Take A Deep Breath On Swearinger Signing

May 13th, 2015

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a new safety, a guy for whom the rest of the NFL wouldn’t cough up a seventh-round pick.

This is why Joe’s not all hot in the pants for D.J. Swearinger.

It’s nice that the Bucs claimed the third-year man on waivers yesterday, but there’s a reason the Texans cut him two years after making him their second-round draft pick — and there’s a reason there was no trade market for him.

Those reasons are unclear, but they exist. Keep in mind safety Dashon “Hawk” Goldson at least fetched his former team something on the trade market.

At safety, Tampa Bay’s Bradley McDougald is the top dog. The regime loves the progress he made as a starter last season. There’s also fragile Chris Conte, the former Bears safety and a Lovie guy, as well as returning Major Wright, another Lovie guy, and Keith Tandy, a valued special teams contributor.

Swearinger was not a good player for Houston. But he’s young and experienced, and is a nice depth move with a high ceiling. Competition is always a good thing.

The Bucs also claimed 2013 Bears fourth-round pick, linebacker Kasheem Greene. The 26-year-old was a Schiano man, an All-American at Rutgers.

66 Responses to “Take A Deep Breath On Swearinger Signing”

  1. Tom Edrington Says:

    I swearinger, never heard of the guy….

  2. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    and the bucs cut md jennings who they were so high on what is up with that

  3. drdneast Says:

    Texans thought he had an attitude problem because he balked at playing special teams. Was also on Twitter account to much.
    Reported to have had a good rookie season but had trouble adjusting to Wade Phillips new defensive scheme. Was said to have missed to many tackles last year, a problem we had with our own safety.
    Hopefully getting waived and no teams will help the attitude problem. Nothing like a cold slap of reality in the face.
    Was drafted in second round in 2013.

  4. robert 9 Says:

    high draft picks, who are young with upside getting a second chance

    I like it, even if it’s just for depth

  5. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    “…there’s a reason there was no trade market for him.” – Joe

    Well, to be fair, the trade market is a tough market these days. Teams know when a player will be released, so they don’t bother making good offers (or any offers). They’d rather gamble on getting him after or during waivers.

    D.J. Swearinger hasn’t done well, but maybe, just maybe he’ll turn things around. Murphy played on how many teams before he did well for us? So there is always hope.

    When D.J. Swearinger was released, I had a gut feeling he would become a Buc. That’s how badly we need safeties, among other positions.

    My question is this…does his former team get a compensatory pick because of it? Or do cuts not count toward that?

  6. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    What kind of defense did Philips run? If not T2, maybe he’ll do better in one. We can hope.

  7. Chichi Says:

    Having watched all the Texans games last year I DISAGREE he was a good player for them the missed tackles were a result of an elbow injury that he played through the whole year. He was the best playmaker on defense outside of JJ. His passion and energy was the reason the Texans lead the league in takeaways. Does he have limitations yes but he will be the best playmaker we have had since a Ronde.

  8. pick6 Says:

    maybe getting cut will be a dose of reality for him, but if he brings to tampa the same mentality he brought to houston, he will not make the final 53. this is the franchise where ronde freaking barber played special teams til the day he retired. and generally speaking, a franchise that lets it players pick their jobs is doomed.

  9. dave Says:

    yeah i really like this pick up. love this guys energy toughness attitude on defense. i really don’t care if he doesn’t want to play special teams. i wouldn’t if i were a second rd pick. easy to get hurt and theres plenty of other players that can do it.

  10. Pawel Says:

    Nice Tom. Lol

  11. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Let’s all hope Chichi is right.

    Let’s also hope that Saint Lovie will follow in Father Dungy’s footsteps in the area of locker room management.

    This is going to be virtually a brand new team for 2015, especially in terms of locker room team chemistry.

    Fameis…so far so good…any other question marks have already been unloaded…now if Swearingen can learn from Fameis experience perhaps he too can recover from some bad errors in judgement.

    Here’s what I feel like is probable…#1 Despite Tmax continual bashing I do believe Lovie brings certain strengths along with Tmax’s well documented Lovie flaws. Perhaps his major strength is his own CHARACTER. Virtually every player who has suited up for him has admired that.

    And so if anybody can keep the lid on a few questionable locker room characters it’s Lovie.

    Otherwise I think it’s the same old song. If the Bucs win Swearingen, Fameis or any other person prone to “questionable’ decisions will be fine.

    If they lose like last year however that’s when the malcontents like a Kellen Winslow can take over your locker room.

    And so we’re down to the late Al Davis….”Just win baby!’

  12. Mike10 Says:

    Get used to players like this moving forward, Joes. We’re top of the waiver list and there are a lot of positions we need depth, safety arguably at the top of the list. I think this is part of the Bucs plan

  13. HarlemBuc Says:

    I like the Swearinger pickup. I honestly think that he was ostracized in Houston and that he could be a significant piece for us. He’s a hitter and he’s experienced. And in case people have forgotten, lovie was known as a DB whisperer. Solid pickup especially if the money is right.

    @Joe tho,I was wondering if you could address out situation as first on waivers and let us know what benefits it has…. Thanks bro

  14. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    The irony is he is yet another player with injuries. Seems that is all we’re getting in free agency this year.

  15. Lamdog Says:

    Still looking for the down side? A player with something to prove. If he makes the roster second game with team that cut him or maybe third game? Give the Bucs credit for not being satisfied.

  16. Cover deuce Says:

    He’s got talent, but some serious attitude problems. He refused to play on 4th down in Houston bc of his perceived draft status, and he’s always going for the big hit instead of wrapping up. His coverage skills are terrible as well – if you thought Barron looked bad wait til you see this guy. Maybe this is a wakeup call and he turns it around, but I’m not holding my breath.

  17. DallasBuc Says:

    He is now our highest drafted safety. There is a reason he went in the 2nd and looking at our stable of safeties he has a high chance of beating out the competition, assuming incompetent Lovie Smith decides to actually let players compete. Something he only paid lip service to last offseason.

  18. HarlemBuc Says:

    @Joe and his bucsfan armada…
    Great article on why the texans wanted to part ways with this guy…
    Right here

    Also, if this guy truly is
    A locker room detraction, why’d we get him but let Hardy go to the Cowgirls? And L. Collins btw

  19. daldevs Says:

    I had the Texans D on my fantasy team last year so that caused me to watch way more Texans games than I would have otherwise. I probably saw large portions of 10 or so games. I agree with the poster who said he is a playmaker. He plays with a TON of passion. He’s very much that guy you hate if he’s on the opposing team, but love if he’s in your corner.

    I absolutely love the pick up. Love.

  20. ThunderBuc81 Says:


    Couldn’t agree more with what your saying about Lovie and position completion.

  21. Fuzzy Red Coin Purse Says:

    So we brought in Swaringer and cut Jennings and they both had the same amount of tackles at 74 and Jennings has 1 sack with Swearinger having 2 int’s. Moot pretty much, but hopefully Lovie and Leslie can get something out of him, he was a 2 round pick, so he can’t be too too bad.

  22. Fuzzy Red Coin Purse Says:

    Well we also took Dexter Jackson in the 2nd from Appalachian St WR. That scared lil’ bum.

  23. Fuzzy Red Coin Purse Says:

    And Sabby the Goat, and Bowers, and Price, and…..

  24. OneLove Says:

    I like the signing. We need more players that play with an ATTITUDE on defense!!

  25. PocketPirate Says:

    I was very worried about safety since our secondary is only as good as its weakest link. And opposing qb’s would probably be throwing at Major Wright ALL DAY. Maybe Swearinger can help. Hopefully we pick up a really good COVER FS here at some point off of waivers. I don’t know if he is or isn’t. OL and Secondary have that while weakest link thing going on, so I hope our worst player on each is MUCH better this year. At least slot corner has a GREAT chance of being much improved which was a HUGE issue last year.

    If we can take care of safety and our OL’s weakest player is actually decent I see no reason this team cannot be 9-7 or maybe even 10-6 if we get a bit lucky with OUR schedule…We’ll see…

    Joe this page reloads constantly on my Iphone 6. I cannot even post on here at all since it reloads in the middle of my typing. I have been having issues with this site for ages now!

  26. BirdDoggers Says:

    It was worth putting in the waiver claim for Swearinger. He’s young and still has room to improve. At the very least least, he could be a decent backup. At the most, a very good starter. If his play or attitude aren’t right, they can simply release him without much invested.

  27. PocketPirate Says:

    Sounds great to me! A win/win for sure. We have improved at DE, probably have improved in the OL, and have improved in the secondary by hugely upgrading slot corner. This was a top 10 defense for the last 10 games last year. With McCoy intensifying workouts and a decent group of DE’s to attack the QB this year I see a top 5 defense on the horizon. Also, with the offense hopefully on the field more…

    All in all this is heading towards a well rounded team. The only major issue right now is DEPTH. If people start getting hurt we can flush the season down the toilet. Especially key starters.

  28. DallasBuc Says:

    PocketPirate- I am and have been experiencing the exact same issues but I can assure you that the proprietors will deny, deflect, blame the user and generally express zero concern over user experience so I’ve learned not to bother and put up with the lousy performance. After all, “this is not a complaint department”!

  29. PocketPirate Says:

    DallasBus- seriously? This page freaking reloads so OFTEN I am about to go over on my data plan for the month. Its totally absurd. I am almost certain it is one of the ads causing it. I once saw an error where it said one of the ads was trying to use location detection in my phone. Asinine!\

    Joe all I ask is you try an IPhone 6 on this site and see what a freaking disaster it is to use. One of these ads is just stupid and causes constant crashes/refreshes. I literally cannot make a comment. At ALL.

  30. PocketPirate Says:

    I’m on a pc now and its buggy the way it loads and has hung up on me twice. Sheesh. For such a popular and informative site it sure would be nice if it loaded properly.

  31. Nole on Sat.-Bucc on Sun. Says:

    A few folks mention his passion on the field,that is evident and a element that I feel that secondary could use. Them boys in Seattle go off more than just talent. Passion won’t be found in the stat box but is very noticeable when being observed on the field. I love the acquisition,we loading up. Polish and fie-up them cannons dawg.

  32. Bucsfan85 Says:

    Yea joe They only cut him because he refused to play safety which a starting safety shouldn’t. They also did not get anything for him on trade because the cat was already out if the bag that they were done with his attitude in Texas .. so why would a team give up anything for a player they know is going to be cut? lol

  33. Bucsfan85 Says:

    Special Teams*

  34. DallasBuc Says:

    They don’t care dood. Or at least that is what they want us to think looking at the offense they take when issues are brought up and the lousy performance for last year and half.

  35. bucs4lyfe Says:

    sometimes it’s talent sometimes it’s scheme and obviously he didn’t fit into that scheme. maybe just maybe he can have more production in this 4-3 scheme than he could in Houston. if your drafted in the second round it’s usually because your pretty high on draft boards right or wrong. don’t know him never seem him play but i’d rather have 2nd round draft picks competing for roster spots than all these undrafted free agents competing for spots we’ve had the last decade

  36. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    It’s been a long time coming my brotha, but yourFINALLY on the damn squad.

    Chest Up–and welcome aboard son !!

    (Projected Depth Chart)
    CB- Alterraun Verner | Brandon Dixon
    FS- D.J. Swearinger | Chris Conte
    SS- Bradley McDougald | Major Wright
    SC- Sterling Moore | Leonard Johnson
    CB- Johnthan Banks | Mike Jenkins

    Somewhere my guy MadMax is yelling F*K yeah!!!

    When was the last time, our defensive backfield was this deep?

  37. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    I just dont understand why lovie and thurston are stuck on their cover 2 island, almost every team in the NFL has gone to a 3-4 or 3-4 hybrid or a 4-2 scheme which is why the “edge rusher” has evolved into a major asset for 31 teams except the bucs…..I really think this team has some good pieces except the guy calling the x’s and o’s….

  38. BucPat Says:

    Much more interested regarding Khaseem Greene. He fits the “Lovie” defense well. Very fast and quick. Got dumped by the Bears only because they switched from a 4-3 defense to primarily running a 3-4.

  39. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Don’t Sleep on this Kid

    Swearinger primarily played FS when he was with the Gamecocks. He was All American/3 year TEAMCaptain. #BEAST

  40. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    The rap on Swearinger in Houston was he refused to play on special teams.

  41. Brandon Says:

    I’m not at all excited about Swearinger. Bad in coverage, inconsistent against run, supposedly won’t play special teams, big talker… but perhaps he’s learned, maybe this is his wake-up call. He has talent, so I’m fine with him being here.

    Khaseem Greene, on the other hand, was my favorite LB prospect for the Bucs in the 2013 draft. He’s fast, active, and was productive in college. He has been pretty close to an absolute ZERO in Chicago but in his defense, the Chicago defense has not placed a premium on speed and athleticism at that position since Lovie left. Perhaps this situation will much better for him. He can come in and compete for 2 of 3 spots and add quality depth. I am excited about him, though his failure to establish himself over 2 years on a poor defense lessens my happiness. Still, I really liked him coming out of college.

  42. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    @Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning

    Check the source that put out that rumor-The situation was more of personal matter. The kid should thrive in his new environment.

    I’m pulling for ’em

    GO BUCS!!!

  43. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    @Luvmybucs, I am pulling for Swearinger too!
    Here is one source of the rumor, and ESPN reported it too, but it may be a duplicate of this http://www.battleredblog.com/2015/5/11/8589055/report-heres-why-the-houston-texans-released-d-j-swearinger

  44. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    D.J got that Dog N ’em.

    We NEED more young men- Like DJ on this team

    To blend in w/ all the Choirboyz.

    As iron sharpens iron, so shall friends sharpen one another

  45. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    @Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning

    The coaching staff in Houston, denied (even laughed off) those reports the next day though.

  46. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Per BRB:

    “Swearinger had an up and down career in Houston after being taken in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft. Despite inconsistencies with tackling, occasional mental breakdowns while playing in deep zones, and a personality on the field that rubbed some fans the wrong way, he was still the best option on the team for Romeo Crennel’s hybrid safety/linebacker role when the team switched to dime packages. Not only that, but Swearinger flashed the ability to be a great man-cover defender against running backs and tight ends alike.”

    On behalf of the rest of BRB, we wish D.J. the best in his pursuit to find a new team. He is not a bad player, nor is he a bad person, but he just didn’t quite fit the atmosphere that Bill O’Brien is putting together in Houston.

  47. ToesOnTheLine! Says:

    Agree BucPat. I was hoping the Bucs were gonna draft Greene as a day 3 gem in 2013. The guy hasn’t done a lot so far in the NFL, so I’m hoping this will be a case of player’s strengths matching the scheme well in Tampa. Plus I love seeing more Rutgers guys on the team if for no other reason than to piss off Schiano haters. Good luck young man, hope you live up to your potential with the Bucs.

  48. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Yep the Linebacker core is shaping up well too

    WLB Lavonte David | Kwon Alexander
    MLB Danny Lansanah | Quinton Alston
    SLB Bruce Carter | Khaseem Greene

  49. tmaxcon Says:

    Swearinger is a good pickup no doubt. I am concerned if the “I wont play special teams” BS is true. Team first guys wont be thrilled with that.

    I do love his attitude. I’ve watched a fair amount of Houston games recently and he’s better than Conte and Wright by a mile. I need to see what McDougall does this year before I am sold completely.

    Thank god the Mike Glennon and Choir Boy Experiments are over. This team needs winners that are football players. All these comic book hero choirboys can’t finish games. they are worn out before game day from all the group hugs and ice cream.

  50. tmaxcon Says:

    May 13th, 2015 at 12:25 pm

    Yep the Linebacker core is shaping up well too

    WLB Lavonte David | Kwon Alexander
    MLB Danny Lansanah | Quinton Alston
    SLB Bruce Carter | Khaseem Greene

    I do like the way this is shaping up for LB’s but man that is one GIGANTIC hole at MLB… Carter is unproven. I am not sold on Lansanah good story and all but no consistency… Anyhow, got to hope a cap causality or contract dispute type player gets waived

  51. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Lol, whats good brotha?

    Now see, that’s why I said shaping up, its a far cry from a complete product. Word is MLB Mychal Kendricks is not to pleased in Philly.

    Would you Trade a 2nd or 3rd round pick for him?

    WLB Lavonte David | Kwon Alexander
    MLB Mychal Kendricks | Quinton Alston
    SLB Bruce Carter | Khaseem Greene


  52. salish_seamonster Says:

    Greene does seem to be a better fit for this team. Skillset appears to match the T2, and he can play special teams.

    Swearinger doesn’t make the team if he has an attitude and refuses to play ST. That won’t fly here.

  53. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    True, but you gotta remember. Our coaching staff ain’t a bunch of stiff necked corporate types. Nah, for better or worse-their a bunch of laid back country boys-that don’t mind coaching up a kid, with a little fire in the belly.

    Let’s hope for the best

    GO BUCS!

  54. tmaxcon Says:


    Would you Trade a 2nd or 3rd round pick for him?

    WLB Lavonte David | Kwon Alexander
    MLB Mychal Kendricks | Quinton Alston
    SLB Bruce Carter | Khaseem Greene

    All good! hope you are well. I’d do that trade in a minute.

    It would allow the bucs to go ol and dl in next years draft which still is biggest needs and grab a safety and cb to develop late.

  55. tmaxcon Says:


    I will be happy when the bucs get to the point when they draft even a first round player he has to compete to start. They can use all the fancy coach speak they wish but Smith and Ali are starters unless they get hurt. That’s not true competition. It’s going to take 3 to 5 years to be able load this roster up with homegrown picks. I do like this draft class.

  56. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    “It would allow the bucs to go ol and dl in next years draft which still is biggest needs and grab a safety and cb to develop late.”

    No doubt , we should be able to draft a good LT & RT prospect in next years draft.


    Man U ain’t never lied-I wish they would STOP GIVING DUDES THE STARTING NOD ON GP

    Make these young Kats work for it 1st, ain’t nothing wrong with a little competition.

  57. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    I’m still holding out hope, we trade for (LG) Evan Mathis & (RG/LT/RT) Alex Boone

  58. tmaxcon Says:

    Boone wants out…

  59. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Big Time!!

    The right side would have two kats- that are 6’9 & 6’8 #stanky

  60. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    I certainly concede that Carter is no slam dunk at MLB. But neither was Shelton Quarles when he arrived as a Miami Dolphin reject and two years in the CFL.

    You could fairly say the the Bucs have a lot of IFS on their roster.
    Will a rookie QB really be the next coming of a franchise QB?
    Will two rookie OL live up to expectations and at least be competent starters?
    Can Carter use his obvious athletic ability and Lovies defense which values those abilities to blow up this year like Quarles did for us in the past?
    Will Sims and ASJ be healthy and will we find out their true talent?
    Will Kenny Bell be the next Marques Colson..a late round steal at WR?

    While these are all legitimate questions we won’t have any real answers until they tee it up this fall against Tennessee.

    I would point out however, with the exception of perhaps a half dozen teams the other 26 teams all have just as many questions as we do and in our own division all three have huge questions just like us.

    I’m the optimist so I believe in ten wins this season. But I do not disparage the downers who think we’ll be lucky to win 4. You can make cogent arguments for either position and it’s all just opinion until Sept 13th.

  61. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    If you can recall, after YEARS of being crossed trained for the position-Quarles shined.

    After MLB Sean Lee went down last year. Dallas did pencil in Bruce Carter as replacement-Apparently they weren’t please with the result-Because only after a few practices Dallas made a trade for a MLB.

    Dallas gave up a 2015 sixth-round pick in exchange for Rolando McClain and a seventh-rounder (Ravens)

    McClain immediately took over the MLB spot. Meanwhile, Carter was kicked to the strong side.

    If he wasn’t good enough to play MLB for the Cowboys-then he ain’t good enough to start (MLB) for the BUCS.

    Don’t get me wrong- I think he would a solid Strong Side backer though. Especially with his coverage skills.

  62. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    *Apparently the Cowboys, weren’t too pleased with the results. Because only after a few practices, Dallas made a trade for a MLB.

  63. Bucsfanman Says:

    Yawn! OK signings. Depth, depth, and more…..depth. Nothing more until they prove it on the field.

  64. MadMax Says:

    Dont have a lot of time and missed the comments, but as I said in an earlier post, dont get too down on this guy, and DONT EVER count him out! I watched him in college and he is a THUMPER! Granted he needs to adjust to the new ways in the NFL and adjust his attitude towards playing special teams. But he brings it!

    Mark my words, expect big things from Swearinger!!!!

  65. MadMax Says:


    “Somewhere my guy MadMax is yelling F*K yeah!!!”

    Gotdam right Bro!!! Wish I wasnt so busy when this was posted!! Trust me, IM GRINNING BIG!!!!

    Like I said, expect big things….and now he’ll be playing with a chip on his shoulder!

  66. chickster Says:

    This is due to off the field issues the bucs are a low class organization they tried to sign the worst of the worst and they have an excuse for each one but only if he is black Lovie runs the show and not a leader his passive nature is killing this team ive talked to many Bears fans this is not going to get better I would say he will be gone after the season the general manager has no say here and seems to be low functioning and a yes man and that’s not getting it done and you talk about the owners letting players walk out the door is another issue good teams do not let the Bennett’s and even the Freemans get the boot with a GM like Dominick running the team into despair and this was the owners hand picked guys since papa became sick and died these retard kids are running this team like a circus with one bad move after another