Demar Dotson: “Division Elite”

June 21st, 2015
Makes All-NFC South offense per

Makes All-NFC South offense, per

Demar Dotson is an OK right tackle. Joe has maintained that for the past year or so.

He’s not Dan Dierdorf but he sure as hell isn’t the walking face-to-the-head penalty known as Kenyatta Walker.

Currently, it’s hard to argue Dotson isn’t the best offensive lineman on the Bucs, based on last year’s play (or lack, thereof). That’s about like saying a chick you saw in black is the prettiest nun in the convent.

Smarmy Dave Dameshek, of, claims Dotson is the best right tackle in the NFC South.

The Bucs had better hope this 6-foot-9, 315-pound monster out of Southern Miss doesn’t resume rebelling for more money. He’s already got reason to be unhappy about being shifted out of the left tackle spot — where he started the last three games of the 2014 season — to make room for incoming rookie Donovan Smith.

Well, it seems Dotson — a really nice guy — is over his hard feelings, or at least has tempered his anger by stopping his holdout/non-holdout and attending mandatory minicamp last week.

Dotson said he didn’t want to get fined. This just in: “America’s Quarterback,” Bucs signal-caller Jameis Winston, also wants to walk when he is 30.

10 Responses to “Demar Dotson: “Division Elite””

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Bucs should go ahead and lock up a longer-term contract with Dotson….he’s solid and affordable……

  2. Bucfever40 Says:

    I agree Tampabaybucfan, just get it (contract) out of the way now while he still has a ceiling.

  3. Willy D Buc Says:

    C’mon Bucs, do the right thing and pay the man!

  4. Dick2111 Says:

    Dots may not be Dan Dierdorf, but he’s a solid OLineman. If the Bucs were willing to pay a do-nothing Anthony Collins $30 mil for a 5-year deal ($15 mil guaranteed), then they should certainly be willing to pay Demar a more equitable salary than the $4.5 mil total he got for his 3-year extension.

  5. The original "Kevin" Says:

    Just because our line was bad last year does not mean everyone on that line was bad. No oc basically spells disaster for any line. Pay the man and show him upu want him to be a buc. With koetter in town things are going to improve drastically for this team. I cant wait

  6. teacherman777 Says:

    when Dom signed him to this contract,

    I knew what he was doing.

    Great deal for the Bucs. Horrible deal for Demar.

    I say we let him go next year.

    Bring in a RT who can run block. He gets no push.

    He’s great at pass protection.

    But bad at run blocking. And I wanna run the ball!!!

    Nonetheless, I love Demar Dotson. He was a college basketball player!! And he has made it in the NFL! What an accomplishment!!

    I also think he should be our receiver on tackle eligible pass plays. I want Demar in on the goal-line passing attack! I mean the dudes 6-9, and he was a basketball player!! Pass him the ball for science’s sake!!

  7. teacherman777 Says:

    Again, teacher man comes through with the best comment.

    Go Bucs!!

    And we should’ve drafted La’el Collins in the 4th!!

  8. Pickgrin Says:

    Dotson may have been the best Oline player the Bucs have had for the last couple of years – but that surely is not some major accolade. He is an average Tackle at best. He had more penalties than any other player at his position last year and as mentioned is not that great at run blocking.

    It’s a shame that his agent sucks and agreed to a sub-par deal two years ago – but business is business. Was Dom supposed to tell the agent that the deal was heavily in favor of the team? Of course not!

    I don’t have a problem with Licht giving Dotson some more $ over the next couple of years as he does deserve more than he is making – but do not want to see the team invest $4-5M per year for any longer than 2 years either – because the truth is that Dotson needs to be replaced with a better, more talented and younger player within 2-3 years.

    I would like to see the Bucs continue to draft high and often for OL over the next couple of years. If any of last year’s OL starters are still starting in 2017 – then Licht is not doing a good enough job bringing in young talent to protect our franchise QB.

  9. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Demar Dotson may be the best RT the Bucs have had in decades. Of course that’s not saying much!

    Kenyatta Walker and Jeremy Trueblood did not exactly set a high standard!!!

  10. Jason McLaurin Says:

    Licht and Lovie should do the right thang here and pay Dotson to be left tackle. Im surprised tgey are considering letting Donovan Smith and Kevin Pamphile battle out there too. They should pay Dotson to be left tackle and let he and Mankins protect that Blindside for America’s quarterback. I’m hoping it plays out that way in Training Camp too. I like Smith long term at the position perfectly fine but to maximize the potential of both I say move Donovan Smith to right guard and Marpet to center to better utilize his speed by playing in the middle of that line and Pamphile to left tackle where he finished the season and cut bait with Evan Smith to free up cap room because David, Dotson, and Imho Johnathan Banks and Doug Martin will be due big money after this season. Lovie Smith should come with a new gameplan about Dotson and Smith once training camp hits and there is an extension for Dotson.
    LT: Dermar Dotson
    LG: Logan Mankins
    C: Ali Marpet (idea size and speed for the position plus has gotten reps at center)
    RG: Donovan Smith (idea size and speed for the position plus has gotten reps at right guard
    RT: Kevin Pamphile (ended last season as the starter on an improved line.
    This should be the depth chart at offensive line that would give the bucs a vastly improved line if Lovie Smith and Dirk Koetter expect to have any success and forward progression.