid draft picks and don’t get me started on the Revis contract.

  45. SchlomieBarMitzvahCircumScissorStein Says:

    The stuttering-stammering-failed nightclub owning-Scott Brantley-Fist Buffering-show host always made mention of the fact that Freeman would bring his playbook to the radio station. I guess for some reason, it just didn’t take. Rather than show-off the playback, probably would have made more sense to study it.