The Phone Call

May 1st, 2015
jameis crabs

Hear from Team Glazer

It is the phone call for which every college football player lays awake at night.

It is either the general manager of an NFL team or a head coach calling during the draft to let him know his dream has been accomplished.

In a cool video on the Bucs’ Twitter feed, Tampa Bay filmed “The Phone Call” to Jameis Winston from the Bucs war room.

In the video below, general manager Jason Licht, coach Lovie Smith, and Team Glazer welcome Winston to Tampa Bay. You can see their reactions to Winston’s words, and even funnier, their reactions to the euphoria going on at Winston’s draft party.

69 Responses to “The Phone Call”

  1. The True Buc Fan Says:

    That is the greatest picture of all time. This kid has swagger. Telling all the haters, damn crab legs are good.

  2. MadMax Says:

    Lol, he should come up with a new dance called the crab leg crawl and do it each time he throws a TD…..

    Na, thats a little too corny.

  3. Bill Says:

    He’s been a sport about the crab leg incident. It was 30 dollars. He paid it back, served community service, and at the end of the day has turned it into a benefit for the Alstott foundation and a piece of ongoing entertainment.

    It was a bad decision, some would say a criminal decision, but at some point it becomes an opportunity for good. He embraces that, what else could he do?

  4. Big Irish Says:

    Bar Maid…..I’ll have an order of Crap legs & a pitcher of Bud Lite!!!

  5. Dreambig Says:

    This was a great video. There are a bunch more on the Bucs website.

  6. Bucboy Says:

    The Bucs lost last night! Best quote in the draft:

    The Titans selected Marcus Mariota at No. 2. I love the pick. Tampa should’ve picked him instead of an untrustworthy quarterback like Jameis Winston, who has major decision-making issues on and off the field. But the Bucs went Winston, as most predicted, and Tennessee went on the clock .

    Team Glazer’s first huge mistake..taking Lovie Smith who intentionally lost the Saints game to pick this rapist thief. Second worst mistake picking this fat, lazy, INT throwing thug.

    Big Dog you lost the bet because my season tickets were a funeral pyre at 8:30 EST last night.

  7. Jameis "The Train Wreck" Winston Says:

    Social Media W#@$!$

  8. Buc Neckid Says:

    Great Video
    Now that that is all over
    Time for all to get on the BUCS Wagon
    #3 is OUR QB
    and it is now time to support the team INCLUDING Jameis
    Here is to second chances and hoping that he has his past behind him

  9. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Joel Glazer seemed excited, Bryan not quite as much but still happy, but the 2nd brother to talk to Jameis really didn’t seem that enthused. Perhaps that was the split in the ownership over Mariota vs Winston that was rumored? Regardless it does seem like most of the people in that room we’re excited, so it’s obvious they are confident that Winston can grow up fast, put the past behind him, and that his alleged deeds aren’t an issue for the Buccaneers franchise anyway.

  10. Buc Neckid Says:

    No Ownership split
    just too many Glazers trying to get in on one SHORT Phone Call
    Plus that is that Glazer’s personality.
    Nice Guy but comes across all business that way

  11. Max Says:

    Am I the only one who got a little teary eyed watching this? What a great thing to see, you can just hear the excitement from Jameis and might I add, something that this team and area sorely needs once again!! His charisma and exuberance will absolutely be something to behold as he grows & matures into a solid exciting NFL QB for years to come. So glad he’ll have VJax & Evans to work with too.
    Bill…great post btw.

    Wahooooo! Go Bucs!!!!

  12. SteveK Says:

    Excited for the new era.

    Now, draft Gregory!

  13. David Says:

    He is a loser jerk who is and will show his true colors. Congrats Joe Winston sack suckers! Love & Licht will be gone soon enough along with this Bum! Go Titans!

  14. Strider #FamousJameis Says:

    Famous Jameis welcome my friend.

  15. SteveK Says:


    We took the best QB in te draft, a franchise QB.

  16. Theotherdavid Says:

    David , when you end it with go Titans it says it all… Go to a titans website troll

  17. Bucboy Says:

    David is very much correct! Winston is mocking Tampa Bay and the rest of the world with his crab legs in your face attitude. His pick is irrelevant at this point because the Bucs are still lacking a competent HC and no matter what anyone says, Winston continues to demonstrate even on draft night that he will do what he wants because he is the “Chosen One!”

    “Maybe I’m wrong, but if I’m evaluating quarterbacks head-to-head, I’m putting some stock into turnover numbers, completion percentage and, most importantly, character off the field. At least for the moment, Mariota checks out ahead in every category!”

    Lovie “intentionally lost” the last game of the season to the Saints and that shows his character as a coach and if character does not matter when you are talking HC, Commander in Chief, or franchise QB, then it is a match made in football heaven!

    Tampa Bay he is #1 in the draft and #1 on the Most Likely to re-offend list…your QB1 Jamarcus Winston! Big Dog you lose the bet….my season tickets are charred dust! I am out!

  18. Uk_Buc Says:

    I am happy with the pick, and i wish him well….but a bit of a red flag that he posted that photo eating crab legs.

    Whether he feels hard-done-by or not, the fact is he did a potentially criminal act. Overblown by the media, probably, insignificant in wider scheme of things, probably – but by his own admission he was in the wrong.

    Jabbing back at “haters” is one thing (and a great thing!)…and if it was something around his perceived weight issues, or something else where he has the right to do so, then thats a different thing…but this just makes me think he still doesn’t take accountability, which worries me.

  19. Theotherdavid Says:

    Welcome aboard Jameis Wins a ton !!! Super Bowl rings in the future!

  20. DallasBuc Says:

    Well that David guy is a bit of sore loser!

  21. Schlomie BarMitzvahCircumScissorStein Says:

    NOW, all that is needed to to change the “new” ugly uniforms. Change back to orange! Best helmet and uniform scheme ever!

  22. TheShaz Says:

    I love the Ctab Legs pic troll!

    I love the swagger!

    I find it amusing how the haters are latching onto the pic. Idiots on the radio and twitter “Been a Bucs fan since ’76, but getting Winston I am leaving the Bucs”

    That is a pile of bovine excrement of the highest order.

    To Joe and other Bucs fans, we will have to live with the haters, they will change their anonymous ID’s. But when Jamie leads the team to wins we can all come back to these idiots posts and have our laughs.

  23. Buccfan305 Says:

    I was wondering why the hell did Jameis pick #3

    Ohp…got it…never mind !!!

  24. Clint Says:

    Did the middle Glazer brother (not Joel or Brian) seem a little perturbed to anyone else? Like he lost a tie in this?

  25. LJS4th Says:

    HAHA!!!! The picture shows this idiot just not get it!!! It is not funny that he does not understand that this was a crime!!! Wow, I am so glad I am giving up my tickets, because with this idiot getting in trouble sooner rather than later, I just would have been wasting my money!!!! Classless is all I can say!!!

  26. MadMax Says:

    @bucboy, na, you’re not out…..your suckass life keeps you going and trolling….oh well, with as much hate and bitterness you display, you’re obviously in a sad dark place in your life and theres probably no hope for you…so you do you.

    In the mean time happy Buc fans, even those with constructive criticism will do us, and the Bucs and Jameis will do what they do.

    Go Jameis!!
    Go Bucs!!

  27. bucco brice Says:

    What’s with #3 ? …are we gonna kick plenty of field goals LOL…. #12 and a nod to Doug Williams would have been a better idea…that’s what he has to live up to – our only true franchise QB…

  28. D-Rome Says:

    Between this esteemed fan site and sports talk radio I can’t believe how many delusional Bucs “fans” there are out there who thought the Bucs were not going to draft Winston or trade out of the pick. If you hate the pick so much pick another team. Better yet, continue to wear the visiting team’s jersey all year instead of when your favorite team comes to town.

    Guess what folks, if Tennessee had the #1 pick they would have picked Winston. Get over it, he is the best QB in the draft.

  29. bucs4lyfe Says:

    ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    May 1st, 2015 at 6:42 am
    Joel Glazer seemed excited, Bryan not quite as much but still happy, but the 2nd brother to talk to Jameis really didn’t seem that enthused.
    That’s exactly why you need one voice from ownership, the joint leadership isn’t working….malcom glazer was the one voice and he got us a superbowl, now theres too much thinking going on

  30. Espo Says:

    Why are y’all bitching about his number? Seriously? Nothing else to bitch about on this fine day? The crab legs is about humility. Being able to poke fun at one’s self is a rare trait. He’s taken a lot of heat over it. It’s not like he had a jar full of ruffies, bottle of vodka, twine, and masking tape. Would have been funnier but yes yes I see the lack of taste.

  31. Richard Dickson Says:

    You know what struck me? Joel Glazer gets on the phone, and the first thing he says is, “You’re welcome.” Which means the first thing Winston said was, “Thank you.”

  32. Buccfan305 Says:

    @ Bucco bruce

    I was puzzled too until i saw this pic

    Totally makes sence. New Era in Tampa Bay baby…I don’t think I’m gonna get much work done today.

  33. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    “LJS4th Says:
    May 1st, 2015 at 8:07 am
    HAHA!!!! The picture shows this idiot just not get it!!! It is not funny that he does not understand that this was a crime!!! Wow, I am so glad I am giving up my tickets, because with this idiot getting in trouble sooner rather than later, I just would have been wasting my money!!!! Classless is all I can say!!!”

    Thanks for spending your energy letting everyone know you are leaving. Bon Voyageee.

  34. Uk_buc Says:


    I think the issue is that in this instance, laughing about getting away with theft is laughing at everyone else, rather than at himself.

    I wish him nothing but success beyond any of out wildest dreams, but allowing a photo like that is a bit stupid at best, and a sign of arrogance at worst

  35. NashvilleBuc Says:

    Joe, maybe your Chase for Jameis articles brainwashed me, or maybe it was the chalk talk with Mooch, or just that I bleed red and pewter… But I am all-in for Jameis now. We all just need to get on board cause the Jameis Train has left the station and it clearly has a huge head of steam. I mean… The NFL channel loves the Bucs now. We are instantly relevant again. Everyone at OBP is clearly fired up and this will fire up the team from the top down. Resistance is futile so I will be assimilated, buy my Winston jersey and plan my trip to see the Bucs crush the Aints in December. GO BUCS Hey Hey Hey we’re the Bucaneers!

  36. bucco brice Says:

    Yikes!!…ESPN > “Bucs took a huge gamble that has the potential to backfire worse than the Ryan Leaf fiasco in San Diego” ….I’m cheering for the guy now, but holding my breath. Hope it’s a happy ending or we’ll be the laughing stock for many years to come.

  37. Espo Says:

    @UK Buc

    Even if a theft took place, he’s poking fun at himself. I respect that.

    Aside from that he was likely hooked up. If he were a thief I’m surprised he hadn’t been caught before. I highly doubt that crab legs were the first thing he had stolen.

  38. BucDaddy82 Says:

    Jameis will be great! The kid does “get” it. He is a very smart, intellectual kid that got accepted to Stanford but went to FSU for football. He has a great sense of humor and can laugh at himself ie the crab legs dinner picture. He has unbelievable football skills and high football IQ. Embrace the franchise QB. We have NEVER had one. I’ve been a Bucs fan since 1982 and this is awesome! We will SUPER BOWLS with Jameis!!

  39. BucDaddy82 Says:

    I am a Season Pass member and will always be!! GO BUCS!!!

  40. SailorJerry Says:

    DON”T like the pick but the pick has been made. He IS our QB and his success will be our success.

    Get it together Mr. Winston and let’s win some games. The future of the franchise is in your hands. This is professional football so it’s time to be a professional. The fans will be supportive if you earn it. I know that I am rooting for you to succeed.

  41. Jim Says:

    The crab legs were not Jameis’ idea. He has been hazed at the Alstott event and the Brooks event about crab legs. He is taking the hazing like a man.

  42. Stanglassman Says:

    Those are the crab legs that were given to him from The Wizard, Deadliest Catch Captains at the Mike Alstott charity event. He thanked them in a post under the original picture. I don’t get what all the hand wringing is all about.

  43. Stanglassman Says:


    I didn’t refresh after I got a phone call or you could have saved me the time.

  44. Stanglassman Says:

    Everyone who hasn’t gone to the buc site to look at the pictures of the draft party at the Winston family home should check them out especially the people who may still have questions about the guys character. To see the faces of his brother (who just looks at Jameis with such reverence)proud parents, grand parents and Jimbo, the pictures really say a lot. Check them out and really look closely at them.

  45. Skyline Crew Says:

    The kid says the right things he just doesn’t do them. It was very idiotic to post a pic with crab legs. NFL network was talking about it this morning. He might think it is funny, but it was an immature move and just shows that he has a long ways to go. God help us and cross your fingers.

  46. ufcguy Says:

    You guys are honestly some of the biggest fvking morons. You’re just looking for something to bitch about with this kid. Get over it . If this was peyton manning or rodgers ud be licking their nuts about how funny they are blah blah. Its a gift from the capt he met. Every one of you should do some soul searching you’re nothing but racist bigots who hate this kid for literally every little thing. Apparently u must know every intention he has and u just seem to think the worst . Hell he could be helping kids and youd call him michael Jackson. Ho watch some fox news and rush limbaugh. You’re a joke.

  47. Skyline Crew Says:

    No, we would be saying how stupid it was as well. I don’t see Manning and Rodgers doing stupid stuff in the NFL and then trolling people with pics of it.

  48. TpaBayFlyFisher Says:

    In his first at as a Buc, Anus-Jamis gave the world a middle finger. See people, the rules of social behavior do not apply to me. I can’t wait until he has 25 million dollars to spend in the clubs and to settle law suits. and this is why the Bucs are and will always be an NFL bottom tier team.

  49. Skyline Crew Says:

    As our new QB I hope someone in that locker room straightens him out. We need a QB and I’d hate to be drafting another one in a few years because he couldn’t control himself and his ego got in the way.

  50. Arealbucsfan Says:

    Where’s 87?

  51. Uk_buc Says:


    While I can’t speak for everyone, assuming that race plays any part in this is both funny and sad in equal measure.

    If you can’t see why him posing for a photo with crab legs is inappropriate, then your judgement is as poor as Mr Winston’s.

  52. Skyline Crew Says:


    ufcguy is just a racist calling other people racist. Nothing to see there. If everyone that he calls is a racist then they wouldn’t watch football because the majority of players are not white.

  53. Skyline Crew Says:

    ’87 is probably at home repainting his room because he had #5 Winston all over the place and then Winston went with #3.

  54. BucBoy Says:

    MadMax…..bite me! I sat at that last game with my son and watched the HC intentionally lose the game against the Saints! I have the right to my opinion as much as you or any other person on this blog!

    I do not like the HC….I do not like the pick….and I do not agree with the stupid moves Licht has made. My purchasing tickets gives me the right to express that opinion. It is mind over matter….I don’t mind because your drivel just does not matter!

    Marcus Mariotta is a better QB simply because he does not run his mouth like Jamarcus Winston does…..if he comes in here and works hard, does not throw interceptions like he did in college, and does not act like you…a total a$$, then I will change my mind. I believe he will not do that and until he stops acting like an entitled child…I will continue to feel that way.

  55. BucBoy Says:

    Jamarcus Winston went with #3 because that will be his average number of interceptions for each game he starts!

  56. NewTampaChris Says:

    Great video! Lots of fun. In my eyes, Jameis gets a clean slate and I’m looking forward to 2015. My only expectation is that he improves as the season moves along.

  57. bucrightoff Says:

    Not even 12 hours and they have to hold his hand? Yeesh

  58. Stanglassman Says:

    If you guys don’t think race plays a part in this than you are not paying attention. I’m sure if he was a white guy the same people who posted that call him thug, jaboon, gig-jaboo and say likes watermelon and fried chicken would have all been said. This is a small sample and there was much worse. None of this would have been said if he was a white male. Sorry, you can deny it but anyone looking rationally at it would agree.

  59. Skyline Crew Says:

    So people are only racist towards Jameis, but accept the other black players on the team? That doesn’t make sense. If you’re a racist you’re a racist, you don’t pick and choose which black person to be racist towards.

  60. Skyline Crew Says:

    So people are only racist towards Jameis, but accept the other black players on the team? That doesn’t make sense. If you’re a racist you’re a racist, you don’t pick and choose which black person to be racist towards.

    I would agree that gig-jaboo and jaboon is on the racist side.

  61. Skyline Crew Says:

    Sorry about the double post…mobile app is slow today and didn’t see it post.

  62. bucrightoff Says:

    People were racist towards Manziel I guess. Grown men acting with the maturity of 5 year olds will get you called out, regardless of race. It’s not a race thing, it’s a don’t act like a 5 year old thing.

  63. Stanglassman Says:

    You will have to ask them why. I’m sure they would try to up with some feeble attempt to explain it away like you have.

  64. LJS4th Says:

    Love and Warrick Dunn – I am not going anywhere I will have lots to laugh at with Idiot Winston and people like you in the coming months!!! HAHA I can’t wait to see what he does next!!!! By the way, what did Mariota do? The Titans are HAPPY today!!! The Bucs are already pissed at Idiot Winston!!!

  65. Stanglassman Says:

    So they called Manziel a thug, baboon and gigaboo too? Huh…. didn’t know that maybe I am wrong.

  66. Patrick in VA Says:

    I get why the team had Winston take the crab leg picture down, I really don’t think it was necessary though. The people that it offended were going to be offended anyway. It didn’t move the needle at all with anyone

  67. Skyline Crew Says:

    Actually, people did call Manziel a thug and a brat and an immature idiot just like Winston.

  68. Stanglassman Says:

    Nice try. I think he acted immature nobody denies that at all. Justify it all you want but I know you were around when Barry and the like were spouting off racial slurs on these boards daily. It says more about you than and the people who said those things than Winston. If more people pointed this out instead out denying it those people would know that it won’t be tolerated.

  69. Skyline Crew Says:

    I already said some of those words are racial. I don’t need to justify anything. You seem really bent out of shape about all of this though.