Undrafted Signings Underscore O-Line Plan

May 5th, 2015

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Joe would have been very satisfied if the Bucs drafted four offensive linemen last week.

That’s how bad the O-line play was last year, and that’s how critical it is to protect Jameis Winston.

But the Bucs only drafted two offensive linemen, didn’t sign any during the primary and secondary waves of free agency, and they cut two guys who logged a load of snaps, Anthony Collins and Oneil Cousins.

So the when the Bucs released their new list of signed undrafted free agents yesterday, Joe was surprised to see not one offensive lineman in the bunch.

  • LB Quinton Alston, Iowa
  • RB Dominique Brown, Louisville
  • DT Quayshawne Buckley, Idaho
  • LS Courtland Clavette, Brown
  • DE Ryan Delaire, Towson
  • CB Deshazor Everett, Texas A&M
  • S Chris Hackett, TCU
  • WR Rannell Hall, UCF
  • LB Josh Keyes, Boston College
  • DT Caushaud Lyons, Tusculum
  • WR Josh Reese, UCF
  • LB Michael Reynolds, Kansas
  • DE Jamal Young, Jones County Junior College

Man, the Bucs are really banking heavily on their second-round rookies, tackle Donovan Smith and Division III guard Ali Marpet, who should battle Patrick Omameh for the right guard gig. (Yes, Joe knows the Bucs signed Falcons free agent tackle Reid Fragel yesterday, a guy who has never played in a regular season game.)

It’s also clear Tampa Bay believes more jelling time will help the returning crew.

Joe’s got all kinds of fingers crossed — and the Winn-Dixie liquor store on speed dial.

38 Responses to “Undrafted Signings Underscore O-Line Plan”

  1. Thibs5599 Says:

    They are also high on the two draft picks from last season as well. Someone will emerge.

  2. Eric Says:

    If Collins is cleared of that despicable crime in Louisiana the Glazer should have Glazer One waiting at Baton Rouge Regional Airport to bring the kid to Tampa sign him now that would be one hell of a plan!

  3. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Eric – I would imagine that every other team in the league would be there lobbying him as well. Once the bidding is done for his services, I’m not sure that he will have missed out on all that much money from not being drafted. He’s going to be pretty highly sought after.

  4. Paul Leaverton Says:

    Also, I believe that they have first dibs on the waiver wire until September. Surely will find a body or two there. But I like the two draft picks.

  5. Destinjohnny Says:

    I just dont think and i am judging by track record here that jason just dosent have the abilty to scout o lineman

  6. Rrsrq Says:

    Why have we not seen the Bucs showing interest in Collins from LSU, I see that Rex has already had dinner with him, the Cowboys who already have a great O-line and the Miami Mullets have been reaching out as well. Bucs should go heavy, what’ve they got to lose. If we get him then we have a young line that has so much dare I say “potential” to grow and be one of the best for years.

  7. bucs4lyfe Says:

    take off the pewter colored glasses….the o line was bad because we all watched the games but it wasn’t the worst in football, it wasn’t the worst in florida because Jacksonville gave up the most sacks. I seem to remember Donald penn coming to us from a practice squad, you don’t have to be an instant starter when drafted to be a productive player in the nfl, not every player is going to be a superstar. if you look at the o line play from last year these two guys could not play any worse than Collins and cousins plus the two we drafted last year will have better seasons in year 2

  8. kaput Says:

    We should let Jameis recruit Collins (if he’s cleared, and it looks like he has been).

  9. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Rsrq – There’s nothing necessarily saying that Licht hasn’t been blowing the guy’s phone up trying to talk him in to coming. Besides, one of the downsides about being drafted high is that you’re going to the worst team in the league. If he has a chance to be paid well and gets to pick his team, maybe he’s going to try to go to a team that’s already loaded and making playoff runs

  10. Armando Says:

    Glad to see the UCF guys but we need more players from Florida colleges, more Noles, more Gators, more Canes, we need more with a personal stake

  11. bucs4lyfe Says:

    undrafted rookies are not going to sign to a team that has a loaded roster at their position. you want to play and get the most reps to prove yourself. if players only looked at signing with playoffs teams how would Jacksonville and washington get big time free agents

  12. iamkingsu Says:

    You don’t build a brand new o line in one off-season. You’ll need patience. You plug a piece here and a piece there

  13. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    I seem to remember Donald penn coming to us from a practice squad, you don’t have to be an instant starter when drafted to be a productive player in the nfl,

    True dat! Remember when Shelton Quarles came to us as a Miami Dolphins reject who languished for two years in the CFL before finding stardom with the Bucs. This is why I’m hopeful for Carter. He may be just the right “type” of MLB at just the right time for Lovie’s defense.

    And you’re correct Buc4lyfe. It’ll be interesting to see which of our young guys really steps up into stardom. Jack Smith has a great start. There are other young players and draft picks who are going to be fun to watch this year. Geez though think of all the “entertainment” we’ll be missing without Collins, Cousins, and of course the “ghost Johnsonj”.

  14. JoeJoes Fungi Nails Says:

    Buc are banking on released vets in the coming days/weeks….don’t need any no nothing FA rookies…..

  15. Aldo Says:

    Well, im just curious about that Dan Conolly guy who visited prior the draft from NE, he isnt a big FA but can help at least on depth.

  16. Architek Says:

    It’s gonna take another season or two build a fierce OL through the draft but in the meantime we absolutely let them gel and grow together!

  17. MarineBucsFan Says:

    I too believe that Collins is cleared, although I am very pleased with our draft including the Hawaii FB, I really thought it was worth the risk to spend that 7th round pick on him. Even if he didn’t sign a contract having first dibbs on him would be worth the hassle.

    As for the article, I believe the lack of activity shows (1) how much L&L believe in last years Oline draft and added veterans to gain momentum in its second year working together and (2) how much they truly believe they hit a home run with Smith and Marpet.

    Lastly, because they do have priority on the waiver, they may want to just go to training camp with what they have so they can spend as much time with this group. Why not give the lineman we have as many reps as possible and see what group works best together and where along the line? I’m not sure if there is a such thing as too much camp meat but you want to give these guys some work.

  18. MadMax Says:

    Well, if Im not mistaken, Lael Collins is an undrafted free agent and can sign with who he wants. He knows and we all know this whole ordeal cost him millions. So maybe he’ll have to be lured to whose offering the most $$. Its capped yes, but he could be signed to a 3 year deal, then in his 2nd year, I think another option could be worked to pick him up for a 4th year and thats where the big money would come in and he could get a lot of it early as bonus money.

    Licht knows the deal. But yeah, I hope we go after him. He would be a legit LT, Smith at RT and maybe Dotson taking time rotating with them. Not sure how much longer Dotson can play. Or if EDS is cut and we’re playing Marpet at center, Smith could be one of the Guards. Not sure how much time we’ll get out of Mankins either, and I see Marpet plugging his spot when it comes open.

  19. MadMax Says:

    Yep, just read where Collins could renegotiate his deal after playing 2 seasons.

  20. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Don’t rest on your laurels now, that you’ve got your much ballyhooed quarterback.

    The way see it-You’ve probably posted over 750 articles concerning the position over the past 24 months. Now I understand multitasking actually decreases efficiency. So since success requires a singular focus.


    Sometimes getting exactly what U want, can leave U with false sense of security or accomplishment. This sh*t aint over yet bruh.

  21. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Well they have spent like 5 picks on O-line in 2 drafts.

    A 4th for Mankins. 5ths on Pamphile / Edwards. And now 2 2nd round picks. I would like more but can deal with it for now and see how they look by year end.

    Hopefully Edwards or even Omahah can just continue to develop and improve as decent depth for the interior. Dotson on the right side is nice and Pamphile can rotate in.

  22. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    • 2013 (4-12) Scored 288 points (18.0/g), 30th of 32 in the NFL (*47sks)
    • 2014 (2-14) Scored 277 points (17.3/g), 29th of 32 in the NFL (*52sks)

  23. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Possible Trade/Release Candidates
    • Evan Mathis
    • Kraig Urbik
    • Alex Boone

    Note: Evan Mathis the second ranked guard in all of the NFL, has stated that he will not report to the Eagles volunteer camps

  24. Mike10 Says:

    So when do we come to terms with the possibility that the Bucs just don’t have any urgency finalizing the O line?

    We waited last year a for a line that was sloppily put together at the last minute. I don’t know if they learned their lesson…

  25. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    LT Donovan Smith | Kevin Pamphile
    LG Evan Mathis | Ali Marpet
    C Evan Dietrich-Smith | Kadeem Edwards
    RG Alex Boone | Patrick Omameh
    RT Demar Dotson

    For what the team is paying Logan Mankins, you can basically afford Evan Mathis & Alex Boone

  26. drdneast Says:

    Get ready for another rash of players being cut after the draft as it is already happening. Bucs get first crack at them on the waiver wire.
    Bengals starting LT (I know, I know) is one of those projected being cut because of salary concern.
    Possibly a DE as well might be cut that is still serviceable.

  27. JW-ARMY Says:

    I dont think D Smith will be playing LT. Pretty rare for a rookie to start in NFL at LT unless they are top 10 pick. I think that goes to Dotson in year 1. Evan Mathis…..not coming here either. Dreaming….

    LT Demar Dotson | Kevin Pamphile
    LG Ali Marpet | Pamphile
    C Evan Dietrich-Smith | Kadeem Edwards
    RG Alex Boone | Patrick Omameh
    RT Donovan Smith | Fragel

  28. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    We gotta add more experienced competition early this time. Continuity will be key.

    These guys need all the help the can get

    Kevin Pamphile
    Kadeem Edwards
    Donovan Smith
    Ali Marpet
    Patrick Omameh


    Sh*t hire I veteran offensive line coach, as a Senior Offensive Asst.

  29. Buc since '74 Says:

    Having Koetter as OC should make a huge difference with the online play. Our offense lacked direction and was relegated, at time, to throwing the long ball. Doing so puts a load of pressure on the online. Koetter likes the long ball too but I believe he will mix things up enough to put the D on it’s heals a bit. That alone will help improve the oline play by slowing the rush.

  30. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Per: NFL Media’s Aditi Kinkhabwala

    Coach Chip Kelly said Saturday that the two-time Pro Bowl guard has been available for a trade for two years and “we’ve never had an offer for him,”

    Mathis is the one pushing to be moved.

  31. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    @Buc since ’74

    Remember at the conclusion of a 4-12 in 2013. The Atlanta Falcons Hired Mike Tice as their offensive line coach, to turn around the NFL’s worst rushing attack. Arthur Blank characterized the disappointment level in offensive line play as “severe”.

    So I don’t put to much stock in Koetter-turing around one leagues worst units. Because thats something, that he’s never done.

  32. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    *Remember at the conclusion of a (4-12) season in 2013

  33. #1OverallPick Says:

    Last year draft picks have a year under their belts the Bucs are going with this youth movement and I like it let Jameis take control of the young line they will grow together and they will fight their asses off to play on the field with him the competition has just started. The 2015 Bucs Hunger Games has just begun.

  34. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Bucs also claimed OL Reid Fragel off waivers.

  35. nucifyouBUC Says:

    Rannel Hall is a beast….

  36. pick6 Says:

    my hope is they are waiting for some veterans to shake loose from other rosters. their short-term problems won’t be solved by some rookies nobody thought to draft. 2013-ready starters or depth at this point are going to come from teams who are tight on cash and happy with some of the rookies they drafted.

  37. pick6 Says:


  38. The Real Drew Says:

    The O-line play wasn’t good last year, but Arroyo’s crappy offense with a lack of hot routes, middle of the field routes, and screens placed it all in the basement. They were set up to fail anyway.