Lovie Calls Mike Glennon “Backup Quarterback”

June 16th, 2015

Glennon bigJoe sincerely hopes the following quiets the resurgent Mike Glennon Mob.

After practice this afternoon, Lovie Smith was peppered with questions about why Glennon worked with the first-team offense — again — instead of Jameis.

Lovie made it clear that there is not some sort of quarterback competition going on. In fact, Lovie referred to how he needs to get “a backup quarterback,” prepared for duty.

No, Mobsters, and those who think there’s some sort of open competition. Jameis is the guy, rightfully so.

30 Responses to “Lovie Calls Mike Glennon “Backup Quarterback””

  1. Capt.Tim Says:

    Lol- Is there still a Glennon mob?
    Hard to believe that ” ole checkdown” would still have zombies pleading his case!

  2. bucs4lyfe Says:

    lol joe im sorry to tell you you still cant convince some people glennon is a backup. even during the season when he is sititng the bench they wont be convinced. he’ll have to go to another team and sit on the bench before it sinks in

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Glennon is a backup….and a very good one….he has value in that role and has increasing trade value…..that is more than we can say for many others.

    As I expected….Glennon is taking the role with class….and that speaks very highly of him. I think it’s time to give him creds……

  4. Dinnerplate Nips Says:

    “Lol- Is there still a Glennon mob?”

    Oh hell yes… Stroking each other off every week at their local MGM chapter.

  5. Buccfan37 Says:

    I think all of the original Glennon fans are still around and get a kick out of the trash talk directed MG’s way. Oh the horror, even thinking Glennon may make the final roster, a failed backup at best. Lovie and Winston’s biggest fans can’t bear the thought of the number one pick in the draft not starting the season as QB. They might blow a fuse.

  6. BFFL Says:

    So Lovie is saying that Jameis is more prepared?

  7. Buccfan37 Says:

    Lovie has talked so much gibberish about Glennon since arriving in Tampa, who really knows what he thinks? In other words, when it comes to QB’s, I say Lovie doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.

  8. rayjay1122 Says:

    I like “America’s back-up QB”. He is a better than average insurance policy if Winston misses any time due to injury and should get us some kind of a return on our investment in him with a trade next year.

  9. BucFan20 Says:

    Let’s see . The main one that can’t let go is the General of the MGM. And the person that kept beating the drum for him to play over McClown and could not figure for the life of him why they would not. If he had and won games you and we now would not have Winston. Seems YOU bring up Glennon every chance you get.

  10. The original "Kevin" Says:

    Lovie said a lot of things and alot of them never happened. Glad . Just because he was not succesful under greg schiano for the only full season he was given full opportunity to start means hes a career backup? I understand why some peope would have doubts with Mike Glennon and I fully supported the drafting of a qb this offseason . But the idiots that swear up and down that all that has been seen from Glennon is all that there is to see, well…..YOUR IDIOTS.
    The same people will call people who support Glennon fools becasue he didnt thrive with the crap heap of an opportunity he was given. Fans are so damn impatient. Trust me….I GET IT! Im sick of the losing myself. But anyone who is willing to throw out a qb who hasnt been given a fair shot becasue theyve seen one full season from him with nothing else going right?????Its bad business. Nobody knows what the guy is capable of. You know what….if Winston proves he is the better option to start the season then I am all for it…..but if Glennon looks better that Winston come week 3 of the presason….only a GIANT FFFFFFIN IDIOT would ignore that. Than again this team has been doing things wrong for almost 13 consecutive years now so it wouldnt suprise me if they screw it up. The best man should win no decisions should be made this early

  11. SteveK Says:

    Glennon is a fine backup, and a great leader by example. I hope we can resign this guy for the longterm. He deserves a consideration for extension based on what he’s shown us in spite of the sh!t show around us.

    Glennon, if waived, would be claimed by the same number of teams that places a request on Tim Wright (10). Book it.

    The MGM (myself atleast) understands that Jameis is the starter, but we think Glennon was better than 2013 and 2014 “starting Josh @ QB”.

  12. Hawk Says:

    I’m sorry, but I do not understand the ‘logic’ of having a veteran ‘backup’ playing with the starters when the rookie is the one who needs the reps.
    But anyone who thinks that Glennon will start the Tennessee game is fooling themselves. There can be NO competition at QB. The Buccaneers used, not just ‘a’ first round pick, but THE first pick of the draft on Jameis Winston. ‘A’ first round pick must contribute his rookie season. THE first pick must be a ‘day-one’ starter. The days of a player being on the same team until he needs a walker, are over. Players must contribute earlier so that owners get a return for their investment. The bigger the investment, the more they expect in return. If the head coach doesn’t deliver, then the owner(s) look for one who can. I am guessing that the Glazers see the similarities in the 2-14 (2011 with Luck) and then 11-4(2012 with Luck) Colts and are expecting the same results. And yes, Luck won with a crappy O-line (22nd in rushing and gave up the fourth highest number of sacks).
    Lovie must start Winston… and win.
    I’ve got my fingers crossed and my Buccaneer gear ready.

  13. salish_seamonster Says:

    Duh, newsflash, Jameis was drafted to start immediately.

  14. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Glennon was set up to fail by this organization, by having a new OC every year. He’ll never be the second coming of Joe Montana but come on. He got screwed when the Buc’s took him.

  15. Idontwannahearitanymore Says:

    I didn’t choose him. Just saying…

  16. LakelandBuc Says:

    It’s interesting that John Clayton had Mark Glennon rated as the 6th best backup.
    Late last week, both Super Bowl participants upgraded their backup quarterback spots.

    The Seahawks re-signed Tarvaris Jackson, a much needed move because Pete Carroll was getting through OTAs with R.J. Archer as Russell Wilson’s No. 2. And just in case Tom Brady’s four-game suspension isn’t overturned, the Patriots picked up Matt Flynn to be Jimmy Garappolo’s backup.

    The league-wide thought on a quality backup quarterback is that they can win you three games once they get on the field, but if you play them six, they could lose you three. Going from an elite starter to a good backup takes a top team from 11 or 12 wins to eight or nine. That reflects in offensive scoring. An elite starter usually averages between 24 and 28 points per game. A top backup can get between 20 and 22 points.

    Assuming Brian Hoyer (Browns), Matt Cassel (Bills), Josh McCown (Browns) and Geno Smith (Jets) end up with starting jobs this season, let’s run down the list of top No. 2s.

    1. Ryan Fitzpatrick, New York Jets

    Bill O’Brien got the most out of Fitzpatrick last season in Houston. He went 6-6 in his 12 starts, while the offense averaged 24 points per game. His Total QBR ranked 16th in 2013 (when he was in Tennessee) and 20th last season. He’ll be waiting in the wings if Smith stumbles out of the gates.

    2. Mark Sanchez, Philadelphia Eagles

    Surprised? You shouldn’t be. The case for Sanchez is two-fold: He has averaged 22.4 points per game as a starter, and has a 37-33 career record. In Chip Kelly’s offense, he’s averaged 30 points per game.

    3. Matt Hasselbeck, Indianapolis Colts

    Even though he’s 39, Hasselbeck is still a quality quarterback. This might be his last year, but he’s the perfect option if something happens to Andrew Luck.

    4. Matt Schaub, Baltimore Ravens

    After he flamed out as the Texans’ starter and failed to win the job in Oakland last season, Schaub is trying to re-establish himself as a backup. As a starter, he averaged 23.7 points per game during his career, and his 52.5 Total QBR equates to a nine-game winner.

    5. Tarvaris Jackson, Seattle Seahawks

    He’s the perfect backup to Russell Wilson. He’s 17-17 in starts and averages 22.5 points per game, which would be more than enough to pile up winswith Seattle’s elite defense.

    6. Mike Glennon, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  17. WS99 Says:

    The league-wide thought on a quality backup quarterback is that they can win you three games once they get on the field, but if you play them six, they could lose you three.
    And if you try to play them for 16 games they win 1 said the starting qb for the Browns.

  18. Owlykat Says:

    The sixth best backup rating for Albatross Glennon was a real joke. They even rated him above the Dolphins’ Matt Moore who had no trouble carving up our Defense last year. If Glennon’s rating had been based on his third down completion rate he would have been at the bottom. He was good at TDs because in the red zone he is effective but it usually took a turnover to get him down there, and with all his drop off passes he didn’t have a bad interception rate. I only remember one comeback win by Glennon in two years but I remember tons of blown leads by our Sack Magnet. If Winston goes down we can kiss our season goodbye with Glennon. We were foolish by not taking whatever we could get for him!

  19. Buc1987 Says:

    Owlykat…Glennon is the least of my worries with or without Winston.

  20. IdahoBucsfan Says:

    Joe, you lost all QB credibility last year with your Jonny-crush.. Lets let this play out.

  21. bucsbedabest Says:

    No Buccaneers fans, you will never see the true MG8 because like so many Buccaneer players before him, they reach their full potential once they have been traded to another team. MG8 is going to be a starter someday full time for someone else. I just hope Jason gives him the freedom he deserves so he can be the player he was meant to be. DYNO-MITE!

  22. Joe Says:

    Joe, you lost all QB credibility last year

    Curious: Did Bill Polian and Gil Brandt also lose “all credibility” with you? Both were beating the drum for Johnny as well. Oh, and only a fool judges a guy on six quarters.

  23. Louis Friend Says:

    Joe you’re always good for a laugh. Time to find something else to make fun of though, the whole MGM thing is very 2014.

  24. bucs4lyfe Says:

    Joseph Mamma Says:

    June 16th, 2015 at 6:14 pm
    Glennon was set up to fail by this organization, by having a new OC every year. He’ll never be the second coming of Joe Montana but come on. He got screwed when the Buc’s took him.
    uh sorry dude that excuse is already taken, freemanites used that exact same excuse sorry try again. glennon can throw and has a great arm he’s smart and he understands football but he is afraid of pressure which makes him a backup which is basically a josh mccown 2.0

  25. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    In fact, Lovie referred to how he needs to get “a backup quarterback,” prepared for duty.

    Which is exactly what he’s doing giving Winston playing time with the other 2nd (and 3rd) string backup players 🙂

    Kidding aside though I agree with Hawk’s post above…even though there should be a competition (which it sounds like so far Glennon would be winning) the reality of things is a #1 overall pick rarely sits.

  26. celly Says:

    Joseph Mamma Says:
    June 16th, 2015 at 6:14 pm

    Glennon was set up to fail by this organization, by having a new OC every year. He’ll never be the second coming of Joe Montana but come on. He got screwed when the Buc’s took him.

    There was another QB that got the same treatment, but lets just pretend he didn’t.

  27. Hawk Says:

    Wow! I just re-read my post (because ToesOnTheLine! agreed with it), and realized it should have said “(2011 withOUT Luck)”.
    Just kidding TOTL.

  28. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Never thought he wasn’t a backup. As I’ve said in the past…he doesn’t think fast enough in live games.

  29. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Ha no problem Hawk, I occasionally say I agree with people’s posts just to make them worry that their as dumb as me…after all I still believe Glennon can be a good NFL STARTING QB on a team that has an established non-dysfunctional system (cough Patriots, Ravens, Steelers) and that Greg Schiano will get another shot at NFL coaching (be it HC or DC) AND will be successful! So yes be very scared if I agree with your post 🙂

  30. Hawk Says:

    @ ToesOnTheLine!
    It is worse than I first thought… I agree with YOUR post.